Thursday Y&R Update 5/11/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 5/11/17


Written by Christine

At Jabot, Abby was incensed that Ashley went behind her back and talked to Victor about things Abby told her in confidence. Ashley explained that her motherly instincts kicked in when when Abby said she felt undervalued. Abby countered that she was a senior executive, not a five year old. Ashley informed Abby that Scott didn't say anything about being hired to keep tabs on Abby. Ashley didn't trust Scott to be upfront about why Victor hired him. Ashley thought Scott seemed honest, and she couldn't imagine that he'd get involved in a devious plan. Abby snapped that Scott felt indebted to Victor, and he despised her. Abby suspected that Scott was eager to find proof that she was disloyal. Ashley sensed that Abby was hiding something from her. Ashley recalled the tech incubator project and how Abby had been nervous about a problem that couldn't be fixed. Abby denied that she was keeping secrets and accused Ashley of being intrusive. Ashley pointed out that Abby was her daughter, but Abby said she was an adult who didn't need Ashley's protection.

Ashley acknowledged that she might be a little overprotective, and she admitted Victor told her the same thing. Abby asked what else he said. Ashley said that Victor thought Abby was overreacting and that working with Scott would make her more well-rounded. Abby grumbled that it would definitely make her more patient. She felt that Scott was a condescending jerk and that things would only get worse now that he knew her mommy had ran to daddy. Abby angrily asked if Ashley realized what Ashley did to Abby's reputation. Ashley tried to assure Abby that her reputation was intact. Abby asked Ashley to think about how she'd feel if her mother had done that. Abby immediately felt terrible when she realized she was complaining about her mother caring too much, while Ashley had grown up without a mom. Ashley said it was okay, because John more than made up for the absence. Ashley said that when she was a kid, Traci always followed her around. Ashley had begged her dad to make Traci stop, but John had encouraged Ashley to include Traci, because he figured Traci wouldn't enjoy Ashley's activities. Ashley said that John was right – Traci hated hanging out at the mall with Ashley and her friends. Ashley advised Abby to use the same tactic with Scott. Abby loved the suggestion. She was sure that if she immersed Scott in the corporate world that he hated, he'd get bored and quit. Ashley recalled that John had also said that there were some problems that a parent couldn't fix for their child. She apologized to Abby for not learning that lesson sooner. Abby felt lucky that Ashley was her mom. While they hugged, Abby looked over Ashley's shoulder and spotted an article about Mergeron Enterprises being for sale.

At Brash and Sassy, Juliet made arrangements with an ad agency in L.A. Billy was confident that the commercial would pay off, big time. Juliet mused that it would have to in order to justify the costs. Billy quipped that she'd been hanging around Cane too long. Billy recognized that Juliet respected Cane, and he gave her permission to poke him if he ever said anything unprofessional about Cane. Almost immediately, Billy began to criticize Cane for being overly cautious and Juliet poked him in the ribs. Juliet thanked Billy for letting her work on the commercial, and he told her she was doing a fantastic job. Billy announced that it was time for him to visit the kids at Victoria's. Juliet admired Billy and Victoria's ability to work together and co-parent. Billy said that it took a long time for them to be able to peacefully coexist. After Billy left, Phyllis came looking for him. Juliet said she just missed him. Phyllis and Juliet remembered meeting at Top of the Tower. Phyllis asked if Juliet knew where Billy went. Juliet said he went to Victoria's. Phyllis seemed caught off guard and asked if Juliet knew why. Juliet said he went to see the kids. Phyllis said she supported that, because she knew his kids were important to him.

Jack arrived at the Club and spotted Victoria at the bar. He lamented the way Victoria found out about Phyllis and Billy. He thought that “Genoa City's resident Lothario” should've kept his hands to himself in the workplace. Jack assured Victoria that no one would blame her for firing Billy. Victoria informed Jack that she wasn't drowning her sorrows over Billy and that she wasn't going to fire the man who was going to make her company a fortune. Victoria crowed about Billy's idea for a commercial. Victoria thought she should thank Jack since none of this would've happened if he hadn't been gracious about handing over the hockey deal. Jack grumbled that he liked it better when he thought she was crying into her drink. Victoria said she wasn't going to waste time on Billy and Phyllis's on again, off again relationship. She noted that she and Billy would be spending a lot of time together, and she thought it was best that they bury any hostility toward each other.

Victoria didn't think Billy and Phyllis's relationship would last. Jack revealed that Phyllis was in it for the long haul. Victoria scoffed and said she and Jack both knew Phyllis couldn't keep up the spontaneous, no-pressure act for long. “And when it implodes, I just want things to get back to normal with Billy as soon as possible,” Victoria said. Jack said he thought Victoria and Billy were getting closer. Victoria had a flashback to kissing Billy. She said that they were, but she had to push him away. Jack was curious about why she had to do that. Victoria quickly gathered her things and said all Jack needed to know is that it was a family issue. Jack asked if it was about Victor and Nikki. He told Victoria that while Victor was on his trip, Nikki had asked Jack for advice on getting her mojo back. Jack hoped that one day Victor would return from a trip and discover that Nikki had left him. Victoria told Jack that her parents' marriage was solid. Jack asked what family issue Victoria had been referring to. Victoria claimed she misspoke and blamed the wine. She added that the Newmans were strong and united. Victoria left. Jack didn't seem to believe her explanation.

At Devon's penthouse, Michael showed Neil Dina's counteroffer – it was substantially higher than Neil and Devon's initial offer. Dina had also outlined several provisions to the deal. Neil strongly disapproved of what he read.

Mariah came home and found Sharon engrossed in her textbook. Mariah noted that Sharon had been in the same position when Mariah left this morning. Sharon was nervous about her upcoming Psych final. Mariah urged Sharon to take a break, then she went upstairs to change for her date. Devon arrived to pick Mariah up. Sharon noted that they appeared to be getting serious. Sharon thought Hilary had seemed sincere on the episode where she discussed the divorce and wished Devon well. Devon replied that Hilary knew what made good TV. Devon stated that his marriage ended due to Hilary's lies and schemes, and he assured Sharon that the marriage was over before he and Mariah started dating. Sharon said that Mariah learned from the mistakes she made when she first came to town and had become an honest and trustworthy person. Sharon told Devon that Mariah deserved to be happy. Mariah came downstairs and asked what they were talking about. Sharon claimed they were discussing Devon's plans for the date. Neil called Devon.

Back at Devon's penthouse, Devon asked if Dina could really ambush them with demands like this, and Neil said that she could. Mariah thought things were a done deal after the meeting in Paris. Michael explained that the meeting was just the beginning of a long and complicated dance. Neil assured Devon that he (Neil) was capable of handling the negotiation. Neil said that they had to prepare by going over the contract line by line. Devon was apologetic about having to blow off the date and offered to have a car take Mariah home, but she said she was eager to watch the city's greatest minds pick apart a contract. Michael had dinner plans with Lauren, so he left. Neil told Devon that it was important to make sure the contract was mutually beneficial for everyone. Neil was adamant that they wouldn't agree to anything they didn't like. Devon asked what they'd do if Dina wouldn't budge. Neil said that they'd walk away.

Scott came home in a bad mood. Lauren asked him what was wrong, and he told her that Victor had made him the senior V.P. of special projects. Lauren thought that was amazing, but Scott glumly said the special project was Abby. He explained that Victor had hired him to keep an eye on Abby, but Victor had told Abby that they were supposed to be a team. Scott said that Abby didn't buy it, because while she was vapid and shallow, she wasn't stupid. Scott said she resented him for being a glorified babysitter. Lauren didn't agree that Abby was vapid or shallow. Lauren thought Abby could learn a lot from Scott, and that Scott could learn a lot from Victor. Scott was skeptical about Lauren's latter statement. Lauren stated that Victor came from nothing and built an empire. She said that if Scott was going to dive into the corporate world, there was no better teacher than Victor. Scott believed that Lauren would be a better teacher, but he admitted that he had to work at Newman because Victor saved his life. Scott liked Victor, but he'd never envisioned himself wearing a suit, working in an office and keeping track of a trust fund baby. Lauren understood that it wasn't a dream job. Scott preferred to be able to pick up and go at a moment's notice, to places where most people wouldn't go. Lauren acknowledged that Scott's stories had helped a lot of people, but she noted that these were perilous times. Scott felt compelled to get back out there and write about injustice. Lauren started to cry, and Scott said he knew she worried. Lauren confessed that she also felt guilty. She stated that she'd moved Scott away, when he was very young, to hide him from Sheila, and she wondered if she'd created the wanderlust inside him. Scott didn't blame Lauren for protecting him. He explained that he became a journalist because he wanted to help people. Lauren said he reminded her of his father, who'd become a doctor for the same reason. Lauren said that Scott Sr. was the most compassionate man she'd ever met, but she didn't want to lose Scott Jr. too. Scott comforted her.

Lauren asked if he would stay in Genoa City if things didn't work out at Newman. Just then, Phyllis arrived for a meeting, so Scott left. Lauren tried to conduct the meeting, but Phyllis was too distracted to participate. Lauren asked what was going on. Phyllis sensed that Victoria was only pretending to be okay with Billy dating Phyllis. Phyllis explained that she'd gone to Victoria and apologized, and Victoria had mentioned that some women would disapprove of their boyfriends spending time with their ex. Phyllis added that Victoria had said she was going to make Victoria and Billy's trip to L.A. memorable. Phyllis assumed that Victoria either wanted Billy back, or she planned to make the trip miserable. Lauren realized Phyllis felt insecure. Phyllis continued that Victoria had lied and told Billy that Nikki had an M.S. flare up. Phyllis said that now, Jack was suspicious of the Newmans and was convinced that Nikki and Victor were having problems. Lauren sighed that Scott had left one war zone only to end up in another. Lauren advised Phyllis not to let the outside influences doubt the love she and Billy shared. Michael came home and saw Lauren and Phyllis hug. He suggested a group hug, but Phyllis said she had to go. After Phyllis left, Lauren hugged Michael. She said she had a long talk with Scott and she didn't think he'd found a reason to stay in Genoa City.

Scott dropped by Sharon's place. She finished up a phone call, with a classmate, and let him in. Scott learned that Sharon had been studying all day, and he urged her to take a break. Sharon admitted Mariah said the same thing. Sharon mentioned Mariah's date with Devon. She thought Devon was a great guy, but she was concerned because he had baggage and this was Mariah's first boyfriend in a long time. Sharon admitted she felt torn between giving Mariah space and smothering her to make up for lost time. Scott noted that his mother had a similar issue. Sharon asked how Victor's biography was going. She was surprised when he said that Nikki convinced Victor to scrap it. Scott revealed that Victor had given him a new job working with Abby. Sharon joked that she bet being stuck in a foreign country didn't sound so bad anymore. Later, Scott helped Sharon study for her test. He saw a flashcard on

Cleithrophobia – the fear of being trapped. Scott confided that he felt that fear in Victor's office, and it made him want to get on a plane and never look back. Sharon stated that Victor had that effect on people. Sharon told Scott that he didn't have to put his life on hold just because Victor helped him. She urged him to find another way to repay Victor that didn't involve being shackled to a desk. Sharon said she liked that Scott was a free spirit who went places and did things that she'd never dreamed of doing. Scott kissed Sharon. She apologized, and said she hadn't thought about kissing a man since her husband left. Scott knew she was thinking about it now. He said it felt right when they were together. They kissed again.

When Victoria came home, she found Billy playing with the kids. Katie stuck barrettes in his hair, while he and Johnny shot toy guns at each other. Victoria pulled the barrettes out of Billy's hair, while she said hello to the kids. The kids ran upstairs, and Billy assured Victoria that the commercial was on track and everything looked really good. “With you in charge, how could it not be?,” Victoria said. Billy thanked her for her faith in him. Victoria suggested that they take the kids to the San Diego Zoo. Billy thought it sounded fun, but he didn't want to agree yet, because he wasn't sure they'd have time for another trip after their business in L.A. After Billy left, Victoria called and booked a flight to San Diego for him, her and the kids anyway. She said she wanted a hotel and tickets to the zoo and all the main attractions. She called it a dream vacation for her family.

Billy and Phyllis ended up in Jabot's lobby. He tried to sneak in a kiss, but she didn't want to antagonize Jack. She reminded him that it was a neutral zone. She asked how things went with Victoria and the kids. Billy said Victoria wasn't there, but he and the kids had a great time. Phyllis mentioned that she heard about L.A. and she suggested that the two of them go to a California spa after the shoot to unwind. Billy said it would be a dream come true to have her in L.A. but he wouldn't be able to concentrate if she was there. He kissed her shoulder. Billy promised to make it up to Phyllis when he got home. He said they could go to a spa and steam up the steam room. Billy said he didn't care that it was a neutral zone, and he pulled Phyllis into a kiss. Phyllis asked if she'd see him later, and he assured her that she'd see all of him. He left.

In his office, Jack told Ashley that Abby was lucky to have her. Ashley admitted that she couldn't help but worry about Abby. Jack thought that was understandable, since Abby was Victor's daughter. Ashley noted that Jack had been spending a lot of time with Abby. Jack said he enjoyed spending time with his niece, even if Ashley thought he had nefarious motives. Ashley insisted that she never said that. Jack reminded her that she'd accused him of filling Abby's head with shady things. Ashley refused to apologize for not wanting Abby to get caught in the crossfire between the families. Jack said that Abby was smart and more Abbott than Newman. He predicted that Abby would surprise them all. Ashley said she'd missed being able to talk with Jack like this. Jack believed they talked all the time, but Ashley clarified that they argued all the time. She said he'd gone to a very dark place, but she was beginning to see light in his eyes. She asked if he really thought Abby would be okay at Newman. Jack thought Abby would be a great commodity for any company. Ashley hoped Victor would realize how hard Abby was working to prove herself to her parents. Jack thought it was amazing that no matter how old people got, they always wanted their parents' approval.

At the Club, Abby called Dina's office. After she was connected, Abby explained that the call was regarding the sale of her company. Dina said she wasn't entertaining any more offers. Abby asked if she wasn't interested in an offer from Newman. Dina said she wondered how long it would take Victor to start sniffing around. Abby didn't realize Dina knew Victor. Dina said that they went way back. She said to tell Victor that he had all the feathers in his cap that he'd ever need, and he wouldn't be getting his hands on Dina's. Dina said to tell Victor it had been far too long, then she hung up.

Back at Devon's, Neil said that they had to identify what Dina wouldn't bend on and what she was willing to let go of. Mariah suggested that they just ask her. Devon thought that made sense, and Neil decided to give it a try. He called and was forced to leave a message. Neil said that they'd regroup tomorrow, but for now, he wanted Devon to focus on Mariah. Neil left.

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