Wednesday Y&R Update 5/10/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/10/17


Written by Christine

Billy dropped by Victoria's. He admitted he should've called, but she assured him it was fine. He was there to check on Katie, after their phone call last night. Victoria said that Katie had slept well. Billy wanted to say hi to the kids, but Victoria told him that Hannah took them to school early for an assembly. Billy didn't want to intrude, but he wanted to see the kids regularly, so he asked if they could set up a schedule so that he could put the kids to bed on certain nights.

Victoria said she was okay with him coming by every night, but she suspected that Phyllis wouldn't like it if he was gone for a chunk of every evening. Billy was sure Phyllis would understand since she'd raised a child after a divorce. Billy was relieved at how easily he and Victoria came to an agreement. He hoped their relationship would continue to be in a good place. Victoria didn't see any reason why it wouldn't.

Phyllis ran into Nick at Crimson Lights and asked how things were going. Nick noted that Phyllis was the one with the news. She realized Victoria told him about her and Billy. Nick said it was a shock, especially the way Victoria found out. Phyllis admitted that she and Billy weren't thrilled either. Nick asked if Phyllis and Phyllis were sure about this. Phyllis said it wasn't a rebound and that they weren't trying to hurt anyone. Nick stated that Victoria was hurt, because she thought she was building something with Billy, and she never meant to push him away. Phyllis noted that Victoria had pushed him away, over and over. Nick said she had good reasons for that. Phyllis replied that you could only ride that roller coaster for so long before you needed to walk away.

At Jabot, Ashley reacted with shock and disapproval when Jack told her about Phyllis and Billy. Ashley asked when he found out, and Jack said it had been a couple of days ago. Ashley wondered why he didn't say anything before. Jack said they had more important things to talk about. He stated that he and Phyllis had ended things a long time ago, and she was free to do whatever she wanted. Ashley didn't think Jack was being honest about his feelings. Jack admitted he wasn't thrilled they were together, but he wasn't surprised, either. Ashley didn't understand how Jack could be so nonchalant. Jack said that he and Phyllis had one perfect moment – their wedding, and after that, they were doomed by Victor, and Billy took advantage. Ashley asked if there was a chance that Jack would accept Billy as his brother again. Jack said the chances were slim to none.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Jordan told her that he'd reached out to the counterfeiters he used to work with. Neither made fake passports anymore, because it was nearly impossible to forge one these days. According to Jordan's old contacts, the person who helped Chloe obtain a fake passport must have major underground connections and lots of money. Chelsea didn't think Chloe knew anyone like that, but she noted that Chloe was a master at keeping secrets. Chelsea figured she had no choice but to give up. Jordan said that didn't sound like the Chelsea he knew. Chelsea said he was right, and she vowed to find Chloe and the person helping her. Nick dropped by, with doughnuts, after Jordan left. Chelsea told him he was sweet, but she didn't think pastries would help. Chelsea admitted she was consumed with questions about Chloe – where was she? Did she send the letters or have someone else do it? What was she doing? Nick told Chelsea that it wasn't healthy to obsess. Chelsea was adamant that she couldn't rest while Chloe and her accomplice were roaming the streets. “Accomplice?,” Nick asked. Chelsea stated that someone had to help Chloe get away. She asked Nick to help her track them down. Nick tried to persuade Chelsea to let the authorities handle it. Chelsea recalled the relentless way Nick had worked to prove Chloe killed Adam. She asked what changed. Nick insisted that he wanted justice for Adam, but his hands were tied. Chelsea didn't buy it. She sensed that he was hiding something from her. Chelsea accused Nick of being willing to let Chloe get away with murder. He denied it, but she made him leave her home. Later, Chelsea studied a fake passport with her picture on it. She remembered that Victor had hired someone to make passports for her and Adam.

At Newman, Victor told Abby and Scott that he was interested in acquiring a digital media company for Newman. Victor thought that Scott's journalistic skills would allow him to identify good prospects, while Abby could use her financial expertise to look at the health of the companies they targeted. Abby felt that since she was mentoring Scott, she should be the one to make decisions. Victor agreed, but he told Abby to make use of Scott's experience. Abby instructed Scott to make a list of ten potential companies to purchase and to include research data. After Abby left, Victor requested that Scott monitor Abby. Victor wanted to know who she associated with, which tasks she took on, which ones she delegated to others, and if she appeared to be hiding anything. Scott asked Victor why he didn't trust Abby. Victor replied that ambition did strange things to people who were after quick success. Victor wasn't impressed with Scott's casual attire, and he told him to start wearing a suit.

Scott went to Crimson Lights, where Phyllis approached him. He told her about his new job and office at Newman. She found it bizarre. Phyllis couldn't picture Scott joining the suit and tie brigade, and he said he would, since he owed Victor. Scott mentioned that he saw her and Billy on a date. He was happy for her and wished her well. Phyllis knew Scott thought he owed Victor, because Victor paid his ransom, but she mused that Victor was now holding Scott hostage. Phyllis told Scott not to let Victor make his life into something Scott didn't want it to be.

Abby went to Jabot looking for Ashley, but she was in a meeting. Abby informed Jack that Victor canceled his biography and gave Scott, who had no corporate experience, a bogus V.P. position at Newman. Abby railed about Victor expecting her to work with Scott. She assumed that Victor was pushing her aside because he didn't want a woman in charge of his company. She recalled the way Victor treated Victoria once Adam returned. Jack assured Abby that Victor would never turn the company over to a non-Newman. Jack advised Abby to keep an eye on Victor and Scott and make sure they never sensed that she'd done something wrong. Ashley returned and overheard Jack tell Abby to play it carefully. Abby told her mother about Victor hiring Scott. Ashley told Abby to disregard whatever bad advice Jack had given her. Jack clarified that he only told Abby to watch her back. Abby thought it was clear that Victor didn't trust her as much as he'd claimed to. Ashley asked if something happened, and Abby stated that everything was fine until now. Ashley encouraged Abby to focus on doing a good job and let Victor's doubts take care of themselves.

Back at Newman, Ashley noted that Victor said he trusted Abby, but he'd hired someone to follow her around – someone who'd been trained to investigate people. She asked if he didn't see why Abby felt insulted. Victor believed that Scott had a unique set of skills. He maintained that Abby was overreacting. Ashley replied that Newman Enterprises was Abby's whole life. She hoped Victor wasn't going to undermine their daughter. Victor felt that if Abby wanted to be in the corporate world, she should be prepared to accept his guidance and criticism. He told Ashley that Abby didn't need her protection. “This is our daughter!,” Ashley snapped. Victor made a phone call and asked the person to have Scott return to his office. When Scott arrived, Victor told him about Ashley's concerns. Victor advised Scott to tell Ashley what he'd be working on. Later, Scott admitted he had a lot to learn about business. Ashley told him he was lucky to have Abby to show him the ropes. Ashley thought Scott would make a great addition to the team. Victor said that now that Ashley was satisfied that Abby wasn't being slighted, he had an appointment to go to. He stepped out. Ashley respected Scott as a journalist, and she believed he had integrity, but she warned him that if he did anything to make Abby look bad, he'd have to answer to Ashley. Victor ran into Abby in the hallway. He explained that Ashley was there because she thought Victor had an ulterior motive for hiring Scott. Abby felt that he did. Victor asked if Abby had ever given him reason to doubt her loyalty to him or the company. Abby said she didn't. Victor said she had nothing to worry about then. He got into the elevator.

In Brash and Sassy's conference room, Juliet and Cane put the finishing touches on the press release. Juliet mentioned that Victoria had told her that she wanted a future with Billy. Juliet was concerned with how Victoria would react now that she'd lost him to Phyllis. Cane assured her that Victoria wouldn't cut them out. He said that Victoria kept giving Billy chances, but he kept letting her down. Cane said he'd promised Victoria that he'd be in her corner. Juliet thought that Victoria might make Cane second in command if he played things right. Later, Victoria and Billy joined them for a meeting. Victoria complimented Cane and Juliet on their revisions to the press release, and Billy echoed her praise. Billy suggested that they do a national ad for Dare, promoting the brand as the official grooming line of pro hockey, to tie into Lily's promotional tour. He'd lined up Callie Weston, a movie director from L.A. to shoot a commercial with Lily and some of the players. Cane had reservations about the cost. Billy thought advertising their partnership with the league had potential to expand their brand. Victoria approved the suggestion and allowed Billy to set it up. Lily and Jordan arrived, and they also loved the idea. Billy noted that it would be Lily's first national ad. Juliet suggested that they film some behind the scenes footage for the website. Victoria liked her suggestion. Again, Cane raised concerns about the costs. Victoria was sympathetic to his point, but she thought it was worth the risk.

In the lab, Lily suggested that she and Cane make a vacation out of the L.A. trip and spend a few extra days in California. Cane wasn't enthusiastic, and Lily realized he was upset that Victoria moved ahead with the project, despite Cane's objections. Cane griped that Billy humiliated Victoria, but she still wouldn't say no to him. Lily thought Cane was creating a competition where none existed. She reminded him that Victoria had approved plenty of his ideas, and she thought it was clear that Victoria was judging suggestions based on merit. Cane disagreed. He said that Victoria wanted Billy back and she was willing to put the company at risk to win him over. He confided that they could barely afford to hire Juliet. Lily asked Cane if it had occurred to him that this ad was a great opportunity for Lily. She wondered why he couldn't be happy for her, the way she was when he closed the Asian deal. Cane apologized. He pulled Lily into a hug and assured her that he was happy for her. Jordan rushed toward the door, while apologizing for interrupting. After he walked out, Lily decided to leave too.

Back in the conference room, Victoria pulled Juliet off her other projects and assigned her to work with Billy full time on the commercial. Juliet was concerned that it would leave Cane shorthanded, and she didn't want to upset him. Victoria promised to handle Cane. Later, in the lab, Billy stood by while Victoria explained things to Cane. Cane accepted Victoria's decision, and Billy called him a good man. Cane returned to the conference room. Billy commented on how well Cane took the news. Victoria asked Billy not to needle Cane. Billy promised to play nice as a way of thanking Victoria for signing off on his idea. He appreciated her for keeping an open mind, despite the position he put her in. Victoria had a meeting across town, but before she left, she mentioned that it would be nice to go to California for awhile. Billy agreed. Cane came out, looking for Victoria. Billy said she'd left, so Cane was on his own. Cane wondered if Billy's remark was meant to allude to Billy poaching Juliet. Billy said it wasn't, then he revealed that reassigning Juliet was Victoria's idea. Billy thought Cane should be happy that the company was raising its profile. Billy wondered if Cane had been lying when he pledged his support to Victoria. Cane said he was biding his time until Billy screwed up and Cane had to save the day.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot, where she received a happy text from Billy. He said he had a big win at work that he couldn't wait to tell her about. She smiled, but she tensed when Jack appeared and said that he'd been looking for her. Jack handed her several thick files, which he explained were a report from his old business school – an analysis of the economic impact of internet sales on brick and mortar stores from 1990 to present. Jack told Phyllis to read the report and apply the findings to Fenmore's. Phyllis didn't feel qualified, since she wasn't an economist, but Jack said he wanted her opinion, not an economist's. Phyllis noted that it sounded challenging. Jack said it would be, and he expected her findings by June 1st. Phyllis was taken aback because that was three weeks away. Jack told her it would require overtime. Phyllis asked if Jack was punishing her for being with Billy. Jack said that he asked her because she was right for the project. He thought he'd already made it clear that he wasn't interested in her personal life. Jack wondered if Phyllis was on edge because downstairs, Victoria was putting the screws to Billy. Phyllis clarified that Victoria wasn't letting it affect their work dynamic. Jack found that admirable, on the surface, but he noted that Victoria was a Newman, and Newmans didn't like to lose. Jack added that this wouldn't be an issue if Phyllis's relationship was as solid as she thought it was.

Victoria waited for the elevator and looked dismayed when Phyllis got off on Brash and Sassy's floor. Phyllis asked if Victoria had a minute. Victoria said not really, but Phyllis assured her that it wouldn't take long. Phyllis confessed that she should've kept her mouth shut and let Billy and Victoria hash things out the other day at the elevator. Victoria admitted it wasn't her finest moment, either, and she said that all of them let their emotions get the best of them. Victoria said that she and Billy worked things out and had a great conversation this morning when Billy dropped by to see the kids. Surprised, Phyllis said she was glad he came by. Victoria added that Billy wanted to come by every night to tuck Johnny and Katherine in. Phyllis was supportive. Victoria complimented Phyllis's attitude and said not many women would want their boyfriend hanging around their ex wife every night. In a light tone, Phyllis noted that Victoria and Billy had spent a lot of time together, but Billy ended up with Phyllis. Victoria said she'd have to accept Billy's choice to be with Phyllis. Phyllis mentioned that Billy had seemed excited to celebrate some good news about work with Phyllis. Victoria revealed that she approved Billy's idea for a commercial. She pointedly added that she and Billy would be traveling to L.A. together and that it should be a trip to remember. Victoria got in the elevator, and Phyllis looked troubled.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Jordan how excited she was about the assignment. Jordan got the feeling that Cane wasn't on board. Lily said it was because it was Billy's idea. She was sure Cane would support her, and she decided not to let his feud with Billy get her down. Lily was nervous, because she never acted before. Jordan smiled and said that it was a commercial, not Hamlet. He told her to look at him if she got nervous, just like she did when she was feeling off during a shoot. Lily noted that Jordan did have a way of keeping her steady. He assured her that he'd be with her the whole way.

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