Tuesday Y&R Update 5/9/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/9/17


Written by Christine

Nikki was confused when she entered the ranch and was greeted by the sounds of cheers and applause. Nick turned off the recording and asked if she'd been out planning a tour. Nikki explained that she'd been finalizing some things for the Better Days benefit. Nikki mentioned that Tessa gave her the two V.I.P. tickets for The Underground that Nick donated. Nick predicted that it would be a hot item, once word about her performance got out. Nikki thought Nick was teasing her, but he assured her that he was proud of her for performing on Open Mic night. He'd enjoyed seeing her have fun and forgetting about everything, including Victor. Nikki stated that she found the experience exhilarating, but she confessed that the feeling dissipated once she learned that Victor had been in the crowd. Nikki knew that Noah invited Victor because he still thought his grandparents were happy. “If only he knew the truth,” Nick said, but Nikki was adamant that she didn't want anyone else in the family to be mixed up in the situation. Nick feared that the circumstances were taking a toll on Nikki. She assured him that she was fine and that Victor wouldn't break her this time.

A concerned Nikki told Nick that she suspected Tessa was living out of her car. Nikki wasn't sure how to broach the subject with an independent person, like Tessa. She worried that Tessa would be offended and take off, without giving Nikki the chance to help her. Nick pointed out that Nikki had a lot going on, and he feared it would be too stressful for her to take on Tessa's problems, as well. Nikki stated that stress was not knowing where your next meal would come from and not having a safe place to live. Nikki had been in that position once, and she felt that it would be unconscionable not to help Tessa. Nick asked Nikki to promise she'd let him know if she got overwhelmed. She agreed. Nick thought Tessa was lucky to have Nikki in her corner. Nikki noted that she wasn't the only Newman in Tessa's fan club. Nick chuckled and said he'd noticed the way Noah looked at her. Nikki thought Noah deserved some happiness after his broken engagement. Nikki asked how things were with Nick and Chelsea, and he said things were good. Nikki was pleased that keeping Victor's secret hadn't damaged Nick's relationship the way it had Victoria's. Nick was adamant that he wouldn't let Victor come between him and Chelsea.

Tessa played her guitar at Chancellor park. She forced a smile when a lady recorded her on her phone but left without tipping. A second group tipped her, and she eagerly reached into her guitar case, but seemed disappointed with the amount.

Kevin and Chelsea met for coffee at the park. He told her about the letters he and Billy received from Chloe about Bella's paternity and the DNA test, which revealed that he was Bella's father. Chelsea was appalled that Chloe had initially hidden the truth from Kevin and faked the first DNA test. Chelsea called Chloe a manipulative whack-job and a murderer. Kevin admitted that Chloe had done unforgivable things to Adam and Chelsea and that it was twisted to lie about Bella's paternity, but he pointed out that she was sick. He believed she'd been failed by the system and wondered why the mental hospital released her before she was ready. Chelsea maintained Chloe was responsible for her own actions and that that no amount of therapy could've helped her.

Chelsea said that Chloe liked to toy with people. She thought the letters were another example of Chloe's games, but Kevin insisted that Chloe hadn't sent the letters out of malice. Chelsea didn't buy it. Kevin replied that he had to focus on Bella instead of wasting time thinking about the things Chloe did. He noted that Chelsea could relate to how hard it was to be a single parent. Chelsea offered to be there for Kevin and Bella and suggested that they set up a play date for the kids. Kevin agreed. Chelsea asked if Chloe knew that Kevin was Bella's father or if she'd tried to contact him. Kevin explained that Chloe had sent the letters from two different countries to ensure that she wasn't found. Chelsea asked Kevin if he wanted to find her. Kevin said he'd rather know Chloe was safe and that he'd never see her again than for her to be in prison. Chelsea considered following Kevin's example and not wasting any more energy on Chloe.

Chelsea invited Jordan into her penthouse. He admired his surroundings and noted that this was a step up from the place they'd lived in together. Chelsea and Jordan were still surprised that they'd ran into each other last night. Jordan recalled that their last job ended so abruptly that they didn't get the chance to say goodbye. Jordan remarked that they both had respectable jobs now and didn't want to revisit the good old days with Hilary and Nick. Chelsea thought that was for the best, but she said that they didn't have to avoid each other. She suggested that they pretend they met through the fashion industry. Jordan agreed to the cover story, then he got up to leave. Chelsea clarified that she didn't invite him there to get their covers straight. Jordan realized she needed something.

Chelsea was in tears after telling Jordan about Chloe and Adam. She stated that Connor still woke up asking for Adam, sometimes. Chelsea said that after today, she was done crying. She explained that her talk with Kevin made her realize that Chloe had someone helping her. Chelsea vowed to find Chloe and get justice for Adam. Chelsea knew that Chloe must have a really good fake passport, like the ones Jordan used to make. She hoped he could reach out to his old contacts. Jordan said he hadn't kept in touch with anyone from the past. Frustrated, Chelsea went into detail about the way Chloe had killed Adam and kept his ring as a trophy. Jordan wrapped his arm around Chelsea and promised to make some calls.

Hilary and Mariah shrieked insults at each other as they tussled on the set of GC Buzz. Hilary was shocked that Mariah actually believed that Devon cared about her. Mariah snapped that he cared all night long. The fight ended with the pair sitting on the floor, trying to catch their breath. “That felt good,” Mariah panted. Hilary hissed that Mariah could wear her clothes and have sex with Devon, but she'd never replace Hilary in his heart. Hilary picked up her tattered dress, which Mariah had worn to work, and stormed off. Mariah chuckled.

At the penthouse, a cautious Devon told Neil that they'd break out the sparkling cider after the contracts were signed and Mergeron Enterprises was officially theirs. Neil believed that they were able to cinch a deal with Dina because Devon was Katherine's grandson. Neil encouraged Devon to enjoy the victory, and Devon admitted that he believed his life was going in the right direction. Devon was surprised that they'd managed to acquire such a large company so quickly. Neil marveled that Mergeron Enterprises seemed tailor-made to fit their needs – a multi-national company with a cutting-edge streaming service. Devon noted that the acquisition would make them into major power-players. Devon wondered if there was anything romantic going on between Dina and Graham, the man who'd accompanied her on the plane. Neil doubted it. Neil advised Devon to be prepared, as Dina had warned them that she drove a hard bargain. Devon felt that his team of lawyers, including Michael, would be able to help if Dina tried to go after them. Neil predicted that things were going to be complicated.

Hilary burst into the penthouse and demanded that Devon explain why he'd given her clothes to Mariah. Neil and Devon questioned Hilary's disheveled appearance. Hilary grumbled that there had been a messy situation at work. Devon asked how she got in, and Hilary stated that she used her keys. Devon made a note to get the locks changed. Neil wondered why Hilary was there, and she told him that Mariah had shown up wearing one of her dresses. Neil was surprised that Devon gave Hilary's clothes to Mariah. Devon protested that the dress still had the tags on it. Neil didn't want to get involved, so he left. Hilary testily reminded Devon that she was staying at the Club until she could find her own place and that she couldn't fit everything in her suite. Unsympathetic, Devon told her to get a storage unit. Hilary noted that she didn't ask for anything in the divorce, and she thought the least Devon could do was let her keep a few things at the penthouse. Devon reminded Hilary that she said she didn't want anything from him. Hilary yelled that she'd figure something out, then she charged upstairs, only to be hit by a flashback of Devon and Mariah having sex on the staircase.

Hilary returned with some of her things and said she'd be back for the rest later. Devon assured her that she didn't have to move everything out today, but Hilary spat that she was taking it all so that he didn't give anything else to the women he was sleeping with. Devon asked her how many women she thought he was with and why she thought he'd slept with anyone. Hilary accused him of giving Mariah the dress as a signal to Hilary that they'd slept together. Devon swore it wasn't like that. He reminded Hilary that they were divorced and that she shouldn't care who he was sleeping with. Hilary snapped that she didn't care; she just didn't want anyone wearing her clothes. She headed into the hallway, where she told Devon that she'd been having great sex with Jordan for weeks. Devon closed the door in her face. Hilary's eyes widened as she came face to face with Jordan. He confronted her, asking if he was just her boy toy. Hilary insisted that it wasn't like that. She stated that Devon had thrown his relationship with Mariah in her face. Jordan assumed she was using him to prove a point to her ex, and he told her to find another chump. Chelsea stepped into the hall and asked Jordan if everything was okay. Hilary asked how they knew each other. Chelsea said they met at Fashion Week, then she asked how Hilary knew him. Hilary said they were dating, and Jordan reminded her that she'd recently said they were only friends. Chelsea made a quick exit.

Jordan and Hilary ended up at GC Buzz, where she offered to model a dress for him. Jordan wasn't interested. Hilary apologized for talking about him like a piece of meat, but she said that after he went off on Devon the other day, she thought he didn't mind people knowing they were sleeping together. Jordan was sure that she wouldn't have wanted him telling Billy and Cane what she was like in bed. He said he invited her to the work dinner at Top of the Tower because he thought they had something real, but she'd been pushing him away since that night. Hilary said she needed some time after finalizing the divorce, but when Devon shut the door on her earlier, it felt good and liberating and now she was ready to move on with Jordan. She tried flirting again, but Jordan told her that he wasn't as stupid as she thought he was. He suspected that she never would've returned his calls if he hadn't ran into her in the hallway. Jordan noticed that Hilary spoke about Devon in a passionate way that she never spoke about herself and Jordan. He told her to call him when she figured out what she wanted.

At Newman, Scott was taken aback after Victor offered him a job keeping an eye on Abby. Victor explained that while Abby was ambitious and headstrong, she lacked experience, and Victor wanted Scott to help her make the right decisions. Victor stated that Abby's success and loyalty were important to him. Scott thought it sounded like Victor wanted him to spy on her. Victor said he believed it was important for Abby to work with her contemporaries. Scott reminded Victor that he didn't have any corporate experience. Victor felt that Scott had learned a lot of valuable things about the real world while working as a journalist. Scott noted that the real world wasn't pretty, and he asked if Victor wanted him to teach Abby about embezzlement and corruption. Victor hoped that Scott could teach the privileged Abby the street smarts she lacked. Scott was hesitant, and Victor asked if he was backing out of the deal. Scott clarified that he was willing to work at Newman, but he didn't want to be a babysitter. Victor assured him that he wouldn't be.

Abby walked in and was dismayed to see Scott. Victor announced that Scott was going to be working there. Abby snidely asked if he'd be writing the newsletter. Scott called her comment an excellent use of humor. Victor added that she was to instruct Scott, who'd be senior V.P. of special projects. Abby argued that this wasn't a title. Scott told her she'd get to see his handsome face every day. Abby asked to talk to Victor alone. He agreed, and she glared at Scott until he stepped out.

“It's good to know how little you think of me,” Abby snapped. She said it was no wonder Victoria bailed after spending years trying to prove herself to Victor. Abby accused him of not thinking a woman was worthy of his legacy. Victor told Abby that there were several female executives at Newman. Abby felt that she must not be one of them, since Victor hired someone with no experience to work with her. “His only qualification is that he's a man,” Abby said. Victor maintained that he only asked Abby to teach Scott about the corporate world, but Abby didn't believe that. Victor wondered if Abby was protesting because she had something against Scott. While Abby found Scott to be condescending and self righteous, her issue with Victor's decision was that it seemed arbitrary. Victor said he had his reasons. Abby assured Victor that as his daughter, she was loyal to him and that she didn't need to be tested. Victor said that all of his employees had to earn his trust, including her siblings. Abby thought she'd already done that by running the company while he was gone, but now she sensed that he had second thoughts about her future at Newman. Victor told her that he wasn't having second thoughts about her.

Abby agreed to work with Scott. Victor had Scott sent back in, then Victor left. Scott said that if it was any consolation, he was surprised by this too. Abby said it wasn't. Abby made it clear that she didn't like Scott or that he was given a made up title with no experience. She said she worked hard to get here, and she wouldn't allow him to screw it up. She told Scott not to speak during meetings or make any decisions, unless he ran them by her. Scott said that while she was working for her daddy and blowing through her trust fund, he was working in the real world. Scott felt that he earned the job, and he said that he'd only report to Victor, who'd hired him to work with Abby, not for her. Scott walked out, leaving Abby speechless.

Back at the park, Kevin told Mariah that he was Bella's father. She was thrilled for him. Kevin noticed that Mariah was happy, and she revealed that it was because she and Devon were official. Kevin was glad for his friend. He left to pick up Bella, and Mariah wandered over to Tessa and tossed some money in her case. They chatted, and Tessa mentioned that she'd performed with Nikki on stage. Mariah was surprised, because she pictured Nikki as the lady of the manor, eating cucumber sandwiches. Tessa believed that Nikki wanted to have fun, but felt held back by the expectations people had of her. Tessa wished Nikki could be herself. Mariah mentioned that she lived on the ranch too, and she invited Tessa to come over sometime. Tessa accepted, then she got a call from Nikki, summoning her to the ranch.

Tessa arrived at the ranch, after Nick left. She quickly apologized if Nikki was angry about being pulled on stage. Nikki assured her that she loved it, and she was surprised Tessa thought she was about to be fired. Tessa noted that Nikki's classy reputation might be damaged by being seen with someone like Tessa. Nikki said she liked Tessa and told her not to worry about Nikki's reputation. Nikki explained that, with the benefit coming up soon, they'd be putting in a lot of hours at work. She suggested that Tessa move into the ranch so she wouldn't have to drive back and forth so often.

Nikki told the stunned Tessa that she'd have her own suite of rooms and that Nikki would give her space when they weren't working. Tessa asked about Victor, and Nikki said that he was rarely home. Tessa was touched, because no one had ever done anything like that for her before. Victor came in and overheard Tessa accept Nikki's offer. Tessa and Nikki hugged, then Nikki sent Tessa to get her things. It was clear that Victor disapproved. Nikki told him that it wasn't his decision. She reminded him that she was pretending to be happily married to protect the family and keep him out of prison. She ordered him to put on an act and go along with whatever she chose to do. Victor said that he'd permit her to continue this charade, for now.

Back at Chelsea's, Chelsea brought Nick up to speed on her conversation with Kevin. Chelsea felt that Chloe's actions with the letter showed that wasn't the pitiful person Kevin saw her as. Chelsea said that Chloe was cunning, like Chelsea used to be. Chelsea vowed to fight fire with fire. Nick suspected that Chelsea planned to go after Chloe on her own, and he asked her not to, because Chloe was dangerous. Chelsea realized Nick was right.

Mariah went to Devon's. He saw a scratch on her arm, and she told him about the fight with Hilary. Devon noted that Hilary had conveniently left out that part of the story when she came by. Mariah said that she was probably embarrassed that Mariah got the better of her. Mariah assured Devon that Hilary got the message that Devon and Mariah were together. They kissed.

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