Monday Y&R Update 5/8/17

The Y&R Update Monday 5/8/17


Written by Ellen

Jack runs into Hilary at Crimson Lights and notices that she’s out of sorts. How does one survive divorce? she wonders.

Mariah is already downstairs, wearing only Devon’s shirt, when he finds her. She’s not usually the gooey, emotional type, but last night was wonderful. He agrees and is eager to know everything about her. She can’t believe she was afraid things wouldn’t work out between them. Devon notices his front door is unbolted. He swears he locked it last night.

Neil finds Ashley in Jack’s office. He wants to be the first to tell her that he and Devon have bid on her mother’s company, Mergeron Enterprises. Ashley has a bad feeling. Her mom is no businesswoman. Dina’s husband did all the work. Is Neil sure he wants to get mixed up in that situation?

Abby is glad to see Scott on the Crimson Lights patio. She hopes he’ll include her stint as acting CEO of Newman Enterprises in his book. No, he won’t. The book deal is off---Victor’s orders. Abby boldly suggests he write a feature article about her instead. Scott is disgusted by her outsized ego, but he should have expected as much from the Naked Heiress. It’s all over the Internet. Abby grabs his laptop and has a look for herself. Horrors!

Victor wanders into the ranch and comes face to face with Nikki.

Maybe in the heat of passion Devon forgot to lock the door. Mariah’s phone rings. Duty calls, and they both know what a taskmaster her boss is. Mariah needs to go home to shower and change. Devon suggests she do both at his place. He has plenty of hot water and a closet full of women’s clothes, some with the tags still on. Is he crazy? Mariah should show up on the set in one of Hilary’s frocks?

Jack gets Hilary a fresh cup of coffee and sits at a table with her. Devon has already moved on with another woman. Ouch. He discounts Hilary’s theory that she’s being punished for betraying Neil. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. He sees that Hilary is angry and he knows from personal experience that it stems from pain. Trust him, things will improve and she’ll find love again. On the patio, Scott reminds Abby that once something is online, it’s there forever. He seems to take pleasure in her misery. Abby whines that she’s matured since then and earned the right to be taken seriously. Then she denigrates Scott’s journalistic credentials.

Victor takes his sweet time going through the mail, which galls Nikki. He caught her performance at the Underground with what’s-her-name. Nikki appeared to enjoy it. She did, and the girl’s name is Tessa. By the way, Nikki will be pleased to know he’s taken her advice and called off the book. Nikki is glad. The family won’t have to suffer through the humiliation. Victor’s frustration gets the better of him. He expected Nikki to cave but she hasn’t. He uses her argument against her. She is still Mrs. Victor Newman and he doesn’t want her tarnishing the family name or image by consorting with two-bit performers in bars. Nikki is enraged. Victor is the one who brought a dangerous, mentally unstable woman to town, and she ended up killing Victor’s son. This doesn’t improve Victor’s mood. He took Nikki, a stripper, under his wing and turned her into a proper lady. And despite the way she’s treated him, he’s still looking out for her best interest.

Hilary hounds Mariah at the GC Buzz studio. She’s late. Implying that Mariah is a bumpkin, Hilary supposes Mariah was overwhelmed by the trip in Devon’s private jet last night. Mariah plays along. It was really something. Devon blew her mind. Hilary is tormented by memories of what she overheard as she hid in the penthouse: Devon and Mariah getting amorous. Then she lashes out at Mariah for not being ready for the show. She’s still in her robe, for crying out loud. Mariah has decided to take a page out of Hilary’s book and change up her style. It will be a surprise. Hilary looks forward to seeing it, but Mariah should be forewarned. Hilary intends to be brutally honest.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa is on the phone with an unnamed person. She talks about the rich lady she works for and says she’s in a position to “take care of everything.” She hangs up as soon as she sees Noah across the room.

On the Crimson Lights patio: Scott and Abby continue to argue until she storms out. Inside, Noah can’t hide his crush on Tessa. He gushes about her performance with Grandma at open mic night and shows her a picture he took. He notices Tessa wears the same clothes from the night before and has the bad manners to mention it. Yes, she was so tired that she just crashed in her car. Changing the subject, Tessa really admires Nikki and senses that something is bothering her. Not to overstep, but Tessa would like to help if possible. She already has, according to Noah.

Again at Jabot: Neil doesn’t take Ashley seriously. He had issues with is mom too, so he understands. Ashley insists there’s no comparison. Ashley’s mother left the family in order to pursue a life of pleasure and she didn’t look back. Jack arrives and hears about Neil and Devon’s meeting in France. He’s less excitable than Ashley, but he asks a lot of questions such as who the other bidders might be and whether Dina knows the Hamilton-Winters Group is based in Genoa City. Ashley knows his aim is find out whether Dina mentioned her children. Ashley hopes never to lay eyes on that woman again. She tells Neil not to expect a response from Dina---she’s that irresponsible. Neil isn’t discouraged. He promises to keep the Abbotts posted and departs, leaving Jack and Ashley to speculate about their mother’s motives.

At home, Devon gets a text from Madame Mergeron and immediately calls Neil. Come right away.

At Crimson Lights: Tessa isn’t sure she’s much help to Nikki. She screwed up some paperwork for a charity benefit, but Nikki was cool about it. That sounds like Grandma. She’s really devoted to that cause. It’s to help women in bad situations, something she’s familiar with. This inspires Tessa to get a move on. She needs to change clothes and get to work. Noah reminds her that she agreed to go on a date sometime. She hasn’t forgotten.

Victor’s secretary brings him an odd financial statement. It pertains to a real estate transaction involving a company called Prudent Success. Abby arrives, kisses her dad, and practically begs for compliments on her performance as acting CEO. He shows her the statement. It came in while she was in charge. Does she know anything about it? Abby blows it off. It’s small potatoes. Who cares? She kisses Victor goodbye and heads to her office.

Just before the show is to air, Mariah reveals her dress, or Hilary’s dress. Hilary gasps. Mariah apologizes. She forgot to remove the tag. She tears it off just as the cameras roll. Hilary stumbles at first but then hits her stride, taking potshots at her cohost. She launches into a story about the hottest eligible bachelor in town stringing along some sad girl because he can’t get over his ex-wife.

Again at Jabot: Ashley smells a rat. Dina is trying to send a message to her children. Why would she consider selling her corporation to a startup company like the Hamilton-Winters Group? Jack doesn’t know and doesn’t care. And Ashley should temper her hostility toward Dina; she’s still their mom. Ashley is stunned.

Neil arrives at Devon’s and they discuss the outcome of their bid. Madame Mergeron calls, as promised, and Devon puts her on speaker. She’s made her decision. Madame was won over by Devon’s passion, and the fact that he’s Katherine Chancellor’s grandson didn’t hurt either. She trusts Devon and congratulates him and Neil. Devon and Neil thank her and aim to make her proud. After they hang up, Neil and Devon do a little victory dance. This will blow up the business world, Devon says. And that’s not all.

Scott comes to Victor’s office, as summoned. No, Victor doesn’t want to revisit the book, but he knows how Scott can repay his debt. He can work for Victor at Newman Enterprises as an executive. Scott can’t believe it. He has no experience. No problem. Victor is sure he’ll catch on quickly and he has the skills Victor needs. And what would be Scott’s duties? To keep an eye on Abby.

Nikki walks through an alley and from a distance watches Tessa at her car. Tessa rummages through her clothing until she finds something reasonably clean. She throws it on, grabs her guitar case, and walks away.

At Jabot: While Ashley rants at Jack, he glances at a text from Abby. Dad found the invoice, but she handled it.

After the show, Mariah gives as good as she gets. Still Hilary belittles her. Try as she might, Mariah will never be Hilary. Thank God, Mariah says. Hilary grasps at whatever she can, in this case her dress. She nearly rips it off Mariah’s body and a scuffle ensues.

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