Friday Y&R Update 5/5/17

The Y&R Update Friday 5/5/17


Written by Ellen

Scott meets Victor at the athletic club. He assumes it’s to discuss Victor’s biography, and it is. Billy and Phyllis pause at the entrance. They could celebrate elsewhere. Billy says no, he won’t let Victor drive them away.

At home, Victoria rants to Nick about the way she found out about Billy and Phyllis. They were making out in the Jabot elevator. Victoria thought things were going well between her and Billy, but apparently she was wrong. Nick gives her a comforting hug. She’s still PO'd. The whole family is sacrificing to protect Dad and thus the family name, and they resent it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah sign off. Hilary is proud of the show, but Mariah has a problem. The audience is sure to pick up on Hilary’s insults, specifically the one about Mariah’s new love interest considering her a friend only. Hilary defends herself and twists the knife at the same time. Many viewers will be able to relate to someone with a pathetic love life. Mariah insists she and Devon are more than just friends, but Hilary doesn’t believe it. Hilary knows what Devon likes, and Mariah doesn’t have it. Or does she? Devon calls Mariah just then and invites her for a ride on his private jet. Hilary hears Mariah’s end of the conversation. He’ll send a private car for Mariah? Mariah hangs up and gloats. She hopes she and Hilary can finish their conversation later because Mariah has somewhere to be.

At the ranch, things don’t add up. Nikki finds an error on the seating chart for the benefit. Tessa cringes. She knows, and it’s probably not the only mistake. Frankly, the computer program has Tessa bamboozled. Nikki nods. She thought Tessa was in over her head. Tessa really doesn’t have office experience, as she said she did. Does that mean she’s fired? Goodness, no. Nikki needs her, likes her, and admires her. She knows this isn’t Tessa’s dream job and that she’s just doing it until her music career takes off. Nikki also knows that Tessa is in a hurry to leave tonight because it’s open mic at the Underground. She offers to drive Tessa there if Tessa will allow her to stay. Nikki fondly recalls her days on the Bayou stage. The cheers and applause are addictive.

Victor treats Scott to a top-shelf tequila. Scott notices Phyllis and Billy at their table and comments. He’s made Phyllis’s acquaintance? Yes. Victor trashes her and isn’t subtle about it. At the table, Phyllis prattles about the new furniture app she’s working on, but Billy is distracted. Victor approaches. Billy puts it right out there: He and Phyllis are together, and Victoria and Jack know. Victor is happy for Victoria.

Chelsea arrives at the Underground before Nick does. She chats with Noah, who shows her some cute photos of Nick with Christian at the park. Noah is glad his dad has that little boy in his life. Chelsea is too.

At home: Victoria’s insecurities are showing. She asks Nick why Phyllis is so appealing to men. He can speak only for himself, and he’s not even sure. He and Sharon were having problems and he ended up with Phyllis. That’s no help to Victoria. Nick suggests she have an open, honest conversation with Billy. She doesn’t have to be Phyllis to win him back. Victoria should fight for what she wants, just as she did for Brash & Sassy. Then he leaves to meet Chelsea.

Jordan finds Hilary at the studio. She’s working on a script and in a foul mood. He suggests she put it aside and let him spoil her tonight. She can’t. He doesn’t give up so easily. She gets cross and he gets the message. After he leaves, her frustration overtakes her and she clears her desk with one swipe.

On the jet, Mariah finds out how the 1% live and she likes it. Champagne from Paris? Is Devon trying to seduce her? He definitely has romance on his mind. He calls the pilot and orders a fast takeoff and they buckle up.

Nikki and Tessa arrive at the bar. She has an idea for her spot that she’d like to discuss with Noah. Nikki finds Chelsea and they make small talk about how tough things have been lately and about Tessa. Nikki likes that girl. She’s full of ambition.

Again at the athletic club: So does this mean Billy intends to leave Brash & Sassy? Victor asks. No. Billy and Victoria are professionals at work and parents at home. Sorry to disappoint him. Oh, well. Victor can dream. Victor returns to the bar and delivers some unwelcome news of his own. There will be no book. Scott is upset and wonders whose decision it is. It’s Victor’s. Not to worry, Scott will be paid in full. Scott protests. He was supposed to be repaying a debt to Victor. Victor doesn’t have time for messy emotions. He commends Scott’s good writing and investigative skills and is sure he’ll find another outlet for them. Have a nice day.

To say Mariah enjoyed her ride is an understatement. The view of the city lights, the flyover of Chicago, the champagne, the comfy seats---she could get used to it. Devon assures her they’ll do it again soon.

At her apartment, Phyllis tries to salvage the evening with a little wine and TV, but Billy seems a million miles away. She wonders how he feels about their decision now. Was it a mistake to reunite?

Jordan walks into the Underground and spots Chelsea. She can’t believe her eyes. Both have gone straight since the good old days, but they had a good time being bad. Chelsea makes it clear she wants to leave her past in the past. That’s cool with him. He takes a good long look at her. She’s as beautiful as ever. Chelsea’s anxiety rises when she sees Nick enter. She practically sprints away from Jordan and plants a big wet one on Nick. Who was that dude she was talking to? Just a guy.

Noah playfully scolds his grandma for playing cupid, but he has to admit, she sure can pick 'em. With that, Noah takes the stage and introduces Tessa, the first act of the night. Tessa greets the crowd and says her song would be much better with keyboard accompaniment. Are there any keyboardists in the house? She knows darn well there is and singles out Nikki. Nikki pretends to resent it, but she takes her place onstage for a duet.

Hilary lets herself into Devon’s penthouse and grabs a bottle of wine from the bar. She picks up a photo of her and Devon on their wedding day and recalls his proposal. Devon returns with Mariah, and Hilary dives behind the counter. Devon offers Mariah a nightcap and rattles off a list of drinks he can mix, but she already knows what she wants.

No sooner does Victoria settle on the sofa with a glass of wine than Katie comes downstairs in her jammies. She can’t sleep because she misses her daddy. Victoria misses him too. She suggests they call him so Katie can say goodnight.

Phyllis and Billy lie entangled on the sofa. He wants to be with her, no doubt about it. His phone rings. Phyllis tells him to let it go to voice mail, but he doesn’t. She hears who it is, appears nervous, and wanders away. After Billy says goodnight to his daughter and promises to try to be there tomorrow night, Victoria takes the phone and apologizes for the intrusion. No problem. The kids are his priority. She agrees and they end the conversation amicably. Phyllis, never one to be upstaged, returns in a negligee, ready to celebrate their new normal.

Victor enters the Underground and sees Nikki onstage. He’s not smiling.

Mariah reminds Devon of what happened last time she was at his place. She put on the brakes because of Hilary, but tonight she feels differently. She trusts Devon and is ready to focus on the two of them. Hilary remains crouched behind the bar, listening to every word. She covers her face and cries when she hears Mariah and Devon getting affectionate on the stairs.

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