Thursday Y&R Update 5/4/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 5/4/17


Written by Christine

Neil, Devon and Dina continued their meeting, aboard Devon's jet. Dina revealed that she was dear friends with Devon's grandmother, Katherine, but they'd lost touch. Devon explained that he'd spent quality time with Katherine after they learned that they were related, and she'd treated him very well. Dina assumed that Devon was going to use his relationship with Katherine to win her over. Devon admitted that he initially wanted nothing to do with Katherine. Dina was surprised he shared that. Devon saw no point in being deceptive, since he was sure Dina would investigate him. Dina thought that sounded like something Katherine would say. Devon added that he eventually warmed up to Katherine and learned from her.

Dina asked Neil what Devon was like as a child. Neil explained that Devon was a foster child who'd had a rough time. Neil said he set out to enrich Devon's life, but Devon ended up enriching Neil and Dru's life. Dina felt that it said a lot about Devon that Katherine left him her fortune after only knowing him such a short time. Devon confessed that he'd struggled with it, but he came to believe she wanted him to use the money to do something positive. Dina thought his answer sounded rehearsed and suspected it was meant to impress her. Devon revealed that he'd been saying it to himself a lot lately, since the he almost died. He told Dina about the car crash that changed his outlook. Dina thought it was a noble pursuit, and while she admired his connection to Katherine, she still intended to consider the other offers. Neil thought that was understandable. Devon said he thought it was important to meet her in person and demonstrate their level of commitment to their plan for Mergeron. Devon was curious to know why she was selling the company. Dina simply said that the time was right. Later, on the plane ride home, Devon admitted he didn't think Dina would accept their offer. Neil gave Devon a pep talk and said that they weren't giving up until Dina said no.

At GC Buzz, Mariah confronted Hilary because Hilary had cut most of Mariah's segments from the episode. Hilary replied that the show was running long, so something had to go. Mariah accused Hilary of trying to get back at her for dating Devon. Hilary said she didn't mind that they were dating. She pointed out that she was dating someone too. Mariah countered that Hilary had spent a good portion of her date watching Mariah and Devon. Hilary asserted that Mariah was a rebound, whom Devon would tire of. “I know what Devon likes, and honey, it ain't you,” Hilary said, with a smirk. Mariah thought that Hilary liked disparaging Devon and Mariah's relationship because she was upset that they were so good together. Hilary scoffed, but Mariah continued. She thought Hilary wanted Devon to pine over her. Mariah maintained that the divorce had given Devon confidence and focus, and now he was focusing on making his first big acquisition. Hilary stated that she knew all about the business, but she was surprised when Mariah mentioned that Devon was in Paris. Hilary tried to ignore Mariah, who explained Devon's reasons for wanting to buy the company. Hilary got fed up and told Mariah that was enough. Mariah thought Hilary was irritated that Mariah knew more about Devon than Hilary did.

Mariah and Hilary filmed the show. Hilary chattered to the camera about her evolving style. Mariah revealed that Hilary's style was evolving because she had a new man. Hilary confirmed that she was getting to know someone. Mariah suggested that it was a rebound, but Hilary cheerfully insisted that she was over Devon and she was moving forward with an exciting new man. Hilary said that Mariah was into someone who only liked her as a friend. They kept the tone light and smiled at each other throughout the back and forth.

Billy and Phyllis hugged and kissed in Ravi's office. She asked if he was really ready for this relationship. He assured her that he wouldn't be in the middle of the lion's den at Jabot if he wasn't sure. He asked how she felt, and she admitted she was anxious. Phyllis kept picturing the look on Victoria's face when the elevator opened. Billy noted that the elevator doors opened at the worst possible time. He said he knew Victoria had a meeting, but he thought it was later today. Phyllis put a positive spin on it and noted that the truth was out now. Billy still wished he'd told Victoria earlier. Billy asked Phyllis if they were ready to face Jack, Ashley and the rest of the town.

Gloria entered Jack's office and handed him a file. She explained that she'd come up with some ideas for the women's line. He reminded her that this was Ashley's department. Gloria knew that. She wanted Jack to look her suggestions over and, if he approved, to convince Ashley to give them a chance. Jack closed the door and revealed that Ashley knew about their relationship. A horrified Gloria didn't understand why he told Ashley about their secret arrangement. Jack figured that Ashley would have found out sooner or later, since Michael and Phyllis already knew. Gloria assumed that she'd lose her job. Jack asked if Gloria honestly thought he'd let Ashley fire her. Gloria didn't think Ashley would give him a choice. Jack was adamant that it was his decision. He said he told Ashley that Gloria was doing a great work. Gloria reminded Jack that she'd almost brought Jabot down with tainted face cream. Jack countered that it was years ago, but Gloria said that Ashley never forgot it. Gloria theorized that Ashley would use Gloria and Jack's friendship to oust him as CEO and take the job for herself.

Phyllis and Billy entered Jack's office. Gloria asked Jack if she should have them leave. Phyllis and Billy geared up to tell Jack the news, but he immediately figured out what they'd planned to say. He asked if it had been going on all along. Phyllis said they hadn't been hiding anything. Gloria scoffed, and Phyllis told her to leave, but Jack insisted that she stay. Phyllis stated that her reunion with Billy was unplanned and unexpected. Jack realized this explained why Phyllis had urged him to forgive Billy and why she'd announced that she was seeing someone but wouldn't say who it was. Jack asked if he was supposed to be surprised. Gloria thought he should be disgusted. Phyllis noted that they were unattached and free to be with whomever they wanted. Phyllis added that Gloria should agree with that sentiment. Gloria countered that she and Jack weren't hurting anyone. Billy admitted that Gloria had a point. Billy said he was sorry that people were going to get hurt. He noted that he'd apologized to Jack, but Jack had refused to accept. Billy said he was finished sacrificing his happiness for people who didn't want him to be happy. Billy stated that he and Phyllis were finished hiding. Jack told Billy that he could have saved himself the trip to the office. “You didn't care how I felt when I was married to her. You really expect me to believe you care about my reaction now?,” Jack said. Jack pointedly ignored the pair and focused on his work. Billy and Phyllis left.

Phyllis returned later, after Gloria left, but Jack didn't want to talk. He told her that she was right – she was free to do whatever she wanted, but he was adamant that he didn't want Billy on Jabot's floor again. Jack tried going back to his work, but Phyllis persevered, gently noting that he was angry. Jack was adamant that he'd moved on. He said he wished Billy and Phyllis the best and that they deserved each other. Phyllis stated that she and Jack were colleagues and she was beginning to think they were becoming friends. She hoped that wouldn't change. Jack was curious what Phyllis expected to happen between her and Billy, long term. Phyllis didn't want to hear Jack badmouth Billy. Jack swore it was a sincere question. He noted that Billy wasn't good at relationships. Phyllis pointed out that she and Jack had a similar track record to Billy. Jack contended that Billy was the same screw up he'd always been. “Maybe so am I,” Phyllis said. She said that she and Billy had been tested – they'd broken up and unsuccessfully tried to reunite with their spouses, but they continued to have strong feelings for each other. Jack asked if Victoria knew. Phyllis said that she did, and it was painful. Jack smirked about the atmosphere at Brash and Sassy now that Victoria knew the truth. Phyllis knew things would be rough, but she was sure that she and Billy could handle it. Phyllis said she needed to believe Jack would be okay. Jack said he was fine and that they could be friends, but he didn't sound sincere. Phyllis wanted Jack to be happy. Jack claimed that he was bursting with joy, but Phyllis thought he was lying. She told him he wouldn't be happy until he forgave his brother. She left.

Ashley was pleased when Abby stopped by the Abbott mansion for a visit. Ashley mentioned that Victor told her he was impressed with Abby's hard work. Abby was hesitant to say what brought her there. Ashley assumed this was about Victor, but Abby clarified that it was about Ashley's mother, Dina. Abby asked why she'd never met her only living grandparent. Ashley stated that Dina walked out on them. Abby knew that, but she still wanted to know more. Abby saw that Ashley was upset, and she offered to talk to Jack instead. Ashley said she never brought Dina up when Abby was young because she didn't want Abby to ask to meet her grandmother. Abby didn't understand why Ashley felt that way. Ashley explained that she didn't want Abby to get hurt. “I didn't want to take the chance that she would turn her back on you the way she did me,” Ashley added. Abby countered that Ashley couldn't know how Dina would react. Ashley fought tears as she gently pointed out that Dina never acknowledged Abby. Ashley said she was proud to be Abby's mother, but Dina had no room in her life for her children or grandchildren.

Later, Abby apologized for upsetting Ashley, but Ashley said it was okay. Ashley invited Abby to stay for dinner. Abby declined because she wanted to be at Newman in case Victor needed her. Abby said that being acting CEO taught her that she wasn't afraid to make decisions. Ashley wanted Abby to elaborate, but Abby dodged the question and turned to leave. Ravi arrived. He told Ashley that they could skip working on JabotGo if she needed to spend time with Abby instead. Abby suddenly decided to stay for dinner after all, but Victor texted, demanding to know where she was, so she left. Ravi noticed that Ashley was stressed, so he taught her to meditate. Ashley told him forced meditation did not work for her, but Ravi thought she was giving up too easy. He massaged her shoulders and told her that his old tech job offered the employees mindfulness training to help the employees relax. He guided her through letting go of her tension.

Back in Paris, Dina took a call from Massimo, who made an offer to buy her company. She looked at her tablet, which displayed a picture of Ashley and Ravi on the night of the opera benefit. Dina had a flashback to an emotional moment with Ashley. Dina had tearfully admitted she made mistakes, but she noted that Ashley wouldn't exist if not for Dina's affair with Brent. “I will never apologize to your or anyone for your existence,” Dina stated.

Back at the Abbott Mansion, Ashley had the same memory as Dina. Ravi asked if she felt less stress. Ashley said his technique worked for a short time. Ravi explained that the goal was to escape. Ashley told him that there were certain things you couldn't escape, no matter how hard you tried.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria complimented Cane's work. She mentioned that she'd need to reschedule the meeting she had planned for today. Cane suggested that Victoria take some time off, but Victoria said she was fine. She noted that Billy had let her down before, and she predicted that he would again. Cane asked why she kept Billy around. Victoria explained that she did it for the kids' sake. Cane didn't see why Billy's good parenting skills meant that he had to work there. He predicted that there'd be a change in atmosphere now that Billy exposed himself. Victoria stated that Billy was single and free to date whomever he wanted. Cane said he didn't want the company to suffer. He believed that they used to have a good thing going. Victoria noted that it was partially due to Billy. Cane argued that Billy had also hurt the company and would hurt Victoria. Victoria replied that she was adept at separating her personal life from the professional. Cane thought that would be hard after Billy had embarrassed her. Victoria said she didn't need reminding. Cane apologized and promised that he'd be there for her. Juliet walked in and saw Cane give Victoria a supportive squeeze on the shoulder.

Victoria, Cane, and Juliet edited their press release. Billy arrived and Cane dismissively tossed Billy's copy of the release to him. Billy took issue of the wording – he thought it was too flowery for a men's line. Cane defended it, but Victoria sided with Billy. The meeting ended. Now alone with Victoria, Billy thanked her for agreeing with him. Victoria made it clear that she wasn't going to ignore his good ideas to punish him for being with Phyllis. She said she wasn't the wicked witch that everyone seemed think she was. Billy assured her that he didn't think she was. Victoria reminded him that he'd rekindled things with Phyllis because he thought Victoria was being controlling. Billy said that was how he felt. “If I would've known what you were going through, with your mother's health...” Victoria interjected that she understood that he was with Phyllis, but she would've preferred to find out in a less embarrassing way, instead of in front of Cane and Phyllis. Billy wished that it didn't happen that way. Billy said that they were still going to raise their kids and that the kids would be his main priority. Victoria wondered how Phyllis felt about that, and he said that Phyllis knew he loved the kids. Victoria assured Billy that he could spend as much time with the children as he wanted, but she didn't want him to include Phyllis in the visits, at least not at first. Victoria admitted that she made that mistake with Travis. Billy understood and agreed. Victoria thought Johnny and Katherine had gotten used to seeing the two of them as a family, and she hoped they wouldn't be disappointed to see Billy alone. Billy said that he and Victoria would handle it. Billy left the conference room because Victoria said she needed to get back to work, but once alone, the dejected Victoria sat down and stared off into space.

Later, Phyllis walked into the lab and suggested that she and Billy celebrate being officially out. They decided to have dinner at the Club. Phyllis asked Billy if he was truly happy, and he said he was. They headed out. Victoria walked out of the conference room. Phyllis and Billy turned and looked at her, then they left.

At the Club, Jack took the bar stool next to Cane and ordered a scotch. Cane surmised that Jack was having a rough day. Jack told him about Billy and Phyllis. Cane wondered how Jack reacted. Jack said that Phyllis could do what she wanted, and he'd barely been talking to Billy, so nothing had changed there. Cane thought it was funny that Jill bought Brash and Sassy to reunite Billy and Victoria. Jack had thought they were getting closer. Cane thought so too. Cane complained that Billy had been smug and had rubbed the hockey deal in his face. Jack revealed that Billy had played dirty to get the deal. Cane thought Billy should have the decency to quit to spare Victoria from having to work with him. Cane wondered how Brash and Sassy was going to thrive under such conditions. Jack didn't think it would as long as Billy was around. Cane didn't think Victoria would fire Billy, since she didn't want to appear vindictive. Cane grudgingly admitted that Billy was doing a good job at work. Jack noted that, if something went wrong at Brash and Sassy, that Billy could be blamed for, Victoria would be able to fire him for cause. “Billy is going to screw things up sooner or later. If you were clever, you would ensure that it happens sooner, rather than later,” Jack advised. Jack added that Cane would be doing Victoria and the company a big favor. Cane toasted to Jack.

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