Wednesday Y&R Update 5/3/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/3/17


Written by Christine

Devon and Neil were on a private jet to Paris, on their way talk to Dina Mergeron about purchasing Mergeron Enterprises. Devon thought their company would become a major contender in the business world if they struck the deal. Neil warned Devon that they their was a possibility that Dina would turn them down. Devon assumed that their chances were as good as all the other bidders. Neil noted that Dina ran the company for decades and had poured her blood, sweat and tears into it, and they didn't know what sort of buyer she had in mind for its future.

Neil and Devon met Dina on the plane. She noted that their company was very new, and hoped that the meeting would be worth her time. Neil told Dina that they'd crossed paths, but never met. He explained that he knew her family well, and he assured her that he'd held top executive positions at Newman and Jabot. Dina revealed that she'd received attractive offers from other companies, and she asked why she should give her company to them. Neil stated that they planned to use their drive and experience to make their company a modern powerhouse, focused on creativity and innovation. Dina wondered why they wanted her old company. Neil addressed her as Dina. “Madame,” she corrected. Neil didn't think her company was old; he felt that she'd kept it on the cutting-edge. Dina had reservations about selling her company to a business that had barely started. She rose to leave. Neil quickly assured her that the Hamilton-Winters Group would build on her legacy. Dina was still going to walk out, so Devon tried to win her over. told her that Neil was very experienced and educated. Devon explained that he'd inherited his fortune from the grandmother he didn't realize he was related to until he'd reached adulthood, and now he was determined to use it in a way that would make Katherine Chancellor proud. Dina was surprised and intrigued to learn that he was Katherine's grandson. She told Devon to tell her more.

At Jabot, Victoria reeled after catching Billy and Phyllis kissing in the elevator. Billy said he didn't mean for Victoria to find out like this. Lily happened upon the scene, and she and Cane quickly left. Victoria didn't think Billy cared about how humiliated she felt. Billy swore that he never wanted to hurt Victoria, but she didn't believe him, because he'd hurt her several times in the past. Phyllis contended that Victoria had hurt Billy, too. Phyllis thought Victoria should understand that Billy wanted a woman who'd treat him with respect instead of someone who raised his hopes, only to toss him aside. Phyllis maintained that Billy deserved a lot more than Victoria was capable of giving.

Billy said he tried to give Victoria everything he thought she needed, but it was never enough for her. Victoria reminded him that she said she needed more time. Billy noted that, while she said that yesterday, a few days ago, she told him that she'd never be interested in him romantically. “You want me to shut my feelings off and turn them back on whenever you see fit,” Billy said. Victoria felt that Billy had defaulted back to Phyllis, just because Victoria hadn't responded fast enough to his attempts to reach out. Phyllis said that she'd always cared about Billy, and she was not ashamed of what they had. Phyllis was adamant that her relationship with Billy was not sleazy, cheap, or about Victoria. Phyllis said she and Billy wanted to be together. Victoria asked Billy if that was true, and he didn't reply. Phyllis decided to give them privacy.

Phyllis rushed into Ravi's office, but she stopped short when she saw Lauren. Lauren finished her note to Ravi, then she noticed that Phyllis looked shaken. Lauren revealed that Michael told her about Phyllis and Billy. Phyllis said that she just got what she wanted, in the worst possible way. Phyllis brought Lauren up to speed. Lauren felt bad for Phyllis, Billy and Victoria. Phyllis said that Billy didn't through with the plan to talk to Victoria privately, so now Phyllis was the bitch who was making out with someone else's man. Lauren stated that Phyllis was not a bitch, and Billy didn't belong to Victoria. Lauren imagined Jack's reaction. Phyllis thought it would go differently because she felt that Jack had let go of his anger and resentment toward her.

Later, Phyllis wondered what was taking so long. She admitted that she had a feeling that Billy was only with her because Victoria turned him down. Lauren told her not to do that to herself. Phyllis explained that the affair had been intense, and it made her wonder if she and Billy were capable of having a normal relationship. Phyllis wanted normalcy, but she worried that Billy wouldn't find the relationship exciting without the lying and sneaking around. She wondered how he'd fit her into his life with his kids. Lauren said that if Phyllis didn't think Billy was invested, she should take a step back. Phyllis noted that Billy left Victoria when she slowed things down. She was scared that the same thing would happen to her if she backed off. Lauren warned Phyllis that she couldn't build a life based on fear. Lauren encouraged Phyllis to fight for Billy, but to remember that she deserved the best.

Victoria dashed into the conference room, and Billy raced in behind her. She demanded to know how long he and Phyllis had been sneaking around. Billy stated that it hadn't been long. He said he'd tried to tell her, but she shut him out, then she told him about Nikki's M.S. Victoria felt that Billy had hidden the truth because he was afraid of her reaction. Billy said that he kept quiet out of concern for her. Victoria remembered Billy telling her to leave things alone. She said she felt stupid, and Billy asked her not to say that. He reminded her that they hadn't been a couple for a long time.

Billy brought up the things Victoria said the other day, and he asked if she expected him to wait around in case she changed her mind. A tearful Victoria admitted she'd said some things she didn't mean. She noted that she apologized to him. She wasn't sure if the apology came too late, or if he just didn't care, since he'd ended up in Phyllis's bed. “I don't know which one of us that makes more pathetic,” Victoria yelled. Billy said he once wanted to be with Victoria, and he didn't blame her. He wasn't sure if it didn't work out due to baggage, timing, or their personalities. Victoria thought they'd been getting to a good place, but Billy felt that she'd been keeping him at arm's length. Victoria asked if he could blame her for being cautious after everything that happened. Billy explained that he didn't think Victoria wanted him. “I did,” Victoria replied. Billy reminded her that she'd said otherwise, twice. “Maybe you just don't want me that much,” he suggested. Billy felt like he had to break the cycle of what they'd been doing. Billy thought that they should keep talking, but Victoria had enough. She sharply told him that she hoped he didn't expect her to beg. Billy started to say that they didn't have to let this ruin them. Victoria snapped that she was busy, so Billy should leave. He walked out.

Cane craned his neck to get a better view of what was going on in the conference room. Cane shared his thoughts with Lily – he felt that he wouldn't have to jockey for position with Billy anymore. Lily noted that Victoria was suffering, but Cane thought she might be better off when she realized she didn't need Billy, personally or professionally. When Billy walked out, Lily said she was sorry. Billy said he was, too. Lily left, and Billy spat that he didn't want to hear anything out of Cane. Cane didn't care, since he only wanted to talk to Victoria. Billy asked him to give her some space. “She doesn't need you gloating because I'm a jackass,” Billy said. Cane said he wasn't gloating; he cared about Victoria and the company. Billy called Cane smug and self-righteous and said he felt terrible for Lily. Cane noted that Billy was talking about Cane's life when he'd just blown up his own life.

After Billy left, Cane acknowledged that Victoria was going through a tough time, and he suggested that she might want to take a couple days off. Victoria said she wasn't going to let Billy run her out of her own business. Cane admitted he thought Billy and Victoria would get back together. Victoria did too, but she said that at least she wouldn't have to waste time wondering where she and Billy stood anymore. Cane let Victoria know that he was there for her, and she thanked him. She said it was nice knowing she had a colleague she could trust. She suspected that she'd be relying on Cane more and more in the days to come.

Billy arrived in Ravi's office, after Lauren left. He gave Phyllis a peck on the lips and said he'd been looking all over for her. He asked what she was doing in here, and she admitted she'd been hiding. She asked how things went. Billy said it wasn't easy, but it was over. Phyllis felt bad about how harsh she'd been with Victoria. She said she reacted like that because she didn't like the way Victoria had talked to Billy. Billy explained that Victoria had been caught off guard. Phyllis blamed herself for the blow up. She regretted insisting on meeting Billy on the elevator, but he assured her that it wasn't her fault. Billy took responsibility for what happened since he didn't follow through with telling Victoria earlier, like he'd said he would. Billy told Phyllis that they could be together now. They hugged.

At Newman, Abby welcomed Victor back from his trip. She was eager to know where he'd been, but Victor gave her a vague answer. He complimented her on the work she'd done while he was gone. Victor mentioned Abby's grandmother's company was up for sale. Abby had no idea what he meant, so he told her. He was surprised when she said that neither Jack, nor Ashley had mentioned that Dina was selling her company. Victor considered purchasing Dina's company. He asked for Abby's perspective on Dina. Abby didn't have one, since she'd never met her grandmother, and the family never talked about her. Abby only knew that Dina had abandoned her young children. Victor stated that his mother left him, too. Abby noted that Victor's mother made her choice out of love for Victor, while it seemed that Dina left out of selfishness. Victor revealed that he knew Dina. He recalled that she was a tough woman, who loved being the center of attention and always had an attractive man on her arm. Abby realized Dina left her grandfather for another man. Victor felt that John and the kids deserved better.

Ashley arrived in Jack's office and told him that the trade show was more productive that they originally thought. Jack showed her the article on Dina. Jack thought Ashley would be curious about why their mother was selling the company. Ashley said she didn't give a damn what happened to Dina, or her company as long as she stayed away from Ashley. Gloria arrived after Ashley left. She grimly told Jack that Billy and Kevin took paternity tests and learned that Kevin was Bella's father. Jack wondered if Gloria was going to rage about Kevin being permanently linked to a woman she despised. Gloria said that there would be plenty of time to rail on Chloe later, but for now, she had to figure out how to support Kevin. Gloria was worried about what would happen when Bella found out that her mother betrayed and abandoned her. “What happens if she grows up thinking that she wasn't good enough to stand between her mommy and murder?,” Gloria wondered. Gloria wanted Kevin to be brave and strong for Bella. Gloria admitted she lacked those qualities and hadn't been able to protect her own children. Jack sensed that Gloria was worried that this situation would reopen old wounds. Gloria told Jack that you couldn't escape the past. Jack noted that Kevin had become a better man, over the years, and Jack didn't think Kevin blamed Gloria for her mistakes.

Jack assured Gloria that Bella would grow up surrounded by love. Gloria added that she wouldn't have a mother. Jack told her that a family could overcome a lot, including a mother's absence. He told Gloria about Dina and showed her the article. She felt bad for not realizing that her statements about absentee mothers hit close to home for Jack. Jack wondered what sort of advice John would give him. Gloria stated that John had talked to her about Dina a few times, and Gloria got the impression that Dina was cold. Gloria recalled that Dina had been in town years ago, though they didn't meet. Jack said he hadn't seen her since. Gloria said she was sorry for what Dina did to Jack and his sisters. Jack brushed it off, but Gloria insisted that he was entitled to his pain and anger. She was appalled that Jack had to read about his own mother online. She felt that a decent mother would have called. Jack was adamant that he didn't care. He said he wished they had a mother growing up, but their father cared enough for two parents. Gloria believed Jack had let go of the anger, but she didn't think he'd moved past the pain. She suspected Jack had gone through so many women because he didn't want to get too attached, so it wouldn't be too painful when they left. Jack admitted that he'd done most of the leaving, until recently. He still believed he'd healed, but he conceded that the scar tissue left behind was permanent.

Ashley was at the Club bar. She had a flashback to a confrontation with her mother. Ashley was angry and devastated because she'd recently learned that her biological father was Dina's lover, Brent. Dina admitted that she'd never intended for the truth to come out. Dina had tried to assure Ashley that she was conceived in love, but Ashley felt that she was conceived in betrayal. “Do you have any idea what you've taken away from me?,” Ashley had demanded. In the present, she blinked back tears. Victor approached and noted that she looked lost in thought.

Ashley told Victor how happy Abby was that he left her in charge. Victor praised Abby's work and said he had big plans for their daughter. He thought that Abby was like Ashley – hardworking and determined. Ashley said that Abby would always be her little girl. Victor noted that Ashley's mother didn't feel that way about her. Ashley's smile faded, and she wondered how long Victor had been waiting to say that. Victor admitted he'd been holding it in ever since he read about Dina's business. Victor asked why Dina was selling the company after running it for thirty years. Ashley had no idea, but she suggested that Victor reach out to Dina, one mogul to another.

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