Tuesday Y&R Update 5/2/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/2/17


Written by Christine

Phyllis arrived at Crimson Lights in a bad mood. Scott greeted her and was taken aback when she was short with him. Phyllis apologized and admitted she was having trouble with her love life. Phyllis asked Scott if he'd heard anything about Nikki being sick, while he'd been researching for his book on Victor. Scott said that Nikki was fine, as far as he knew. Michael arrived just as Scott left. He could tell Phyllis was upset, so he encouraged her to open up. Phyllis explained that Billy claimed that he couldn't tell Victoria the truth because Nikki had an M.S. flare up, but Scott and Jack said that Nikki was fine. Phyllis also revealed that she saw Billy and Victoria sharing an intimate embrace. Michael didn't see why they would have done that in front of her. Phyllis admitted that she'd been spying on them. Michael wasn't surprised, noting that Phyllis did that when she was insecure. Phyllis said she thought she was being played. Michael didn't understand why Phyllis wanted to be with a man that she didn't trust. Phyllis explained that she had a soul-connection with Billy and it felt right when they were together. Michael suggested that Nikki really was ill and that Billy was hugging Victoria to comfort her. He advised Phyllis to talk to Billy before doing something rash.

After Phyllis left. Kevin sought Michael's opinion on what to tell Bella about Chloe. Kevin explained that he and Esther had been distracting Bella every time the toddler asked about Chloe, and now she was having trouble sleeping through the night. Kevin stated, rationally, he knew Chloe had committed a heinous crime, but the part of him that loved her understood why she did it and forgave her. Michael grinned and announced that he was proud of Kevin. Michael felt that the best thing Kevin could do was forgive Chloe and allow Bella to grow up knowing she had a loving mother. Kevin was concerned about the rest of the story, and Michael said it could wait until she was older. Kevin vowed to give Bella unconditional love, which Michael noted that Gloria hadn't given them. Kevin admitted that he hadn't told her that Bella was his daughter, because he dreaded her reaction. Michael urged Kevin to tell their mother about her granddaughter before she heard the news from someone else.

Victoria walked into Victor's office and overheard him ordering a dozen roses. She warned him that wouldn't win Nikki over, and Victor clarified that the roses were for an employee who'd been hospitalized. Victor offered Victoria coffee, but she said she wasn't there for a visit. She explained that she was there to make sure he got the car key. Victor said he had, and he intended to give it back to Reed. Victoria said she refused to let Victor control Reed the way he'd tried to control her. Victor contended that he was acting as a loving grandfather. Victoria pointed out that he'd given Reed a car, made Abby temporary CEO, and given money to Chelsea's company. She believed that Victor was trying to bribe the relatives who didn't know the truth about him. She thought he saw his family's forgiveness as carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. She brought up Adam. Victor insisted that he'd tried to help Adam, but Victoria reminded him that he'd worked with the woman who killed Adam. “She killed my son. That affected me greatly. Don't you understand that?” Victor quietly asked. Victoria said that she did. “What if one of us cost you your son? Would you be able to forgive that?,” Victoria asked.

Scott dropped by after Victoria left. Victor asked about the book and Scott said it was going well. Scott divulged that Nikki tried to convince him not to write the book because she feared that it would result in backlash against Victor. Victor wasn't worried. Scott raised concerns about how Nikki and the kids would handle it. Victor noted that his family had been in the spotlight for a long time. Scott thought the spotlight would be more harsh than usual when Chloe was found. Victor asked if Scott thought she'd be found. Scott told Victor about the letters Chloe sent to Billy and Kevin about Bella's paternity. Scott explained that although the letters were sent from two different places in the world, he was confident that the police would track Chloe down. Victor said that he'd be pleased when Chloe got what she deserved. Scott had assumed Victor had left town to search for Chloe, and he was surprised that this wasn't the case. Scott noted that Victor had resources, he wasn't saddled by rules, like law enforcement, and he wasn't the type to let someone get away with murdering his son. Victor said that as much as he'd like to make Chloe pay, he wasn't going after her. Scott asked if he was that forgiving. “I'm not gonna go to prison again,” Victor explained. Scott got up to leave, after promising to email Victor the first few chapters of the book. “I call the shots, no one else,” Victor told Scott to remember.

After Scott left, Victor turned to look at a picture of Adam, then he had a flashback – Chloe's eyes widened, in fear, when Victor walked into her motel room. She asked how he found her. He advanced on her, reminding her that he told her she'd lose everything if he ever saw her again. Chloe backed away from Victor. He called her insane, and Chloe stated that she was better. “If that were the case, the institution that housed you would have released you on their own, without my involvement,” Victor countered. He told her to admit it. Chloe insisted that she wasn't crazy. Victor noted that this meant she killed his son while she was sane. Chloe asked if he was going to kill her. “Tell me,” Victor said. Chloe swore on Bella's life that Adam didn't suffer. Chloe shrank back, in fear, as Victor reached into his jacket, and she breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled out an envelope, thick with cash. “Unlike you, I'm not a murderer,” Victor said. He told her that it contained enough money for her to disappear. Chloe stammered that she couldn't. Victor threatened to drag her back to Genoa City. Chloe reminded him that he'd be arrested if everyone found out he used her to frame Adam. Victor said he'd survived prison, but he doubted Chloe could. Chloe agreed to leave, but she said she needed something from Victor. Chloe didn't want Bella to grow up as an orphan. She revealed that there were two men who might be Bella's father, and she wanted them to get tested so that the father could raise Bella. Victor agreed to help, for Bella's sake. He told Chloe to write letters to the men, and he'd make sure that they received them.

Cane arrived at Brash and Sassy and saw Billy in the conference room. Cane remembered overhearing Billy and Phyllis's conversation about their relationship. Cane headed into the conference room, where he mentioned that last night had been nice because they'd gotten to know each other better. Billy gruffly said that he already knew enough about Cane. Cane asked if something was going on between Billy and Victoria. Billy refused to give Cane a straight answer. Later, Victoria, Billy and Cane had a meeting. Cane bristled when Billy disapproved of something Juliet and Cane were planning for their project. Victoria asked to speak to Billy alone. They went into the lab, where she told him an anecdote about Johnny. Cane watched as they smiled at each other. Billy left his phone in the conference room. Cane heard it buzz, and he read the message – it was Phyllis, telling Billy to meet her in the elevator. Later, Billy read the message and left the office. Cane followed, unnoticed.

A furious Phyllis was already in the elevator. Billy got inside, and Phyllis pressed locked the doors. Phyllis accused Billy of lying to her when he said Nikki was sick. She asked if he'd concocted the M.S. story so that he could play her and Victoria against each other. Billy insisted that he only told Phyllis what Victoria told him. Phyllis didn't buy it, and she snapped that she would not be the other woman. Billy kissed Phyllis, but she shoved him away. She noted that he always kissed her when she was angry, but she wasn't going to let him do that anymore. She demanded the truth. Billy was adamant that he was going to tell Victoria, because he couldn't stand having to pretend he didn't want Phyllis. Billy said he couldn't stop thinking about Phyllis, and even when she yelled at him, he still didn't want to let her go. He pulled Phyllis into a passionate kiss.

After Cane saw Phyllis and Billy in the elevator, he went back to Brash and Sassy, where he persuaded Victoria to leave early for her meeting. Victoria had said that she didn't have to leave right now, but Cane lied and said she should go now, because he heard that traffic was backed up due to an accident. Victoria thanked Cane, then she headed to the elevator. He followed. Victoria pressed the key, but the doors wouldn't open. She was going to take the stairs, but Cane convinced her to wait, while he called maintenance. Cane told Victoria that someone had locked the elevator doors, but maintenance was going to override it. “Oh my God,” Victoria gasped, as the doors opened and she saw Billy and Phyllis kissing.

Devon and Neil walked into the penthouse. Both were pleased that the construction for the Hamilton-Winters building was ahead of schedule. Devon revealed that he'd already found a company to acquire – Mergeron Enterprises. Neil was familiar with it; it was a successful company, owned by Jack, Traci and Ashley's mother, Dina Mergeron. Devon explained that he was drawn to the company due to the streaming service that Dina developed. According to Neil, Dina had her faults, but she was a savvy businesswoman. Neil elaborated, stating that Dina had walked out on John and the kids when they were very young, and they never forgave her. Neil was a bit hesitant about the proposed deal because he was concerned about how the Abbotts would react. Devon didn't think they should pass up a business opportunity just because it might upset the Abbotts. Neil agreed with Devon and noted that it was the kind of move Victor would make. Neil warned Devon that other companies would be interested in purchasing the company, too. Devon was determined to fly to Paris tomorrow so they could be first in line. Neil was on board. They shook hands.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack raved about Mrs. Martinez's muffins. Ashley made a snide comment about Gloria. Jack was adamant that he didn't want to discuss it. He changed the subject and divulged that Nikki had asked him for advice on improving her life, and he encouraged her to get a divorce. Jack revealed that he'd noticed a chill between Nikki and Victor when Victor came home. Ashley assumed it was just a lover's quarrel, but Jack was convinced that Nikki was fed up with Victor's domineering ways. Jack was curious about what happened with Ashley and Ravi last night. Ashley shifted gears and brought up Gloria again. She thought Jack's relationship with Gloria was a threat to Jabot. Jack reminded Ashley of John's saying – never let your personal life get in the way of business. Jack thought he was managing to live up to that standard, but Ashley disagreed. She noted that their dad was great at it, even after Dina broke his heart and abandoned them. She picked up a framed photo of John. They reminisced about what a great father he'd been. Ashley couldn't imagine turning her back on her child the way Dina had. Ashley tried to forget they had a mother like that, but she figured she and Jack were making their own mistakes with their children. Jack was sure they'd never treat their kids liked Dina treated hers. He reminded her that they had a great role model in John. Ashley countered that they had Dina's DNA. Jack remarked that he only had one childhood photo of himself with Dina, which he kept hidden in a drawer. Ashley wondered why he didn't throw it out. Jack said he kept it as a reminder to never let anyone do to him what Dina had. Ashley hugged Jack and assumed that was the reason he hated getting divorced. Jack noted that he and Ashley were both afraid of being left by the person they loved. Ashley toasted to Dina with a coffee mug “Thanks for screwing us up, Mom!” she said.

Gloria went into Jack's office and asked if he was unhappy with his work. She was caught off guard when he muttered that he was surprised he'd kept her around so long. Jack briefly looked up from his computer and assured her that he was pleased with her work. Gloria said she was wondering, since they hadn't met up at the Club lately. Jack said he'd been busy, then he hesitated and apologized if he'd made her feel abandoned. Gloria assured Jack that he didn't owe her anything, since they were only friends with benefits. She noted that their late night trysts had made life more interesting. After Gloria left, someone called Jack and told him to check the news. He pulled out his tablet and read that Mergeron Enterprises was up for sale.

In the Jabot lobby, Ashley thanked Ravi for the rose. He admitted that he wouldn't have had the nerve to do that a month ago. She confessed that she'd been making certain choices out of fear. Ravi asked what Ashley was scared of, and she revealed that she was afraid of turning out like her mother. Ravi was shocked when Ashley said she hated her mother. He noted that it was a very strong word. Ashley explained that Dina walked out on her and her siblings when they were little, and she never acknowledged the milestones in their lives. Ravi gently noted that her mother was unkind and thoughtless. Ashley wondered what that said about her (Ashley). Ravi felt that Ashley had turned out to be brilliant, considerate and loving, in spite of her mom.

Gloria walked into the coffeehouse and asked Kevin what was so important. Kevin explained that it was about Bella. Gloria assumed Bella was sick, and she said to keep Bella away from her, because she didn't want to catch it. Kevin clarified that Bella was fine, apart from missing Chloe. Gloria conceded that Chloe was a good mother, and she thought it was sad that Bella was going to grow up without her parents. Kevin revealed that he was Bella's father. He was surprised when Gloria didn't react. She asked if he was happy. He said he was, so Gloria said she was happy for him. She took his hand and vowed that they'd give Bella the best family that they could. Kevin wished he could see Chloe one more time and tell her the news about Bella and how happy it made him.

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