Monday Y&R Update 5/1/17

The Y&R Update Monday 5/1/17


Written by Ellen

Cane stands just outside the coat room at Top of the Tower, where he gets an earful. Billy wants to wait until Nikki’s health improves before he tells Victoria that he’s back with Phyllis. Billy breaks away from Phyllis and leaves first. Cane lingers at the entrance and chats up Phyllis when she eventually emerges. The Brash & Sassy table seems to be having all the fun, she says. Or maybe not. Hilary glowers at Lily flirting with Jordan. She approaches as Jordan heads to the bar for a refill. Hilary tells Lily to keep her hands to herself.

Victoria and Juliette make their way back from the ladies’ room. Juliette is glad Victoria confided in her. Victoria’s comments about Billy will remain between the two of them. Billy awaits their return and pours a round of champagne. Phyllis watches from a distance.

Victor is home and none too soon, he sees. Nikki named herself family protector but invited the likes of Jack Abbott into their home. For his information, Jack came at Nikki’s invitation to hear her play a piece on the piano. They got caught up talking about the good old days, when they were married and raising Victoria and Nick. Then Victor came back. All that aside, Jack offers his condolences to Victor, as one father to another. Nikki becomes uncomfortable and is relieved when Jack says goodbye and heads for the door.

Over drinks at the Tower bar, Hilary denies being jealous. Jordan changes the subject. Did she get a load of Cane? Jordan hears Cane can get kind of wild after he’s had a few beers.

Cane returns to the table and goes overboard about what fun it is to socialize with co-workers. Even Billy has his good points. For instance, he can be a real charmer. Obviously the ladies present---Victoria, Lily, and Juliette---think so. And they’re all on the same team, right? Cane proposes they toast their boss and invites Billy to do the honors. Victoria is flattered by what Billy says. Almost immediately afterward, Billy calls it a night. So early? Cane asks. Victoria leaves with Billy and tells the rest to enjoy, on the company. After they’re gone, Lily comments on Victoria’s good mood. It must be due to Billy.

At the bar, Jordan reveals his source. Juliette and Cane must have partied pretty hard in Tokyo. Hilary senses a scandal and calls Mariah over for a private conversation. How about a little team-building exercise? Mariah is skeptical. The show is called “The Hilary Hour.” It doesn’t sound like much of a team. Hilary concedes that she needs Mariah. Mariah is even more skeptical.

On her way back to the table, Hilary overhears Jordan and Lily setting up an early photo session for tomorrow. Lily invites Juliette to walk out with her and Cane, leaving Devon alone with Jordan.

Ravi passes Phyllis in the Jabot lobby and can’t restrain himself. What’s her game? She set him up to ask Ashley on a date and then sabotaged it. Phyllis, so wrapped up in her own problems, didn’t realize it was a date and expresses surprise. Ravi takes offense. She didn’t mean to imply that she thought it was impossible. Ravi is a great guy. Phyllis is surprised Ashley had the good sense to notice. She apologizes for spoiling his evening. Ravi wonders why Phyllis tagged along; she barely said a word. Phyllis didn’t want to be alone. She says all isn’t lost. Ravi should go to Ashley’s house, right now. Trust her.

Jack comes home and finds Ashley leaving a gift for Mrs. Martinez. He chides her about her date with Ravi. Things seem to be heating up. She downplays romance and focuses on Ravi’s work ethic and value to the company. Can Jack make the same claim about his latest hire, Gloria? She pressures him until he confesses that he and Gloria are friends with benefits. Ashley is horrified.

Victor is mighty unhappy that Jack is welcome in Victor’s house but Victor isn’t. Nikki tells him to calm down. She kept Victor’s secret, as promised. Nikki asks where he’s been, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he complains that she didn’t come to her senses while he was gone. He softens a bit. He can understand the children shutting him out, but not Nikki. They’re soul mates. They understand each other. Oh, really? She pulls out the sketches of the new medical facility devoted to MS research, obviously meant to impress her. Well it didn’t. He denies an ulterior motive. He did something altruistic to make amends for Adam’s death. He never intended for Adam to be killed. Well, in Nikki’s eyes he’s still responsible.

Devon tries to help a brother out. Although they’re divorced, Devon wants what’s best for Hilary, and she requires special handling. Her insecurities can lead to reckless acts. Hilary and Mariah join them and assume they’re having a friendly chat. The bonding seems to be catching.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria asks Billy his thoughts on the evening. It was a great morale booster, he says. She meant everything she said about Billy’s drive and accomplishments. He squirms, which she finds humorous. Billy Abbott uncomfortable with praise? Since when? Billy has no issue with Victoria, but Cane gets under his skin.

At home, Lily asks why Cane was so quiet on the drive home. She guesses it has to do with Billy. Bingo. And it goes beyond work. Cane overheard Billy and Phyllis getting cozy in the coat room. Billy is leading Victoria on, and it bothers Cane.

At the Abbotts’: Jack doesn’t want to get into details about Gloria. It just happened. That’s not good enough for Ashley. She decides a history of abandonment---by their mother and by Phyllis---led him to such desperation. Saved by the doorbell, Jack invites Ravi in and leaves. Ravi takes a single red rose from his jacket and presents it to Ashley. Just as Phyllis promised, Ashley melts.

Victor is banished to the guesthouse. He’s welcome at the main house to pick up his mail and so on, but he should make these visits brief. What will people think? Victor asks. Nikki has that covered. She’ll say Victor needs space to work on that piece of fiction he calls a biography.

In the kitchen, Cane pours himself another drink. Lily appreciates his concern for Victoria, but Billy and Phyllis are adults and they’re both single. It’s not Cane and Lily’s business.

Jack returns to his office and finds Phyllis hard at work. He tells her he felt like a fifth wheel at home. Ravi came calling on Ashley. Jack hopes Ravi understands that Ashley isn’t interested in a serious relationship. Earlier in the evening he had a nice time with Nikki. They met at Top of the Tower and he ended up going to the ranch to listen to her play the piano and reminisce. Then Victor came home. Phyllis dwells on the fact that Nikki felt good enough to go out. Her MS flare-up is news to Jack.

At Top of the Tower, Devon, with Mariah at his side, praises Hilary for what she said on air about their divorce. Mariah seconds that. Now they can all move forward. Jordan agrees and is ready to call it a night. He escorts Hilary to the athletic club. Devon lingers with Mariah. He seems in an odd mood. Is he OK? Never better. It feels good to be with a woman he trusts. He hopes Mariah knows how special she is. Mariah demurs. He doesn’t have to stroke her ego. She’s not Hilary. He knows and shows his gratitude with a kiss.

Again in Jack’s office: According to Jack, Nikki was full of vim and vigor and everything was fine until Victor intruded. Phyllis puts two and two together. Bastard! she says under her breath. It’s unclear whether she refers to Victor or to Billy.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria defends Cane and accentuates the positive. He seems to be over his insecurities, and Billy and Victoria are in a good place. Billy is fidgety. She invites him to come home and say goodnight to the children. He resists at first but ends up going.

At the Ashby's, Lily thinks she got through to Cane. He agrees to stay out of the drama at work.

Victor reaches his limit and yells that he doesn’t need Nikki or anyone. Hypocrites! He storms out of the house.

Over tea at the Abbott house, Ashley and Ravi discuss their date. They should have told Phyllis to beat it. For the record, Ashley led Jack to believe it wasn’t a real date, not because she’s ashamed. She didn’t want Jack giving Ravi a hard time at work, and she didn’t want Jack to minimize their “special situation.” They’ll try again another time. Ravi’s spirit soars and he says goodnight.

At the club, Hilary is tempted to continue the evening with Jordan, but they both have to be up early. After he leaves, she stares at her bare ring finger.

In the Brash & Sassy lab, Billy wishes Victoria would have confided in him earlier about Nikki’s illness. Through the window, Phyllis sees them embrace.

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