Friday Y&R Update 4/28/17

The Y&R Update Friday 4/28/17


Written by Ellen

Clearly Lily walked in on something in the Brash & Sassy office. Juliette thinks she and Cane should be straight with Lily.

At the park café, Billy apologizes for jumping to conclusions about Victor. He didn’t realize Victoria was preoccupied with Nikki’s health. Victoria also apologizes. She lashed out and caused a rift between them. Can they start over?

At Top of the Tower, Jack would be glad to help Nikki get her groove back. She can start by getting rid of her husband. Very funny. Nikki says things are fine at home, but Jack knows about Victor’s sudden and mysterious trip and wonders whether she’s telling the truth.

Nick visits Chelsea at her penthouse. It’s been a while. Chelsea has recovered somewhat from the drama of Chloe’s confession to killing Adam and her escape from Genoa City. Victor has helped. He made a hefty investment in Chelsea 2.0 and called it a tribute to Adam. Nick is suspicious.

At the café: Billy thinks it’s better he and Victoria remain friendly co-workers and parents to their children. He cares for her, of course, but prefers the status quo. She seems embarrassed for suggesting otherwise and thanks him for being the voice of reason.

At the Tower: Nikki changes the subject. Sure, Jack has a few ideas to spice up her life. The two he throws out are silly---the Bayou 2 and providing a home for displaced circus animals. But something he says inspires her. Across the room, Devon waits at the bar. A pushy woman approaches and leaves her number. The bartender sympathizes but then does the same thing. Mariah observes from the doorway and then takes her place beside Devon. She orders a drink and conspicuously puts her glass over the phone number the bartender scribbled on a cocktail napkin. The word is out that Devon is an eligible bachelor again.

At Brash & Sassy: Juliette makes up a story. She and Cane were arguing about a press release. Juliette explains. Lily sides with Juliette, but she doesn’t seem to buy the story entirely. She tells Cane it’s nothing to get worked up over and rejoins Jordan in the lab to preview the photos from the shoot.

Victoria returns to the office, with Billy in tow. She gathers the troops and tells them she’s treating them to dinner at Top of the Tower to show her appreciation for their hard work. Jordan has a date and is encouraged to bring her along. Billy surreptitiously texts Phyllis to cancel his plans with her and tells her about the command performance at the Tower. Phyllis is anxious because he was supposed to have told Victoria that he’s reuniting with Phyllis.

Ravi and Ashley emerge from Jack’s office on their way to dinner at, coincidentally, Top of the Tower. Phyllis, in the lobby, overhears and invites herself along. It’ll be fun; they’ll talk shop. Ravi is visibly disappointed.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria will meet most of the group at the restaurant. She asks whether Billy would like to ride with her. She liked talking to him earlier and wants to continue. He hesitates but then says OK.

At Chelsea’s: Victor is no threat to Chelsea’s business, so why is Nick worried? He doesn’t elaborate but tells her to watch her back. Since Adam’s murder became common knowledge, Chelsea has been taking stock of her life. Nick hopes that doesn’t mean she’s changed her mind about pursuing a relationship with him. She answers the doorbell. A big, strapping masseur enters with his table. Chelsea hopes they’re still a couple; it’s difficult to have a couple’s massage without one. Helga, Nick’s masseuse, will be along shortly.

Worlds collide at Top of the Tower. Nikki and Jack, on their way out, run into Ashley and Ravi on their way in. Privately, Nikki asks Jack what’s going on there. Jack says nothing serious. Nikki thinks otherwise. Victoria and Billy locate their table. He teases her about her fun-loving attitude. It’s so unlike her. Phyllis enters the dining room, sees Billy and Victoria together, and makes her way to Ashley and Ravi’s table. She sits and takes the liberty of ordering a bottle of wine for the table. This isn’t going at all as Ravi planned. The three of them watch as Victoria and company seat themselves at a long table and order drinks---everyone except Cane, who sticks to water. Nearer the bar, Devon and Mariah watch from their table. Everyone is here tonight, including Hilary, Jordan’s date.

At the ranch, Nikki plays a tune on the piano. Jack applauds when she finishes. He hasn’t heard her play in ages. Reed’s teacher inspired her to get back into music. Is it crazy for Nikki to do so? Not at all, Jack says. Good, because she’s thinking about playing at a benefit she’s hosting. In support, Jack will make a generous donation. By chance he finds the diagrams of the medical research facility that Victor had named for Nikki. Jack knows Victor never does anything out of the goodness of his heart and asks for details.

Helga arrives at the penthouse. She isn’t what Nick expected. She’s petite, but she works him over pretty good. Chelsea snickers when he cries out in pain.

Lily is seated directly across the table from Hilary, which pleases neither of them. How gauche of Hilary to go out on date the day her divorce is final. Still, Lily is glad Devon is free of Hilary. Lily spies Devon and Mariah and approaches their table. She congratulates Devon on his divorce and comments on Hilary’s lack of social graces---“trashy” is what Lily calls her. Mariah says if that’s so, then she and Devon are trashy too. On the contrary, Lily is thrilled. She slaps Devon on the back and calls Mariah a tremendous improvement over Hilary.

Ashley notices Phyllis staring at the Brash & Sassy table and suggests she mosey over. Moments later a bottle of champagne is delivered, but they didn’t order it. It’s a gift from Victoria with a smart-aleck note, something about drowning their sorrows over the competition’s sales figures.

Again at the ranch: Whatever his motives, Nikki says, Victor’s donation is for a good cause. Jack moves on to more interesting topics. He looks through photos of Nick and Victoria when they were children. Nikki and Jack were married then.

Victoria addresses Juliette in front of the whole table. How does she like Genoa City? Does she miss Tokyo? A little bit. Victoria asks Lily if she knows any hot guys she can fix Juliette up with. Lily snuggles up to Cane and says the only one she knows is taken. On second thought, she met Ravi on New Year’s Eve and thinks he and Juliette might hit it off. She points him out and offers to make the introductions. Juliette is game. Billy notices Cane’s glum expression.

Lily asks Ravi if he’d be willing to show Juliette the hot spots in town. He’s annoyed. Does she mean Wi-Fi hot spots? Juliette chuckles. He’s not only cute; he has a sense of humor. Phyllis has slipped away to the bar, so after Lily and Juliette return to their table, Ravi and Ashley are alone. He apologizes for the intrusions. He’s even more discouraged when Ashley says he should go out with Juliette.

Hilary, with Jordan, approaches Devon and Mariah’s table. She tries to show some class but fails miserably. She’s at a work-related function, not on a rebound date.

Back at the Brash & Sassy table, Victoria rises to propose a toast. Phyllis lurks nearby. Victoria gets sentimental about how she considers her staff part of her family and so on, but it’s obvious to just about everyone that she addresses Billy, primarily. Phyllis sends a text asking Billy to meet her in the coat-check room.

At the penthouse: Once the massages are over, Chelsea takes it upon herself to ease Nick’s pain.

At Top of the Tower: Ashley thinks Ravi is a real catch and she’s just in the way of his happiness. He should be dating lots of women so that he can find the right one to marry and have a family with. Hold up. Who said anything about kids? Ravi might come from a traditional family, but that doesn’t mean he wants one for himself. Message received. Are there other assumptions she shouldn’t have made? Yes, that Ashley is in the way. He picks up the check while she goes to the ladies’ room. Ravi is so steamed at Phyllis for ruining his evening that he leaves her portion of the check with her at the bar.

Ashley shares the powder room with the women of Brash & Sassy. She thanks Victoria for the champagne, but it tasted a little of desperation. She notices too that Hilary is wearing Jabot eyeshadow and Juliette is wearing a tad too much of a Jabot scent. Their endorsement means more than one from a sweaty old hockey league.

At the ranch: Even though Jack and Nikki had their share of sorrows, their marriage was happy overall. Victor returns and finds them cuddled up on the sofa with a photo album.

Phyllis meets Billy in the coat room and throws herself at him. Cane, having come for Lily’s jacket, overhears their conversation. Phyllis doesn’t want to be “the other woman.” Billy assures her she won’t be.

Lily rises from her seat at the table and, a little tipsy from the wine, stumbles into Jordan’s lap. Hilary returns in time to see it.

In the ladies room, Victoria attempts to joke with Juliette about using competitors’ products. Next time she’ll be fired---or at least demoted. Victoria is so new to this that she has to tell Juliette she’s kidding. She’s been so serious all her life and is trying to lighten up. Juliette suspected Victoria’s speech at dinner was meant for Billy, and Victoria confirms it. She’s afraid she missed a golden opportunity with him, but she’s not through trying.

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