Thursday Y&R Update 4/27/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/27/17


Written by Ellen

At Brash & Sassy: Billy is about to open up to Victoria, but she gets an urgent call from Nikki: Please come to the ranch. You’ll never guess what your father did this time. Victoria is sorry, but whatever Billy wants to say will have to wait.

Nick arrives at the ranch first. Nikki will wait for Victoria so that she has to tell the story only once. Suffice it to say, Victor is doing his best to make her life a living hell.

In the Brash & Sassy lab: Juliette isn’t bothered by Lily and Cane’s public display of affection. Between Cane and Lily and Billy and Victoria, she’s getting used to the romance and sexual tension at the office. Juliette doesn’t need a significant other. She’s committed to her work. Jordan enters and overhears. Pity, he says. Lily and Cane weren’t privy to Juliette’s plan for a photo shoot today, but Lily is up for it.

Jack meets with his team in his office. Ravi is working on a new project, involving furniture. And about that lab space Ashley wanted to develop her cosmetic line, Jack bought her a warehouse. She doesn’t thank him, as he expects. After Phyllis and Ravi are dismissed, Ashley lets Jack have it. He did it again---made a major decision without consulting her. When will he learn?

At the ranch: Nikki tells about Victor’s latest plan to keep Nikki under his thumb. He’s made a generous donation to the local university for medical research devoted to finding the cure for MS. And there’s more. The whole family will have to appear at a reception thrown in their honor. Neither Nick nor Victoria is surprised.

At Jabot: Jack promises to go all out for Ashley’s lab, but that’s not the issue. He didn’t ask for her input. What’s the rush, anyway? He had to seize the opportunity to buy. He shifts focus. He’s upset with her too. She hasn’t told him a thing about her New York trip.

At the receptionist’s desk outside Jack’s office, Ravi voices his concern that Ashley won’t be around as much if she gets that new lab space. Will that be a problem? Phyllis wonders. Not really. She likes his confidence and appreciates the opportunity to focus on someone else’s love life for a change. Now that Ashley has shown interest, Phyllis thinks he can be a bit bolder.

At Brash & Sassy: To Cane’s annoyance, Billy is unable to focus on work. Phyllis texts him, asking whether he told Victoria about the two of them. He replies: Meet me in the elevator. He blows past Juliette, Jordan, and Lily on his way out. Juliette selects a pink jacket for Lily to wear. Lily approves and then heads to the studio with Jordan for final preparations. Juliette peruses the rack of garments and finds her own pink camisole. Cane emerges from the office, sees her holding it, and sputters. What the hell is she doing with it? He threw it away. No time to comment. Jordan and Lily return. Jordan also comments on the camisole. Sexy, isn’t it? Can you believe someone threw it the trash? Lily likes it and thinks it will look smashing under her jacket. She rushes off to finish dressing. Juliette can’t believe Cane’s indiscretion. He threw it out here, at the office?

At the ranch: Nikki rages. She can’t be bought, not this time. But she’s in a tight spot. She can’t take back the donation. At least Victor spent his money on something worthwhile this time, not getting a lunatic out of the hospital to conspire on a crime. Nikki won’t attend the ribbon ceremony, though. She’ll say she’s sick, which isn’t a lie. She’s sick of Victor’s machinations. Nick and Victoria wonder if it isn’t more literal. Has she had an MS flare-up lately? Stress such as she’s been under can trigger an episode.

The elevator doors barely close before Billy and Phyllis are pawing at each other. He hits the stop button to buy a little more time. He was about to tell Victoria, but something came up. Phyllis hasn’t told Jack either. She doesn’t think he’s ready. She knows it’s bad to procrastinate. Billy says it’s just a temporary setback. They’ll tell everyone they’re a couple, and they’ll be free to conduct their relationship openly.

Cane is tortured by thoughts of his night with Juliette and walks out of the shoot in progress. Lily notices, but with Juliette and Jordan’s encouragement, she keeps going.

In Jack’s office: Ashley will write up some notes for Jack. She had a meeting with a chemist, which was intriguing. Did she see anyone else? Yeah, Benjamin Hochman. What a turkey. He invited Ashley to dinner to mix business with pleasure, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his phone, so she walked out before the appetizers were served. Jack is sorry to hear that. Did she have any fun at all? Yes, she and Ravi went to the opera. Jack is beginning to worry about Ashley. Now she likes opera? She does, in fact. Jack hopes she isn’t giving Ravi the wrong impression, as they discussed. She resents his intrusion and lets him know it by telling a tall tale about her romance with Ravi. Ashley takes a phone call and Jack has to run. He finds Ravi in the lobby and chats with him about New York. It was great, Ravi says. He and Ashley accomplished a lot and Ravi got to meet Traci Abbott. Unfortunately, Benjamin Hochman made an appearance. Yes, Ashley told Jack about that. Jack is glad Ravi was there to protect Ashley.

Again at the ranch: Nikki insists she’s fine. She’s taking her medication, watching her diet, and trying to avoid stress, although Victor isn’t making it easy. Billy texts Victoria in the middle of the conversation. She tells her mom and brother that she has a problem. Billy knows she’s harboring a secret, but she can’t confide in him. Nikki is angry that Victoria and the rest of the family are suffering because of Victor. She advises Victoria to tell Billy a white lie: that Nikki’s relapse is the secret. After Victoria leaves, Nick suggests another solution to their problem. They could tell Paul everything. Not an option, Nikki says. It would destroy the family. Nick shakes his head. It’s the same old pattern with Dad. He screws up and “we all” forgive him. Nikki knows by “we all” he means Nikki. True, but Nick understands why. Nikki still loves Victor. She sighs. God help her, she does, and he doesn’t deserve it. Nevertheless, she’s committed to shunning him in private.

Alone in the Jabot lobby, Phyllis fantasizes about telling Jack and Ashley about her rekindled romance with Billy. In her dream, Jack accepts it and thanks her for being honest.

Victoria meets Billy at the park café. She apologizes for running out on him and tells him the story Nikki told her to tell. Billy is sympathetic and a bit surprised. Nikki seemed fine at Reed’s birthday party. She continues: Victor hasn’t helped matters by subjecting Nikki to further stress. Nikki didn’t want to cause trouble for Victoria and Billy, so she gave Victoria permission to speak. Anyway, that’s what’s been bothering Victoria and she’s sorry she took it out on Billy. He’s sorry she didn’t tell him sooner. Now he wanted to tell her something . . . ?

At the ranch: Nick urges Nikki to change the way she deals with Victor. She mustn’t let him to rile her because that gives him power over her. She should walk away from him, emotionally. That will drive him nuts. She agrees. The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s apathy.

Lily finds Cane in the office, working on his computer. She’s on a break from the shoot and wanted to make sure he was OK. Fine. Just catching up on important e-mails. He got carried away watching her in action and forgot about them. She jokes that it must have been her sexy outfit that got to him. [More than she realizes!] Juliette and Jordan talk in the lab area. Cane sure was unhappy about something, and Jordan thinks he knows what it is. Cane was never gung-ho about Lily’s return to modeling. Jordan hopes his insecurity doesn’t cause Lily to quit. That would be unfair to her. With that, Juliette retrieves Lily to finish the shoot. After Lily leaves the room, Juliette tells Cane to pull himself together.

Nikki finds Jack at Top of the Tower. He has just concluded his meeting and invites her to sit. She’s ready to take his suggestion and needs his help.

Ashley meets with Ravi in Jack’s office. Since Ravi is familiar with the cosmetics industry, she’d like him to write up a report with suggestions for her new line. Sure thing. He asks point-blank how much time she expects to spend at the lab versus at Jabot. In the beginning it could be a lot, maybe half the day. He thought so. Is that his only question? No. Does she have dinner plans? No. Would she like to have dinner with him tonight? Yes.

In the lobby, Phyllis gets on the phone and makes her own dinner plans. She books a romantic table for two.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Cane can no longer stand the guilt and is ready to confess his infidelity to Lily. Juliette is opposed. If he talks, Juliette will have to quit her job. It was a drunken, meaningless encounter. Why does he have to keep bringing it up? Lily enters the office. Bring up what?

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