Wednesday Y&R Update 4/26/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 4/26/17


Written by Christine

At the Club, Neil told Devon not to be late to court. Devon said he was counting down the minutes until Hilary became his ex wife. Neil noted that divorce was a tough emotional challenge, but Devon said he was fine since the marriage had been slowly dying for some time. Neil stated that today marked the start of an exciting time in Neil and Devon's lives. Devon was grateful that Michael had scheduled the divorce hearing before the business launch, so that Hilary couldn't lay claim to it. Neil found it hard to believe that Hilary only asked for GC Buzz, and he was worried that there was going to be an 11th hour courtroom surprise. Hilary arrived. She stopped, briefly, to say hello and tell Devon that she'd see him in court.

Outside the courthouse, Neil asked Devon if he was okay. Devon said he was just surprised at how quickly the hearing ended. He revealed that he'd felt an urge to assure the judge that he'd tried to save his marriage. Devon spotted Hilary exit the building. He rushed over and noted that the entire thing had been painless. Hilary agreed. Devon admitted that he thought he'd feel differently after it was over, but he still felt the same. He asked how Hilary felt. She told him that their marriage ended a long time ago and that what happened in court was just the paperwork. Hilary smiled and said she was focused on the debut episode of “The Hilary Hour.” Devon asked if “Nothing but Hilary, Starring Hilary” was taken. Hilary said this was why they were incompatible - because he viewed her competence as arrogance.

Now annoyed, Hilary cursed as she searched for her keys. Devon reminded her to look in her purse's side pocket. Although Hilary was sure they weren't in there, Devon reached into the pocket and found them. Devon gave Hilary the keys and their hands touched and they lingered for a moment. Hilary thought it was nice that Neil came to support Devon. Devon told her about the new business he and Neil were starting. He explained that he was getting back into music, and Hilary recalled that it was his passion. Devon added that they wanted to acquire companies, especially those owned by women and minorities and build a family of businesses that reflected their values. He said that there was a lot of hard work ahead, and she could relate since she had a new season of shows to tape. They wished each other luck. Devon pointed out that they didn't need to wear wedding rings anymore, and he removed his. Hilary touched her own ring, but kept hers on. Neil walked over and told Devon it was time for the meeting.

At GC Buzz, George told Mariah about the show's new format. Mariah was surprised he was there, since he'd quit a few months back. George explained that he recently asked Hilary for a reference and she claimed she didn't remember him, but she told him there was a Producer's position available, and he took the job. Mariah admitted that a lot of people had recently resigned. Mariah asked what Get Real with Hilary was. George explained that it was a new segment, in which Hilary would speak directly to viewers. Mariah scoffed, stating that Hilary was the least real person here. Mariah wondered why she (Mariah) was even on what she called a vanity project run amok. George pointed out that Mariah was listed in the closer – she was to wave goodnight. Mariah was unhappy, and she realized that if she wanted a bigger role, she'd have to fight for it.

Hilary arrived at GC Buzz and prepared for the show. George lingered nearby, and Hilary demanded to know why he was standing there. George thought she might have some more instructions. Hilary spat that his job was to produce, not think. Hilary complained that the lighting was too harsh for the cinematic vibe she wanted the show to have. George left. Mariah approached and wondered if Hilary was trying to emulate Mean Girls or The Great Dictator. Hilary predicted that Mariah would love the lighting, because it would make her look less pasty. Mariah said that Devon brought her back to the show to keep Hilary from giving in to her worst instincts, but Hilary already had. Hilary snarled that Mariah's playmate had nothing to do with the show. Mariah insisted that she was trying to help Hilary. Mariah warned Hilary that the audience wouldn't buy it if she re-branded her self as a lifestyle guru. Hilary assumed Mariah was insecure. In a condescending tone, Hilary assured Mariah that she was still an important part of the show. Mariah countered that she had no role on the show anymore, but she said that was beside the point. Hilary said that Mariah would be there to provide dollops of information and tone. “You know, like a duller tone,” Hilary added. Hilary said she was sure Mariah would make the most of her airtime. Hilary walked away. “You bet your diva derriere I will,” Mariah said to herself.

At Summer's Phyllis laughed as she watched Billy put on the same outfit he'd worn the day before. She told him to bring a change of clothes next time, so he wouldn't have to to do the walk of shame into work. Billy assured her that he had time to go home and change. Billy kissed Phyllis's neck and she told him he was making it hard for her to get ready for work. Billy suggested that they go out for breakfast, but Phyllis didn't think they were ready to go out in public yet. They agreed that this was different from last time - they wouldn't need to sneak around, because they were single. Billy and Phyllis were aware that their decision to be together would affect Jack and Victoria. Billy thought it was best that Victoria hear the news from him. Phyllis encouraged Billy to tell Victoria right away. She promised to do everything she could to break the news to Jack. They kissed.

Phyllis and Billy drove separately to Jabot. They gazed at each other, from their cars, until Jack pulled his car into the space between theirs. The trio shared an elevator, and Phyllis filled the silence by rambling to the brothers about the Fenmore dressing room app. Billy mentioned hockey. Jack wondered aloud if the elevator could move any slower. Billy chattered about Brash and Sassy, and Jack asked him a flippant question. Billy answered, then he got off on his floor. Phyllis suggested that it was time for Jack to bury the grudge. In Jack's office, she reminded him that it had been nearly a year. Jack told her that it was between him and Billy. Phyllis noted that Jack had let go of his animosity toward her, and Jack said he did so because it was bad for business. Phyllis revealed that studies had shown that carrying around a grudge could lead to medical issues, like hair loss, cancer and shingles. She said she wanted him to enjoy his life. Jack assured her that he did enjoy life, but he was adamant that he'd never forgive Billy. Phyllis was frustrated that she hadn't swayed Jack. Jack wondered why she was suddenly concerned about this. He told her that it was best if they stuck to business and didn't talk about Billy.

Phyllis said she didn't mean to harp on the topic of Billy, but she wanted everyone to get along. Jack asked why she was so sunny. Phyllis asked if she needed a reason to be in a good mood, and Jack replied that she didn't do anything without a motive. Phyllis thought Jack was being cynical, but she revealed that she was making a life for herself outside the office. Jack surmised that she found a new man. Phyllis accused him of being sexist for making that assumption, but she admitted that he was right. Jack asked if he knew the guy. Phyllis dodged the question. Jack was happy for her, and he asked if she met the man online. Phyllis didn't answer, and Jack asked if she'd even met the man or if they'd only emailed. He said he'd hate to see her get taken advantage of by someone pretending to be something they weren't. Phyllis said it was new and she didn't want to jinx it. They talked business, then Phyllis asked how his plot against Victor was going. Jack said he made his opening move. Phyllis was hoping for more details, but Jack repeated her words that it was new, so he didn't want to jinx it.

Victoria, Cane and Juliet were gathered in the conference room at Brash and Sassy. Victoria said that the meeting would start once Billy arrived. Victoria praised Cane and Juliet for their outstanding work. She revealed that the men's line was doing well and had surpassed her expectations. Victoria hoped this staff meeting would help keep the momentum going. Victoria noted that she bought Jill out months ago, and it had been a while since Newman was their parent company, but she thought it was important that they erase any consumer and industry associations from the past. Victoria wanted their brand to be about independence, and she wanted it to be clear that, even though her last name was Newman, she was calling the shots all by herself. Victoria asked Cane and Juliet to help sell the new image. Cane said that he'd come up with talking points while Juliet worked on the press release. Juliet agreed, and Victoria marveled that Cane and Juliet made an incredible team. Cane left. Victoria quietly thanked Juliet for helping her get home last night and apologetically explained that she wasn't much of a drinker. Juliet assured Victoria that it was no big deal. Juliet added that she'd seen people get more out of control while drinking than Victoria had. Cane returned with Lily and Jordan, who were wearing Brash and Sassy hockey jerseys. Jordan stated that the hockey players couldn't get enough of Lily or the products. Lily kissed Cane on the cheek and noted that she had to tell a lot of guys that there was only one man for her.

The meeting resumed, and Victoria noted that the launch of Dare, the men's line was helped immeasurably by Jordan's photography and Lily, the brand ambassador. She added that thanks to Cane and Juliet, Dare would be distributed all over Asia. Billy walked in admitted he didn't realize the meeting would be this early. Cane snidely suggested that Billy start checking his messages. Victoria stated that Billy was there just in time to hear what she was going to say about him. Victoria lavished Billy with praise. She explained that he came up with the brilliant idea to partner with pro hockey, and he'd overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to make the deal happen. Billy thanked Victoria, but he told everyone that she deserved most of the credit for encouraging them to reach for the stars. Cane watched as everyone applauded, then he tepidly joined in. The meeting ended. Jordan asked Lily to go over proofs. She wanted to talk to Neil and Devon, so she asked if it could wait until lunch. Jordan said no, because he wanted to go watch Hilary tape her new show. Lily made a snippy comment, and Jordan refused to apologize for liking Hilary. Lily felt that he deserved better. Jordan said better was already taken. Lily asked who he was talking about, and Jordan smiled and said he wasn't going to tell her.

Billy and Victoria were the only ones left in the conference room. She wondered if what she said bothered him. Billy assured her that he liked having his work praised, not that it happened often. Victoria looked worried and asked if she withheld compliments in the workplace. Billy told her that she was amazing in the workplace. Victoria asked why he was so preoccupied then. She noted that he'd been MIA for hours yesterday. She wondered if he'd gone to blow off some steam because he was still angry with her. Billy told her about the letter from Chloe saying that Bella could be his. Victoria was shocked that he'd been with Chloe recently. Billy clarified that Chloe claimed to have stolen his specimen from the hospital. Victoria realized it was from the time Victoria and Billy visited a fertility specialist. Billy explained that Kevin received a similar letter and a paternity test proved that Kevin was the father. Victoria was happy to hear that. She said she was glad for Kevin. “And it would have been a complication at a tough time for us. For you I mean,” she added. Victoria thanked Billy for telling her what was going on.

Victoria ranted about all the trouble Chloe had caused. She thought it was clear that Chloe needed to be locked up. Billy wondered why she'd been released – did she manage to do that alone? Victoria said that Chloe was a psychopath and lying is what they did best. Victoria was glad that Chloe had no further connection to Billy. Victoria felt bad that Billy didn't have anyone there for him while he took the paternity test, and she told him that she would've gone with him. Billy reminded her that they'd agreed to keep their personal lives separate. Victoria said that was his decision, not hers. Billy felt that the signals Victoria gave him made it clear that it was what she wanted. Victoria thought they should make an exception in times of crisis. She noted that if Bella had been their kids' half-sister, it would have involved Victoria. Billy said that he didn't want to deal with it until he knew for sure. Victoria hoped Billy knew he could tell her anything. Billy told her that they needed to talk.

After Jordan left, Cane worked on gathering data for the press release that Juliet would later write. He found it tedious, and Juliet said that kind of work would drive her to drink. Cane asked her not to mention drinking, since it gave him flashbacks to getting hungover from sake. Juliet revealed that Victoria got drunk last night. Cane was surprised because Victoria didn't usually lose control. Juliet joked that she brought out the party-animal in people. Cane and Juliet looked back and saw Lily smiling at them from across the room. She walked over. Lily didn't want to interrupt, but Juliet said she had some free time. Lily was happy for the opportunity to gush about her trip. Cane shifted uncomfortably while Lily and Juliet chatted like old friends. Lily kissed Cane goodbye, then she hugged Juliet. After Lily left, Cane grumbled that Victoria made Billy's deal with the hockey league sound more important than Cane and Juliet's deal with Mr. Sato. Juliet didn't think Victoria meant it that way, but Cane said that Billy would always have the inside track with Victoria because they shared a past. Cane noted that Victoria didn't even care when Billy strolled in late. Juliet told Cane to come up with an idea to blow Billy out of the water.

Lily returned after Juliet left. She and Cane flirted, and he told her he was proud of her, and not just because she was the brand ambassador. He hoped she knew that. She assured him that she did and that she felt the same way. She said that he was the love of her life. She asked if he was okay, and he said that he was just eager to be with her. Lily teased Cane by lifting her jersey and showing off her abs. They kissed.

Jordan dropped by GC Buzz, which surprised Hilary. He explained that he flew home early so he could watch her film. The show started. While Mariah silently smiled, Hilary told the audience about the programming shift. According to Hilary, The Hilary Hour would cover gossip, but Hilary, with Mariah's help, would guide fans to live their best life. Mariah gave Hilary a backhanded compliment. Later, a somber Hilary told the audience that she'd finalized her divorce. Devon arrived. He heard Hilary explain that the new transition brought sadness and new insecurities, but also, new hope. Mariah admitted that she had no idea. Hilary said that was because she didn't want to admit it was a big deal. Hilary explained that she liked to present herself as confident and in charge as a way to mask her vulnerability. Hilary confessed that she'd gone so far as to shut everyone out, but she said that while she would like to be superwoman, she couldn't do this alone. Hilary touched Mariah's arm and said she needed her friends. Hilary assured everyone that she didn't hold any ill will against Devon, whom she considered a wonderful person. She took full responsibility for the demise of the marriage. She said that she wouldn't hold on to bitterness and that she was determined to look for ways for her and Devon to grow from the experience. Hilary took off her wedding ring and said she hoped she and Devon would be able to be friends again, one day. Hilary stated that people who suffered a setback should put aside negativity and get back out there. Jordan smiled as Hilary said that was what she intended to do.

They wrapped up filming, and Mariah said that Hilary was amazing. She was sure the episode would be a hit. Hilary thanked her. Mariah hoped Hilary would restore her role as equal partner. Hilary said the show was evolving, and she wasn't sure what she was going to do yet. Devon walked onto the set and told Hilary that her decision to share something so personal was a great choice. He liked the new direction. Hilary told him that meant a lot. Devon thought it would be better if Mariah was featured more, but he admitted he was biased. Jordan hugged Hilary and told her she was a star. They walked away, and Mariah asked Devon why he didn't tell her that it was divorce day. Devon said the marriage was over before today, so he wanted to make it a non-event. He promised Mariah that he and Mariah were the main event from now on. Mariah said that was fine with her, but she understood if it wasn't easy for Devon. Devon showed her that he took his ring off. He told her he was ready to move on, and he kissed her hand. Mariah laughed. Hilary glanced over at them, from across the room, then she took Jordan's arm as they walked out. Devon turned to watch them leave.

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