Tuesday Y&R Update 4/25/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 4/25/17


Written by Christine

Kevin, Billy, Paul, and Michael were in Paul's office awaiting Bella's paternity test results. Paul thought Chloe would eventually contact Kevin or Billy for an update on Bella. Billy noted that there was a third possible father, someone who was unaware he was being manipulated by a psychopath. Kevin was offended by the way Billy spoke about Chloe, and he accused Billy of mistreating her in the past. Billy countered that Chloe had treated him badly too – she'd passed of Delia as Cane's, stole Billy's sperm and didn't tell him he might have a daughter until today. The argument got heated, and Paul and Michael stepped in before it got physical. Billy didn't understand why Kevin wasn't just as furious and how he could defend a murderer. Kevin insisted that he wasn't defending her. Kevin contended that Chloe wasn't an evil mastermind; she was sick. He added that no normal person could kill Adam then bond with Chelsea. Kevin believed that Chloe wanted to get married because she wanted to be normal. Billy wondered if Kevin and Bella were just props to Chloe. He asked if they even knew Bella was Chloe's daughter. Kevin was convinced that Chloe was Bella's mother.

Kevin understood Billy's anger, and Kevin said he was angry, too, but he thought that they should think about Bella. Kevin yelled that kids were smart and could sense when people were angry. “If she is yours, you better pull it together, because I'm not gonna let her see you like this,” Kevin snarled. Kevin insisted that Chloe sent the letters because she loved Bella, not because she was trying to stick it to Billy. Billy's phone rang. He stepped into the squad room to answer. It was Phyllis checking in. She felt bad that he got caught up in Chloe's game. Billy told her that wasn't the right word. He conceded that it was a complicated situation. Later, tension was in the air as Kevin and Billy sat alone in the office. Kevin continually squeezed a stress ball until Billy ordered him to stop. Kevin refused. Michael returned just as Billy took the ball away. Michael said he was finished playing referee. Paul arrived with two envelopes and handed one to Billy and one to Kevin.

Phyllis's doorbell rang. When she opened the door, Billy burst inside and went straight to the counter, where he poured himself a stiff drink. Later, they digested the news that Kevin, not Billy, was the father. Phyllis asked if Billy had wanted Bella to be his. Billy said that he would have been there for Bella, if she'd been his, but he was relieved that she wasn't. Billy's eyes filled with tears, as he recalled that Chloe had wanted to replace Delia after she died. He said that he told Chloe that Delia was irreplaceable, but clearly Chloe tried anyway. Phyllis comforted Billy as he said he would've tried to be a good father to Bella, but she would have been a constant reminder of what he lost. Phyllis thought Billy was a great father. Billy thought it was best for him, Kevin and Bella, that she was Kevin's. Phyllis hugged him. They cuddled on the couch and Billy noted that she'd been incredibly understanding and supportive. Phyllis asked if that surprised him. Billy admitted that it did, a little. Billy wished Phyllis had been at the station with him earlier. Phyllis joked that it would have made an interesting coming-out party for them. Billy stated that it would have made things easier. Phyllis noted that he was the only man she'd ever been with who thought she made things easier. “You've been with the wrong men, until now,” he replied. They kissed.

Kevin and Michael returned to the Baldwin home. Lauren wondered why they looked shell-shocked. Kevin brought her up to speed. Lauren didn't understand because Kevin had already done a paternity test on Bella. Kevin revealed that he did another one and it said he was Bella's father. Later, Kevin told them that Esther was bringing Bella over. Kevin knew he'd have to put aside everything that happened over the last few weeks and focus on Bella. He was overwhelmed by the prospect of having to raise a child alone. Lauren promised that they'd be there for Kevin, but Kevin noted that he'd be responsible for teaching Bella all the important life lessons. Kevin was scared that he'd damage Bella the way that his father damaged him. Michael was adamant that Kevin was nothing like Tom. Michael said that Tom was only capable of hate and abuse, while Kevin had loved Bella before he even knew she was his. Michael noted that Kevin had put her happiness ahead of his, which was what parenting was all about. Lauren reminded Kevin that he'd already helped raise Delia. She added that there were a lot of single parents, including Lauren at one point, and they'd all figured it out. Michael told Kevin they believed in him and they hugged.

Esther was glad that Kevin was Bella's father. Esther noted that Bella would have an aunt and uncle in Lauren and Michael and cousins. Esther felt bad that Chloe grew up without a father, and she wondered if Chloe sent those letters so that Bella wouldn't have to go through the same thing. Kevin knew that Chloe wanted to give Bella the world. Kevin assured Esther that he'd let her spend lots of time with Bella. Esther suggested that he move into the mansion so they could all be together. Kevin promised to consider it, but first he wanted to tell Bella the news. Kevin took Bella to Chancellor park. They played on the swing set and he told her that Chloe left them a gift. Kevin explained that she was his daughter, which meant she got to live with him. He promised that he'd always love her and be there for her.

Sharon went to the main house looking for Nikki. Tessa invited her in and explained that Nikki had gone out to lunch. Sharon introduced herself, and they recognized each other from Crimson Lights. Sharon learned that Tessa was helping plan the gala. Sharon gave Tessa a seating chart that Nikki had asked Sharon to make. Tessa admitted that she was overwhelmed by the gala planning. Sharon mentioned that she was Mariah, Noah and Faith's mom, and she talked about how nervous she was the first time Nick brought her to the ranch. Sharon revealed that she'd come from more modest beginnings. She thought Tessa could relate. Tessa admitted that she'd had it rough, but she was glad for the life experience. Tessa felt bad for the kids who were handed cars and guitars. Sharon explained that the Newman kids were taught that success was earned. She gave Nikki and Victor the credit and noted that they both came from nothing. Sharon thought Tessa could learn a lot from Victor and Nikki, just as Sharon had. Sharon respected Nikki and Victor, but she admitted that she hadn't always gotten along with Nikki. Sharon assumed that Tessa had impressed Nikki. Tessa theorized that she reminded Nikki of her wild youth, before galas, when it was about the music and performances. Tessa revealed that Nikki told her about dancing at The Bayou. Sharon smiled and said Nikki always liked attention. Sharon figured that Nikki hosted events because it kept her in the spotlight. Tessa thought it was great that Nikki hadn't stopped doing what she loved just because she married a rich dude. Sharon warned Tessa not to ever get on the wrong side of Victor.

Scott considered calling his aunt Chris, but he put the phone down when Lauren came home from a run. Scott quipped that he was hoping Lauren could fix him up with one of her friends. Lauren realized that Phyllis told him. Scott didn't understand why Lauren wasn't creeped out by the idea of him being with her best friend and business partner. Lauren got his point, but she told him that she never mentioned dating. She'd only thought Phyllis and Scott could hang out. Scott wasn't thrilled with Lauren trying to find friends for him. He realized she was doing it because she hoped he'd make connections and decide to stay in town, but he didn't like it. Lauren promised not to do it again. Lauren's face lit up when Scott mentioned that he was seeing someone. Lauren asked who, but Scott refused to tell her because he didn't know where things were going, and he didn't want Lauren to interfere. Lauren urged Scott to give her something, so he gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.

At Jabot, Ashley talked to Ravi about Abby's issues at Newman. Ashley thought Abby was afraid she was going to lose Victor's trust. Ravi had faith in Abby, since he felt that she'd inherited Ashley's brains and beauty. Ashley replied that Abby also inherited Victor's penchant for making a mess of things. Ashley hoped that if Abby had made a mess, she could clean it up before Victor found out. Ashley explained that Victor was sometimes ruthless with his own children when they disappointed him. Ravi wondered who'd want to live and work in that kind of environment. Ashley admitted that she did, twice. Ravi still couldn't believe she was married to Victor. Ashley explained that she'd thought she could change him. Ashley was concerned because Abby was so insecure and eager to please Victor.

Ashley wanted to support Abby, but Abby wouldn't let her. Ravi offered to try. Ashley didn't think that would work. Ravi stated that he and Abby had something in common and it might help to talk to someone her own age. Ravi instantly regretted it and told Ashley that he didn't mean she was too old to understand. She assured him that she wasn't offended, then she asked what he had in common with Abby. Ravi explained that his parents also had high expectations for him. Ashley remembered that they wanted him to go to medical school or work for NASA. Ravi said that his parents were disappointed when he chose his own path, but they never stopped loving him. Ashley felt that Ravi had flourished, and she listed his accomplishments at Jabot. Ravi tried to downplay his contributions, and Ashley told him to accept the compliment. Ravi said his parents had used the JabotGo app and were impressed. Ashley assumed they'd still be happier if he quit his job and went to medical school. Ravi said he'd never do that, especially while things were going so well.

At the Club, Jack suggested that he and Abby get a table. Abby barked that she was busy, as she headed over to the bar, and she wanted to finish this as soon as possible. Jack asked why Abby was selling the warehouse. Abby said that it was a project she'd started before Victor put her in charge, and she needed to offload it. Jack didn't believe that, because Farrah told him that Abby had recently hired a contractor. He thought it sounded more like Abby was starting a project, not ending one. Exasperated, Abby asked if he wanted the warehouse or not. Jack did want to buy, but he refused to do so until Abby told him the truth. Jack felt it was clear that Abby was upset, and he said he was worried about her. Abby grudgingly told Jack about her idea to have Newman rent out space to tech start ups in exchange for a portion of their profits. Jack thought that was a great plan; all she'd need was one company to hit it big. Abby said she tried to tell Victor and Victoria that. Jack noted that it the venture could also lose money, but Abby stated that every investment was a risk. She asked if people shouldn't pursue their passions, and Jack admitted that following his business instincts had made him a lot of money. Abby explained that she misunderstood some advice from Ashley and now she had to sell the warehouse before Victor found out.

Abby revealed that she tricked Victor into authorizing the funds by tucking the document in with a bunch of other paperwork for him to sign. Abby had then opened an LLC and used it to buy the warehouse. “You outmaneuvered The Mustache. I knew you had more Abbott blood in you than Newman,” Jack gushed. Abby didn't think it was funny, and she was scared of what Victor would do when he found out. Jack stated that Newman Enterprises owned tons of properties all over the word. He assured Abby that Victor would never find out, especially now that he was stepping back from the company. Abby was convinced that Victor would eventually discover what she'd done. Jack offered to help her cover her tracks if she made him her partner. Abby was hesitant, because she knew Victor would be angry if he found out she was working with Jack. Jack promised that Victor would never know. Abby reminded him that the whole point of the venture was to prove to Victoria and Victor that her idea had merit. Jack said she could tell them once she turned a profit. Abby asked what was in it for Jack. “A chance to work with my niece and make a whole lot of money,” he replied. Abby agreed to the deal. Ravi arrived and saw Abby and Jack hug. Jack left. Abby called Farrah and said she accepted Jack's offer to buy the warehouse. Ravi walked over, and Abby greeted him warmly. Ravi was surprised that Abby seemed so happy. Abby surmised that he'd been talking to her mother. Ravi admitted that he had and that he'd volunteered to talk to Abby. Abby told him that she had to get to the office. Ravi asked what to tell Ashley, and Abby said to tell Ashley that she was fine. She left.

At Crimson Lights, Zoey and Reed debated about what movie to see. Kendall arrived and lingered behind them, watching the pair. Zoey settled on a movie, and as she described it to Reed, he recalled kissing Kendall. Reed told her he didn't like the movie, and Zoey was disappointed he saw it without her. Kendall joined them at the table. Zoey thought Kendall looked weird. Kendall admitted something had happened. Reed shot Kendall an alarmed look, then he relaxed when she said someone cut her off while driving. Kendall mentioned that she didn't see Reed's car. Reed explained that he was driving Victoria's car. He revealed that Victoria got drunk last night. This morning, Reed had blasted the music until Victoria gave him the keys and told him to leave. He looked pleased with himself, and Zoey said that he should get Victoria drunk every night. Reed said he had to go to his lesson. Zoey gave him puppy dog eyes, so Reed agreed to stay for one more coffee. While he went to get drinks, Zoey asked Kendall to leave so she could be alone with Reed. Kendall agreed to go as soon as Reed returned. Kendall stole Reed's wallet while Zoey wasn't looking. Reed returned, Kendall left, and Zoey hopped in Reed's lap.

At the ranch, Reed strummed his guitar, then he let Tessa try it out. She loved it and said his mom rocked. Reed agreed. He was glad Victoria let him keep one good present. Tessa recalled that the last time she held a guitar like that, she was in a store, and the owner had glared at her. Reed thought that soon she'd be so famous that she'd get guitars for free. Kendall texted Reed and told him she found his wallet. Reed didn't want to get in trouble for driving without his license. He asked Kendall to bring it to the main house. She arrived and he invited her in. Kendall checked out Reed's guitar, and Reed told Tessa about Kendall sending his performance to her uncle in the music business. Tessa said it was like Kendall was Reed's guardian angel. Kendall decided to leave. Reed followed her into the foyer and hugged her for returning the wallet. Kendall pulled him into a kiss, while Tessa smiled and shook her head.

Scott dropped by Crimson Lights and approached Sharon. He assured her that he was honoring the agreement to take things slow, but he was there because she had the best pastries in town. He bought two and asked Sharon to join him. Sharon smiled and said this was a trap. She recalled that Scott confessed to using chocolate to get people to open up. Sharon said she already told him about her husband. Scott sensed that Sharon had other stories. Sharon said she wasn't proud of them. Scott said he could relate. They engaged in light banter. Sharon told Scott to start talking, but he said she should go first. Sharon noted that they had a standoff, and Scott replied that he could stare into her eyes all day.

Sharon and Scott finished their pastries, then Sharon had to get back to work. She asked Scott why he was interested in her, when she had so much baggage. Scott asked if she thought he could do better. Sharon said he probably could. Scott said that, off the top of his head, she was smart, funny and attractive. He offered to make an entire list. Sharon didn't think there could be that many things that drew him to her. Scott said she was wrong, and he wished she'd stop putting herself down. Sharon admitted it had been a rough couple of years, and Scott said they had that in common. Sharon asked if he was serious about seeing if there was something between them. Scott said yes, then he left.

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