Monday Y&R Update 4/24/17

The Y&R Update Monday 4/24/17


Written by Ellen

At the police station, Kevin gets a certified letter from Chloe. She’s sorry she ran out on him the way she did. Then she drops a bombshell: Bella might be his daughter.

Meanwhile, at Phyllis’s apartment, Billy receives a similar letter. After Chloe tried to seduce him and he refused, she resorted to stealing his sperm sample from the hospital. If Billy is in fact Bella’s dad, she hopes he’ll step up. And by the way, Billy shouldn’t try to find her. Phyllis walks by and asks if everything is OK. It’s not.

Nick brings Christian to the ranch, hoping to rope his mom into babysitting. Tessa emerges, greets them, and says Nikki’s not home. She’s at some charity breakfast. Can Tessa help?

Abby is in a panic when she meets Farrah, her Realtor, in an alley. Farrah can hook her up with a contractor, if Abby would like. Abby gets a call from Ashley but doesn’t answer. She tells Farrah to go ahead.

Jack enters his office, where Ashley waits. He welcomes her home and congratulates her on a job well done. The orders have been pouring in. Ashley is on a roll. Now she has an idea for a new skin care product, but she needs to get the paperwork in order. So what has Jack been up to? He has information to share.

Billy calls the hospital and sure enough, one of his samples is missing. His head spins. After Delia died, Chloe was overcome with grief and irrationally thought she and Billy could produce another child to replace her. Phyllis shakes her head. Still, Phyllis can understand why Chloe would want to line up a good father for Bella. Billy rushes off to get answers.

At the ranch: Tessa comes from a huge family, so she’s no stranger to babysitting. She and Nick chat about their childhoods. She’s sure there’s no comparison. Nick takes a liking to Tessa and decides to leave Christian with her.

At the Baldwin apartment, Scott asks Michael for legal advice. Say Scott wants to back out of a job he agreed to do. What would be the repercussions? Michael says it would depend on the terms of the contract; at worst Scott could be sued. What about Scott’s moral responsibility? The law doesn’t cover morality, but Michael doesn’t advise crossing Victor Newman. That is who they’re talking about, right?

Ravi runs into Phyllis in the Jabot lobby. How was his trip? Amazing. Ashley was a dynamic speaker and sales are up. That’s not exactly what Phyllis meant. How was his date?

In Jack’s office: Ashley learns that Victor appointed Abby acting CEO in his absence. Jack senses weakness and intends to go for the jugular. Ashley doesn’t give a hoot about Newman Enterprises. She’s focused on her new product and acquiring the lab space necessary to develop it. Jack is on it. She’s glad they’re pulling in the same direction for a change.

Back in the Jabot lobby: Ravi says it wasn’t a real date, just two people going to the opera. It was fun. He thanks Phyllis for helping him catch Ashley’s eye, though, and hopes to return the favor in some way. Thanks, but no thanks. Phyllis is no longer into dating random men. She prefers the comfort of the familiar. In the midst of their discussion, Abby arrives, looking for her mom. She enters the office and welcomes Ashley home. Ashley already knows about Abby’s new title and asks why Abby didn’t tell her mother. Abby is defensive, which sets off alarms for Ashley. Victoria planted enough doubt that Abby now wonders why Victor put her in charge.

At the Baldwin apartment: Nikki tried to pay Scott to stop writing Victor’s life story, but Scott works for Victor---who left town and provided no contact information---and not Nikki. She says she wants to “protect” Victor, but Scott is suspicious. He doesn’t want to get mixed up in their marital problems. Anyway, he refused her check. He wants a carefree life. He’s starting to feel at home in Genoa City and may stick around. He might even get into a relationship. Michael laughs, for some reason. The doorbell rings. Michael answers and stops laughing when Kevin tells him why he’s there. Kevin was going to take care of Bella, father or not. Why did Chloe have to bring this up, and why now? Michael hopes Kevin intends to have a paternity test done. Of course, but should he show the letter to Paul? Without question, Michael says. If Kevin withholds information that could locate Chloe, Kevin could end up behind bars.

Nick takes the gym bag full of evidence to Paul at the police station. Paul considers the dart gun. It’s still circumstantial evidence, like the phone records and Adam’s wedding ring. Even Chloe’s alleged confession to Chelsea is one woman’s word against another’s. Paul will continue the search, in any case, and suspects Victor is conducting one of his own. By the way, how Victor is holding up under the strain? Paul knows firsthand what it’s like to lose a son tragically. Nick acknowledges Paul’s comments and leaves quickly.

In the Jabot lobby: Ravi tells Phyllis about Benjamin Hochman, strutting around like a peacock and making a play for Ashley. Ravi got sick of his arrogance and told him off in front of Ashley. She was impressed. Phyllis applauds his gumption but hopes Ravi didn’t damage himself professionally. Hochman is a big wheel. Ravi doesn’t care. Phyllis smiles at the thought of a kinder, gentler Ashley Abbott.

In Jack’s office: Ashley agrees with Abby; Victor is testing her. It’s what he does. Abby recalls how Victor shot down her incubator idea. And then he puts her in charge of the company? It makes no sense. Ashley sees nothing wrong with continuing to work on her plan privately. Ashley did that herself with JabotGo, but she told Jack about it before launching it. To do otherwise would have been unprofessional and the outcome could have been catastrophic. Uh-oh. What has Abby done?

Michael accompanies Kevin to Paul’s office, where Kevin tells all. Paul appreciates his disclosure and will expedite the paternity test. He examines the letter’s envelope for clues. The return address might be helpful. It was sent from Malta. With only the clothes on her back---and a wedding gown, no less---how did Chloe get so far, so fast? Billy barges in and complicates things further by handing over his letter.

Ravi returns to the Jabot lobby and finds Phyllis engrossed in sending a text. Out of the blue, she asks Ravi how she compares with Ashley. He’s unsure how to respond. She volunteers that they both make poor choices when it comes to men, present company excluded. He wonders what inspired the question. Her life has taken a turn for the better recently, but she’s afraid to talk about it for fear of jinxing herself. Like Ashley, she’s scared to be happy. Ravi disagrees. Both women want and deserve to be happy. Phyllis should stop fretting and enjoy life.

At the Baldwins’: Scott isn’t happy to see Chris at the door. He said no and meant it. She begs him to take on another mission. This time it would be with her, not the special agent who let Scott down. The fact that she’s is aunt means nothing. The answer is still no.

In the alley: Farrah tells Jack she sold the warehouse he’s interested in, and she can’t tell him the buyer’s name. He asks for a hint. When that fails, he tries bribery. Her phone rings and she takes the call. Jack is in luck; the new buyer wants to sell.

Back in the office, Ashley tries desperately to reach Abby. Phyllis walks in and strikes up a conversation about Ravi. She isn’t subtle about what she knows, or thinks she knows. Ashley has never been one to confide in Phyllis and she isn’t about to start. Phyllis pats herself on the back for helping Ravi get Ashley’s attention and assumes Ashley likes the results. Ravi appears in the doorway and pauses at the sight of Ashley, standing in profile at the window. He remembers kissing her and smiles. She sees him and smiles back.

Paul returns to his office and tells Kevin and Michael that the postage was paid in cash and the letter is untraceable. Billy’s letter was sent from the Cayman Islands, so who knows where Chloe is. Billy makes unkind remarks about Chloe, which upset Kevin. Kevin recalls what little Chloe told him about Bella’s father. It’s possible there may be a third candidate.

Nick returns to the ranch and catches Tessa singing to Christian to soothe him. She’s great with kids. Tessa suggests Nick call her if he needs her again. She could use the cash. He’ll definitely keep her in mind.

Ashley has a meeting with Ravi and dismisses Phyllis from the office. Actually, would Ravi mind postponing? Ashley is worried about Abby.

In the alley, Abby thanks Farrah and apologizes for the trouble. No problem, Farrah already found another buyer. Who? Abby is dumbstruck when Jack walks out of the building

At the station: Billy is angry with Chloe. He calls her crazy and wants to press charges when she’s found. Kevin is protective. Chloe is sick, and she acted out of grief over her daughter’s death. Delia was Billy’s daughter too, remember? The argument gets more personal, and Michael and Paul are forced to intervene. All they can do now is wait for the test results.

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