Friday Y&R Update 4/21/17

The Y&R Update Friday 4/21/17


Written by Ellen

At her apartment, Phyllis finds the receiver to her phone and answers. It’s a telemarketer, so she hangs up quickly and answers the door herself. She shoos away Billy and tells Jack it was just her neighbor wanting help with her computer.

At the hotel in New York, Ravi and Ashley say goodnight again, after unexpectedly kissing outside their rooms. Ashley doesn’t know what to make of it.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon questions Nick’s unilateral decision to remove Faith from the main house. Faith is taking it in stride, but she’s worried about her grandfather, particularly since she saw Nick sock him in the jaw in the barn. Nick can explain. They were sparring and it got out of hand. Make no mistake, Sharon is glad to have her daughter home, but she wonders whether there’s something going on between Nick and his dad that prompted Nick to retrieve Faith. Nick cuts the conversation short and leaves. As soon as he does, Scott appears. He tells Sharon about his meeting with Nikki in which she demanded he stop work on Victor’s biography. She said it would be damaging to the family. He looks to Sharon for insight, but she has nothing to offer. She wouldn’t read too much into Victor’s leaving town suddenly and without telling anyone. He’s done it before.

Chelsea badgers Paul at the police station. She wants Chloe found and punished.

At Phyllis’s: Getting back to the subject of Victor, Phyllis tells Jack he’s on his own and she wishes him luck getting revenge. Jack leaves and Billy emerges from his hiding place. Phyllis agrees it was a close call. She tells Billy about Jack’s plan and her decision to sit this one out. Good choice, Billy says. She’s surprised to see Billy; she just expected him to return her call. Billy says a call wouldn’t do. He wanted to see her.

At the Underground, Nick breaks down and calls Chelsea but has to leave a message. It’s been a long time. He misses her. Please call back.

At the station: Paul has no leads. How is that possible? Chelsea wonders. A kook in a designer wedding dress can’t be that hard to find. Paul assures her he has feelers out, including at the mental hospital where Chloe was a patient. There’s no statute of limitations on murder cases, so if she’s found she’ll be prosecuted for Adam’s death.

Again at Crimson Lights: Scott is sorry he had to run out on dinner. Would Sharon settle for dessert? She whips out the Crimson Lights menu and lets him take his pick. He finds a table while she fetches an éclair. He loves sweets. He’ll have to make her a Bulgarian pastry sometime. He has a great recipe. Sharon is intrigued. He’s a man of many secrets. And what about Sharon? Any secrets? She’s caught off guard but is ready to be honest.

Ashley nurses a glass of wine in a booth in the hotel restaurant. Ravi finds her there but will respect her privacy. Nonsense. She invites him to sit.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon is still getting over her latest divorce, learning to stand on her own two feet, and liking it---not to say doesn’t enjoy Scott’s company. He understands completely. He’s undergone a major transition himself, having returned to Genoa City from a war zone. He’s perfectly willing to take it slow. Mariah walks in and is ready to turn right back around. She isn’t crashing their date---again---is she?

At Phyllis’s: She and Billy order in Thai food and over drinks discuss his on-again, off-again relationship with Victoria. Neither can believe Victoria admitted wanting Billy in her life.

At the station: Paul reminds Chelsea that Chloe is ill, like his sister Patty. They’ll tell you one thing and do the opposite. His compassion does nothing to temper Chelsea’s anger. She storms out, passing Chris on the way.

Jack shows up at the Underground and not too subtly questions Nick about Victor’s state of mind after learning about Adam’s murder.

In the hotel restaurant: Ashley wants to discuss what happened earlier, but Ravi will need another beer before he can. It’s going to make their relationship awkward, but then again, every interaction Ravi has is awkward. Ashley doesn’t think a little kiss is anything to get anxious about. He smiles and admits he enjoyed it. A beautiful moment is ruined when Benjamin Hochman swaggers up to the table and tells Ashley how much he missed having dinner with her last night. It’s a pity she chose to spend the evening with their young friend, he says, gesturing toward Ravi.

Chelsea arrives at the Underground and stokes Jack’s curiosity. She rants about the dearth of leads on Chloe’s whereabouts. Addressing Jack’s questions about Victor, Chelsea assures him Victor is devastated.

At the station, Chris encourages Paul to get some distance on his case and go home to rest. He suggests she come along, but she can’t. She had a doozy of a case dumped in her lap. It will be a late night.

At Phyllis’s: Billy tells Phyllis that he and Victoria agreed to go back to being friends and co-workers only. Phyllis doesn’t think Billy will be satisfied. Victoria is the love of his life, and she hinted at the possibility for more than friendship. So where does this leave Billy and Phyllis?

At the coffeehouse: Scott entertains Sharon and Mariah with humorous stories from the front. Sharon gets up to clear the table, leaving Mariah and Scott to talk. Mariah is enthralled. He’s a natural storyteller. Is that her professional opinion? They talk about their butting heads at Kevin and Chloe’s almost-wedding, and how Scott counseled her not to report the story prematurely. To that advice he now adds the importance of cultivating trust in her sources. Mariah has had it with fluff pieces and wants to get into investigative reporting. Would he coach her? He’d be glad to. Sharon starts making moves to close up. Scott gets a text and seems disturbed by it. He says goodnight and leaves.

In New York: Benjamin slides into the booth next to Ashley and looks around for a waiter. He needs a drink. Ashley doesn’t remember inviting him to stay, but he doesn’t seem to care. He continues to denigrate Ravi, calling him a geek who works for big shots like Benjamin. Ravi can take no more and speaks up. He throws around technological terms and supposes Benjamin is ignorant of the day-to-day operations of his corporation. He defends Ashley’s honor and makes her smile by calling Benjamin a pompous ass. Benjamin is outraged and leaves as Ashley requests. Ravi exhales. Now he really does need that second beer. Did he just tell off Benjamin Hochman? Indeed. Ravi continues to surprise Ashley.

In a booth at the Underground, Chelsea continues to defend Victor to Jack and berates herself for not seeing through Chloe’s act. Nick tried to tell her, but Chelsea was in denial. Jack thinks she’s being too hard on herself. Chloe fooled everyone. He assumes Victor is out for blood and is backed by the whole family. Chelsea lets on that it’s not quite so. Everyone is dealing with their grief differently. Jack asks whether Nick blames Victor for causing Adam’s death. Chelsea is noncommittal.

As Sharon and Mariah prepare to leave the coffeehouse, Mariah asks Sharon what exactly is going on with Scott. Would Sharon say they’re dating? Sharon doesn’t want to put a label on it, but would it bother Mariah if they were? Not at all. She likes Scott, although she barely knows him. Certainly there’s a lot to like. He’s good looking and charming, but what Sharon likes most is his honesty. She might want to reconsider, because at that moment Scott is in his car meeting with Chris. All this time he’s been masquerading as a journalist but he was really a government special agent. Despite Chris’s coaxing, he refuses to go back to his old job. The government left him twisting in the wind when he got captured. Victor Newman saved him.

In the restaurant: Ravi apologizes for embarrassing Ashley, but no apology is necessary. She thanks him for standing up for her. She liked it. Remembering their early flight tomorrow, she thanks him again, says goodnight, and leaves.

At Phyllis’s: Billy insists he’s past Victoria. Sure they’ll always have a bond because of their children and their jobs, but he doesn’t want Victoria. He wants Phyllis. She’s glad to hear that because she feels likewise. This time there’s no reason to resist: They’re both single and the chemistry is still there. There will be complications of course, as is their style.

At the Underground: Jack respects Nick’s desire to spend time alone with Chelsea and says goodbye. Nick again tells Jack not to go looking for trouble. Victor is a grieving father, and that’s all there is to it. Jack nods and appears to accept it, but the wheels are turning.

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