Thursday Y&R Update 4/20/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/20/17


Written by Ellen

Scott rushes to the ranch. Nikki called him, but he assumes it was at Victor’s request. Wrong. She needs Scott to help protect Victor. Who could threaten the Great Victor Newman?

Phyllis returns to her apartment and sends a happy text to Billy. The mood is broken when she finds Jack at her front door, looking dour and wanting to talk about a personal matter.

In New York, Ashley and Ravi meet in the hotel restaurant. Both are excited about the opera they’re about to attend. Benjamin stops them on their way out. He needs to apologize to Ashley for the other night.

Reed is at loose ends at home. Even practicing his guitar can’t hold his attention. He calls Brash & Sassy. Billy answers, just the guy Reed wants to talk to. Did Billy persuade Mom to let Reed keep his car? Billy wishes he could, but it’s not his place. He’s not Reed’s dad. While he’s on the phone, Billy gets Phyllis’s message: Life is short.

Cane and Juliet meet Victoria in the lab area of Brash & Sassy. The marketing campaign is going gangbusters and Juliet has an idea to make it even better. Billy appears and accuses them of excluding him. Nonsense. Victoria looks over Juliet’s proposal and likes it. Cane does too. Billy thinks it’s too risky. He whines about being outnumbered and retreats to the office. Victoria pursues him and defends Juliet’s sound plan. Billy thinks she treated him like odd man out because of her personal feelings toward him.

Alone at a table with Ashley, Benjamin explains himself. His daughter has been acting out since her parents divorced and she was in the midst of a crisis while he and Ashley were having dinner. Ashley appreciates what he’s going through, and she accepts his offer to make it up to her, but not tonight.

Again at Phyllis’s: Jack knows Phyllis still fantasizes about punishing Victor, so why is she wimping out now? It’s time to act. The signals Jack gets from Nikki and Abby tell him the House of Newman is unstable. Jack reminds Phyllis of what Victor did to the two of them, as if he had to. She remembers well and agrees Victor should pay, but they’ve been down this road before and Victor always wins. Not without his family’s support, Jack says.

At the ranch: Nikki respects Scott’s integrity as a writer, but Victor is not a typical subject. He thinks rules don’t apply to him and is proud of everything he’s accomplished, no matter the methods employed. Therefore Victor’s legacy could cause lasting damage to the rest of the family, right down to the youngest grandchild. His story must never be told.

In the New York restaurant: Benjamin gets a load of Ravi. He can’t believe Ashley is standing him up for this guy. [So much for apologies for bad behavior.] Privately, Ravi gives Ashley a chance to back out. Benjamin Hochman is an important businessman. She knows and couldn’t care less. She takes Ravi’s arm and they’re off to the Met.

Zoey and Kendall study on the Crimson Lights patio. Reed sends a sad photo of himself to Zoey. She feels sorry for him, but she was with him earlier in the day and made him feel better. Kendall reads between the lines and asks for details, but Zoey doesn’t kiss and tell. While Zoey runs inside for a moment, Kendall seizes Zoey’s phone and, pretending to be Zoey, arranges a movie date with Reed. She deletes the text history just as Zoey returns, ready to dish after all. Kendall says she can’t stay---Mom’s orders---and takes off.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria tells Billy to get over himself. In the lab area, Juliet and Cane chat about her first few days on the job. Victoria is a great boss and the two of them are getting along great. Not so with Billy. Cane tells her not to take it personally. Billy has problems with Cane too. Juliet jokes that she’d take Cane’s side in a showdown with Billy, and he thanks her. She’s glad Cane finally got past what happened between them in Tokyo, but she speaks too soon. He shushes her and asks her not to mention it again. Victoria strolls out of the office and invites Juliet to unwind over drinks. Sounds good to Juliet, but she must warn Victoria that she’s a lightweight. A few too many and she might start telling tales. They laugh, but Cane doesn’t see the humor. Billy stands by, still smarting from Victoria’s snubbing, but things look up when he gets Phyllis’s text. That and Cane’s teasing about Billy’s ineffectiveness at the office drive Billy away.

Reed is shocked when Kendall meets him at the theater and Zoey isn’t with her. Kendall fibs. Zoey couldn’t make it and gave her ticket to Kendall. Is that a problem? No. The movie begins, so there’s no time for Reed to text Zoey. Kendall settles into her seat, satisfied with the way her plan is progressing.

At Top of the Tower, it’s Victoria who has loose lips. Maintaining a work-life balance is hard, but Juliet thinks she’s doing a fine job. Incidentally, Juliet is glad for the opportunity to tell Victoria how much she admires her. Juliet is a pro and knows the office isn’t the place for such comments. Victoria follows her lead and gets very personal. Her door is open to Juliet no matter the subject, work . . . men. . . . Judging from Juliet’s coy smile, Victoria concludes there is man in her life. Juliet demurs. She’s too busy to date. That’s the ticket! Victoria says. She goes on and on about what a pain men can be, using numerous examples from personal experience.

At Phyllis’s apartment: She can’t lie. She’s tempted by revenge, but Jack has no solid plan. No, he doesn’t, but with her help they could come up with something. It’s just a matter of wearing down the Newman family, particularly Nikki. Phyllis doubts that Victor and Nikki are having marital problems. Rather, she thinks the key is the rest of the family, which means the world to Victor. Jack sees her point.

At the ranch: In Nikki’s presence, Scott tries to get a message to Victor on the phone, but it’s impossible. She warned him that Victor writes his own script. The problem is the public is privy to just about everything he’s done, good and bad. In writing Victor’s story, Scott is likely to repeat some half-truths and some outright lies. How would he tell the difference? She pleads with him not to write the book. Scott senses a deep, dark secret and is determined to discover it. No secret, Nikki insists. As Victor might have done, she opens her checkbook and offers Scott a healthy incentive to stop work on Victor’s biography and to write the stories that need to be told. But the tactic doesn’t work for her.

During the steamy beach scene in “From Here to Eternity,” Kendall makes her move. She kisses Reed. He kisses back but pulls away as the house lights come up. Kendall apologizes; she’s so embarrassed. The movie and music just got the better of her. Don’t tell Zoey. He promises not to and gets Kendall to do the same.

Back in the restaurant after the opera performance, Ashley gushes. Such passion! She does have a plot question for Ravi, though. He explains that the family became involved in the romance and speaks eloquently about why that shouldn’t happen.

At the apartment: Phyllis gets carried away with Jack’s idea, thinking about possible angles and sources of information. When Billy’s name comes up, she suddenly changes her mind about participating. Jack doesn’t understand her reason and demands an explanation.

At the ranch: Scott is indeed a conscientious writer. He won’t walk away from the project for two reasons: Victor hired Scott to do a job, and Victor saved Scott’s hide in Afghanistan, so Scott owes him. Nikki gets tough too. She’s not asking Scott to walk away; she’s demanding.

Victoria fumbles with the lock on her front door and staggers inside, with Juliet close behind. Reed comes home and Victoria slurs the introductions. Juliet has a cab waiting, so she says goodnight. Reed realizes that his straight-as-an-arrow mom is plastered, and he’s amused. If she keeps it up, he’ll have to take away her car.

Outside their hotel rooms, Ashley and Ravi sum up the trip. It was fun and a great business success. She reminds him that the jet will be ready to take them home bright and early, so they’d better say goodnight. What begins as a friendly hug ends in a passionate kiss worthy of an opera stage.

Again at Phyllis’s: She’s decided revenge is unhealthy for her, but she’ll cheer on Jack from the sidelines. Her house phone rings, but she’s misplaced the receiver---again, according to Jack. Then the doorbell rings. Jack offers to answer it for her. Billy waits on the other side.

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