Wednesday Y&R Update 4/19/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 4/19/17


Written by Christine

Nikki visited Victoria at Brash and Sassy. Victoria was upset because she knew Reed thought she was a controlling witch. She figured Zoey was already making a new meme about her. Nikki felt that Victor was wrong to put Victoria in that position. Nikki decided to talk to Reed and try to repair the damage. Victoria didn't think she'd be able to repair the damage between her and Billy. She regretted the way she'd torn into him. Nikki was relieved that Victoria didn't slip up and tell Billy that Victor played a part in Adam's death, but Victoria found it hard to take comfort in that. She knew she'd hurt Billy, and she explained that he'd left before she pulled herself together enough to apologize. Nikki wondered if Victoria was just concerned that this would affect her working relationship with Billy, or if she was concerned as an ex wife and co-parent. Victoria confided that they'd kissed. She didn't think they were falling back into old patterns; she thought they'd created something new that could be built on. “I want Billy back,” she admitted.

Nikki was thrilled that Victoria and Billy were reconnecting. Nikki added that love was never their problem, life just kept getting in their way. Victoria clarified that Victor got in the way, both in in the past and at present. Victoria felt that her blossoming romance with Billy was dead. She said that her dad gave Reed that car to score points, and that he knew it would put her in an impossible position. Victoria said it had an added benefit of screwing things up between her and Billy. Nikki thought this was all her (Nikki's) fault. She said she'd been enabling Victor for years. Victoria assured Nikki that she'd changed, but Nikki was convinced that Victor would expect her to take him back when he returned from wherever he went. She noted that she'd loved Victor since she was young, and she wasn't sure what life would be like without him, but she was sure she could move on. Nikki was disappointed because she'd come to believe that Victor was incapable of change. Nikki didn't think that one disagreement could erase all the progress Victoria and Billy made. Victoria didn't think a simple apology would be enough. She said that Billy knew there was more to the story and she wasn't sure how to explain her overreaction without telling him the truth. Nikki suggested that Victoria tell him the truth, but not the whole truth. Victoria thought that sounded like something Victor would say. Nikki was put out by that comment, and Victoria apologized. Nikki asked Victoria if she would have still been angry with Victor for buying the car without consulting her even if she'd never found out about Victor and Chloe. Victoria said that she would be, and Nikki told her to use that as an excuse for losing her temper. Victoria didn't think that would be enough. Nikki assured Victoria that Billy would respond to her if she spoke from the heart and told him how much she cared about him. Victoria agreed to try, and she hoped it wasn't too late.

Phyllis and Billy basked in the afterglow on Summer's couch, after having sex. She admired his smile and the handsome look in his eye. Billy said he'd missed this. Phyllis said she did too. Billy began to nuzzle her neck and they went in for round two. Later, they cuddled on the floor. Between kisses, Phyllis admitted she'd fantasized about this since they kissed in the elevator. Billy was glad she forgot her phone earlier. He called it fate. Phyllis said she used to think she was fated to be with Jack, which was why she struggled to salvage her marriage. Billy recalled that Jack reacted by treating her like crap. Phyllis felt that she deserved it, but Billy disagreed. Phyllis worried that their encounter would cause trouble between him and Victoria. She explained that she pushed him away because she thought he wanted Victoria. “Maybe it's what I thought I wanted. Maybe it's what I should want. I don't know,” Billy admitted. Phyllis told him to go get that life, as she pulled away from Billy and walked across the room. She firmly stated that this was a one time thing and now that they got it out of their systems, he could go back and be a good family man. Billy started to get dressed, and Phyllis could tell that he was upset. Billy said he was upset because she acted like what was outside the apartment was his real life, and what was inside wasn't. Phyllis pointed out that he had kids with Victoria, while he only slept with Phyllis. “I can breathe with you! I can be myself with you!,” Billy countered. He said he loved his kids, but he and Victoria weren't going to be a happy family again. Phyllis argued that he didn't know that. Billy said he was tired of not being himself and of trying to live up to an invisible standard he'd never meet.

Billy grumbled that this was so messed up. He told Phyllis that he'd been putting so much effort into putting his family back together because Phyllis was hell-bent on reconciling with Jack. Phyllis didn't believe that, because she'd seen him be happy with Victoria. Billy admitted that he and Victoria had moments – she'd give him hell for dropping by, then hang out with her and the kids, or she'd resent him for getting close to Reed, while realizing that he was trying to be a good person for her. Billy added that everything blew up when he mentioned the car. Phyllis didn't think it was just about the car, but about the fact that Victor bought it without consulting Victoria. Billy knew that Victoria was upset about something going on in her family, but he was still hurt that she'd turned on him and pushed him away like he meant nothing to her. According to Billy, at that moment, he realized he'd always be on the outside with Victoria. Billy swore he was finished waiting for things to change when that wasn't going to happen. He said life was too short. Phyllis said she was sorry, then she kissed him. Later on, after they were dressed, Billy leaned in for another kiss, but stopped himself, remarking that he'd never get back to work if he didn't leave now.

At the theater, Sharon confessed that Scott's mysterious invitation had made her expect something less conventional than a movie. Scott laughed at himself for thinking this would be extraordinary for her. He admitted that he'd been living in the 3rd world so long that he was out of sync. Scott asked if she wanted to leave, but Sharon wanted to stay. Mariah and Kevin were a few rows back, and Mariah recognized Sharon and called out to her. Sharon joined Mariah and Kevin. Mariah wondered why Sharon didn't mention she was dating Scott. Sharon clarified that they were just friends. Sharon mentioned Scott helping her write a paper. Kevin seized the opportunity to recall that Scott helped him write his wedding vows to Chloe, and Mariah reminded him not to wallow. Kevin went to talk with Scott and told him that Mariah dragged him out of the house. Kevin commented that Scott had no shortage of friends. Scott stated that there was nothing going on between him and Phyllis. Kevin asked what about Sharon. The movie started before Scott could respond, and everyone went back to their companions. Once the lights went down, Tessa slipped into the theater. Kevin grumbled about the movie being in French, with English subtitles. After the movie, Sharon, Mariah and Scott agreed that they loved it. Kevin didn't enjoy the movie, but he thanked Mariah for getting him out of the house.

Jack took Abby out to dinner at Top of the Tower. He told her he was proud of what she was doing at Newman Enterprises and he was sure Victor was too. Beaming, Abby revealed that she was the acting CEO. Jack wanted all the details. He asked if she'd seen it coming. Abby explained that she worked hard to carry out Victor's vision, in addition to making some bold moves of her own. Jack wondered how Victor reacted. Abby said she was just glad he had enough confidence in her to leave her in charge while he was out of town. Jack predicted that Victor was about to turn the company over to her, and he asked what she thought about that. Abby said she'd tell him as soon as he told her all of Jabot's plans. Abby scolded Jack for inviting her out just to pump her for information. Jack began to stammer a denial, but Abby interjected that it was okay because she was used to being underestimated. She recalled branding herself as an airhead blonde. Jack said he was sorry if he didn't give her the credit she was due, but he warned her not to expect kudos from Victor, either. Abby said she was fed up with people telling her that Victor was terrible and that he would break his promises to her. She snapped that it didn't match her experience with Victor. She mentioned that Victoria had complained about Victor earlier today. Abby thought Victoria was angry that she wasn't getting as much of Victor's attention.

Devon, Neil and Michael were also at the restaurant. Michael went over the contract for Devon and Neil's new venture, the Hamilton-Winters group. Devon would be handling management, streaming services and record labels, while Neil would explore companies to invest in and acquire. Neil read it over and thought there must be a mistake – the contract said they both owned fifty percent of the business. Neil thought Devon deserved a larger share since he was bringing in all the money and running several divisions. Devon pointed out that Neil brought the experience. Neil suspected that Devon was giving him half the company out of guilt over the affair with Hilary. Neil was adamant that he didn't want or need Devon's money, and he asked for a new contract. Devon said he wasn't doing this out of guilt. He noted that Neil had spent years building other people's fortunes, and now Devon wanted to build their own legacy. Neil insisted that this was too much, but Devon's mind was made up. Devon said he loved and respected Neil and he wouldn't be here if Neil hadn't adopted him. Devon suspected that he never would have found out Katherine was his grandmother if it weren't for Neil. Devon felt like he'd finally found a purpose for the money – to build something with his father as an equal partner. They shook hands.

After Michael left, they discussed the company's mission statement. They wanted to empower new talent with a special focus on businesses owned by women and minorities. Devon felt good to be doing something different with his life. Neil asked how things were going with Mariah. Devon found her refreshing and honest. He was glad he'd never have to worry about her manipulating him like Hilary had. Abby came by, and Devon and Neil told her the news. Devon thought it was fitting that Abby was the first to know, and he said he was grateful that she stayed at his old record label. Neil had already heard rumors about Abby's news. Abby brought Devon up to speed. Neil told Abby that Victor chose her for a reason, and he advised her to trust herself instead of trying to what she thought Victor would do.

Phyllis met with Michael at the restaurant, and he wondered why she was so happy. Phyllis was reluctant to say, but Michael told her he could use some good news after spending the week worrying over Kevin. Phyllis assured him that Kevin would be okay. After swearing Michael to secrecy, she told him about Billy. She wondered if he disapproved. Michael didn't, but he asked why she'd go back to Billy after all the pain the affair caused. Phyllis admitted that she shouldn't have cheated on Jack with Billy, but she felt that things were different now that she and Billy were both free and Jack had moved on. Michael wondered if Phyllis was just lonely. Phyllis argued that Billy wasn't some random guy she picked up at a bar. Michael noted that there would be complications – he was Jack's brother, he worked for Victoria, and Phyllis worked for Jack. Michael asked if she was sure Jack had moved on. “Definitely. With your mother,” Phyllis said, causing Michael to spit out his drink. He grimaced as she told him about walking in on Jack and Gloria groping each other. Michael said that she convinced him that Jack had moved on, but he still wondered about Billy. Phyllis said that Billy hadn't been on her mind because she thought he was building a life with Victoria and the kids. Phyllis said Billy made his way back to her and there was no reason to stay away.

Sharon and Scott ended up at Top of the Tower after the movie. Scott explained that he brought her there because he thought he had to step up his game a notch after the first part of the night. Sharon told him she liked the movie, so there was no need to make things up to her. She was happy that he somehow knew she'd like a foreign movie. She thought it meant he thought a lot of her. Scott said that he did, and he promised to take her to a musical next time.

Jack spotted Nikki, who was about to place an order at the Top of the Tower bar. He went over and she assured him that she wasn't ordering alcohol. Jack said he was aware that her marriage was a minefield. Nikki stated that Victor was a doting husband and grandfather. Jack wondered why her doting husband didn't take her with him on his trip. Nikki said she had plenty to do right here. Jack noted she'd have Victor 24/7 if he retired. Nikki confirmed that he'd been talking about stepping back. Jack stated that Victor said a lot of things, and usually did the opposite. Nikki didn't want to discuss it. Jack was concerned about her. Nikki swore she was fine, but she didn't want to rehash the Abbott/Newman feud. Nikki saw Sharon and Scott and said she didn't know they were friends. Jack stated that he hadn't seen Scott in years. Nikki mentioned that Scott was writing Victor's biography. Jack assumed that the book would be biased because Scott felt indebted to Victor for saving his life. Nikki clarified that Scott had insisted on editorial independence. Jack thought that he should talk to Scott, so Nikki took him over to the table. Nikki apologized for interrupting and explained that Jack hadn't seen Scott in a long time. Sharon excused herself and left the table. Jack offered to tell Scott the real truth about Victor. Scott was interested, and they made plans to meet later. Jack left. Nikki wanted to talk to Scott about the book.

Billy returned to work, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw Victoria sitting in the conference room. He steeled himself, then opened the door. Billy admitted that he didn't expect her to be there. Victoria mentioned that she'd been hoping he'd come back. Billy said he didn't want to rehash the argument, because he had work to do. Victoria apologized about earlier and admitted she was out of line. She said he had every right to weigh in about the car and she promised that she wasn't trying to shut him out. Billy asked why she did. Victoria said she was mad at Victor for keeping secrets and doing as he pleased. Billy picked up on her saying that it wasn't about the car. Victoria admitted she shouldn't have taken it out on Billy. Victoria said she'd been happy spending time with him and the kids, and she asked him to accept her apology. Billy accepted. Victoria asked him out to dinner, so they could talk and see where things went. Billy declined. He told her that neither of them were ready for where they'd been headed. Billy thought that they should set up some boundaries, because she had a lot going on, and he'd pushed too hard. Victoria admitted things were complicated. Billy thought it was best if they kept things as they were. Billy turned his attention to work, and a disappointed Victoria left.

Tessa was inside Crimson Lights talking to a mystery person on the phone. She explained that she'd taken a job as that rich lady's assistant – Victor Newman's wife. On the patio, Kevin and Mariah bickered about Sharon and Scott. Mariah didn't like the idea of Sharon with a jet setter, like Scott. Kevin thought Scott was a great guy, but Mariah suspected that he was a loner. She didn't think that loners knew how to treat women. Mariah decided to ask Scott what his intentions were toward her mother. Kevin thought that was premature – Sharon and Scott had only been on one date. Mariah felt that Sharon was vulnerable and that she was used to traditional family men, like Nick and Dylan. Kevin noted that those relationships didn't work out. He suggested it was time for Sharon to try something new. Back inside, Tessa continued to discuss her new job. She said the best part was that she got to work in the house. “I'm really close to...” Tessa cut her statement short when Mariah approached her. Mariah said she just wanted to see how the music was going. Tessa gushed about the new job as Nikki's assistant. Mariah didn't understand why an unemployed person needed an assistant. Tessa assumed Nikki was lonely in that big empty house. Mariah mentioned seeing Tessa at the movies. Tessa admitted she sneaked in without paying and that she'd seen the movie twice, because she liked the music. Kevin walked over, and Mariah introduced them. Tessa asked if they were a couple. Mariah and Kevin vehemently denied it. They explained that they had a history and added that they were now eternally platonic friends.

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