Tuesday Y&R Update 4/18/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 4/18/17


Written by Christine

Billy dropped by Victoria's, and found an outraged Reed. According to Reed, Victoria had already sent the car back. Reed felt that Victoria had no right to do so, but Billy countered that Victoria was the parent, so it was her decision. Billy told Reed that it wasn't easy on her either. Reed was annoyed that Victoria had done this after such a great night. Billy said that Victoria wasn't the bad guy and that Victor should have consulted with her before giving him the car. Reed was frustrated because all the progress he and Victoria had made in their relationship had been lost. Reed considered asking Victor to retrieve the car and hide it at the ranch, where Victoria would never know about it. Billy warned Reed that Victoria would find out, and he'd get in trouble. Reed thought Victoria had overreacted, and he wondered what was wrong with her. Billy informed Reed that Victoria hated disappointing him. Billy hoped Reed wouldn't wreck his relationship with his mother over this. Reed asked Billy to talk to Victoria. Billy didn't think it would do any good. Reed moaned that all of his friends saw him get the car, and now he was going to have to explain where it went. He begged Billy to try to get through to Victoria. Billy agreed to talk to her, but he cautioned Reed not to get his hopes up.

Later, after Billy left, Zoey came by since Reed had promised her a ride to school. Reed brought Zoey up to speed. Zoey asked why Victoria took the car. Reed didn't know, but he got the feeling that her reasons had nothing to do with him. Zoey called Victoria a witch. Reed hoped Zoey wouldn't hold it against him. Zoey said she knew Reed wanted to do something nice for her, and that was all that mattered. Zoey suggested that they skip school, and Reed agreed. He figured he could use the time off thinking up an excuse about where the car went. Reed said that Zoey and music were the only good things in his life right now.

Zoey mentioned an actress who'd been emancipated from her family and moved out on her own at sixteen. Reed asked how she did it. Zoey explained that she took her parents to court because they were stealing her earnings. Reed didn't think that applied to his case. Zoey contended that Victoria stole something valuable from him. Reed countered that Victoria just returned it, and he said that he didn't want to cut her out of his life, he just wanted her to stop making him miserable. Reed was envious when Zoey told him about her parents' more lenient approach. According to Zoey, they let her do whatever she wanted as long as she got good grades, and they sometimes left her home while they took a weekend trip. Reed daydreamed about Kendall's uncle signing him to a record deal – he'd go on tour and would have freedom from Victoria and his own money. Zoey said that in the meantime, they could have fun here. They kissed.

“How dare you!,” Victoria spat as she burst into Victor's' office. Her rant was cut short when she discovered that Abby was there instead. Abby explained that Victor left town, then she boasted about him making her acting CEO. Victoria wasn't impressed, noting that Victor had to leave someone in charge. Abby was confident that Victor was grooming her to take over. Victoria maintained that it would be years before Victor would think Abby was ready to take over, if he ever did. Abby sarcastically thanked Victoria. Abby noted that Victoria and Nick didn't want the job, and with Adam gone, Abby was the only Newman child who cared about Victor's legacy. Victoria countered that caring wasn't the same thing as competence. Abby insisted that Victor was thrilled with her work, otherwise he wouldn't have left her in control in record time compared to his other kids. Abby vowed to prove her worth. Victoria advised Abby not to put Victor on a pedestal because he had a tendency to fall off.

Abby noted that Victoria and Victor seemed close when they were together, but now Victoria was badmouthing him behind his back. Victoria warned Abby that Victor's opinion could change on a dime, and she predicted that he'd eventually turn on Abby. Abby demanded to know what Victoria wanted with Victor. Victoria gave Abby the car key and told her to tell Victor that it was from him.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria asked Billy if he'd heard from Lily and Jordan. Billy said that things were going well for them in Philadelphia. Billy brought up the car and said he and Reed were both confused about her reaction. Victoria spat that she didn't want her sixteen year old to have a car. Billy made it clear that he knew something happened with her and Victor. Victoria didn't want to discuss it. She was about to walk off, but Billy stepped into her path. He told her that she didn't get to walk away until she explained what was going on between her and Victor. Victoria threatened to call security and have Billy removed if he didn't get out of her way.

Billy admitted he didn't understand what was going on. He'd thought that the walls between them were coming down, but that changed the night she found out Adam was murdered. Billy asked if Victor had told her to stay away from Billy because he was afraid of losing another child. Victoria told him not to be ridiculous. Billy said he understood if she needed to spend more time with Victor, and he wouldn't stand in the way. Billy told Victoria that he didn't want to hurt her again. Victoria blew up on Billy. “When are you going to get it through your thick skull that I don't want to be involved with you romantically?,” she demanded. She said she'd be insane to get involved with him again after all the times he betrayed her. She rushed into the conference room. Billy followed, but she slammed the door in his face.

Scott visited Phyllis at Summer's apartment, where she was still staying, and said he wanted to apologize for last night. She asked if he was talking about the drinking or them almost having sex. Scott admitted it was a bit of both. Phyllis revealed that she was about to call Scott and apologize, too. Phyllis reminded him that she was the one who grabbed the scotch, but Scott noted that he didn't pull away from the kiss. Phyllis felt that they should just be friends. She assured Scott that he was a great guy and that he was attractive. Relieved, Scott admitted he'd been planning to say the same thing to her. He found her attractive too, but he thought it would be awkward to be with his mom's best friend. They decided not to tell Lauren what happened. Scott mentioned that he had his eye on someone else. Phyllis was happy for him and encouraged him to go for it.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon did homework for her psych class. Nick walked in and told her that he moved Faith out of the main house. Sharon was concerned about removing Faith from an environment where she was thriving, but Nick felt that she should be back where she belonged. He suggested that he, Sharon and Faith go back to the old schedule. Sharon agreed to do that if Nick really thought it was best for Faith. Nick admitted it wasn't easy for Faith to leave the main house, but he felt that the time had come. Sharon had reservations about taking Faith from Victor while he was at such a low point after finding out Adam's murder, but Nick told her it was already done. Sharon asked how Victor was doing, and Nick said as well as could be expected. Nick wondered if Sharon was ready to take Faith; he recalled her saying she needed some time after Dylan left. Sharon assured Nick that she was in a great place now. Nick thought that he and Sharon's relationship was in a good place, as well, and that they'd moved past the anger and bitterness. He was happy to see her getting her life back on track. Sharon put her hand over Nick's and said she wanted him to be just as happy.

After Nick left, Scott came by. Sharon was happy to see him because she needed help with another paper – if he didn't mind. Scott was happy to assist. Scott noticed Sharon's good mood. Sharon explained that it was because Faith was coming home. Scott asked what she was going to do to celebrate. Sharon thought she'd take Faith on an outing, but Scott felt that she should do something just for herself. Sharon told him that having her daughter home was enough. Scott sensed that Sharon put her happiness last and focused on her kids, her schooling and her job. He told her that his recent experiences had taught him that life was short, and he urged her to enjoy it. Scott admitted that he was also guilty of working too hard. He asked if she was free tonight. Sharon asked for what, and Scott told her to say yes and find out.

At the Ranch, Nikki read a letter that Victor left her. He revealed that he'd left town for awhile, and he predicted that she'd be pleased since she'd made it clear that he wasn't welcome in his own home. Tessa arrived, at Nikki's invitation. Nikki explained that she needed some help because she was chairing an event. She offered Tessa a job as her assistant, warning her that this wasn't about music. Tessa quickly accepted, because she needed the money. She was surprised Nikki chose her, because she'd assumed that Victor had staff for things like this. Nikki stated that she liked to choose her own staff. Tessa was happy to have the extra income. Tessa was caught off guard when Nikki admitted that she understood what it was like to struggle and work for tips. Tessa had assumed someone as classy as Nikki was born into a wealthy family. Tessa asked where Nikki waitressed and Nikki clarified that she was a dancer at The Bayou. The club was long gone, but Tessa found it online and learned that it was a strip club. Nikki said she was an exotic dancer. She assumed Tessa was shocked, but Tessa was impressed because she considered it tough work. She said she now understood why Nikki wasn't stuck up; it was because she had a wild streak. Nikki admitted that she used to be wild, but that was a long time ago.

Nick arrived. Nikki introduced him to Tessa and told him that she was going to be her assistant for the Better Days Foundation Gala. Nikki sent Tessa to the kitchen to get herself some coffee. They discussed Faith's move. Nikki would miss Faith, but she thought it was for the best. Now, Nikki wouldn't have to put on an act with Victor, for Faith's sake. Nikki felt that the less time Faith spent with Victor, the better. Nikki believed the sentiment applied to all of them, since Victor goaded Nick into punching him. Nick admitted that he regretted throwing that punch. Nick was relieved when Nikki revealed that Victor had left for parts unknown, and she didn't know when he'd be back. They talked about Victor buying Reed a car without discussing it with Victoria. Nick thought Victor was trying to buy Reed's love. Nick remembered that Victor bought Noah a brand new SUV at sixteen too, even though he knew Nick and Sharon were opposed. Nick thought it would be hard to keep the Abby and kids in the dark about what Victor did. Nikki thought things would be easier while Victor was gone. Nick asked if Nikki was going to be okay living with Victor. Nikki planned to avoid him at all costs. She said she had a lot of projects to keep her busy. Nick asked if one of those things was Tessa. He had reservations about that because Nikki didn't even know her. Nick went upstairs to get the rest of Faith's stuff.

While Nick was upstairs, Nikki told Tess about the job description. Noting that Nikki had hired her twice and welcomed her into the family, Tessa admitted she wasn't used to people being so trusting. Nikki felt that she was a good judge of character and she liked the way Tessa interacted with Reed. Tessa wondered if Victor would be okay with this. Tessa recalled the first time she met Victor, and she found him intimidating. Nikki assured Tessa that she wouldn't have to worry about Victor for awhile because he was out of town. Nikki looked upset, and Tessa asked if she was okay. Nikki admitted that she wasn't, but she was sure she would be. Tessa left.

Nick returned and Nikki told him to let Faith know she could visit any time. Nick wondered if Nikki was having second thoughts about cutting Victor out of her life. Nikki insisted that her mind was made up. Nick assured Nikki that he'd be there for her. After Nick left, Nikki looked at family photos. She had flashbacks to happy moments with Victor that took place after he'd vowed to pull back from the company and focus on the family. Memories such as Victor telling Nikki he was whisking her off on a spontaneous trip and a hug they shared after she told him she liked the new him. In the present, Nikki cried and threw a portrait of herself and Victor, shattering the glass.

Billy came barreling into the coffeehouse, and Phyllis jokingly asked if she should hide. Billy said it wouldn't hurt. He turned to walk out, but Phyllis urged him to stay and talk. She reminded him that he'd been there for her the last time they were here. She wondered if he was having trouble with Victoria. Billy admitted that Victoria had been jerking him around. He didn't think Phyllis wanted to hear about his love life, but she assured him that she did. Billy explained that Victoria was sending mixed signals. Phyllis was surprised, because she thought they were on track to reuniting. Billy said that wasn't happening. He said that Victoria had been different after she learned that Adam was murdered. Phyllis suggested that Victoria was in shock over Adam's death.

Billy stated that Victoria had treated him like dirt and threatened to call security on him. He felt that Victoria was running hot and cold, leaving him unsure of where he stood. Phyllis was proud of Billy for letting go. She told him not to waste time on people who weren't sure if they wanted what he had to offer. Billy thanked Phyllis and said he needed to hear that from her. Phyllis left and forgot her phone. Billy took the phone to Summer's place, and Phyllis invited him in for coffee. Billy accepted. They chatted about Phyllis working from home. Billy thought he should try it, but Phyllis didn't think Billy would enjoy the calmness of being away from the office. She mentioned the excitement of their affair. Billy admitted he was ready for less excitement and more consistency in his life. Phyllis understood, because her life hadn't been consistent for awhile either. Billy said he was about to head back to work, but instead, he kissed Phyllis. They began to undress each other.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria took out her frustration by slamming papers around on her desk. Nick dropped in and she told him that she screwed up with Billy. She stated that Billy had looked at her like she was a stranger. Victoria hated herself for pushing him away. She lamented that she was ruining everything due to Victor's lies. Nick told her that he moved Faith back home, and Victoria told him how Abby had been crowing over Victor putting her in charge. They compared notes and realized no one knew where Victor was. Nick wondered why Victor would leave Abby in charge without giving her a way to get a hold of him. Victoria recalled that it wasn't the first time he pulled something like that. Nick asked what she'd do about Billy. Victoria planned to apologize and do whatever it took to make things up to him.

Ashley and Traci met for lunch in NY. Ashley gushed about how invaluable Ravi had been at the conference and called him an incredible addition to the team. Traci asked if that was all he was. Ravi walked in and joined them. They chatted, and Ravi said he was glad to get to meet Ashley's sister. Traci told him that she'd heard about the great work he was doing for Jabot. Ravi minimized his contribution, and Ashley called his modesty cute. Ravi asked what Traci did. Ashley told him that Traci was a successful novelist. Ravi was fascinated, but embarrassed to admit that he wasn't familiar with Traci's work. Traci didn't think he'd enjoy the romance novels she usually wrote, but she revealed that she was working on a historical fiction novel. Ravi loved the genre, so Traci promised to send him a galley copy of the book as soon as her editor looked it over. Ravi realized he needed to go prepare for the other event at the convention. He left after saying a gracious goodbye to Traci. Traci found Ravi adorable and said she understood why Ashley liked him. Ashley took a phone call, and after she hung up, Traci wondered if she took the call to avoid talking about Ravi. Ashley admitted that Ravi had a crush on her, and Traci thought that any smart available man would want her.

Ashley stated that she blew Ravi off last night to have dinner with Benjamin Hochman, but he spent the evening on his phone. Ashley said she went to find Ravi and found him having fun with his friends from college. Traci thought that Ashley was out of practice with having fun. Ashley admitted that her social life was non-existent. Traci speculated that the reason Ashley hadn't found true happiness because their father was an amazing role model of what a man should be. Traci suspected that no man had lived up to John in Ashley's eyes. Traci thought that John would encourage Ashley to live a little and break a few rules. Ashley asked what rules Traci thought she should break. Traci urged Ashley to go on a date with Ravi. Ashley thought Ravi was polite, cute, funny, and smart. She revealed that she invited him to the Met because he'd helped her see the beauty of opera. Traci thought a man who could do that was worth pursuing. Traci noted that Ashley had spent her whole life worried about what others thought, and she advised her sister to shrug it off and live a little. 

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