Monday Y&R Update 4/17/17

The Y&R Update Monday 4/17/17


Written by Ellen

In the Underground parking lot: Victoria is just as surprised about the car as Reed is, and it’s difficult to tell who’s more excited about it---Reed or Zoey. Now he can take her to the concert in Madison. His mom can’t object to his driving his own car. Victoria would like a word with her mother. They go inside.

Abby comes to the ranch, as summoned by Dear Old Dad. What happened to his face? Oh, he and Nick were sparring and Nick caught Victor on the jaw. . . . Was Abby at the party when Victor’s gift was delivered? No, but knowing Dad, Abby is sure it made a big splash. She’s dumbfounded about Chloe and what she did to Adam. Dad must be sick about it. He is, but that’s not why he called her. He has a request.

At Brash & Sassy, Juliet gives Lily and Jordan their marching orders. They’ll attend several hockey games in the Philadelphia area to jump-start the publicity campaign. They leave tonight. Lily can barely contain her excitement. Cane strolls in and overhears talk of the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks. He learns the details of the trip and suspects it was Billy’s idea, but no. It was Juliet’s.

At a New York restaurant, Ashley and Ravi congratulate each other on a job well done. Their presentation was an unqualified success. Ravi declares Jabot a cut above the other companies in attendance. Its commitment to quality ingredients and cruelty-free practices make it so. Ashley is impressed. Not only is he a technological wizard; he knows cosmetics. He just did his research, like any good employee. He’s glad she brought him and so is she. He checks his phone and sees that they’re already trending online. In that case, she says, it’s time to celebrate with drinks and dinner. Ravi suggests an alternative: Chinatown. He knows the best place for dumplings. Ashley hesitates. It sounds like a later night than she’d planned, but what the hell. As they rise to leave, Ashley is accosted by Benjamin, an overconfident business acquaintance from way back. He suggests having dinner and talking shop. Ashley jumps at the chance and then apologizes to Ravi privately. This could be to Jabot’s benefit. Clearly, he’s disappointed but doesn’t put up a fuss. However, he cautions her about Benjamin’s intentions. Ravi heard through the grapevine that Benjamin is recently divorced and might have something other than business on his mind. Ashley waves it off and tells Ravi to take care and have a good time on Jabot’s tab.

Again at the Underground: Reed sits in the driver’s seat of his new car, with Billy at his side and Zoey and Kendall in back. While Reed takes stock of the amenities, Billy plays the responsible adult, warning him to be safe, and so on. Reed hears him loud and clear. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep Mom happy, including adhere to a curfew. Inside, Nikki and Victoria sit in the gold booth and talk about Victor’s grandstanding. Typical! Now Victoria is in a bind. She can’t allow Reed to keep the car and will look like the bad guy---again.

At the ranch: Victor thinks Abby is ready for more responsibility. How does acting CEO sound? He has business out of town and needs someone capable and, more important, loyal to take over. Abby is too giddy about being chosen over Victoria to consider any possible pitfalls. She won’t let him down.

At Brash & Sassy: Juliet tells Lily to contact her if necessary, at any time. This is Juliet’s first project, and she wants to make a favorable impression on Victoria. Not to worry, Lily will make them both look good. Now, Lily jokes, is there a particular handsome young hockey player Lily could bring home to Juliet? It doesn’t matter which one, as long as he’s single, Juliet says, and they giggle like a couple of schoolgirls. Outside the office, in the lab, Cane is as nervous as cat. Jordan assumes it’s because Lily is jetting off to the big city with another man. Cane rambles about business trips and drinking too much, none of which makes sense to Jordan. Jordan assures Cane he’ll keep an eye on Lily and protect her from predatory fans. Cane doesn’t seem relieved.

At a restaurant table, Benjamin asks Ashley about her personal life. She’s much too busy for anything serious. He volunteers that he’s newly single and ready to get back in the game. She’s annoyed when he accepts a text mid-conversation. Meanwhile, across the room, Ravi remains at his table and decides to call a couple of friends to join him. When they arrive, they’re blown away by the changes in Ravi---the new clothes, the new attitude . . . the champagne. Yes, he was lucky to land a job at Jabot. It’s a great company and he likes his boss. She’s special. The woman friend picks up on his attraction right away. No, Ravi says, they’re just friends. The man friend tells Ravi to go for it. Ravi doesn’t want to discuss it anymore and they raise their glasses.

Billy and Reed come home, where Victoria paces. She doesn’t beat around the bush: Reed can’t keep the car. What!?

At the restaurant: Ben keeps trying with Ashley. Chicago really isn’t so far from Genoa City. He takes another text, which is the last straw for Ashley. She leaves him and passes Ravi and friends on her way out. She’s glad to see Ravi enjoying himself. She meets his friends and then continues toward the door until the male friend compares her to a supermodel. She decides to stay and have a drink.

Again at Victoria’s: As expected, Reed throws a fit and argues with his mom. He also makes a good case for having another car in the family. That doesn’t fly, so he resorts to begging. Still no. She says it wasn’t Reed who acted irresponsibly; it was Grandpa. He didn’t consult Victoria about his gift. Reed thanks her for ruining the best night of his life and flees upstairs. Billy wonders what’s on Victoria’s mind.

At home, Nikki finds Abby and Victor with their heads together. She notices the bruise on Victor’s face, which Abby explains. Abby hugs Nikki and says goodbye. Victor tells Nikki about the job he offered Abby. His exploitation of Abby’s loyalty disgusts her, and she praises Nick for socking Victor. In addition, she chastises Victor for putting Victoria in an untenable position with her son.

After Ravi’s friends leave the restaurant, Ashley tells Ravi about Ben’s boorishness and apologizes for her own. She shouldn’t have left him. The worst part is she still hasn’t eaten. She could go for a dumpling now, but it’s too late. She’ll just order room service. She says goodnight to Ravi and thanks him for his good work.

At the ranch: Victor didn’t send Reed the car to upstage anyone or to send any particular message. He ordered that car weeks ago, and he has a history of giving such gifts. He bought Noah a car just like it for his sixteenth birthday. Nikki doesn’t buy his act; she knows Victor too well. She leaves him in the living room to nurse his whiskey.

Billy lobbies on Reed’s behalf, but Victoria says he doesn’t get a vote. Billy plays devil’s advocate: Maybe Victor just did something nice for a change. No, Victoria is sure giving the car was a calculated move. Billy is intrigued, but she’s in no mood for his questions and asks him to leave. He does.

Lily kisses Cane goodbye in the lab and follows Jordan out the door. To Cane, Juliet defends her choice to send Lily out of town at this time. Hockey season is still in progress and Brash & Sassy must strike while the iron is hot. Cane wonders whether that’s her only motive. Perhaps it has to do with what happened in Japan. Absurd, Juliet says. She’s focused on doing her job and she genuinely likes Lily. Cane needs to get past his guilt and forget about their hookup. He’ll try.

At the ranch: Victor tells Nikki that Nick swooped in and took Faith home. Nikki says good for him. Good for everyone, as a matter of fact. Not for Victor. He whines about being punished by his family and declares that his wife and children won’t poison his relationship with his grandchildren.

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