Friday Y&R Update 4/14/17

The Y&R Update Friday 4/14/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Underground, Nikki tells Victoria again that she and Victor are through, and Victor understands her terms. Bringing Chloe back to town was the last straw. So are Victoria and Nick willing to go along? Yes, but it will be especially hard for Nick because of his relationship with Chelsea. Nikki should bear in mind, too, that Dad has never been one to play by the rules.

In the Newman barn: Faith is distressed after seeing her dad clock her grandfather. Naturally, she wants to know why.

Phyllis and Scott get physical on the sofa in the Baldwins’ apartment. Kevin walks in on them and apologizes profusely.

At the Underground: Noah flirts openly with Tessa in front of Reed. Can he expect a duet tonight? Tessa demurs; this is Reed’s moment, and here comes his fan club. Reed greets Zoe and Kendall at the door. They present their gifts and Zoe suggests a private celebration later. Across the room, Victoria tells her mother she wants everything to be perfect tonight. It’s not to be. Billy and Abby arrive. It will be tough to keep their secret from Billy. He’s already suspicious and he would love to have something to use against Victor.

Jack startles Sharon as she cleans up at Crimson Lights. She’s been concerned about him, knowing that he was one of Adam’s few friends in Genoa City. He’s getting by. Sharon is too. Still, Chloe deceived everyone and opened some old wounds for Sharon, and one has to feel sorry for Victor. Jack doesn’t.

In the barn: Victor and Nick say the punch was intentional. Nick was practicing a move Victor taught him. Victor leaves Nick and Faith to talk.

At the Underground: Billy approaches Nikki and Victoria and gets the feeling he's interrupted something. Nikki denies it and attempts to spirit Victoria away, but Billy would like a word with Victoria first. He demands the truth about what’s bothering Nikki. Or what’s bothering Victoria. She says all is well. He persists. Does Victoria think Billy helped Chloe pull off Adam’s murder? Across the bar, Nikki makes excuses to Abby on Victor’s behalf and leaves Abby scratching her head. He didn’t mention a business engagement tonight. Elsewhere, Noah isn’t subtle in praising Tessa’s musical talent. She again refuses to take the stage. She’s there to support her star pupil. Her only pupil, actually. She gets carried away talking about what performing means to her. She does it for the joy, not for money or fame---although those things would be nice. Noah is sure her day will come. Nikki approaches and also compliments Tessa. In fact, she so enjoys listening to Tessa practice that she’s welcome to do so at the ranch anytime. Noah jokes that Grandpa might be inspired to take up an instrument and start a family band. Nikki thinks that’s unlikely and excuses herself. Admittedly, Tessa doesn’t know Nikki very well, but does she seem tense to Noah?

At the Baldwins house: Scott and Phyllis dress hastily while Kevin averts his eyes. Phyllis offers her condolences about Chloe and rushes out the door. Scott follows her into the hall and asks what just happened between them. She’s unsure, but perhaps Lauren’s idea that they date wasn’t so bad after all. . . .

Again in the barn: Nick thinks it’s time for Faith move home, either to her mother’s or her dad’s. Faith protests. Grandpa will be lonely. Grandpa will cope, Nick says. He tells her to get packed. She’s leaving with him tonight. She bolts.

At the Underground: Victoria never thought Billy played a role in Adam’s death. What’s up with her then? She brushes him off and focuses on Reed. At the bar, Noah says the only way to know if something is wrong with his grandmother is to ask. He yells to her as she passes by: Everything OK? Of course! She’s just concentrating on being a good hostess. Noah shifts the discussion back to Tessa and her music. He hopes she plans to stick around Genoa City. He can’t wait for her response, though. Duty calls. Elsewhere, Reed is reluctant to play at his own party. It seems pretentious. Zoe and Kendall insist and get the crowd to demand it. He climbs onstage and makes no promises---about his guitar, which he’s been having trouble with, or his playing. As he’s about to begin, Victoria, with Billy close behind, presents him with a new axe---the very one he wanted! He plays a tune and gets an enthusiastic round of applause. He flies to his mom and thanks her. She’s the best! She notices his friends waiting for him and encourages him to go to them. To Billy, though, she worries about Zoe and what she might do to Reed’s tender heart. Billy accuses her of meddling just like Victor. She resents it.

Now in the ranch living room, Victor tells Nick he got one good shot, but he won’t get another. That’s what Victor thinks. Faith is moving out, effective immediately. They argue about which of them cares more about his family. Nick thinks he does. Look at the way Victor treated Adam.

At the Baldwins house, Kevin unloads to Scott. It turns out he didn’t know Chloe as well as he thought. Did she every really love him? Scott is sure she did. In spite of what she did, Kevin still loves her. He even attempted to find her, but no luck. She’s gone forever. He changes the subject: What’s up with Scott and Phyllis? Scott laughs nervously.

At Crimson Lights: Jack tells Sharon that Victor deserves all the pain he’s experiencing and more. Phyllis appears and agrees. She takes a seat at their table and gangs up on Sharon for showing sympathy for Victor. Jack asks whether Sharon’s feelings have anything to do with Victor’s holding her daughter “hostage.” Sharon defends her decision to allow Faith to live at the ranch and turns the spotlight back on Jack and Phyllis and their sick (and unwinnable) war against Victor. Phyllis pleads guilty. She can’t help herself.

Billy and Abby talk about the weird vibe at the party. Still, Abby says, it’s going better than many Newman gatherings. Victoria approaches Reed and the girls and makes nice. Reed puts her in an awkward position by asking to use the car to take Zoe to Madison for a concert next week. Victoria has to say no. Perhaps after he’s had more driving experience. Zoe doesn’t help herself by pushing Victoria to reconsider. Reed speaks privately to him mom. He’s not angry, just humiliated. Why did she have to treat him like a child in front of his friends? He hopes her decision didn’t have do to with her feelings about Zoe. Across the room, Billy badgers Nikki about Victoria’s strange mood. Nikki won’t engage and finds a distraction. Has Billy met Tessa? He hasn’t, but he’s glad to finally make her acquaintance. She’s quite a musician. Left alone, Billy asks Tessa about her career plans. She’d cut an album except she doesn’t have the money---or a suitable title. For a title he suggests “Up to Fate.” To her that’s not just a title; it’s a way of life. Noah finds Nikki cleaning up a table and chides her for working too hard. She asks Noah why hasn’t asked Tessa for a date yet. He’s gun-shy. Nikki understands, but it’s time to move on.

Victor scolds Nick for breaking his promise to Faith. He said she could live at the ranch as long as she liked. No matter. Nick wants her away from Victor’s influence. In fact, that goes for Chelsea and Connor too, not to mention Christian. Nick has had enough of Victor’s posturing and goes upstairs to get Faith. Victor gets a call. He tells the other party to proceed as planned.

Kendall approaches Victoria’s booth at the Underground and sucks up shamelessly. Victoria was right to say no to Reed. Kendall did a project on distracted driving and knows what a problem it is. Lots of kids think she’s a stick-in-the-mud, but she doesn’t care. Victoria lights up. Reed is lucky to have a friend like her. Kendall’s victory is short lived. She turns to see Reed and Zoe making out.

Noah takes Grandma’s advice and offers to show Tessa the other hot spots in town. She looks forward to it, but for now she doesn’t want to overstay her welcome and is ready to leave. He walks her to the door. Across the bar, Billy apologizes to Victoria for his earlier remark but she’s beyond it. She vents some more about Zoe. Why can’t Reed fall for a sensible girl like Kendall? Billy tells her to chill out and suggests they hit the dance floor. They don’t get far. A deliveryman enters, looking for Reed Hellstrom. He asks Reed and company to follow him outside.

At the Baldwin apartment: Scott knows it’s weird to be with his mom’s friend. And Michael’s ex, Kevin adds. They have a chuckle and Kevin thanks Scott for the comic relief.

Again at Crimson Lights: Phyllis and Jack are civil to each other and it feels good. If they must bond over their hatred for Victor, so be it. Maybe it’s time to let go, though, she says. She has it on good authority that Victor is preparing to step down at Newman. Jack is intrigued that Abby is being groomed to take over.

At the ranch: Faith cries and clings to her grandfather. He promises her online chess games and horseback rides whenever she wants. He sheds a few tears too. After Faith leaves the room, Nick tells Victor to do the right thing for a change and leave Faith alone, or she might end up like the rest of the family: disillusioned or, God forbid, following in his footsteps. Victor shakes his finger and says Nick will regret his words.

In the Underground parking lot, Reed gets his gift: a brand new car! From Grandpa, of course. We see Victor, sitting alone, looking sad.

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