Thursday Y&R Update 4/13/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Suzanne

Phyllis catches Scott fresh out of the shower and bare chested. Lauren isn’t home. She and Michael are on a romantic getaway in Chicago. In that case, Phyllis will leave a work document for Lauren to sign. As she sets it down, she sees Scott’s open laptop and a bottle of whiskey on the table. New assignment? No, a journal entry about a buddy who was stood up at the altar. Kevin, of course. What a shame.

Nick shows up at Victoria’s to commiserate about their dirty little secret. Billy is full of questions. Chelsea is ready to launch a search for Chloe, but Nick thinks he talked her out of it. Keeping up this act will be hard; Nick can’t bear to be in the same room with their father.

At the ranch, Nikki moves forward with the plan. She tells Victor that Victoria and Nick have agreed to play happy family in public, but in private, Victor is persona non grata. Victor is stunned.

Tessa finds Reed on the Crimson Lights patio prior to his lesson. His guitar is broken. While she takes a look, Kendall swoops in and fawns over Reed, wishing him a happy birthday and congratulating him on getting his driver’s license. Assuming he has a car, she suggests he take her for a ride. He doesn’t, so they can’t. Bummer.

Devon and Mariah return to the GC Buzz studio after a late lunch. Devon wants to avoid Hilary, so he says he’ll catch up with Mariah later. There’s a commotion inside the studio, though, so they enter. Mariah can’t believe it. Hilary had Jordan take a glamour shot of her, which she’s featured on a new publicity poster. The Chelsea Newman story (which Mariah broke, by the way) got lots of attention, so Hilary decided it was time to rebrand the show. Lest Mariah think she’s no longer part of the team, Hilary points out her credit, barely perceptible, at the bottom of the poster. When challenged about her method and timing, Hilary reminds Mariah that she owns the show.

At the Baldwin apartment: Phyllis can’t believe Scott agreed to write Victor’s biography. She doesn’t have anything good to say about her former father-in-law, but Scott is compassionate. The man just found out his son was murdered. Seeing that Phyllis is unmoved, he thinks she’d make a terrific source. Would she speak on record? She takes a swig out of his bottle and says absolutely not.

Again at Victoria’s: Nick and Victoria attempt to unwind with a couple of beers. He stalled Chelsea by telling her to let Paul handle the investigation. He hates having to lie to her. Relationships are built on honesty. Victoria understands and says he can vent to her anytime, but this doesn’t pacify him. Can Victoria believe that Victor met with Chelsea and was sweet and supportive? Nick considers himself as big a hypocrite as Victor. Nick has the further complication of living on Victor’s property, and his daughter lives in Victor’s house. Victoria sympathizes, but their mother is determined to teach Victor a lesson. Nick says it’s about time someone does.

At the ranch: Nikki continues to lay down the law. Victor can move to another part of the house or move out of it as long as he steers clear of her and the rest of the family. He accuses her of overreacting and plays the victim. He’s upset too. Finding out how Adam died opened an old wound, and he needs Nikki now more than ever. She stands firm. And furthermore, he’s not invited to Reed’s birthday party. This angers him and they argue. Faith comes home from school and asks what’s wrong.

At Crimson Lights: Kendall continues to throw herself at Reed. She promised to get her uncle to check out his music video with the possibility of signing him to a contract. Still no word on that yet, but they’ll celebrate when it happens. She holds up her phone to take a selfie with the birthday boy but Zoe calls just then. Kendall listens from a short distance while Reed talks to Zoe about the party. Tessa appears, ready for their lesson, and she and Reed take off for the ranch. Kendall, now on the phone with Zoe, warns her friend that Reed’s evil mom will be at the party. Perhaps she shouldn’t come, but no, Zoe will be there.

At the ranch: Faith tells her grandparents about her day. She’s been assigned to write an essay about someone she admires, and there’s no one she admires more than Grandpa. Nikki jumps in. She thinks the teacher means for Faith to choose a historical figure. Victor is flattered, of course, and even agrees to help her write it. After Faith runs along to her room, Nikki strongly suggests Victor change Faith’s mind. This doesn’t sit well. Nikki can’t alienate him from his grandchildren. Got it?

At GC Buzz: Devon tries to hold his tongue but has to agree that Hilary’s power grab isn’t surprising. Jordan takes Hilary’s side. Finally, Hilary invites Mariah to submit her own idea for a poster, and Hilary will be the final judge. Mariah knows what has Hilary’s panties in a bunch: She doesn’t like Mariah dating Devon. Absurd! Hilary isn’t jealous. The show is her focus. Mariah rolls her eyes and she and Devon leave. Hilary turns to Jordan and thanks him for having her back; although now Jordan questions her motives and her sincerity. Was their hookup for real?

At the Baldwin apartment, the conversation flows as easily as the scotch. Scott questions Phyllis about Chloe’s ability to disappear so quickly and completely. Phyllis jokes that she might have been abducted by aliens. Then she changes the subject. Fortified by a refill, Phyllis tells Scott that his mom attempted to set Phyllis up with Scott. It’s no joke and he’s mortified.

At the ranch, Nikki struggles through a new piano piece. Tessa rings the bell. She and Reed are to have their lesson there. Is it OK? Of course. Nikki asks permission to sit in. While Reed and Tessa tune up in the living room, Victor works out his frustrations on the heavy bag in the barn. Reed continues to have trouble with his guitar, and Nikki worries that he won’t be able to play at his party. This is the first Tessa has heard of the event and Reed invites her. She accepts. Reed is disappointed to learn that Grandpa won’t be there, and he asks Nikki to tell him so when she sees him. Nikki hurries off to help with preparations at the Underground.

Faith surprises Victor in the barn. He’s strong! He’s also sweaty but invites her to sit and chat. She again mentions her desire to write about him for her school project. He’s touched and says the admiration is mutual. Sweaty or not, she wants to give him a hug and does. Nick walks in and witnesses it.

At Devon’s penthouse, Mariah resists the urge to chug her glass of wine. She resents being relegated to small print and sidekick status. Devon thinks Mariah’s theory about Hilary is spot on, and he’s sorry that Mariah is suffering the consequences. He tells her to hang in there. They kiss.

Now Phyllis and Scott are on the living room floor and her shoes are off. Phyllis told Lauren she had no interest in Lauren’s matchmaking, and when Scott guesses it was Lauren’s attempt to keep him in town, Phyllis feigns outrage at being used. They have a good laugh. Phyllis nearly falls backward over the sofa but Scott catches her. He mops up a bit of scotch that spilled on the front of her blouse and they end up kissing.

Nikki finds Noah behind the bar at the Underground and breaks the news that Victor won’t attend the party. The story that he has a business engagement isn’t difficult to believe, but Noah is disappointed. He wanted to convey his condolences in person. He perks up when he hears Tessa will be there.

In the barn: Nick hears about Faith’s essay and suggests she go get started while he talks to Grandpa. Once they’re alone, Nick and Victor argue. Victor again challenges anyone to keep him from his grandchildren, and Nick pushes back. If Victor steps out of line, Nick will call Paul and Victor will go back to prison.

At GC Buzz: Hilary does her best to convince Jordan that her feelings are genuine. In fact, their next close encounter should take place in a bed and not on a sofa at the studio. Meanwhile, things heat up at Devon’s penthouse. He asks Mariah if she’d like to go upstairs. She sits up suddenly and proposes they take a break for tonight. Devon understands. Hilary’s presence haunts both of them. Mariah may set the pace. She’s worth waiting for. They kiss goodnight and she leaves.

Again in the barn: Victor demands respect from his son, which might have made Nick laugh if he hadn’t been so angry. The real victims are Connor and Chelsea. Victor encourages Nick to take a swing at him and Nick lands a beauty of a punch. Unfortunately, Faith sees it and screams.

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