Wednesday Y&R Update 4/12/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 4/12/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Suzanne

Victor watched Chelsea's interview in his office. Chelsea happened to come by, and she admitted she wasn't doing well. She noted that Victor had come so close to rebuilding his relationship with Adam, just to have someone rip him out of Victor's life again. Victor said it gave him chills to think that Chloe had lived with her and Connor. Chelsea used to think she and Connor were safe with Chloe, but now she wasn't sure if Chloe would have hurt them. Victor asked if Chloe ever said why she came back to Genoa City. Chelsea said no. Chelsea remarked that everything Chloe said was a lie. She wished that Chloe had never come back to town. Victor shared the sentiment. Chelsea said everything would be different if Chloe hadn't returned – she'd have her husband, Connor would have his father, and Victor would have his son. Chelsea asked if Victor had launched his own search for Chelsea. Victor said he had, but he didn't have any leads. Chelsea was frustrated that Chloe had gotten away and shocked at how adept Chloe was at lying. She yelled that Chloe had faked an entire friendship. Chelsea thought Chloe must be laughing at Chelsea's gullibility. Victor stated that Chloe fooled all of them.

Victor held onto Adam's wedding ring while Chelsea told him about Chloe's confession. She revealed that Chloe even said she wanted Adam to die. Chelsea said what was worse is that Nick told her his theory and she didn't believe him. She felt awful and was worried that Nick was furious with her. Victor asked if she talked to him after she went on television. Chelsea explained that Nick didn't return her calls. Victor said that he also believed Adam's death was an accident. He assured her that he loved Adam and wanted Adam and Chelsea to be happy together. Chelsea said she'd never forget Victor's attempt to give her and Connor a future with Adam. They hugged.

At Victoria's place, Billy asked where the birthday boy was. Victoria explained that he was upstairs talking to J.T. on the phone. Victoria asked Billy to take Reed to his driving test because she had to go to the ranch. Billy understood, since he saw Chelsea's interview. Victoria said she should be with her mother. She asked him to assure Reed that she'd be at his party. Victoria left. Reed came downstairs, and Billy wished him a happy birthday. Reed was anxious about his driver's test, and Billy told him that was normal. Billy gave Reed his gift – a key chain with a vintage guitar shaped fob. Reed loved it and called Victoria to come see it. Billy told him that she had to go to the Ranch, but she'd be at his party. Reed asked if they could practice parallel parking before heading to the DMV.

Nikki hugged Nick hello and noted that he didn't look like he'd had much sleep. Nick said she was right. Nikki didn't imagine that any of them slept well. Nick asked if that included Victor. Nikki had no idea, since he slept in a guest room and left the house before she woke up. Nick assumed that he was off trying to cover up his part in Adam's death. Nick figured Victor was sweating now that Chloe had been exposed. Nikki asked if he told Chelsea that Victor brought Chloe to town. Nick hadn't told anyone, but he did wonder if Victor tracked Chloe down yet. Nick was adamant that they couldn't let her get away with murder. Nikki warned Nick that they might not have that option. Nick argued that they had to find her. Victoria arrived and disclosed that she'd had a difficult morning acting like everything was fine in front of the kids.

Nick asked if Reed knew Adam was murdered. Victoria confirmed that he did and that he was fine. She mentioned Reed's driving test, prompting Nikki to realize she'd forgotten that it was his birthday, due to the chaos. Nick warned them that it was going to get worse once the police arrested Victor for enlisting Chloe to help frame Adam and helping her escape. Nick decided to go tell Paul, but Nikki firmly told Nick not to. Nick and Victoria tensed. They assumed she invited them there to ask them to protect Victor. Nikki told them to calm down. She was adamant that Victor would be held accountable. Victoria wondered what made this time so different. Nikki felt that she played a minor role in Adam's death because she brought Chelsea an untraceable cell phone when Adam was planning to skip town. Nikki said that her major crime was putting blind faith in Victor. She revealed that Victor confessed to her that he framed Adam, and he expected her to let it go, because he needed her help. Nikki was embarrassed to admit that was exactly what she did. Nikki said that maybe she would have figured out what Victor and Chloe were up to if she hadn't been playing the devoted wife.

Nikki said she wasn't forgiving Victor anymore or pretending that he knew what was best for the family. Nick asked why she wouldn't let him talk to Paul. Nikki said that they had to figure out how this would affect the three of them. Victoria assured Nikki that they'd protect her. Nikki said she wasn't worried about herself. Nick was adamant that he and Victoria could handle it. Nikki disagreed. She reminded them that the negative publicity surrounding Victor's prison sentence and the family's campaign to release him had almost ruined the Newman name. Nikki warned them that they, their children and their children's children would always be defined by the Newman legacy. Nick maintained that Victor shouldn't get a pass. He said that Victor was just as guilty for killing Adam as Chloe was. “And no one can ever know about it,” Nikki stated. Nick stressed that Victor framed Adam and had an unstable woman released from an institution to do his dirty work. Victoria wondered what else Victor was hiding. Nikki was sure the police would ask the same question, and she was concerned about what they might find. She pointed out that he might have secrets the family didn't know about. Nikki said that Victor was guilty of many things, but killing Adam wasn't one of them – that was Chloe. Victoria wondered if Nikki didn't think Victor should be punished. Nikki said that he would be. Nikki changed the subject and asked how things were going at Brash and Sassy. Victoria was confused by the tangent but she said it was fine. Nikki recalled that the company had reached a deal with a distributor who held Victor in high esteem. According to Nikki, Victoria had implied that the meeting only happened because of the distributor's respect for Victor. Nick asked if Nikki was trying to scare them. “I am trying to give the two of you a wake up call. If Victor goes down, we go too,” Nikki warned.

Nikki told them to imagine what would happen if the truth came out – major companies would blacklist Newman Enterprises, there would be boycotts, petitions and tabloid stories. Nikki predicted that people would speculate on whether the family was involved in Victor's scheme with Chloe. She told them that the gossip would destroy the grandchildren and Chelsea. Nikki insisted that they promise to keep this quiet. Victoria promised. Nick agreed to follow Nikki's lead, for now. He stormed out of the room. Victoria thought Nikki was right – she was sure that Mr. Sato and the hockey league would cut ties with Brash and Sassy if the truth came out. Victoria noted that she and Billy were in a good place. She was dismayed that she'd have to keep this from him. Victoria was also nervous about hosting Reed's party without letting on that something was wrong. Nikki assured Victoria that she'd be able to handle things. Victoria thought about Abby. Nikki said that if they told Abby, it would just be a matter of time before the Abbotts found out. Victoria agreed that they couldn't ever tell anyone.

Later, Chelsea met Nick at the ranch and, they had a private talk. Chelsea was glad Nick called. She apologized and admitted she'd been in denial over Chloe. Nick hugged her and told her he didn't fault her for wanting to defend her friend. Chelsea said she saw Victor and he'd been sweet, but crushed. Chelsea wanted to launch her own investigation into Chloe's whereabouts. She considered hiring a P.I., starting a website or offering a reward. Nick advised against it. He thought that obsessing over the investigation could cause issues in their own lives or compromise the investigation. Chelsea thought he was right – the obsession would consume her. She stated that Chloe was out of her life, so she should focus on Connor, Nick and herself. They hugged. Nick looked troubled.

Nikki went to Newman. Victor acknowledged that she was angry with him. He confessed that he was angry at himself, too. Victor considered bringing Chloe to town to be the worst mistake of his life. Nikki found Victor's assurances meaningless and told him that she didn't feel sorry for him. Victor mentioned Chelsea's visit. He stated that they should help Chelsea, and he didn't think it wouldn't do any good to rehash past mistakes with her. Nikki assumed this meant he didn't tell Chelsea that he partnered with Chloe. Victor said that he didn't say anything because he wanted to protect Connor. Victor stated that family meant everything to him. Nikki was exasperated with Victor continually saying that. She told him to tell someone else what a changed man he was, because she didn't believe it and never would. Victor snapped that he didn't give a damn if she believed it. He wondered if she thought his pain was a charade. Nikki believed he was genuinely hurt, and she thought he deserved to feel guilty.

Nikki told him that she'd never forgive him. Nikki admitted she was partially to blame. She regretted enabling Victor and working to get him out of prison. Nikki spat that she was done with forgiveness. Victor didn't think she meant that. Nikki was adamant that she did. She accused him of betraying his family. “I'll never enable you again. Your reign as the king of the Newman family ends today,” Nikki stated. Victor assumed it was time to get a lawyer. Nikki told him that she and the kids weren't going to the police. She explained that they were keeping this quiet to protect themselves and the grandchildren, not for Victor's sake. Victor noted that family was everything. Nikki stated that they'd play the loving family in public, but when they were behind closed doors, Victor would no longer be a member of the family. She stalked out.

Billy hopped into the back seat of the car, outside the DMV, and wished Reed luck. The instructor got into the passenger side. Reed introduced himself. The woman brusquely stated that she knew his name and his birthdate. In a disapproving tone, she noted that he didn't wait one day before taking the test. Reed smiled and told her she was invited to his party. The woman assumed that Reed was used to charming women into getting his way, but she warned him that it wasn't going to happen here. Billy got out of the car. Later, they went to Crimson Lights. Reed was down because he got a bad score on parallel parking. Billy noted that Reed still passed and aced every other section. Billy was proud. Victoria arrived and congratulated Reed with a hug. Reed asked if his friends had to dress up for the party. Victoria was distracted and didn't answer until Billy repeated the question. Reed saw some friends and went to say hi. Billy asked how things went at the Ranch. Victoria said she'd rather not discuss it. She asked if that was okay, and Billy said no.

Lauren was surprised when Phyllis dropped by, unexpectedly. Phyllis explained that she saw Chelsea's interview and was worried about her, Kevin and Michael. Lauren stated that Kevin was coping and Michael and Scott were spending time with him today. Lauren shifted gears and asked about Phyllis's love life. Phyllis said she didn't have one. Lauren said that was what they needed to discuss. Lauren thought Phyllis was too much of a treasure to be single for the summer. Phyllis said she didn't need a man to complete, define or validate her. Lauren agreed, but she noted that Phyllis had been single for awhile. Lauren added that Scott was also single. Phyllis contended that no grown man needed a matchmaking mother. Phyllis compared Lauren to Jill. “I am so much less pushy than my sister,” Lauren insisted, though Phyllis disagreed.

Lauren recalled that Phyllis had a great time with Scott on the night of the opera, and Scott had been in a better mood after her visit. Phyllis countered that she didn't bewitch Scott with some kind of love spell. Lauren clarified that she was just suggesting that they spend time together and help acclimate him to life in Genoa City. Although Lauren swore it wasn't a set up, Phyllis still declined. Phyllis thought Scott was an amazing guy and that he'd find someone eventually. Phyllis was sure she'd find a partner too, but she wasn't interested in being nudged toward a man, especially by his mother. Lauren promised not to bring it up again. Phyllis hugged Lauren and left.

Jack was in his office. He watched Chelsea's GC Buzz interview, in which she urged Chloe to come home. Gloria walked in. She'd heard the news, and she was concerned for Jack because he was Adam's friend. Jack said he'd come to accept Adam's death as a bolt of bad luck, and it was a shock to find out he'd been murdered. Gloria noted that Chloe tricked them all. Gloria said she realized Chloe was deceitful and manipulative, but she didn't think she was a murderer. Gloria mused that it might have been the only way Chloe could deal with the death of her daughter. Gloria let out a sob as she told Jack that she was worried about Kevin. She vowed to be there for Kevin, and Jack assured her that Kevin was a survivor. Gloria said that seeing your child suffer was the worst kind of hell. She felt bad for Victor. Jack told her to save her sympathy for Kevin and not to waste them on Victor, who was dead inside according to Jack. Jack believed that Victor saw his family as possessions to control and dispose of when they were no longer of use.

Jack thought that Victor's declarations of devotion to his family were nothing more than PR. Gloria asked if he really believed Victor didn't love Adam. He replied that Victor loved power. Jack believed that Victor saw life as a chess game and his children as pawns. Gloria recalled Adam's suffering at Victor's hands. Jack noted that Nick and Victoria had suffered too. He said they'd sooner work as a dog catcher than take another job at Newman. Jack was worried about Abby, because she was desperate to impress Victor, but she didn't realize that his love came at a cost. Gloria confessed that she'd made extreme demands on her boys, although they always put up with her. Jack sensed that Michael and Kevin were more fond of Gloria than she realized. Gloria didn't think her sons realized how much she loved them. She explained that she'd campaigned against Chloe because she knew Chloe would hurt Kevin. Jack said that he knew a bit about falling for someone who was nothing like you thought they were.

Gloria's heart broke for Kevin. She said it was bad enough to be left at the altar, by your so-called soulmate, but then to find out she was a fugitive, arsonist child abandoning murderer. Jack asked where Chloe was. Gloria didn't know and she hoped none of them ever heard from her again. Jack was surprised Gloria didn't want Chloe to be arrested. “If she stays lost, then Kevin will finally be free of her,” Gloria said. Gloria felt responsible for Kevin's bad taste in women. Jack thought she was being too hard on herself, but Gloria reminded him that she didn't protect Kevin from his father's abuse. Jack didn't blame Gloria, because she'd been a victim too, but Gloria admitted she should have pushed Tom in front of a train the day he went after Kevin. Gloria realized her digs at Chloe only pushed her and Kevin closer together. She was overcome with regret and started to cry. Jack comforted her. Phyllis walked in and saw Jack holding Gloria. She told them that when she saw them at the Club, she thought it was an act for her benefit. Gloria admitted that it had been an act, but they developed chemistry. Jack noted that he and Gloria were single. Gloria added that their feud turned out to be foreplay.

Later, after Gloria left, Jack sharply called Phyllis's name. She told him he didn't to yell. Jack noted that she hadn't responded to his business question. Phyllis answered him in a snippy tone, and Jack said they should do this another time. Phyllis demanded answers from Jack about Gloria. Phyllis noted the woman who took advantage of his father and nearly destroyed Jabot by poisoning their face cream, yet Jack was forgiving her because she didn't sleep with his brother? Jack said yes. Phyllis snapped that he must have been lonely to glob onto the first leopard bustier that came his way. Jack was unapologetic because he was having fun, and he thought Phyllis might remember how to do the same one day.

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