Tuesday Y&R Update 4/11/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 4/11/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Suzanne

Nikki was alarmed when Paul arrived at the ranch in the middle of the night. She assumed he was there to tell her bad news about Victor or one of her kids. Paul assured her that it was nothing like that. He asked when she was expecting Victor, and she told him that he'd be home soon for dinner. Paul explained that they had reason to believe that Chloe killed Adam. Nikki was shocked; she had to sit down, and Paul offered her water. Paul told Nikki all about Chloe confessing to Chelsea, knocking Chelsea out and going on the run. Nikki urged Paul to find Chloe. Paul said that they would find her, then they'd find out what happened to Adam. Paul explained that Nick had been the first to suspect that Adam's death wasn't an accident. He added that Chelsea found Adam's wedding ring in Adam's belongings. Nikki felt for Chelsea. Paul assumed that Nikki was concerned about how Victor would react. Nikki noted that Paul lost a son, so he understood that Victor grieved every day. Paul admitted that he would never stop replaying Ricky's death in his mind. Nikki feared what would happen if Victor got his hands on Chloe. Paul implored her to convince Victor to let the cops handle this. Nikki said she'd try, but she couldn't make any promises. Paul had to go. He hugged Nikki goodbye. Nikki called Victor, but it went to voicemail.

At the airport, Victor reeled when Nick told him that he had proof that Chloe killed Adam. Nick angrily noted that Chloe had escaped, thanks to him. Victor immediately made a phone call in an attempt to get the plane turned around. Afterward, he told Nick that he asked the charter company to have the pilot called once he landed. Victor explained that the pilot's radio was off. Nick concluded that the pilot was following Victor's original instructions. Victor admitted it. Nick realized Victor had no idea where Chloe went and that he didn't want to know, because he didn't want anyone to be able to connect him to Chloe. Victor was overcome with grief over Adam. Nick continued to rail at Victor, until Victor told him to back off. Victor vowed to find Chloe and deal with her. He asked what caused her to confess. Nick explained that he found a tracking device in Connor's toy, and after investigating Chloe, he found out she was at the cabin when Adam died. Nick continued that he followed Chloe and saw her throw away a bag containing a dart gun and wrench. Victor sat down and digested the news. He asked why Nick hadn't come to him about this. “Because I didn't know if my own father was her damned accomplice. I was trying to protect you,” Nick spat. Nick explained that he was trying to get a solid case before he tore apart Victor and the rest of the family's lives. Victor realized that this was what Chelsea and Nick argued about. Victor felt that Nick should have come to him. Nick contended that Victor had no right to be angry with him. Nick noted that Victor worked with Chloe for months to frame Adam. Nick wondered if Victor was denying that he set everything in motion. Victor quietly admitted Nick was right.

Nick didn't understand why Victor would frame the son that he loved. Victor explained that he asked Adam to run the company while he was in prison, and Adam had refused. Nick recalled that Adam, along with Nikki, Nick and Victoria had shown up in court to testify against Victor. Victor admitted that he framed Adam to teach him a lesson. Nick assumed that Victor had made a call to the mental institution and got Chloe released. Nick thought Victor probably felt like he could control her. Victor revealed that he'd offered Chloe the life she always wanted – a life away from Genoa City with her daughter. He continued that he asked Chloe to produce the proof of Adam's innocence so that Adam wouldn't be sent to prison, but she double crossed him. Victor insisted that he tried to make things right. Nick knew that Victor was referring to breaking Adam out of prison. Victor swore that he'd known what Chloe was up to, he would have traded his own life to save Adam's. Nick conceded that Victor didn't know what Chelsea had planned to do, but he still noted that Adam was dead, Chelsea was a widow and Connor was fatherless. Victor tearfully said that he loved his son. Nick wondered how Victor would live with himself. Victor felt that there was nothing left to say, so he decided to go home to Nikki. Nick countered that Victor didn't just get to walk away. Nick pointed out that he could have Victor arrested. Victor asked if Nick planned to do that, and Nick noted that he had before. Victor quietly asked why Nick hated him so much. Victor said that if Nick loved the family more than he hated Victor, he'd do as Victor said.

Reed said goodbye to a friend, Walker, at Crimson Lights, then he ran into Zoey and Kendall, a girl their age. Zoey and Kendall were impressed that he was hanging out with a guy who was in college. Zoey assumed Reed would be getting a new car for his birthday tomorrow, but Reed told her he wasn't. Zoey surmised that “Victoria The Wicked” shot it down. Reed clarified that Victoria had offered to let him use her car. Zoey sneered about Reed driving a mom-mobile, but Kendall thought it was better than nothing. Reed invited them to his party at the Underground, and they agreed to attend. Reed started to play a song for Zoey and Kendall, but his guitar broke. Zoey went to get him a brownie to cheer him up. While Zoey was gone, Kendall apologized to Reed for laughing while he was about to sing for open mic night. Reed told her it was okay. Kendall still wanted to make up for it. She explained that she had an uncle in the music business, and she asked if it'd be okay to send him a link to Reed's performance. Reed was surprised by the offer. Kendall wasn't sure if anything would come of it, but she wanted to try. Reed thought that would be amazing. Zoey returned, and Reed filled her in. Zoey quickly shot Kendall a dirty look, then she held Reed's hand as she cooed that Kendall was always doing amazing things for her friends. Kendall looked uncomfortable and said she had to go home. Kendall left the table. She looked back and was dismayed to see Zoey and Reed kissing.

At the Club, Victoria told Billy that she was glad he was able to meet her for dinner. She admitted that she wasn't ready to wind down after their day with the kids. Victoria noted that it had been awhile since they'd been out together. Billy felt that it had been too long, and he added that it was because they'd been working like crazy. Victoria stated that they'd be even busier soon, thanks to the deal Billy made. She noted that her boys, Billy and Cane, would have a lot on their plate. Billy contended that she should put him and Cane in separate categories, due to the history Billy and Victoria shared. Victoria smiled and agreed. Victoria asked the waiter for a dessert menu, and she told Billy that she was trying to make the celebration last. Billy stated that the hockey deal was one his favorites because they beat Jack. They reminisced about besting Jack, and Victoria said wiping the smug look off his face had been one of her favorite business moments, too. Billy said Jack should've known better than to cross a Newman. Victoria's smile faded and she noted that Billy kept likening her to her father. Billy said it was a compliment. He gave Victor credit for teaching her to be the ultimate strategist and how to fight for what she wanted and for marrying Nikki and making such a brilliant, beautiful daughter.

Billy told Victoria that he was enjoying their time together. They agreed that things were much more strained between them a short time ago. Victoria wondered how they got here. Billy stated that she broke up with Travis. Victoria recalled how difficult that was. She added that Phyllis dumped him. She asked if he missed Phyllis. “Sometimes,” he admitted. Victoria noted his honest answer. Victoria stated that Billy kept proving himself to her. She was impressed by the way he interacted with her at work and the way he was always there for the kids. Just as Victoria said that she liked where they were right now, she got a text from Nick. Victoria explained that she had to go, then she apologized and rushed out.

Back at the Ranch, Nikki received Victor's text letting her know he was on his way home. She looked at Adam's picture.

Nick told Victor that Victoria was on her way to the Ranch. Victor assured Nick that Nick was doing the right thing. Nick warned Victor that what was coming would be difficult. Victor took a deep breath and got ready to face his family.

Victoria showed up at the main house, and Victor and Nick arrived a short time later. Nikki read Victor's demeanor and realized he already knew. Victoria hadn't heard, so Nick told her that Chloe killed Adam. Victor confessed all to his family. Nikki was stunned that Victor would recruit Chloe after she'd tried to kill Adam on multiple occasions. Victor assured her that he regretted it. Victoria complained that Victor never learned; he just kept lashing out whenever he felt slighted. Victoria wondered how many more times the family would have to suffer. Victor maintained that no one was suffering more than he was, but Nick countered that Chelsea might disagree. Nikki felt foolish for believing Victor had changed and become the man who put his family first; the man she forgave and let back into her life. Victor accused her of being over-dramatic. He insisted that he was the man she'd thought he was. Nikki argued that if Victor were the man she thought he was, he wouldn't have teamed up with Chloe, who he knew was unstable. Victor explained that Chloe had convinced him that she was well. Nikki hissed that Chloe had lied, just like Victor had lied to Nikki all this time. Nikki wondered why he'd been dishonest. Victoria assumed it was because he'd be sent to prison for killing Adam if the truth got out. Nikki cried that Victor was going to prison anyway, the minute they found Chloe and she told them everything. Victor was willing to face the consequences. Victor said the important thing was that they found Chloe and brought her back. The pilot called, and Victor asked where he took Chloe.

Victor revealed that Chloe had flown to Thunder Bay, Ontario, then hopped into a waiting car and sped off. Nick suggested tracking her phone, but Victor said Chloe destroyed it and left it on the plane. Victor promised to do everything in his power to bring Chloe to justice, because while it wouldn't bring Adam back, it would avenge his death. Nikki told Victor that he was every bit as responsible for Adam's death as Chloe was. “Your son's blood is on your hands!,” Nikki yelled. Victor snapped that he didn't need to hear that from her. Nikki stormed up the stairs. Victoria and Nick left. Victor slumped onto the couch.

At Jabot, Jack complimented Ravi's new look. Jack spotted Ravi's suitcase and asked if he was going on vacation. Ravi explained that Ashley asked him to join her at the conference in NY. Jack said that was news to him. Ravi hoped Jack didn't mind the extra expense of sending him. Jack was happy to pay for Ravi to go to NY, because he felt that Ravi was an asset to the company. Jack revealed that Ravi's apps had generated millions of dollars and a 6% year to year increase which, Jack explained, was nothing short of a miracle. Ravi was shocked. Jack didn't realize that Ravi hadn't heard about the financial details, and he promised to include Ravi in the financial meetings in the future. Jack told Ravi to set up a one on one with him after the conference. Ravi was surprised by Jack's decision to include him in such things. Jack felt that Ravi had helped Ashley step up her game, and he considered Ravi's work to be the future of the industry. Jack wished Ravi luck in NY, and Ravi promised not to let him down.

Phyllis helped Ashley put together her presentation for the conference. Phyllis was concerned about a technical aspect, and Ashley said Ravi could take care of it. Phyllis took credit for helping Ashley see Ravi in a new light. Ashley said she had no idea what Phyllis was talking about. Phyllis suspected that Ashley was pretending to be clueless because she didn't want to owe Phyllis. Ashley informed Phyllis that she was only bringing Ravi along for his technical expertise. Phyllis noted that Ashley was taking Ravi to the Met, and she surmised that this invitation was Ashley's way of testing the personal waters between them. Ashley insisted that she and Ravi were coworkers and friends who happened to enjoy the opera.

Ashley took the presentation to Jack for review, and he approved. He wished that she'd informed him that she was taking Ravi with her. Ashley said it was a last minute decision that was hers to make. Jack gave Ashley kudos for teaching Ravi to dress for success. Ashley clarified that Phyllis was the one who took Ravi shopping. Jack wondered why Phyllis would do that, but he thought it was nice that Ravi looked like someone who worked in the fashion world. Jack was optimistic about how Ashley's presentation would go. Ashley found it a refreshing change to have Jack's support. Jack told her that it wouldn't be a change if she stopped making decisions behind his back. Ashley countered that she wouldn't have to go behind his back if he stopped giving her reasons to.

Jack and Phyllis discussed a business project, after Ashley left. Phyllis frowned when Jack told her to copy Gloria on this. She couldn't understand how Jack could tolerate having Gloria around. Phyllis trailed off and admitted that people had said the same thing about Phyllis. Jack said that Phyllis had been doing great work lately. He noted that she'd been putting in a lot of hours when she wasn't moonlighting as a stylist. Phyllis realized he'd seen Ravi. Phyllis thought Ashley and Ravi's relationship might turn romantic on the trip to NY. Jack said the trip was solely about the conference. Phyllis told him about the tickets to the opera, but Jack said he knew his sister and Ravi wasn't the man for her. Phyllis theorized that he didn't know Ashley as well as he thought.

Jack wondered why Phyllis was so invested in Ravi and Ashley's relationship. Phyllis said she was trying to be considerate. Phyllis told Jack that if he was implying that she was involved in their lives because she didn't have one of her own, he was wrong. She reminded him that she was doing online dating. Jack remembered. He wondered if she'd found anyone she'd consider getting serious with. “Who said anything about serious?,” Phyllis asked. Jack seemed caught off guard. Phyllis planned to go to the Club for dinner, and she invited Jack to tag along. She promised that they could keep the conversation light. Jack didn't think it was a good idea.

Ashley told Ravi that their car would be there in ten minutes. Ravi gave Ashley a neck pillow to offset the uncomfortable airline seats. Ashley assured him that the seats on the Jabot jet were comfortable. Ravi was shocked and excited because he'd never been on a private jet before. He had a feeling he was going to love this trip. Ashley thought she would, too. She thanked him for the pillow.

Phyllis said goodbye to Jack. She opened his office door, and he spotted Ravi and Ashley in the hallway. Jack called Ashley into the office and asked what was really going on between her and Ravi. Ashley angrily concluded that Phyllis said something. She told Jack that she resented him discussing her with his ex. Jack told Ashley not to get involved with Ravi. Ashley insisted that she could handle herself. Jack warned her that things could get ugly. Ashley scoffed, but Jack told her that it wasn't a good idea to get involved. Ashley bellowed that they weren't involved.

Jack asked her to imagine the fallout if Ravi was passed over for a promotion or felt that he was being treated unfairly. Ashley said Jack was getting ahead of himself and she accused him of being a hypocrite. She castigated him for lecturing her on bringing her personal life into the workplace after what had gone on between him and Phyllis, after he'd used the company to punish Billy and after he'd hired Gloria, the most untrustworthy person on the planet. Ashley didn't think it made sense that he gave Phyllis and Gloria a pass, but not Ravi. She felt that Ravi was a kind person who'd never hurt Jabot. Jack asked her to consider what would happen if she continued to lead Ravi on and broke his heart. He predicted that it would end with Ravi not even wanting to be in the same building as her. Ashley told Jack to mind his own business. She left.

Phyllis ran into Billy at the Club bar. He invited her to join him and asked how her coffee date went. Phyllis said it wasn't a good match. Billy mentioned that he just had dinner with Victoria. Billy said that they were starting to get along. Phyllis was happy for him. Phyllis noted that Billy and Victoria had an outing with the kids and dinner together in the same day. Phyllis suspected that Victoria wanted Billy back just as much as he wanted her back. Billy pointed out that Victoria never said that. Phyllis told him to focus on Victoria's actions instead of her words.

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