Monday Y&R Update 4/10/17

The Y&R Update Monday 4/10/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick tailed Chloe to an otherwise deserted airstrip and was stunned when he saw Victor arrive. Nick watched as they entered the airport building. Victor demanded to know why Chloe was wearing a wedding dress. Chloe advised him to focus on the chance to get rid of her. The panic-stricken Chloe asked Victor to call a pilot and let her use his plane to skip town for good. Victor didn't want to be involved. He turned to leave, but stopped in his tracks when a desperate Chloe threatened to get him sent back to prison.

Chelsea called Nick from Sharon's place. She tearfully told him that he was right – Chloe blew up the cabin. Chelsea explained that Chloe knocked her out and ran off to parts unknown. Nick was concerned that Chelsea was hurt, but she told him it wasn't that bad. She apologized for disregarding his suspicions about Chloe. Nick told her that the important thing was that Chloe was okay. Chelsea was worried that the cops wouldn't be able to find Chloe. She revealed that she discovered Adam's wedding ring that Chloe kept as a trophy. Nick asked if Chloe had mentioned having an accomplice. Chelsea said no and asked why. Nick said he didn't think it was possible for Chloe to pull this off by herself. Chelsea asked Nick where he was. He lied and said he was in the car. Chelsea suggested they meet at his place and asked when he'd be home. Nick claimed he wouldn't be home any time soon due to traffic. Chelsea considered going to the main house to tell Victor and Nikki what happened, but Nick told her that he'd handle it. Nick pretended he was having phone trouble and couldn't hear Chelsea. Chelsea told Nick she heard him fine, but he hung up.

Chloe ordered Victor to make the call. Nick slipped into the building. Chloe said she couldn't go back to the hospital. She began to ramble about the doctors and pills and having to talk about her feelings. Victor demanded to know what this was about – did she have something to do with Adam's death? Chloe snapped that they all knew that was an accident. Victor headed to the door. Chloe yelled that Chelsea found evidence that she framed Adam - evidence that implicated Victor, too. Victor asked what evidence. Chloe told him that Chelsea found a diary in which Chloe had written about framing Adam. Nick pressed his ear against the door and heard muffled sounds. Victor asked if Chloe had been idiotic enough to mention Victor's name. Chloe said she kept the entries vague. Chloe said that Chelsea threatened to call the cops, and she warned Victor that she'd tell all if she were arrested. Chloe predicted that Victor's family would hate him if the truth came out, but if he helped her escape, his reputation as the kinder, gentler Victor would remain intact.

Victor made the call. He didn't want to know where Chloe was going, so he told her to tell the pilot the destination. Victor warned that Chloe if he ever saw her again, he'd make sure she lost everything. Chloe tearfully said she left Kevin, Esther and Bella, so there was nothing else he could take from her. Victor told her not to be so sure. Chloe left. Victor went to the other exit was surprised to find Nick standing in the hallway. Nick heard the sounds of the engine and ran outside, but he was too late; the jet had flown off.

Nick confronted Victor about letting Chloe get away. Victor pretended that he'd only helped Chloe run out on her wedding. Nick began to connect the dots. He remembered seeing Chloe at the courthouse when Adam attacked the guard, but he knew that Chloe had been in town earlier; Nikki saw her at Connor's birthday party. Nick noted that the real diary pages showed up shortly afterward. Nick recalled that Victor kept saying it was the waitress, but Nick didn't believe that anymore. He thought that Chloe helped Victor frame Adam. “You brought a certified lunatic to town to help you teach Adam a lesson because he had the nerve to walk away from Newman,” Nick snapped. Victor spat that he wasn't going to rehash these old accusations. He announced that he had a date with Nikki, and he turned to leave. “You helped your son's killer escape!,” Nick revealed.

Chelsea told Sharon that Nick sounded distant and preoccupied during the call. She confessed that she'd been furious with him the last time they talked. Sharon assured Chelsea that Nick wasn't mad at her. Sharon added that Nick had been on his way to meet her at the wedding. Chelsea fiddled with Adam's ring. She said that when she found it, she felt shocked, betrayed, furious, but mostly embarrassed. Chelsea couldn't believe she'd been gullible enough to let Chloe manipulate her into thinking Nick was the bad guy. Chelsea couldn't wait to testify against Chloe. Sharon advised Chelsea not to let herself be consumed by thoughts of revenge. Sharon was sure Adam would get justice. Chelsea announced that people needed to know the truth about Chloe, and she ran out.

At GC Buzz, Mariah asked Devon for his opinion. She wasn't sure if she should run a segment on Chloe killing Adam, write a story for the website, or if she shouldn't do anything. He decided not to weigh in, and she assumed it was because he wanted to avoid Hilary's wrath. Mariah decided to heed Scott's advice about doing research, so she went to look up information on Adam. Hilary appeared and asked Devon why he was there. Devon explained that he'd been out with Hilary, and she had to drop by the set. Hilary assumed Devon was Mariah's date to the wedding, and she figured that that things must be getting serious between them. Devon asked if that was a problem, and Hilary said it wasn't to her. She asked how it went. Just then, Mariah returned and blurted out something about Chelsea dropping a bombshell. Mariah stopped short, noting that she didn't see Hilary's car in the parking lot. Hilary explained that it was off getting detailed. Hilary was curious to hear the rest of Mariah's statement. Mariah evaded the question, so Hilary grabbed the laptop Mariah was holding and saw the files on Adam.

Mariah told Hilary everything. Hilary asked if the press knew. Mariah said that Scott did, but he'd told her not to run the story until the facts were in. Devon suspected that Scott wanted the scoop for himself. Hilary didn't think Scott was working with a news outlet. Hilary was unhappy when Devon revealed that Scott was working on Victor's biography, but she said they'd deal with it later.

Hilary was upset that Mariah had initially been evasive regarding the story. Mariah felt that the story should be handled with discretion and decency. Devon defended Mariah. Hilary argued that she was the boss, so Mariah should have told her everything from the start. Devon said Hilary was making him regret giving her the show. Mariah and Hilary argued. Mariah felt that it was her story and she should get to make the decisions, but Hilary countered that it was her show. Devon contended that Hilary couldn't pull rank. Hilary ordered Devon to leave, so she and Mariah could get to work. Chelsea arrived and announced that she wanted to go on air.

Mariah was concerned that Chelsea would regret this later, but Chelsea's mind was made up. She railed about Chloe pretending to be her best friend and was adamant that the entire world deserved to know what she did. Hilary asked Chelsea if she had some personal photos of Chloe for the story. At first Chloe said yes, and she scrolled through her phone. Chelsea was affected when she saw a picture of Chloe with Bella. Hilary started the interview by promising the audience a story of murder and betrayal. Hilary asked Chelsea to start from the beginning. Chelsea took a softer approach. She plead with Chloe to turn herself in. “We promise we will take care of you. We know and we understand that you are not well,” a tearful Chelsea said. Chelsea implored Chloe to think about her family and her daughter and come home.

Gloria and Michael exchanged concerned looks as Kevin walked into the Chancellor living room and slumped on the couch, while holding Chloe's bouquet. Michael approached Kevin and asked if he needed anything. Kevin stared straight ahead and didn't respond, so Michael noted that Kevin had been outside with Paul for awhile. Kevin explained that he wanted to listen to Paul's call into the station and make sure Paul said that Chloe wasn't to be taken with force. Michael assured Kevin that Paul wouldn't let anything happen to Chloe. Fighting back tears, Kevin insisted that Chloe needed help and that he still loved her. Michael placed a comforting hand on Kevin's shoulder. Michael was worried that Kevin might be in denial. Esther walked in and overheard Michael urge his brother to say that he knew Chloe killed Adam. Esther accused Michael of harassing Kevin, and she theorized that Michael was trying to line up witnesses against Chloe for the prosecution. Gloria flew into protective mode, ordering Esther to back off. Michael calmed Gloria down, then he revealed that he hoped to represent Chloe, because he believed she belonged in a treatment center, not prison. Esther tearfully noted that they hadn't heard Chloe's side of the story. Kevin gently told her that they had to face the truth. Kevin admitted that Chloe was guilty, and Michael hugged him.

Gloria joined the sobbing Esther on the couch and offered some supportive advice. Gloria noted that mothers needed to believe their children were good. Gloria said that when children made poor choices, parents had to make difficult decisions for the child's own good, even if the child hated them for it. Gloria softly said that Chloe needed psychiatric help and that Esther might have to be the one to make sure she got it. Esther begged Kevin to believe Chloe was innocent, but Kevin thought that there was too much evidence against her. He showed Esther Chloe's letter. Chloe had admitted she was in trouble. “Oh, my poor baby,” Esther wailed. Gloria hugged her. Gloria felt that it was a shame Chloe was so consumed by hatred for Adam that she couldn't see the room full of people who believed in her. Bella entered the room and ran into Kevin's arms. She hugged him and asked for her mommy. Kevin explained that Chloe had to go on a trip and that Esther would take care of Bella. In a happy tone, Kevin promised Bella that he and Esther would give her ice cream, toys and play with her all the time. After assuring Bella that everything would be okay, Kevin hugged her and silently wept.

Later, after Esther and Bella left the room, Michael and Gloria praised Kevin for what he said to the little girl. Gloria asked to talk to Kevin alone. At first, Michael refused to leave, but Kevin said it was okay. Michael hugged Kevin, then he quietly asked Gloria to continue to be tactful. He kissed Gloria's cheek and walked out. Kevin preemptively told Gloria that she didn't have to tell him how stupid he was to get involved with Chloe again, because he already knew. Gloria held Kevin and told him she was proud of him. She was impressed by the strength he'd shown after everything he went through today and by the comfort he'd given to Bella. Gloria felt that Kevin was more of a father to Bella than her biological father. Kevin said that he wasn't her father. He cried that he had a family this morning, but now he was all alone. Gloria told Kevin that he had a family, and she promised that she'd never abandon him.

At Crimson Lights, Scott and Lauren discussed the failed wedding. They felt bad for Kevin, but they were glad the truth came out before he married Chloe. Lauren couldn't believe Chloe had worked side by side with the woman she made a widow. Scott recalled dancing with Chloe as she told him that she took control of her life six months ago. He now realized she was talking about killing Adam. Sharon arrived after Lauren left. Scott had just ordered a pastry, which Sharon gave him for free. Scott insisted that she share it with him. Sharon grabbed two plates and joined him at his table. They discussed the wedding. Scott said he wasn't making excuses, but he thought people should consider what Chloe went through after losing Delia. Scott couldn't imagine losing a daughter. Sharon told Scott about Cassie's death and how Nick blamed Daniel and wanted to make him pay. Sharon wasn't sure how Victor would deal with it. She said that Victor and Adam both felt driven to prove themselves. Sharon recalled that Adam didn't want to be known as a Newman, at first, so he used his middle name and his stepfather's last name. Scott thought Sharon was a good source of information on the Newmans. He asked if he could stop by from time to time to get Sharon's perspective for the book. She agreed.

Michael went home and poured himself a drink. He offered one to Lauren, and she accepted. Michael regretted setting aside his concerns about the quick engagement and wedding. He explained that he'd been trying to be supportive, but now he wished he'd done more to talk Kevin out of it. Lauren didn't think Kevin would have listened. She said that none of them could have seen this coming, but Michael still felt that he should have. Later, Michael laid on the couch with his head in Lauren's lap as she told him that Chloe was the only one to blame. They hoped Chloe would be caught so Kevin and Chelsea could get closure. Michael was afraid that Kevin might never love again and that he'd never have a supportive partner. Michael felt lucky to have that in Lauren. They kissed.

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