Friday Y&R Update 4/7/17

The Y&R Update Friday 4/7/17


Written by Ellen

The wedding guests at the Chancellor mansion try to make sense of what just happened. Gloria thinks Chloe got cold feet---thank goodness. Esther takes offense and Michael intervenes. Lauren, Scott, Mariah, and Devon continue to speculate. Scott shows Lauren with the ring he found on the floor. She recognizes it as Kevin’s. Then whose ring did Chelsea pick up? Upstairs in Chloe’s bedroom, Todd and Kevin help Chelsea to her feet. There’s no time to waste. Chloe must be found. She hit Chelsea over the head and escaped. Kevin is panic stricken and confused. Kevin deserves to hear the truth from Chloe. Chelsea leaves to start the search. Kevin spies a note addressed to him on the dresser and he reads it.

At Sharon’s house, Nick considers her advice to go to the wedding and patch things up with Chelsea. The evidence he has is insufficient to convict Chloe, so he might as well respect Chelsea’s opinion, support her, and wait for Chloe to slip up. He agrees and leaves.

Victor is home from the office and takes a seat on the sofa between Nikki and Faith. Faith regales them with details about her science project, which Victor agrees to help her with. He also promises her a chess game later. She heads up to her room. Nikki notices something is bothering Victor. Nick and Chelsea had a falling out and Nick is deeply disturbed about it.

In the Chancellor living room, in front of all the guests, Chelsea doesn’t mince words: They need to find Esther’s crazy daughter. Esther doesn’t appreciate her tone. Todd rejoins the group and says there will be no wedding. Mariah has no trouble believing Chelsea’s story. Chloe once hit her over the head too. Perhaps Kevin dodged a bullet. Lauren isn’t so quick to judge. Meanwhile, Chloe drives into the night, thinking about the vows Kevin recited to her moments ago.

In the bedroom, Michael gets Kevin’s version of events. According to the note, Chloe is in deep trouble and doesn’t want to drag him down. Would he please ask Esther to take care of Bella. Don’t try to find Chloe. She’s sorry she isn’t good enough for him. He knows only one thing for sure: The relationship is over. He cries on Michael’s shoulder.

Nick drives and glances at his GPS. He sees the tracker he attached to Chloe’s car blinking like mad on the screen. He turns to pursue it.

At the ranch: Nikki praises Victor for grooming Abby to take over at Newman. It’s allowed him to spend more time with the family. And speaking of the family, how about another dinner tonight? He has something else in mind. After Faith goes to bed, the two of them will have an old-fashioned candlelight dinner. She readily agrees. His phone rings, but he doesn’t answer.

At the Chancellor place: Chelsea fills in the gory details. Chloe killed Adam and made it look like an accident. Michael asks for proof. She doesn’t need it; Chloe confessed. Sensing skepticism, Chelsea becomes agitated. Chloe’s hatred for Adam was no secret. Why is it so hard to believe? Kevin won’t listen to another word. In the next room, Todd calls Paul. He’s needed in his official capacity. Back in the living room, Chelsea flashes Adam’s wedding band, which she found in Chloe’s room. How does Kevin suppose it got there?

Again at the ranch: Victor has always been a smooth operator, and Nikki expects no less this time. He promises a gown and an accessory or two. She recalls one night early in their courtship when he planted a pearl ring in her oyster. While they reminisce, he gets a text. She is to take a bubble bath so that when the courier arrives with a selection of gowns, she’ll be ready to dress for dinner. And she shouldn’t trouble herself about the menu. It’s all settled. He gets another text. This one demands his immediate attention. He’ll be right back.

Paul, now at the Chancellor house, questions Chelsea. She hopes he can lock up Chloe for good. Kevin discredits her. Chelsea was a professional con artist when she arrived in Genoa City. Even so, Nick’s evidence backs up her story. He found a bag belonging to Chloe that contained a tranquilizer gun and a wrench, and he discovered phone records that place her near the cabin on the night of the explosion. Chloe tricked Kevin into thinking she was at the penthouse all night, but she slipped out the secret passage in Chelsea’s closet. Kevin remembers the night well. It could have happened as Chelsea says, but he remains silent. Paul issues an APB. Nearby, on the stairs, Todd comforts Esther and they pray together. In the living room, Scott overhears Mariah tell Devon she wants to stick around. She hopes he doesn’t think ill of her, but this is a newsworthy story. Scott speaks up. To report hearsay is shoddy journalism and it could make things worse. Across the room, Chelsea apologizes to Kevin for being so harsh. She didn’t want to believe it either, but the ring convinced her. It’s a good thing the truth came out before he and Chloe were married. Kevin is still unwilling to accept it and asks her to go. She takes Adam’s ring and heads for the door.

At the ranch: Nikki tells Faith and Abby about the romantic evening Victor has planned, and she has Abby to thank for it. Abby is glad to help. In fact, she offers to take Faith to her apartment for a sleepover. This works for everyone.

At the Chancellor place: Mariah thanks Scott for his advice. Scott asks a question pertaining to the case, but Devon tells her not to answer. Scott is writing Victor’s biography and may be digging for a story himself. Across the room, Esther worries about what to tell Bella, but she agrees to take care of her until Chloe returns. She excuses herself. Gloria approaches Kevin but doesn’t gloat. Although Chloe wasn’t her favorite person, Gloria never doubted her love for Kevin. Chloe is ill and needs help.

At an airstrip, Nick watches Chloe from a distance.

Again at the Chancellor residence: Scott asks Lauren about Chloe. Is she capable of planning a murder like this one? Lauren isn’t sure. Paul returns but has no news. Kevin pleads for humane treatment should they find Chloe. The only person she was a danger to was Adam. Todd speaks privately to Paul near the front door. He’s leaving for Detroit. Paul tells him not to be a stranger and they say goodbye. Scott brings his concerns to Paul. Would Chloe have the resources to pull off such an elaborate scheme? Paul will find out.

There’s a knock at Sharon’s door. Chelsea enters, looking for Nick. He was right about Chloe all along.

Nick watches in horror as his father approaches Chloe and then leads her into a building near the airstrip.

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