Thursday Y&R Update 4/6/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/6/17


Written by Ellen

At the Chancellor estate, Esther greets Kevin and Michael. Kevin’s got a case of the pre-wedding jitters, but Esther says to relax. He’s among family and friends who wish him well---or not. She opens the door to Gloria, who approaches Kevin and says it’s not too late to back out. Upstairs, Chelsea holds Adam’s wedding ring and tries to make sense of it. Chloe returns, too self-absorbed to notice. She’s ready to slip into her gown, a Chelsea original design, and get married to the man of her dreams.

Paul greets his brother, Fr. Todd, at Crimson Lights. Paul can’t make the ceremony because of a court date, but he’s glad Todd will preside and represent the family. Kevin has come a long way and Paul is proud of him.

Nick finds Sharon at home, waiting for the plumber. Nick tells her his plan backfired. Now Chloe is on high alert and Chelsea is in denial. Not only that, Chelsea banned him from the wedding.

In the bride’s room at the Chancellor mansion: Chloe gushes over her dress. It’s perfect. Chelsea’s voice shakes when she acknowledges the compliment. Yep, Chelsea sure does know Chloe. Chelsea wonders about that. Chloe insists there are no secrets between spouses or best friends.

Phyllis scowls at the young lovers she sees while she works and sips coffee on the Crimson Lights patio. Ravi appears. She’s sorry things didn’t go according to plan with Ashley, but Ravi has news. Ashley did in fact notice him in his new duds, and she wants him to wear them when he accompanies her to New York. He can’t thank Phyllis enough for her help.

At Victoria’s house, she and Billy catch their breath. The kids are napping upstairs after their day at the arcade with Mom and Dad. She admits it was fun. He spots a bit of confetti in her hair and reaches to remove it. Reed walks in and “busts” them. Victoria is rattled and explains herself to her teenage son, which amuses him.

Esther escorts Bella, in her flower girl dress, into Chloe’s room. They talk about wedding traditions and try not to make each other cry. Esther couldn’t be more proud of her daughter, and Chloe vows to get it right this time. Downstairs, Michael keeps a close eye on Gloria and demands she behave. Give her some credit. She can fake happiness for an hour or so. Mariah and Devon arrive, and she apologizes for the location of their third date. No problem. He likes spending time in his grandmother’s old house. Gloria approaches Mariah privately and now understands why Mariah refused to seduce Kevin at the bachelor party; she had a *billion* good reasons. Mariah resents the insinuation that she’s a gold digger, like Gloria. Devon joins them and Gloria praises his taste. Mariah is certainly a step up from Hilary. Thankfully, Fr. Todd is ready to begin.

Again at Sharon’s: Sharon understands why Chelsea would rationalize. Who wants to believe her best friend is a murderer? Nick is angry that Chloe gained the upper hand by acting drunk and will likely get away with her crime.

At the Chancellor place: While Esther bestows gifts on the bride, Chelsea stands by, recalling Chloe’s humble return to Genoa City. Chloe had found peace and forgiven Adam for killing her daughter. Esther’s voice brings her back to the present. It’s time. Esther takes Bella downstairs and Chloe prepares to follow. Chelsea tells her to wait.

At Crimson Lights: Phyllis is glad Ashley finally wised up. He’ll help Ashley with the technical aspects of her presentation and then they’re going to the opera. He’s stoked but keeping his expectations low as far as anything long-term. Phyllis’s happiness for him can’t conceal her own disappointment. He assures her that she’ll find the right person eventually.

At Victoria’s: Billy teases Reed about missing out on the arcade and promises to take him tomorrow for cake and ice cream. Very funny. Reed intends to spend his birthday at the DMV getting his driver’s license. That’s no surprise to Victoria, but she and Billy are shocked that he doesn’t insist on a new car. And who is responsible for his new attitude? Tessa, his music teacher. She’s so talented but has had to scrap for everything. Reed appreciates his situation and intends to show it, starting now with homework upstairs. Billy bids him goodbye. Victoria is disappointed that he’s leaving and invites him to return to say goodnight to the little ones.

In the bride’s room: Chelsea is emotional but not for the reasons Chloe thinks. Chloe thanks Chelsea for her support and promises that marriage won’t break their close bond. Chelsea is about to speak but then hands Chloe her bouquet and, through gritted teeth, wishes her everything she deserves. Downstairs, Bella scatters rose petals, Chelsea follows her down the aisle, and then Chloe appears. Chloe and Kevin take their places and the ceremony begins.

At Sharon’s: Over a beer, Nick laments his sparse evidence against Chloe. It will be next to impossible to gather more now that she knows she’s a suspect. Sharon tries to calm him. She agrees that if Chloe is guilty, she should pay, but life isn’t always fair.

In the Chancellor living room: Kevin recites his vows first. Everyone except Chelsea smiles as he does so. Then it’s Chloe’s turn. She knows she’s been difficult to love, but Kevin has stood by her. She’s ready to be the wife he deserves. Father Todd calls for the rings. Michael hands one to Kevin, which he places on Chloe’s finger. Chloe takes the ring Chelsea hands her, looks at it, and gasps. It’s not Kevin’s ring; it’s Adam’s---the one Chelsea found hidden in Chloe’s dresser drawer. Chloe turns to face Chelsea and then bolts upstairs. Everyone is in an uproar. Chelsea rushes to see to the bride. She finds Chloe in her room, nearly hyperventilating but sticking to her story. Adam’s death was an accident. Chelsea thinks otherwise. Chloe killed him.

Phyllis, alone again on the coffeehouse patio, recalls a steamy moment with Billy. She shakes it off but looks up to see the man himself at the counter inside. Under her breath she prays he doesn’t come over, but he does. They chat about their kids. She’s glad he had a good time with his family today. He notices something off about her. Work is great, she says. What about her personal life?

At the Chancellor place: Todd soothes the groom’s nerves. He’s seen this kind of thing many times. Everyone present agrees Kevin has nothing to fear. Gloria wanders into the foyer, where she overhears Mariah ranting to Devon about Chloe and her flaky behavior. Upstairs, Chelsea puts the pieces together. Chloe immobilized Adam before setting the cabin ablaze, and she orchestrated it so that Chelsea and Connor would see it. Then she took Adam’s ring as some sort of trophy. Chloe really is psycho. Near tears, Chloe denies it. She loves Chelsea and wanted the best for her. Adam wasn’t it. He was sick and vicious and killed a child. Now Chelsea has Nick, and Chloe has Kevin and Bella. Can’t they all just be happy? In a word, no. Chelsea wants to hear Chloe admit her guilt, which Chloe eventually does. A brawl ensues.

Victoria was just about to take a sandwich upstairs to Reed, but he meets her in the living room. They joke a little bit and agree it’s nice to get along for a change. Reed thinks Billy has much to do with it, so he hopes Billy and Victoria can remain friends, or whatever it is they are to each other.

At Crimson Lights: Phyllis doesn’t want Billy’s pity and says she has another date set up. Billy laughs and asks whether she wants him to stick around for backup. Then he gives her that old saw about love taking time. She agrees and refers to his relationship with Victoria, which appears to be lasting and solid. He interprets her remark as regret for the time she spent with Billy. He hopes that’s not true because he doesn’t regret it.

At Sharon’s: Sharon says the truth will come out. In the meantime, Nick should provide a shoulder for Chelsea. She’ll need it when everything hits the fan.

Gloria continues to spread venom at the wedding. Lauren is disgusted by her suggestion that they dismiss Fr. Todd because his services are no longer needed. Across the room, Todd offers to speak to the bride and Kevin OK’s it. After Todd goes up the steps, though, Kevin changes his mind and follows. Scott finds an object on the floor and shows it to Michael. It’s Kevin’s ring. So whose ring did Chloe have in her hand? Upstairs, Todd knocks. By now Kevin is with him. There isn’t a peep from inside, so they open the door. Chelsea lies face down and unconscious.

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