Wednesday Y&R Update 4/5/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 4/5/17


Written by Christine

At Newman, Victor told Scott that Abby thought their interview went well. Victor wanted Scott's opinion. Scott felt that it would be unprofessional to discuss the details of his interview with Abby. Victor understood. Scott wanted to know more about Adam. He'd done some research and learned about Victor and Adam's complicated relationship. Scott asked for permission to record the conversation, and Victor agreed. Victor explained that Adam's mother, Hope moved away with Adam after the divorce. Victor wasn't happy about her decision, but he went along with it. Adam didn't find out he was a Newman until he was an adult. Victor continued that Adam moved to Genoa City after graduating from Harvard, and Victor welcomed him into the family. Scott asked what the source of the conflict was. Victor thought it had a lot to do with the fact that Adam grew up believing Victor abandoned him. Victor thought that in the end, Adam realized that Victor loved him. Scott hoped Victor found some sort of relief in that. Scott asked if Victor had any regrets about Adam. Victor noted that Adam always thought he had to compete for Victor's love. Victor wished that he could go back and make Adam realize that he already loved him. Victor confessed that he'd pit his kids against each other and make them compete for his respect. He admitted that this was a mistake. Victor wistfully noted that it was too late now. He told Scott that was enough for the day, then he left the office.

At the Baldwin house, Kevin stared at Chloe's ring. Michael walked in and announced that it was a great day for a wedding. Kevin thanked Michael for hosting his bachelor party. They commented on Scott's superior poker playing skills, and Michael theorized that reporters were good at bluffing. Kevin chuckled as he told Michael that Chloe had drank too much at her party and passed out. Michael was concerned Chloe was drank to excess because she had second thoughts about the wedding. Kevin was adamant that Michael's suggestion was incorrect. Michael dropped it. Kevin looked rattled, and Michael asked what was wrong. Kevin reminded Michael that he got premonitions sometimes. Michael noted that they never panned out. Kevin said they did on occasion. Kevin was psyched to marry Chloe, but he had a bad feeling that something was going to prevent the wedding from happening. Kevin thought Gloria was going to sabotage the wedding. Michael promised that he wouldn't let that happen, even if he had to hogtie their mother and drag her out of there.

Chloe woke up in bed at the Chancellor mansion. Yawning, she cheered about her wedding day. An upbeat Chelsea walked in and announced that it was time to get cracking. Chloe groaned because she was still hungover. Chelsea gave her some aspirin and asked how much she remembered from last night. Chloe remembered drinking, then Sharon taking her to Nick's office. Chelsea noted that Nick kept Chloe company until she drifted off. Chloe flashed back to Nick showing her the tranquilizer gun. Chloe said she vaguely recalled Nick questioning her. Chelsea wondered if Nick asked her about the wedding or honeymoon. Chloe had another flashback to Nick telling her that Chelsea deserved the truth about how Adam died. Chloe told Chelsea that it wasn't anything fun like that. Chelsea asked if Nick tried to make her talk about Adam or the cabin. Chloe said she thought Nick was talking to her about Adam. Chloe added that she'd been confused because she didn't think Nick still suspected her. Chelsea was angry because Nick said that he didn't suspect Chloe anymore and he knew Chelsea trusted her. Chloe said it didn't matter - maybe Nick had too much to drink and felt the need to talk about his brother. Chloe told Chelsea not to make a big deal out of this and to focus on the wedding. Chelsea agreed. She adopted a cheerful tone and told Chloe to go take a shower while she went to the studio to pick up the dress.

Esther brought Bella into the room. Chloe praised Esther for putting together a wedding on such a short notice. Esther left to take care of something. Chloe hugged Bella and told her that she wasn't going to let anyone ruin Chloe's big day. Chloe said that they were going to be a family with Kevin, then they were going to an island away from the bad people who didn't want Chloe to be happy. Chloe said that if things got messy at home, the three of them were going to stay on the island forever. Later, they video phoned Kevin, and he told Bella that he'd be her daddy soon. Bella went to play, and Kevin asked if Chloe was recovered from last night. She said almost, then she told him she'd received a sexy surprise that she'd get to wear for him tonight. Kevin couldn't wait. Kevin told Chloe about Gloria crashing the party. Chloe wondered if she should be worried, and Kevin said Michael assured him that Gloria wouldn't cause trouble. They said they loved each other, and Chloe told Kevin that this time they'd be married forever. After the phone call, Esther returned with some food for Chloe, Bella and Chelsea. Chloe wondered where Chelsea was, and she gave her a call.

Nick was in his office. He stared at the wrench, tranquilizer gun and dart. He had a flashback to Chloe seemingly passing out just before he tried to make her tell Chelsea the truth about what happened to Adam. In the present, Nick put the tools back in his locker. He sat at his desk, brooding until he got a text from Chelsea. “Need to see you RIGHT NOW!,” it said. Chelsea came storming in and confronted Nick about lying to her and using the party to entrap Chloe. She said it was a good thing Chloe didn't remember much, or he would have ruined her wedding. Nick said there were things that Chelsea didn't know, but she felt she knew enough. She accused Nick of making the drinks extra strong in order to get Chloe drunk, then having Sharon whisk her into the office so he could grill her. Nick admitted everything and apologized for having to lie. Chelsea countered that he chose to lie. Nick said he decided to leave Chelsea out of this while he gathered proof. She snapped that she believed Chloe, and she didn't know why that wasn't good enough for Nick. He told her that she cared about Chloe so much that she didn't see the truth.

Nick rushed over to the locker and retrieved the tranquilizer gun and wrench. He revealed that he followed Chloe yesterday and saw her throw them in a dumpster. Chelsea didn't understand. Nick explained that the dart gun was used to take down animals and the wrench could have been used to tamper with the propane tank. Chelsea noted that wrenches had millions of uses. Nick found it odd that Chloe threw the wrench away. Chelsea demanded to know if Nick asked Chloe about it. Nick explained that she passed out before saying anything. Chelsea argued that he didn't have proof. Nick conceded that it wouldn't hold up in court, but he said he knew in his heart what Chloe did. Nick felt that Adam would want him to pursue this. Chelsea ordered him not to tell her what Adam would want. She turned to leave. He grabbed her arm, and she shook him off. Chelsea said she had to go get Chloe's dress. Nick realized that the wedding would start soon. Chelsea told him to stay away from that house. Nick begged Chelsea not to leave like this, but she walked out.

Back at Michael's, Kevin went over the wedding checklist and noted that everything was on track. He gave Michael the rings and warned that he'd hunt Michael down if anything happened to them. Scott arrived and Kevin asked him to critique his vows. A nervous Kevin was sure that Scott wouldn't approve, but Scott assured him that they were perfect. Scott said that Kevin spoke from the heart and Chloe would love him even more for it.

At the Chancellor house, Chloe took a selfie with Bella, while Esther beamed. Chelsea arrived. Chloe noticed that Chelsea was frazzled, and Chelsea blamed the traffic. Esther said they were just reminiscing about how Kevin and Chloe had come full circle. Chelsea said it was time to get Chloe ready, so Esther took Bella and left. Chloe thanked Chelsea for being her best friend, and they hugged. Later, Chelsea noticed a rip in the hem of her maid of honor dress. Chloe offered her a needle and thread, but Chelsea thought she had a safety pin in her purse. Esther called out to Chloe, so she left the room. Chloe couldn't find a safety pin so she rifled through Chloe's dresser looking for one. Chelsea found a pair of black gloves in a drawer, then a wedding band tucked in the back corner. Chelsea's wedding vows replayed in her head. Her lip trembled and her eyes filled with tears as she realized it was Adam's ring and that Chloe killed him.

Nick arrived at Newman at Victor's request. Victor revealed that he asked Scott to write his biography. Nick was taken aback, and Victor preemptively said he'd already received criticism from Nikki and Victoria. Nick realized that Victor's mind was made up. Victor explained that Scott would be setting up an interview with Nick. Nick said okay. Victor was surprised that Nick just agreed to it without warning Victor that this could tarnish his legacy. Nick said he wasn't up for a fight, because he'd just had a blowout with Chelsea. He said that he did something that he felt strongly about, but that she disapproved of. Victor asked if Nick wanted to talk about it. Nick felt that he'd already said too much. Victor asked if Nick thought he'd done the right thing. Nick said yes. Victor tried to assure Nick that he could repair things with Chelsea, in time, but Nick feared that he may have lost her for good.

Ashley was in the office at Jabot. She tried to make hotel reservations for the health and beauty conference in NY. Ravi walked in, sporting his new look of contacts and a suit. Ravi said he was there to talk about the updates she asked for on JabotGo. Ashley was busy scrambling to get her work done before the conference. She didn't look up from her computer. Ravi wondered if she was busy tonight, and Ashley, eyes still focused on her laptop, said that she was incredibly busy. Ravi got flustered when things didn't go as he hoped, and he walked out. Ashley glanced up as he was leaving, and seemed startled.

Phyllis rushed up to Ravi and asked how “Operation New impression went,” Ravi kept walking. Later, Phyllis dropped in at his office, and he told her what happened. Ravi appreciated her help, but he thought it was a waste of time. Phyllis was sure that Ashley noticed him, but Ravi said that if she did, it didn't matter. Ravi recalled that Ashley had been so complimentary about the way they looked in the photo, yesterday, but today it was business as usual. Phyllis asked if Ashley was busy when he walked in. Ravi confirmed that she'd been typing on her computer the whole time. Phyllis thought that explained everything, but Ravi was convinced that Ashley just wasn't interested in him. Ravi noted that his eyes hurt. He vowed to take out his contacts, put his glasses on and see things for how they really were – hopeless.

Phyllis went into the CEO office and asked Ashley what was up with her and Ravi. Phyllis noted that one minute, Ashley was chatting him up and letting him think he had a chance, then the next she was ignoring him. Ashley asked if Ravi said that. Phyllis admitted that they were her words, but she thought she'd accurately summarized his feelings. Ashley said they were colleagues and friends. Phyllis accused Ashley of giving Ravi mixed signals. She icily suggested that Ashley pick one signal and stick with it. Ashley didn't like Phyllis's attitude. Phyllis accused Ashley of being too concerned about her self-image to give a great guy like Ravi a chance. Ashley snapped that this was none of Phyllis's business. Phyllis argued that it became her business when she helped Ravi pick out a whole new wardrobe just to impress Ashley. Ashley was shocked Phyllis took Ravi shopping, and she asked why. Phyllis said that she helped him because he was a friend and colleague, and when she said that, she meant it. Ashley was still taken aback about Phyllis giving men makeovers in her spare time. Phyllis admitted that she needed a social life, and she thought Ashley did, too. Ashley said that Phyllis was the last person on the planet she'd go to for dating advice. Phyllis said she was trying to help Ashley. Phyllis said she went after what she wanted, in spite of the consequences, while Ashley was missing out because she was too risk-averse to try anything new.

Ravi, now wearing glasses and more casual clothes, returned to his office and was caught off guard to find Ashley waiting for him. She noted that he changed his clothes and asked what happened to Ravi 2.0. Ravi said he thought he'd give being more fashionable a try, but it wasn't for him. He planned to return all the clothes to Fenmore's. Ashley disagreed. She said that she hadn't had the chance to tell him that she thought he looked nice in those clothes. She hoped he'd keep them, since he'd need something nice to wear at the conference. Ravi was surprised Ashley wanted to take him. Ashley said she was giving the keynote speech and she needed Ravi's help with the technical aspects. Ashley also revealed that she got them tickets to the Met.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria was happy to see that Billy was back. He surprised her with custard tarts from her favorite restaurant in Toronto. Victoria said she should be treating him after the deal he made. Billy proudly noted that Brash and Sassy was the official grooming line of pro hockey. Victoria wanted to hear all the gory details of the deal. She grabbed Billy's hand and lead him into the conference room.

Billy revealed that the vote was unanimous, which Leon said was rare. Victoria noticed that Billy and Leon were on a first name basis. Billy said that he and Leon didn't talk about the mess with Jack. He added that he and Leon ended up hitting it off. Victoria wasn't surprised, because Billy was charming and his presentation was solid. Billy had expected to be nervous, while addressing the board, but he wasn't, because he believed in the product and the deal. Victoria told Billy she was proud of him. She said he'd proven that he was as committed to the company as she was. Victoria announced that she hired Juliet to work in Genoa City. He thought that was fantastic. Billy felt that it was time that they discuss the kiss they shared before his trip. Billy admitted that he hadn't stopped thinking about it, and he bet Victoria hadn't either. At first, Victoria tried to change the subject, then she admitted that the kiss threw her off. She thought the kiss was good, and she theorized that it happened because they got caught up in the excitement of Billy's trip. Billy promised not to kiss her anymore when he was happy about hockey deals.

Billy showed Victoria the hockey jerseys he bought for Johnny and Katie. He suggested that they leave work early and give them to the kids. Victoria refused because she had things to do. Billy challenged her to tell him how many things absolutely had to be finished today. Victoria said two. Billy said they could do those two things, then leave. He told the hesitant Victoria that he'd had a lot of great ideas lately and this one was the best. Noting that she was the boss, he urged her to live dangerously and bend the rules. Later, Billy and Victoria headed to the elevator and discussed their plans – food, then the arcade. They smack-talked about who was the better game player. Phyllis was already in the elevator. When the doors opened, she started to exit, but she changed her mind after she saw Billy and Victoria together. They joined Phyllis, and she asked how things were going. Billy told her that he and Victoria going out to celebrate after landing a big deal. The elevator stopped. Victoria got out, and Billy stepped back and held the door for Phyllis. She stayed put, and Billy told her that this was the parking garage. Phyllis pretended that she forgot something file upstairs. She told them to have fun, but as soon as she was alone, her smile faded and she looked glum.

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