Tuesday Y&R Update 4/4/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 4/4/17


Written by Christine

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe tried on her dress while she told Chelsea that Esther would be the designated driver. Chelsea surprised Chloe with a limo instead. Esther wished Chloe had let her throw a more elegant party, with tea and finger sandwiches, but Chloe felt that alcohol and music was more appropriate for her third marriage to Kevin. Chelsea helped Chloe put on her veil. Chloe tearfully noted that this time tomorrow she'd be married. Chloe admitted she never thought she'd be this happy again.

Sharon arrived at The Underground, at Nick's request. She was startled to find him decorating the bar for Chloe's bachelorette party. Nick explained that Paul wouldn't reopen the investigation into Adam's death without concrete evidence. Nick asked Sharon to help him get Chloe to confess. They headed into Nick's office. Sharon was uncomfortable with scheming to pry a confession out of Chloe. Nick recalled how much Sharon cared about Adam. Sharon told him not to try and guilt her into doing this. Nick was adamant that they needed to know what happened to Adam. Sharon pointed out that Nick didn't have concrete evidence against Chloe. Nick revealed that the cellphone records proved that Chloe had been near the cabin that night. He also showed Sharon the dart gun and the wrench that Chloe threw in the dumpster. Sharon was still hesitant to help. She finally admitted that she didn't want it to be true. Nick didn't either, but he said he had to know the truth.

Nick and Sharon returned to the bar, and Nick laid out his plan to get Chloe drunk enough to confess. Sharon didn't think anyone would drink enough to admit to murder. Nick sensed that Chloe had ran her mouth to Scott the other day because she wanted the truth to come out. Sharon thought Chloe would have to be cold-hearted to kill Adam then spend so much time with Chelsea. Nick was adamant that they had to get the truth before Chloe and Kevin left the country on their honeymoon. Sharon felt bad for Kevin, and Nick thought it was best if the truth came out before they got married. Nick asked Sharon to distract Chelsea so he could talk to Chloe alone. Sharon was surprised that Nick hadn't shared his plan with Chelsea. Nick said that Chelsea couldn't bear the thought of Chloe being behind this, so he wasn't going to discuss it with her anymore without proof. Sharon asked why he didn't tell Chelsea about the dart gun and wrench. Nick thought Chloe would be able to talk her way out of it. Sharon warned Nick that this could backfire – if he was wrong, Chelsea would be furious with him, and if he was right, Chelsea might shoot the messenger. Nick felt that, for all his faults, Adam deserved justice and Chelsea deserved the truth. Sharon was concerned about how Chloe, who might be capable of murder, would react when cornered.

Chloe, Chelsea and Esther arrived at the bar. Nick served Chloe a “bridemopolitan.” She downed it quickly, and Sharon encouraged her to have another. Nick stepped way. Chelsea followed. She kissed Nick and thanked him for doing this for Chloe. Chelsea was happy because she assumed Nick no longer had reservations about Chloe. Back at the table, Sharon wondered if Chloe would regret rushing into marriage. Chloe said she never should have divorced Kevin in the first place, and she admitted she'd done a lot of crazy things in the past. Chloe finished another drink, and Esther urged her to slow down, but Sharon egged Chloe on and refilled her glass. Chelsea surprised Chloe with a sheer nightie. Esther looked embarrassed as Chloe noted that Kevin would love it. Chloe teared up and told everyone how grateful she was for their support. She promised to do right by them. Sharon poured Chloe another glass, then she signaled to Nick.

Esther stepped away to take a call from the baker. Chloe admitted that this was the first time she'd been able to relax since... Chloe trailed off. Sharon suggested that they go for a walk to get the blood circulating. Chloe agreed, and Sharon guided the tipsy Chloe into Nick's office.

Over by the bar, Chelsea offered to handle things at the bar so Nick could go to the bachelor party, but Nick said he still had some things to take care of.

Sharon suggested that Chloe lie down on the couch for a bit. Nick came in, and Sharon made up an excuse to leave. Chloe told Nick that he was good for Chelsea. Nick showed Chloe a toy dart gun, then he pulled out the real tranquilizer gun Chloe had thrown away. Chloe pretended not to know what it was. Nick explained that it could take down a bear. He told Chloe that he once got stuck in a bear trap. Chloe recalled that Sharon promised to bring her some water. She got up, but Nick gently pushed her back into the chair. Nick recalled the regret he felt while trapped, realizing that he'd never be able to make amends to the people he'd hurt. Nick told Chloe that Sage found him and she went and got Adam. Nick said that Adam saved his life. Nick conceded that Adam had done a lot of horrible things, but he felt that Adam had good in him. Chloe asked if saving Nick balanced out the bad things Adam did. Chloe opined that it didn't matter, since Adam was gone. Nick countered that it mattered to Connor and Chelsea. Chloe noted that Chelsea wouldn't be with Nick if Adam was around. Nick said that didn't mean he wanted Adam dead.

Esther returned, and she and Chelsea wondered where Chloe was. Sharon tried to distract Esther with chitchat, but Esther and Chelsea got worried, so Sharon admitted that Chloe had too much to drink and was resting in Nick's office. Sharon talked Esther out of checking on Chloe. Chelsea told Esther a white lie about Chloe being worried about the caterer. While Esther went to call the caterer, Chelsea asked Sharon what was really going on. Sharon stuck to her story. Chelsea decided to go see Chloe, but Sharon told her to give Chloe some time.

Back in the office, Nick showed Chloe the wrench and told her that Chelsea deserved the truth. The door opened and Nick hid the wrench. Chelsea asked what was going on. Nick asked if Chloe if she was going to tell Chelsea or if he was. Nick looked over at Chloe and saw that her eyes were closed. He tried to wake her, but Chelsea said to let her sleep. Chelsea went to get Esther so they could take Chloe home. Chloe opened her eyes while Nick wasn't looking.

Phyllis was leaving Jabot and found Gloria in a bad mood. Gloria grumbled that Kevin and “that twit” had moved up the wedding. Gloria was outraged that they'd alerted her by email and that Kevin wasn't answering her calls. Gloria noted that she didn't have an outfit for the wedding, and she decided to call Lauren for help. Phyllis said that Lauren wasn't at home because of the bach...of new shipments. Phyllis's attempt to cover failed, and Gloria realized that there was a bachelor party underway. She rushed out of the building.

In Jabot's office, Ashley finished meeting with people abut the men's line. Ashley asked Ravi to stick around. Once they were alone, Ashley showed Ravi the GC Buzz website. There was a picture of the two of them, and Ravi was identified as her date. Ravi felt that they should demand a retraction for the slanderous caption. Ashley didn't think it was slanderous. She thought it was natural for people to assume he was her date. Ravi wondered if she was angry. Ashley wasn't. She noted that there were worse things for her reputation than to be seen with a young handsome opera lover. Ravi was surprised she called him handsome. Ashley told him how sophisticated he looked in his tux. Ravi replied that she made him look good, and Ashley noted that Ravi helped her enjoy opera. She told Ravi that the next time opera came to town, she was getting two tickets. Ashley left to meet Abby for dinner.

Phyllis entered the office. Ravi told Phyllis what Ashley said about getting tickets. He asked if that meant a date. Phyllis recalled that Ravi had recently walked out of the office devastated. Ravi clarified that he'd been disappointed. He thought things had changed. He showed Phyllis the picture. Phyllis was shocked that Ravi could look so sophisticated. She theorized that Ashley took notice of him because of the way he looked that night. Ravi asked for advice on getting Ashley to notice him every day. Ashley told him to dress for the woman he wanted. She noted that Ashley was elegant, while Ravi's everyday style was not. Ravi decided to go online shopping, but Phyllis had a different idea. She had Ravi model outfits. Phyllis nixed several styles, but she was satisfied when she saw Ravi in a suit. Phyllis took Ravi's glasses off, and he protested that he couldn't see. Phyllis noted that he didn't have his glasses at the opera. Ravi explained that his contacts were uncomfortable, but Phyllis was unsympathetic, because her heels weren't comfortable either. She told Ravi that sometimes people had to suffer for what they wanted. Ravi told Phyllis that Ashley wasn't shallow. He didn't think new clothes would help. Phyllis explained that it wasn't about the clothes, but about the attitude. Ravi agreed to give her idea a try.

At the Club, Ashley and Abby talked about Abby's interview with Scott. Abby found him to be smart and insightful. They made small-talk about various things, then Abby showed Ashley the picture of Ashley and Ravi. Smiling, Abby asked when Ashley started dating Ravi and when he got so hot. Ashley explained that they were just friends and that she only invited him to the opera because Jack stood her up. Abby recalled that Ashley hated the opera, but Ashley said she learned to appreciate it that night. Abby noted that this secretly hot guy had been following her around like a puppy. Abby said she thought Ashley was going to make it clear to Ravi that they couldn't date. Ashley asked Abby to stop talking about Ravi like he was a little boy instead of an educated man. Ashley said Ravi understood that they were friends. Abby stated that she didn't look at her friends the way Ravi and Ashley were looking at each other in the picture. Abby added that Ravi had opened Ashley up to new things, like EDM and opera. She encouraged Ashley to explore things with Ravi. Ashley wondered why Abby cared so much. Abby said she (Abby) knew from experience that it was no fun being alone. Abby felt that Ashley deserved someone who made her happy.

Kevin's bachelor party was held at the Baldwin home. Michael, Paul, Kevin and Scott played poker. The guys teased Kevin about marriage; Michael advised him to say “Yes, Dear” and Paul added that “You're right” also worked. Kevin was confident that he knew exactly what he was getting into with Chloe and that there wouldn't be any surprises. After a toast to Kevin and Chloe, Michael stated that secrets were a marriage's worst enemy. Mariah arrived with a pack of beer. Michael assumed she was looking for the bachelorette party, but Mariah said she was on the groom's side of the aisle. She spotted the poker game and told them to deal her in.

Later, Paul got Michael alone and asked if he had any idea why Michael's friend, Nick suspected that Adam's death wasn't an accident. Michael didn't have any insight; he had no idea Nick was looking into Adam's death. Gloria burst into the house and complained that Kevin didn't even call her to tell her the wedding had been moved up. “What's the rush, Kevin? Is Chloe pregnant with someone else's child again?” Gloria snarled. Kevin told Gloria that this is why he didn't call. Gloria was also annoyed that Kevin didn't tell her about the party. Michael stressed that it was a bachelor party, but Gloria countered that Mariah was there. Kevin said that Mariah was his friend and she supported his marriage. Kevin firmly told his mother that Chloe made him happy. He said that if Gloria didn't support that, it meant she didn't want him to be happy. Gloria softened. She admitted she wanted Kevin to be happy, then she asked if she could stay. Kevin let her.

Gloria pulled Mariah aside and asked her to seduce Kevin tonight. Gloria started to unbutton Mariah's blouse so she'd show cleavage. Mariah slapped Gloria's hand away and refused to take part in her scheme. Gloria noted that Mariah had pined over Kevin. Mariah snapped that she was seeing someone and Kevin was in love with Chloe. Mariah went back to the party. Gloria murmured that there must be some way to stop the wedding.

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