Monday Y&R Update 4/3/17

The Y&R Update Monday 4/3/17


Written by Christine

In Paul's office, Paul reminded Nick that Adam's death had been ruled accidental. Nick explained that he had serious questions about what happened that night. Nick believed that Dylan shared his suspicions, and he asked if Paul could put him in touch with Dylan. Paul hesitated, then he said that he and Dylan were equally involved in the investigation. Paul was willing to hear Nick out, but he explained that they'd need solid evidence to reopen the case. Nick thought it was odd that the cabin just happened to blow up a right before Chelsea and Connor went back inside. Paul asked if Nick had proof that someone set off the explosion. Nick brought up the propane leak, and Paul suggested that the seal was defective. Nick asked if there was a way to differentiate between a defective seal and one that had been sabotaged with something like a wrench. Paul thought CSI might be able to uncover alterations, but he told Nick that they'd need proof or motive.

Paul sensed that Nick had a suspect in mind. Nick was reluctant to say, but he hoped Paul wouldn't dismiss his concerns. Paul warned Nick that reopening the case would have repercussions for Victor. Nick thought that Victor would want to know what really happened to Adam. Paul got the feeling that Nick didn't want to say a name because he was afraid of tipping the suspect off. Nick admitted that he was worried that the the cops would lose the chance to find the truth. Nick implored Paul not to forget about Adam. Paul said he hadn't, but he needed evidence that would hold up in court, like physical evidence or a confession. Nick seemed to latch onto the idea of getting a taped confession. He thanked Paul and left.

At Crimson Lights, Michael was shocked when Kevin announced that the wedding was tomorrow. Kevin stated that he and Chloe loved each other too much to wait. Michael wanted to know who wanted to rush the wedding – Chloe or Kevin. Kevin insisted that Chloe didn't drag him into this. Michael was miffed that Kevin had disregarded his advice to take things slow. Michael repeated his question. Kevin admitted that it was Chloe's idea, but he assured Michael that he was all for it. Michael decided to stop grilling Kevin, and he pledged his support to his brother. Kevin recalled that Michael believed in him before Kevin believed in himself. Kevin noted that at one time, he didn't think he deserved to be happy. Kevin beamed as he stated that Chloe accepted him, flaws and all. Michael pointed out that some people would say Chloe's flaws outnumbered Kevin's. Kevin said that they could say it to his face when he married Chloe. Sharon, who was tending to customers, couldn't help overhearing. Sharon gave Kevin a hug and claimed to be happy for him, but she looked concerned.

Michael surmised that Gloria didn't know Kevin had moved up the wedding. Kevin considered having Michael tell her the news, but he eventually decided to do it himself. Kevin asked Michael to help him choose a wedding ring. Kevin noted that he also needed to buy clothes for his honeymoon in Tahiti. After the brothers left, Sharon called Nick and told him to call her ASAP. Later, Michael and Kevin returned with an armload of shopping bags. Kevin promised to pay Michael back, but Michael told him not to worry about it. Kevin was thrilled when he got the word that there was a cancellation at the Tahitian resort he was interested in, meaning there was an opening for him and Chloe. Michael asked how Kevin managed to get the GCPD to approve his vacation request so quickly. Kevin's eyes widened in alarm – he hadn't asked for time off. Michael urged him to go talk to Paul now. Kevin asked Sharon to model Chloe's ring and for Michael to wear Kevin's. Kevin snapped a quick picture of the rings on their fingers to send Chloe. Kevin asked Sharon's opinion of the ring. She called it lovely, then she gave him a kiss on the cheek and wished him well. Kevin rushed off.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Esther promised Chloe that she'd take care of everything. Chelsea arrived in the middle of Esther and Chloe's joyful squeals. Chelsea's smile faded when Chloe revealed that the wedding would be tomorrow. Chelsea said that the dress wasn't finished, and she wondered why Chloe was in such a hurry. Chloe launched into a story about having a vivid dream about her wedding day, which made her realize she didn't want to wait to start the next chapter with Kevin. Esther clarified that Chloe originally wanted to get married tonight, but Esther had talked her into waiting. Chloe added that the sooner she and Kevin got married, the sooner he could adopt Bella. Chloe didn't want to get married unless she could wear the dress Chelsea designed, though. Chelsea vowed to stay up all night making the dress, if necessary. Thrilled, Chloe gave Chelsea a big hug. Later, the trio discussed wedding décor, while Chelsea sketched ideas in her sketchpad. Esther was happy that the house would be fun and festive again, something that hadn't happened often since Katherine's death. Esther dashed off to deal with the photographer.

Chelsea revealed that she made a dress for Bella. Chloe and Chelsea got emotional picturing Bella as a flower girl. As they dabbed at tears, Chloe said that none of this would be happening without Chelsea, Chloe's guardian angel. Chloe marveled at the way Chelsea forgave her and welcomed Chloe and Bella into her heart, home and business. Chelsea felt that everyone deserved a second chance. Chloe said that over the past few months, Chelsea had taught her what it meant to be a friend. Chloe added that she'd always support Chelsea, no matter what. Chloe thought it was remarkable that she (Chloe) could feel that way after all that Chloe had been through. They hugged. Later, Chloe, Chelsea and Esther shared a group hug and parted ways to take care of the final wedding preparations. Chloe looked shaken when she received the picture of the rings.

Sharon impatiently waited for Nick to call her back. Chloe arrived, which alarmed Sharon. Sharon recovered and chatted with Chloe about the wedding. Chloe asked if Sharon was coming. Sharon said she couldn't make it because she had work and school. Chloe understood. Sharon wished Chloe the best, but Chloe noted that Sharon didn't seem happy about the wedding. Sharon admitted something had been bothering her – she asked why, the other day, Chloe had said she was afraid of blowing it with Kevin. Chloe thought Sharon would be able to relate to how she felt, so she was glad that Sharon was the one asking. Chloe noted that she and Sharon had both gone to darker places and fought hard to get their lives back. Chloe asked if Sharon ever worried about a relapse. Sharon admitted that she did from time to time. Chloe confessed that she always wondered if she would sabotage her happiness. Sharon hoped things would go well. Chloe said she was happy, and she hoped Sharon could be happy for her. Sharon said that she wanted to be.

Paul was in his office reading the police report on the explosion. Kevin came in and asked Paul to override the HR regulations and grant him two weeks off to go on his honeymoon. Kevin mentioned that it would be a great vacation gift. Paul blasted Kevin for asking him to bend the rules. Paul suddenly smiled and told the relieved Kevin that he'd give him the time off. Paul said he wouldn't do this for anyone, but Kevin had earned it. Kevin gushed about his upcoming trip to Tahiti. Paul noted that Chloe and Kevin were getting married and leaving the country. Paul teasingly asked if they were ever coming back. Kevin thanked Paul for the job and helping him turn his life around. Kevin hoped Paul would be at the wedding. Paul had to work, but he promised to be there in spirit.

Nick and Chelsea ran into each other at the Club. Nick asked Chelsea to join him for lunch, but she said she didn't have time because she had to finish Chloe's dress. She explained that Chloe was getting married tomorrow, then flying to Tahiti for two weeks. Nick asked why the change of plans. Chelsea assumed that Chloe and Kevin couldn't bear to wait. Chelsea told Nick that she and Chloe had a great talk that was deep and emotional. Chelsea also mentioned that she confronted Chloe about the phone records that put her near the cabin on the night of the explosion. Chelsea relayed Chloe's claims she never left the penthouse that night and her point that Kevin would have noticed if she'd gone out. Chelsea believed Chloe and felt that Chloe was sincere about her devotion to Chelsea. Nick felt that it was time for him to talk to Chloe too. Chelsea was concerned and asked what Nick would say. Nick thought a gesture would be better. He suggested that he provide the venue for Chloe's bachelorette party. Chelsea was touched that Nick was doing this for Chloe. She decided to attend the party and wake up early tomorrow to finish the dress. While Chelsea called Chloe to tell her about the party, Nick stepped away. He called someone and arranged to meet them at the Underground.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria asked Cane why he seemed resistant to her idea to offer Juliet a job in Genoa City. Cane claimed it was because he knew Juliet wanted to stay in Tokyo. He pretended he thought it would be fantastic if Juliet took the job. Victoria crunched the numbers and briefly thought they couldn't afford to hire Juliet. Victoria mentioned how much she liked Juliet, especially due to Cane's report on how Juliet performed in Tokyo. Victoria found a surplus in the budget and was delighted to realize she could hire Juliet after all. She told Cane to convince Juliet to take the job.

Lily approached Juliet, at the Club, and announced that Cane told her. Juliet was stunned. Lily admitted that some people might think that was inappropriate, but she explained that she and Cane had a really close relationship. Juliet swore that she didn't force Cane to do anything. Lily laughed and said of course Juliet didn't. Confused, Juliet asked if Lily wasn't upset. Lily eventually clarified that she was talking about Victoria passing Juliet over for the job. Juliet made it clear that she thought Cane told Lily something else. Lily wondered what Juliet thought she was talking about. Juliet blamed her misunderstanding on jet lag. Lily offered to let Juliet know if any other jobs opened up at Brash and Sassy. Juliet appreciated the offer, but she was hoping to land a permanent position somewhere as soon as possible. Juliet complained that she couldn't get an executive position without management experience, but no one wanted to hire a freelancer as a manager. Victoria called Juliet and invited her to the office to discuss another job offer.

Juliet arrived at Brash and Sassy, and Victoria asked Cane to leave the conference room so she could talk to Juliet in private. After Cane stepped out, Victoria explained that they were looking for a marketing person to focus on the U.S. teen demos and men's line. Victoria explained that Juliet would have to relocate to Genoa City and that her title would be Marketing Executive. Victoria added that there would be unlimited room for advancement, especially if she performed in this position as dynamically as she did for Cane. Victoria asked if Juliet had any questions. Juliet admitted she had several. She asked if she'd be working with Cane. Victoria assumed that wouldn't be a deal breaker, given how well they'd worked together in Japan. Juliet smiled and said that wouldn't be a problem at all.

Later, Juliet told Cane that she didn't know what he said to Victoria to convince her to offer Juliet a job, but she couldn't thank him enough. Cane asked if she took the job, and Juliet explained that Victoria was giving her time to think about it. Cane warned Juliet that she might not be happy if she left Japan. Juliet realized that Cane didn't have anything to do with getting her the new job offer. She asked if he didn't want to work with her. Cane said he was just concerned she'd end up with buyer's remorse if she took the job. “Oh, is that what you have, even though you can't fully remember the shopping spree?,” Juliet asked. Cane noted that this job would offer less autonomy, a lower position and less money. Juliet replied that there was plenty of potential for growth. She added that she might end up as Cane's boss.

Cane thought it would be uncomfortable for them to see each other every day. Juliet disagreed. She felt that they should should move on. She said that what what happened was meaningless and had made no impression on Cane. Cane asked if she was taking the job. Juliet assured him that she wasn't trying to cause trouble for him or Lily. Juliet thought Lily was nice, and she told Cane that she (Juliet) was, too. Juliet left. Lily arrived and told Cane that she just had coffee with Victoria. Lily explained that if Juliet took the job, Victoria wanted Lily to work closely with Juliet on marketing. Lily was thrilled to have her own point-person at the office. She liked Juliet and thought that they'd become great friends. Just then, Victoria returned. To Cane's dismay, Victoria announced that Juliet took the job.

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