Friday Y&R Update 3/31/17

The Y&R Update Friday 3/31/17


Written by Ellen

Victor pays a surprise visit to Brash & Sassy and catches his brilliant daughter in action. Victoria gives him partial credit for her success. Her happiness is his greatest reward. He takes the opportunity to tell her that Scott Grainger has been hired to write Victor’s biography and given free access to all family members. Victoria’s response: Is Victor crazy?

At home, Sharon is stunned by Nick’s request for information about Adam’s case. She can’t contact Dylan, as he requests. Seeing that he upset her, he apologizes. She doesn’t understand his urgency. Adam died six months ago in a freak explosion. That’s just it. Nick has evidence that it wasn’t an accident.

Chloe greets Kevin at the studio, showering him with hugs and kisses. That kind of welcome makes him want to move up the wedding date. She takes him up on it. How about tomorrow.

Lily runs into Abby at Crimson Lights and teases her about her appearance. The business suit makes her look like the stereotype she’s become. Lily says there’s an app for that. In fact, Abby has already ordered an outfit from Fenmore’s, the competition. While online shopping, Abby noticed the hot model for Dare by Brash & Sassy. She suspects Victoria is a pain to work for, but Lily denies it. Victoria has been cool with both Lily and Cane.

At the athletic club bar, Cane recovers from a bombshell. He and Juliette had sex in Tokyo. This is new territory for him; he’s never cheated on his wife. Juliette says don’t sweat it. It was just a hook-up, and obviously not a memorable one. But it’s a big deal for Cane---and about to get bigger.

Again at Crimson Lights: There’s no question Abby has a problem with Victoria. Lily asks for particulars and hears about how Victoria torpedoed Abby’s start-up office space idea. Abby is sure Victoria has her sights on the top spot at Newman. And since she’s Victor’s favorite child, she’s a shoo-in.

At Brash & Sassy: Victor trusts Scott. Victoria reminds him that all has not been rosy between Victoria and her father. Not a problem. Victor expects her to be truthful.

At Sharon’s: Sharon promises discretion and confirms that Dylan was never convinced the explosion was an accident, but he wasn’t permitted to follow his hunch. The cabin was unkempt and the propane tank was old. Case closed. Nick disagrees. He recalls the night he took Chelsea there. It was as though they were meant to witness the blast, and Nick’s number 1 suspect is Chloe. Sharon is astounded. She thought Chloe was over her rage against Adam. Nick says Chelsea can’t wrap her mind around it either. He falters midsentence. Could he have a glass of water? He’s a bit dehydrated. This jogs Sharon’s memory. Chloe came into the coffeehouse the day after the fire and she was dehydrated. That fits with Nick’s version of events. Chloe had been having drinks at the Underground the night before. Nick concludes that Chloe must be . . . Sharon finishes his sentence: Crazy? Like Sharon?

At the studio: Kevin laughs it off. They can’t marry tomorrow. There’s too much to do. Chloe's dress isn’t even ready. She insists her mother can ready the Chancellor mansion, they can send out e-vites, and they can pick up a cake at a bakery. He asks why the rush.

Abby receives Scott in Victor’s office. She assumes he’s already interviewed Victoria, but no. He wants to begin with Abby. She’s surprised at being first for a change. It doesn’t take an investigative reporter to notice her insecurity, and she’s just getting started. While his recorder rolls, she tells a charming story about how Victor surprised her and her mother on a trip to London. She was just a child, but he whisked her away to a ball, gained an audience with the queen of England, and bought her a new dress and a tiara. She was his princess---until he went home to his real family.

At the athletic club: Juliette didn’t think anyone could be so dense. Her earring was in Cane’s bed and her camisole wound up in his luggage. She thought he was just playing it cool in front of others, so she followed his lead. He is too mortified to speak. Juliette wonders aloud when he became such a prude, but there’s no time for him to answer. Soon Lily is fawning over her husband, greeting Juliette, and thanking her for helping Cane.

At Brash & Sassy: Victor feigns fear of competition from Victoria. He saw how she put Jack Abbott in his place. Yes, she’s making all the tough decisions now. For example, she was faced with a dilemma in hiring a division manager. She went with her gut and hired the candidate with more experience. Victor applauds her. Victoria takes the opening to needle him about Abby’s half-baked idea. She’s not ready for prime time. Victor shows his softer side and says Abby just needs a bit more seasoning.

In Victor’s office: This has to be the easiest interview Scott ever conducted. He asks a simple question and Abby does all the talking. How was it growing up with two powerful families? She feels like an outsider with both of them. Nikki has always been the love of Victor’s life, so of course he favors the children he had with her. What’s it like working for Victor? It’s a challenge, but Abby is learning a lot. Is she being groomed to take over Newman Enterprises? That remains to be seen. Victor enters and Scott ends the session with Abby. He looks forward to the next one. Abby is unnerved when she hears Victor invite Scott to contact Victoria.

Lily asks Juliette’s future plans, but Cane ends the discussion and practically pushes Juliette out the club door. Lily notices and asks what he’s doing there in the first place. He volunteered to deliver the bad news. Juliette didn’t get the job at Brash & Sassy. Lily gets a text summoning her for a fitting and has to run. Before she goes, she praises Cane for showing class by telling Juliette in person. Cane barely has time to take a breath before Victoria calls. She’s now considering Juliette for a marketing position.

At the studio: Chloe never stopped loving Kevin. She wasn’t ready to dive back into a relationship when she first returned to Genoa City, but she is now and doesn’t want to wait another minute. She needs him. She tears up, sinks to one knee, and proposes with a makeshift ring. Kevin can’t refuse. He looks forward to a bright future after their wedding tomorrow.

At Sharon’s: It’s unfair to hold Chloe’s mental illness against her; besides, Nick was so sure Daniel was to blame for Cassie’s death and he was wrong about that. Why doesn’t Nick go to the police with his theory? Because Kevin works there and would certainly tip off Chloe. On top of that, Nick doesn’t want to cause trouble for Victor, who broke Adam out of prison. Sharon still thinks Paul is Nick’s best bet. He could very well confirm it was an accident.

In Victor’s office: Abby tells Victor what she said in her interview---mostly. He thanks her for the kind words. All true, she says. She asks about his meeting with Victoria. He clears the air: There is no competition between Victoria and Abby. He then gives her the same advice he gave Victoria, that she should be herself and go with her gut. She smiles and thanks him.

Cane returns to Brash & Sassy, where Victoria talks about her big plans for the company. They call for a woman’s touch, and Juliette fits the bill. Cane mildly discourages her from going through with the hire until Victoria reveals that Juliette will work closely with Cane right here in Genoa City. Then he steps up his efforts. Victoria wonders why the change of heart?

Sharon works the counter at Crimson Lights. She spills a little coffee and reaches for a towel but grabs Dylan’s monogrammed apron instead. She begins to cry. Scott finds her thus and helps her to a seat.

In Victor’s office: He suggests Abby and Scott hold their next meeting over dinner at Top of the Tower, his treat. Abby accuses him of matchmaking, but he just wants her to realize there’s more to life than work. Not for her, not right now. She shoves a file in front of him to review. After he signs off, she slips out the door. From the lobby, she calls to release funds for her start-up project.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon is embarrassed, but Scott persuades her to unburden herself. The apron reminded her first of Dylan and then of all the other losses she’s suffered. He empathizes. How does he cope? He leans on his friends. He hitches his chair closer to hers and offers his shoulder.

Nick barges into Paul’s office, tells him that Adam’s death was no accident, and asks him to reopen the case.

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