Thursday Y&R Update 3/30/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 3/30/17


Written by Ellen

Nick comes to Chelsea’s studio to talk, but she’s busy working on Chloe’s wedding dress and puts him off.

Ashley meets Abby in the athletic club dining room. Abby is excited about her start-up company idea. Ashley is supportive but unsure this is the right project for her. It’s risky. So Abby has been told by her older, know-it-all sister. Victoria was in Victor’s office when Abby made her pitch and shot it down. Ashley gives Victoria the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she was looking out for Abby’s best interest. Nope. Abby intends to make a big splash and prove Victoria wrong.

Victoria prepares to interview Juliette at the Brash & Sassy office. She’s not the best candidate of the bunch, but at Cane’s urging, Victoria will give her a chance. Cane reminds her that she was skeptical about him, which she denies. She always knew he was up to the job. Could they please stop talking about it? Cane says yes, absolutely

Lily and Jordan run into each other at Crimson Lights. Lily is on cloud nine now that Devon has rid himself of Hilary. If Jordan had anything to do with that, he has her undying gratitude.

Neil waits at Jabot for a meeting with Jack. Why is he there? It’s awkward. Ashley offered Neil a job, which is news to Jack, but he knows her motive. She doesn’t trust Jack and wants Neil to keep an eye on him. Jack is angry but not with Neil. Neil assures him he has nothing to fear. Neil turned her down. He has bigger fish to fry.

At the athletic club: Abby is caught between her families and hesitates to tell Ashley the whole story. Victoria was in Victor’s office for another reason. She was crowing about out maneuvering Jack. Ashley knows about the hockey deal that went south but not the details. Abby tells her what she knows. Ashley remarks that Victoria always had a vicious streak. She’s certainly her father’s daughter.

Juliette arrives at Brash & Sassy for her interview and has a minute to speak to Cane privately. He gives her a few resume pointers and plenty of encouragement. They joke about his blowing the deal in Japan if it hadn’t been for her. He straightens her dress and tells her to knock ‘em dead.

At Crimson Lights: Lily notices that Jordan is all smiles too. He admits he had a great night but can’t reveal the details of his personal photography project. He changes the subject slightly. Since the Brash & Sassy campaign launched, Lily has been blowing up. After her contract expires, she could keep busy with all the freelance work she can handle.

Nick came to the studio to apologize to Chelsea but he can’t go through with it. He’s not sorry for pursuing Chloe’s possible role in Adam’s death. Chelsea is upset with him for opening an old wound. Can’t he accept the police report that it was a freak accident? It’s ludicrous to think Chloe might have caused a propane tank explosion. Besides, rehashing it won’t bring Adam back to life, and Chloe was a lifeline in the aftermath. Nick reminds her that Chloe once pointed a gun at Adam in public and tried to run him down with her car. Chelsea begs him to drop the matter. He won’t and strikes a compromise. Discussion of Chloe is off limits from now on. Chelsea reluctantly agrees. Chloe appears in the doorway.

In Jack’s office: Neil is proud of Devon for coming up with the idea of acquiring companies, and with his deep pockets, they can start big. Jack cautions him about the risk, but Neil is unconcerned. They have the cash and the business experience to make a go of it. Jack asks him not to go into the cosmetics business and they have a laugh.

The interview proceeds in Victoria’s office. Cane watches through the window and signals for Juliette to smile. Victoria fires questions at Juliette, who gamely answers them all. Victoria is impressed with Juliette’s hard-driving work ethic, which is similar to Victoria’s.

At the design studio: Nick leaves the girls to their work. He graciously wishes Chloe and Kevin all the best and says Chloe will make a beautiful bride, but in the parking lot his suspicions persist. He seems to have planted doubt in Chelsea’s mind too. Inside the studio, she asks Chloe why her phone was tracked to within a half mile of the cabin on the night of the explosion.

Again in Jack’s office: Neil intends to diversify but doesn’t rule out cosmetics entirely. For now his dream is to build a family company similar to Jabot. Jack agrees that working together that way creates a special bond. Neil rises to leave the office and says he intends to keep up with the foundation. They part amicably.

At the athletic club: Abby spills it all. She tells Ashley that Scott Grainger has been hired to write Victor’s autobiography. Ashley cringes, recalling the last tome about Victor’s life. She didn’t come off looking very good. Abby has similar fears. She loves her dad, but she can’t be dishonest about his activities. Ashley suggests she make a preemptive strike: ask to be interviewed immediately and then go to Victor and tell him what she said. He’ll be so pleased with her that he’ll green-light her idea.

At the Underground, Noah teases his dad for looking at his phone constantly. He guesses correctly that Chelsea is on Nick’s mind. He hopes there’s no trouble. Nick admits to some tension, but they’re coping. Noah hopes so; he likes Chelsea.

At the studio: Chloe is horrified. Nick and Chelsea paid someone to trace her phone? She’s sure Nick hates her, but why did Chelsea go along with the idea? Chelsea believed so firmly in Chloe’s innocence that she saw no harm. Chloe rants. She has an alibi for the evening in question. She was at the penthouse with Kevin and Daniel. Does Chelsea think they’re lying too? Chloe takes a breath. She’s hurt, but she doesn’t blame Chelsea. Chelsea is puzzled. Chloe realizes her track record with Adam would make her a suspect in anyone’s mind. She paid dearly for the things she did, though. Chelsea agrees and is proud of her for pulling herself together. They manage to smooth things over and Chelsea encourages Chloe to take the day off to see to wedding plans. Chloe does so.

Ashley confronts Jack in his office and a shouting match ensues (the special bond Jack was talking about?). Ashley puts him on alert about Victoria. What could be her motive for pulling the rug out from under Jack? He waves her off. Victoria is the least of their worries. If Neil persuades Lily and Cane to abandon Brash & Sassy, he and Devon are sure to start a cosmetics division. Jabot needs fresh ideas pronto. What does Ashley have in the pipeline? She keeps yammering about wanting a bigger role in the company. She resents his insinuation and tells him to stand back and watch her.

At Crimson Lights: Lily sees no reason to leave Brash & Sassy. She has a job she loves and one that allows ample family time. Jordan admires her and remarks that it must be tough making a marriage work under the circumstances. Lily, clearly proud of herself, says it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but she and Cane love each other.

Cane meets Juliette at the athletic club bar to deliver bad news. She didn’t get the job. Juliette is crushed. She thought the interview went well. It did, but she’s not suited to that particular position. Victoria will keep her in mind for another one. Juliette recovers quickly and thanks Cane for his effort on her behalf. And he shouldn’t worry about her keeping their little secret. Cane is clueless. Juliette has to spell it out: In Japan, Juliette didn’t just help Cane to his room and stay the night. In his drunken stupor he apparently forgot they had sex.

Nick watches from a distance as Chloe enters the parking lot outside the studio. She stuffs a black duffel bag into the dumpster and hurries away. He retrieves it and takes it to the Underground. With gloved hands, he extracts a stun gun and a wrench.

Victoria runs into Abby at Crimson Lights and invites her to sit and chat, but Abby has no interest. Victoria knows the reason and essentially tells Abby to get over it. Someday she’ll have a good idea that Victor will approve and she can impress the hell out of him. Abby says it will be sooner than Victoria thinks.

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