Wednesday Y&R Update 3/29/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/29/17


Written by Christine

At the penthouse, Chelsea refused to consider the possibility that Chloe killed Adam. Nick was adamant that they had to look into it, because if Chloe was guilty, it could mean she might hurt someone else. Chelsea argued that Chloe knew about fashion, not know how to blow up a cabin and make it look like an accident. Nick countered that Chloe pulled a gun on Adam at Delia's memorial service and ran him down. He believed that Chloe was capable of more than they'd realized, but Chelsea maintained that Chloe worked hard to recover. Chelsea said she was good at reading people, and she'd know if Chloe killed her husband. Nick gently stated that people sometimes people turn a blind eye to people they trust. Chelsea told Nick that she and Chloe spent time together and confided in each other. She was adamant that there was no way her deep bond with Chloe was a lie. Nick was concerned that Chloe was a danger to Chelsea and Connor, but Chelsea insisted that Chloe would never hurt them.

Nick noted that Chloe lied about the tracker and about being near the cabin when it was exploded. Chelsea argued that there were other possible explanations for why Chloe's phone pinged near the cabin - Chloe's phone may have been stolen, or someone could be trying to frame her. Nick conceded that they needed definitive answers, and he decided to call Paul. Chelsea was against it. Nick stated that the police had resources that were unavailable to the two of them. Chelsea pointed out that Kevin would find out about the investigation and tell Chloe that she and Nick didn't believe her. Nick said they didn't believe her, but Chelsea clarified that she did. Chelsea felt that they should drop it. Nick said that Chloe might have gotten away with murdering his brother. Nick couldn't let that go, and he was surprised Chelsea could. Chelsea said that if she thought Adam was really murdered, she would seek justice, but she didn't think that was the case. Nick said they needed proof, but Chelsea yelled that her best friend did not murder her husband.

Chelsea told Nick that she'd almost been consumed by grief after Adam's death. She admitted that she wasn't sure she would've survived it if she didn't have Connor to live for. She said she couldn't go back to that place, and she asked him to forget about the silly evidence he thought had against Chloe. She begged him to drop it for her (Chelsea's) sake. Nick promised not to go to the police, and Chelsea hugged and kissed him. Nick told Chelsea he'd call tomorrow, then he left. In the hallway, Nick looked at the tracking device Chloe had planted in Connor's toy.

As Devon and Mariah strolled through the park, Devon noticed Mariah's phone in her hand and asked if she'd updated her relationship status online. Mariah explained that she was responding to a text from Noah. Mariah posed the same question to Devon, and he said he'd changed his status in his heart and head. Mariah teased him about the bad line, then they discussed plans for their first date. They agreed that it should be memorable, but Mariah said she didn't want to go out for lobster and stinky cheese.

At GC Buzz, Jordan ended the kiss and told Hilary that he shouldn't have done that. She assured him that she didn't mind, and she added that it was a confidence boost. Jordan explained that he didn't kiss her to boost her confidence, but because he couldn't resist his attraction to her. Hilary smiled and looked down. Jordan lifted her chin and told her that there was a fire in her eyes and he didn't care if he got burned. He almost kissed her again, but he pulled back and admitted it was unprofessional to do so while he was working for her. Hilary asked if he got all the shots he wanted, and he said yes. Hilary told him that they were alone, and suggested that he give in and play with fire. They shared a passionate kiss, which lead to sex.

Afterward, they cuddled under a blanket and Hilary asked if all his photo shoots ended like this. He told her that this was his favorite. Jordan admired Hilary's beauty, and she admitted she hadn't felt beautiful in a long time. Jordan called Devon an idiot for making her feel anything less than breathtaking. He got up and grabbed the camera, saying that he wanted to capture this moment forever. Hilary was hesitant about posing for nude photos. Jordan assured her that they'd be tasteful and that they could stop if she felt uncomfortable. Hilary wanted assurance that he wouldn't distribute them, and he promised that they'd be for her private collection. Hilary said she'd never want anyone else to see them. Jordan explained that he wanted her to have them so that she could look at them the next time she didn't feel beautiful. Hilary dropped the blanket and took a deep breath.

Later, Hilary admired the pictures. Jordan didn't understand why she was surprised they were great, given her face and body. Hilary said she wanted the memory card. Jordan gave it to her, noting that the pictures were for her eyes only. Hilary didn't want anyone else, like Lily, to know about the nude photo shoot. Jordan promised not to tell anyone. Jordan asked when he could see her again. Hilary was busy the rest of the week, but she said she'd see him soon. They kissed and Jordan left.

At the park, Victor contended that Chloe was delusional to think that she was going to live happily ever after. Chloe was confident that she would get everything she ever wanted. She suspected that Victor didn't know what it was like to have a loyal and loving family, since he'd framed his son for murder. Victor ordered her not to bring up Adam's name, but Chloe seemed to enjoy needling Victor. Victor wondered how Kevin would feel once he learned that Chloe came to town to help Victor frame Adam. Chloe warned Victor that she knew Victor's secrets too, and she wouldn't hesitate to obliterate his life. Victor smiled at Chloe's threat, as she stalked off.

Victor went to the ranch and was disappointed that the music session was over. Nikki told him how much fun she had playing with Tessa and Reed. They kissed, and Nikki asked Victor if he could believe she discovered Tessa playing outside the coffeehouse for tips. Victor had reservations about Nikki inviting a stranger into their home. He wanted to run a background check on Tessa, but Nikki scoffed and assured him that she was a good judge of character. Nikki said that just because Tessa was struggling didn't mean she was a thief. She reminded him that they both knew what it was like to be without and the big difference it made when someone believed in you. Victor asked if this stranger was her new charity project. Nikki assured him that Tessa hadn't asked for or been offered a handout. Nikki said that all she did was offer Tessa a job, and she added that she and Reed both liked Tessa. Victor kissed Nikki and said he trusted her judgment.

Victor shifted gears and asked Nikki to answer him honestly – did she think he was a truthful person? Nikki thought he could be, but she admitted that he could also be less than forthcoming if he thought that there was an advantage in holding something back. Victor said that if he'd been less than forthcoming, it was for the benefit of his family. Nikki understood that he saw it that way, but she told him that the public, and his family, sometimes disagreed. Nikki wondered if he had something to confess. Victor said that Nikki knew the things he'd done and why, and now the rest of the world was about to find out. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief when she realized this was about his book. Victor added that he planned to tell the unvarnished truth. Nikki noted that the book would be naturally skewed to his point of view. Victor explained that he'd be working with Scott as a co-author. Victor respected Scott as a journalist and believed he'd take a no-holds-barred look at his life.

Sharon burst into Crimson Lights and sarcastically thanked Scott for his help with her Psych paper. A startled Scott asked what was going on, and Sharon showed him her grade. Scott saw that Sharon got an A-, and he was confused since he'd gotten the impression that she didn't expect to do well on the paper. Sharon snapped that the A- was Scott's. She explained that she did B level work, and now the professor would have unrealistic expectations of her, which would add to her already stressful life. Scott had a feeling he knew what was really going on. Sharon snarled that he should write an essay on it and let her finish bussing tables. Scott told Sharon that she was bright, determined and capable. Sharon didn't see how he could know all that, and Scott pointed out that she was a single mom, who was going to school and running a successful business. He noted that there were people who couldn't even do one of those things. He assured her that it was normal to be stressed out, and he advised her to take a breather when she was overwhelmed. Scott told Sharon that she could call him if taking a short break didn't help, because he was willing to give her as many pep talks as she needed. Sharon felt a lot better, then she asked if Scott had gotten word on his friend, Ahmed. Scott said that Ahmed was safe and had reunited with his family. Sharon was pleased that Scott and Ahmed were okay.

Sharon asked if Scott would be leaving on another assignment soon, and Scott revealed that he'd be staying to write Victor's autobiography. Sharon was so caught off guard that she kept pouring coffee into Scott's cup until it overflowed onto the counter. Scott surmised that she wouldn't be buying an autographed copy. Sharon admitted that he might have to write a few chapters on her marriages to Newman men. Scott stated that they'd all done strange things, and he revealed that he'd worked on a book with the psycho who stole him at birth. Sharon noted that he had a type he liked to work with. Scott told her that it wasn't a done deal; Victor had to agree to his terms first. Sharon thought Scott must like living dangerously if he'd given Victor an ultimatum. Scott explained that Victor would have to be objective about events in his life. Sharon laughed and warned Scott that Victor would do everything in his power to manipulate him and the facts. Scott got summoned by Victor, so he left.

Scott arrived at the Ranch, and Victor stepped out to take a phone call. Nikki said she heard that he was going to be working on Victor's autobiography. Scott sensed that Nikki had reservations about it. She warned him that working with Victor wouldn't be a picnic. Scott noted that he'd survived worse. Scott said he'd been reading up on Victor, and Scott wondered if Nikki wasn't looking forward to reliving the past. Nikki was concerned about that and about how people would judge Victor's truth. Scott said that, in his experience, people looked favorably on those who were open, honest and true to themselves. Nikki told Scott that he'd deserve a medal if he got Victor to do all of those things. Victor returned and told Scott that the job was his. Scott reiterated his terms – he'd get full access to Victor's friends, family and enemies. An apprehensive Nikki watched as the men shook hands.

Chloe greeted Kevin with a kiss and said she was glad he was home. She announced that she wanted to get married. A confused Kevin told her that they were getting married. Chloe clarified that she wanted to marry him tonight. Kevin told her that it was the middle of the night; too late to get a marriage license. Chloe suggested that they go to Vegas, or have Michael register online as a minister. Kevin didn't understand why Chloe suddenly wanted to scrap all her wedding plans. Chloe said she'd been thinking about what he said earlier – that life was unpredictable. Kevin said he didn't intend for his wedding proposal to freak her out. He told her that some things were worth waiting for, like getting the wedding of her dreams. Chloe accused him of stalling, then she concluded that Gloria had convinced Kevin to break up with her. Kevin assured her that he wanted nothing more than to marry her. He added that he never listened to Gloria anyway. Chloe said she knew that people thought she was crazy. Kevin tried to convince her that she was wrong, but Chloe told him that some parents wouldn't let their children play with Bella because of Chloe. She said that her baby was suffering because her mother has emotional issues. “Had,” Kevin corrected. He told her that the therapy worked. Chloe said her recovery wasn't breaking news, but what she did to Adam was. She feared that she'd be “Crazy Chloe” for the rest of her life.

Later, Chloe apologized for being so needy tonight. Kevin assured her that the only insane thing about her was that she was willing to marry a nut like him. He told her that the judgmental people were ignorant and close-minded. Kevin added that he was proud of her. Kevin said that it took guts to come back and face everyone. Chloe felt lucky to have Kevin. She hoped that people might see her the way he did after they got married. Kevin told Chloe that she didn't need a ring to prove she was normal. They laid in bed, while Kevin stroked Chloe's hair. Chloe regretted trying to get him to quickly marry her, earlier. Kevin joked that she got a one-time Bridezilla pass. Kevin was open to getting married soon. He said they should take a few days to gather their family and friends. Kevin wanted everyone to hear him vow to love and protect Chloe. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Reed told Tessa that there was an open mic night at The Underground. Tessa told Reed that he needed more practice before playing in front of an audience. Reed said he hoped Tessa could go and give him an example of how a pro worked. Tessa was hesitant and asked if the bar was for teens wannabes. Reed explained her that there would be a big crowd and lots of talented musicians. He assured her that she was guaranteed a spot because it was his uncle's bar. They arrived at The Underground, and Reed introduced Tessa and Noah. Noah asked if Tessa was going to play, and she said no. Reed encouraged Tessa to change her mind, and he told Noah that she was really good. Devon and Mariah arrived. Noah introduced them to Tessa. Devon was about to explain who he was, when Mariah blurted out that he was a billionaire. Devon tried to say something again, but Mariah added that he owned buildings. She was alarmed by her inability to stop rambling and asked for help. Noah took her aside and asked what was up. Mariah explained that she and Devon were on a date, but they were trying to keep it quiet. Noah approved of the date, since Mariah looked so happy.

Tessa asked Mariah if she was going to sing, and Mariah said she wasn't musically talented. Mariah explained that she might record some videos for the GC Buzz website. Tessa was excited to realize Mariah was “Hell on Heels, Faceplant Mariah” from the video. Mariah was embarrassed, but Tessa was impressed that Mariah was brave enough to finish the show. Tessa marveled that everyone she met in this town was rich and famous. Mariah clarified that she was neither, or at most B-List famous. Tessa wondered how she'd ever make it in this town when everyone had so many connections. Mariah said that she used to clean the toilets at this bar, and now she was a co-host of a TV show.

Reed told Tessa not to be mad, but he'd signed her up for open mic night. On cue, Noah introduced Tessa. She went up and sang an original song. Devon told Mariah that he used to produce music and was thinking of getting back into the business. Devon thought Tessa had a lot of potential, and he wanted to work with her. Reed and Noah both enjoyed the performance.

Devon and Mariah went to Crimson Lights. They agreed that they'd had the perfect first official date. Sharon walked and saw them kissing. A surprised Sharon asked how long they'd been dating. Devon said it was their first date. In a casual tone, Sharon mentioned that it was so soon after... Devon got a phone call, so he left the table before Sharon could finish her thought. Mariah knew that Sharon was worried they were moving too fast. Mariah said that Devon was great guy and there was no pressure. Sharon cautioned her daughter to be careful. Mariah said she'd break things off if she saw signs that she was a rebound. Mariah added that she wasn't going to let anyone break her heart.

Back at The Underground, Noah and Reed complimented Tessa. Reed noticed a friend and went to talk. Noah chatted with Tessa and asked what brought her to town. She explained that she was looking for something new, and she joked about the town being full of Newmans. Noah asked what her family was like, and she said they were nothing like the Newmans.

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