Tuesday Y&R Update 3/28/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 3/28/17


Written by Christine

At the penthouse, Nick thanked the person on the other end of the phone. Chelsea noted that his Newman connections paid off, and Nick admitted that he hated using them, especially to pressure someone. Nick stated that they'd soon have a record of every cell tower that Chloe's phone pinged, revealing whether she'd left the apartment the night Adam died. Chelsea didn't like trying to catch Chloe in a lie. Nick felt that this was necessary. He didn't think Chloe's explanation for planting the tracker made sense, but Chelsea thought Chloe's story was plausible. Nick thought they needed to know if Chloe left the penthouse that night. Chelsea admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted to know the truth. She wanted to focus on who Chloe was now – the best friend she could ask for. Nick told her that ignoring an issue wouldn't make it go away.

Nick massaged Chelsea's shoulders then went to make her a snack. Chelsea had a flashback to Chloe saying that she felt righteous and powerful after she ran Adam down with her car. Chloe admitted that she hadn't thought about how his death would affect Chelsea and Connor. Chloe went on to say that she was glad Adam survived, because she loved them too much to hurt them that way. In the present, Nick received the phone records. He revealed that Chloe's phone had pinged on a tower a half mile away from the cabin. Chelsea argued that it didn't mean she was at the cabin. Nick asked why Chloe would lie about being in the apartment all night. Chelsea reminded Nick that the explosion had been ruled accidental. Nick suggested that the police hadn't found evidence of an intentional explosion because it was destroyed in the blast. Chelsea believed that this was all conjecture, so Nick implored her to look at the evidence with an open mind. Chelsea accused Nick of calling her close-minded. Nick told her that he didn't say that, but she snapped that she was done with this, and she rushed upstairs. Later, Chelsea returned and apologized. Nick comforted her. Chelsea noted that Chloe was closer to her than a sister. She sensed that Nick wasn't going to drop this. Nick said that he couldn't. He told Chelsea that she couldn't hide from the possibility that her best friend may have murdered her husband.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin assured a nervous Chloe that everything would go great. At that moment, their mothers walked in. Kevin announced that he and Chloe were getting married. Esther was elated, but Gloria was upset, and she tried to leave. Kevin insisted that Gloria stay. Chloe mentioned that they hadn't picked a date, and Gloria suggested sometime in 2079. Kevin was adamant that the wedding was happening and would include the people they loved, which included Gloria, whether she liked it or not. Esther suggested that they have the wedding at the Chancellor house. Chloe and Kevin loved the idea. Gloria bristled when Esther encouraged her to be happy. Kevin suggested that Chloe and Esther get a bigger table to make wedding plans.

Once alone with Kevin, Gloria asked if he was sure they were really ready to get married. Kevin said he was getting a second chance at the future he was robbed of with the woman he loved. Gloria contended that Kevin was clinging so tightly to a beautiful dream that he couldn't see that it wasn't going to come true. Kevin argued that they'd been happily cohabitating for months. Gloria brought up Chloe and Kevin's past – two divorces, Chloe's nervous breakdown and attempt to kill Adam. Kevin insisted that Chloe had recovered and was doing better now that she had him and Bella. Gloria thought it was odd that Chloe wouldn't tell him who Bella's father was. Kevin didn't care who Bella's father was, because he wanted to adopt her. Horrified, Gloria wondered how Chloe manipulated him into that. Kevin revealed that it was his idea. He wondered why Gloria couldn't be happy that they were going to be a family. Gloria vowed to ensure his happiness by preventing the wedding.

A concerned Chloe reminded the tearful Esther that this was a happy day. Esther said that was why she was crying – because Kevin and Chloe had been through so much. Esther believed that Kevin was Chloe's Prince Charming, so she promised Chloe a fairy-tale wedding. They hugged.

Kevin told Gloria that the wedding was happening. Gloria refused to accept that. Chloe returned just as Gloria told Kevin that this was a terrible mistake and that he deserved better. Gloria got up to leave, but Chloe asked her to stay. Chloe admitted she wished Gloria liked her, but as a mom, Chloe understood Gloria's viewpoint. Chloe conceded that she hurt Kevin, but she said it happened because she'd been in a bad place. Chloe said she had to choose between dragging Kevin down with her or letting him go. She said that her life was different now, mostly thanks to Kevin. Chloe felt privileged to love and be loved by Kevin, and she promised Gloria that she'd never hurt him again. Gloria asked if she was supposed to forget everything Chloe had done. Chloe didn't expect that. Chloe said she was asking for another chance to prove she was the wife Kevin deserved. Gloria walked out, and Kevin comforted Chloe.

Kevin was impressed with the way Chloe handled Gloria. Chloe wondered if Kevin expected things to get physical. She said she knew that she should take the high road, and she vowed to keep working to win Gloria over. Kevin warned Chloe that Gloria was stubborn. Chloe said she wouldn't let Gloria, or anyone else, come between them.

Devon jogged through Chancellor park and literally bumped into Jordan. They chatted, and Jordan mentioned that he was on his way to GC Buzz, because Hilary had booked a photo shoot. Devon wondered if that was Jordan's only reason for going. Jordan took issue with Devon's question. Devon noted that Jordan had moved on with his wife. “Ex-wife,” Jordan corrected, adding that Devon and Hilary had signed the papers. Devon made a snide comment about the ink not being dry, and Jordan said it was none of Devon's business. Jordan turned to leave, but Devon wanted to clear the air. Devon conceded that Hilary could see whoever she wanted, but he didn't understand how it was possible for her to move on so quickly. Jordan countered that Devon had moved on with Mariah. Devon explained that Mariah was a long time friend. Jordan suspected that Devon would be even more jealous if Jordan was an old friend of Hilary's. Devon insisted that he wasn't jealous, and he said that one day, he'd dance at Hilary's weddings. Jordan asked how long that would take. Devon said he'd be happy for Hilary as soon as the guy she was with earned Devon's trust. Jordan predicted that Hilary's next guy would only care about earning Hilary's trust and wouldn't be concerned with Devon's feelings. Jordan left.

At GC Buzz, Hilary told the staff that Devon left the show and she was the new owner. Her employees stared blankly at her. Mariah started clapping and everyone followed her lead. Hilary shared her new vision for the show – she wanted it to be a trendsetter and to cover global stories. Hilary said that if they weren't going viral, they weren't doing their jobs. After the meeting, Hilary asked for Mariah's honest opinion of her speech. Mariah loved Hilary's enthusiasm, but she reminded her that the audience watched for news about Genoa City. Mariah added that this wasn't LA or NY or UK. “Yet,” Hilary said. Mariah felt that as co-host, her opinion should matter a little. Hilary said that it did matter, a little. Hilary thought Mariah should dream big, then she added that Mariah already appeared to be doing so, given her aggressive play for Devon. Mariah said that she wasn't doing that, but Hilary said it was none of her (Hilary's) business. Mariah tried to say more, but Hilary said they had a show to do. Hilary reminded Mariah to stick to the script so she didn't upset the boss.

Later, Mariah and Hilary taped a show. Hilary told the viewers that, as new executive producer and sole owner, she could promise exciting times to come. Hilary praised her staff and gave them the night off. Mariah lingered, and Hilary urged her to leave as soon as possible, because she wanted privacy for her photo shoot. Mariah felt that, as co-host, she should be included. Hilary told Mariah to hire her own photographer if she wanted. Hilary saw no need for that, though, since Mariah's brand wasn't changing. Mariah wondered if Hilary's brand had something to do with getting over Devon and being hot for Jordan. Hilary said that she didn't expect Mariah to grasp the emotional complexities of her marriage, but she was moving on because she had no other choice. Mariah sarcastically called Hilary brave and noted that she lost Devon, but got something more valuable – the show. Mariah wondered what Hilary wanted from Jordan, and Hilary said that was personal. Jordan walked in.

Devon called Mariah because he wanted to talk. Mariah suggested they meet at Crimson Lights. Devon had a feeling that he should avoid the studio right now. Mariah glanced over at Hilary with Jordan, then she told Devon that was a wise decision.

Gloria arrived at GC Buzz and asked for a minute with Hilary. Hilary, who was prepping for the photo shoot, snapped that she was busy, but Gloria insisted. Jordan stepped away, and Hilary admonished Gloria for showing her face on the set after the “Clarissa” interview. Gloria thanked Hilary for cutting the interview short. Hilary stated that she pulled the interview because she knew Gloria was lying about the harassment. Gloria admitted her claims were false, and she said she was sure she'd apologized for putting Hilary in that position. Hilary clarified that Gloria didn't apologize. Gloria asked Hilary to throw out the video to keep it out of the wrong hands. Hilary agreed to trash the files, but for Jack's sake, not Gloria's. Hilary walked off.

Gloria told Mariah that Kevin and Chloe were engaged. Mariah thanked Gloria for telling her. Gloria insisted that they had to stop the wedding. Mariah refused, because it was Kevin's choice. Gloria contended that it was a terrible choice, and she suggested that Kevin would be better off with Mariah. Mariah said that she and Kevin tried to be more than friends, and it was a debacle. Gloria argued that the only debacle would be Kevin's third attempt at marriage to Chloe. Gloria stated that Chloe was an aspiring murderer who'd been in a mental hospital. Mariah noted that Sharon had been in the same hospital and was now winning her battle with her mental illness. Mariah was supportive of Kevin's choice as long as it made him happy. Mariah warned Gloria that her current approach would alienate Kevin.

After Gloria and Mariah were gone, Hilary asked Jordan about the photos he just took. She wondered if they captured the look she was going for – professional journalist. While Jordan said she looked professional in the pictures, he thought that the photos lacked the spark that made her who she was. Jordan told Hilary that she didn't have to emulate a professional news reporter. He stated that she commanded the spotlight simply by being herself. Hilary changed into a lace dress and Jordan took several more photos. Afterward, he exclaimed that she was a total star. Hilary told him that he didn't have to say that, because she knew she had a long way to go. Hilary said she knew he worked with real stars and she wasn't delusional enough to think... Jordan pulled her into a kiss before she finished the sentence.

Back at Crimson Lights, Mariah ran into Kevin and noted that he managed to get engaged without telling his best gal-pal. Mariah said that Gloria told her. An apologetic Kevin swore she was next on his list. Mariah told him to relax, and she said she was happy for him. Kevin was surprised that Mariah didn't trash Chloe. Mariah was supportive because Kevin was happy. Mariah revealed that she was seeing someone. Kevin asked who, and on cue, Devon arrived. Mariah waved at him, from across the room. Shocked, Kevin said he thought they were just friends. Mariah said they were, but there might be something more.

Mariah joined Devon on the patio and asked if he was serious about wanting to date her. Devon assured her that he was. They talked about their first kiss, which had started as a way to needle Hilary. Devon and Mariah agreed that the kiss had been sexy. Devon admitted he wanted to do it again, and Mariah asked what he was waiting for. Devon joked that, as a philanthropist, he couldn't ravish her in public. Mariah asked when he was going to get a real job, and Devon told her that he wanted to start a business with Neil; something that would do a lot of good. Mariah thought it was nice that they were close after everything that happened with Hilary. Mariah apologized for bringing that up, but Devon told her not to be. He said that his favorite thing about her was the way that they could talk about anything, because they were friends. Mariah hoped that they could stay friends if this didn't work out. Devon assured her that they would.

At Newman, Victor lead Scott in a toast to journalistic integrity, tough questions and honest answers. Victor said he was looking forward to the creation of the book. Scott assumed that Victor must have some important reason for working on telling story. Scott wanted to know the reason before committing to the project. Victor said he wanted the book to be part of a legacy to pass down to his children and grandchildren. Scott asked if Victor was doing this because of what happened to Adam. Victor said that he wanted everyone who read the memoir to know that he still loved and missed Adam. Victor also wanted readers to know that if they crossed his family, they'd have to deal with him.

Victor asked if they had an agreement. Scott cautioned Victor that the process could be intimate, invasive and painful. Scott also warned Victor that he would dig for answers and he wouldn't pull punches. Victor wasn't dissuaded. The men shook hands and agreed to get started soon.

At Chancellor Park, Chloe had a flashback to confronting Victor about saying that Adam wasn't a murderer. Victor reminded her that Adam didn't kill Constance, but Chloe argued that he still deserved to rot for killing Delia. Next, Chloe remembered shooting Adam with the tranquilizer gun and the explosion. In the present, Chloe briefly pulled the pouch containing the tranquilizer gun out of her tote bag. Chloe was about to throw the tote bag away when Victor walked up. They traded barbs. He said he made her feel queasy and asked why she was still in town. Chloe suspected her presence made him feel guilty. She told him that he set off the chain reaction that lead to Adam's death. Victor said that he felt remorseful about Adam's death, but she was elated. He called her a monster. Chloe laughed and told Victor that she didn't care that he was filled with venom. She showed him her engagement ring and told him that it all happened thanks to him. Chloe said that because of Victor, she got out of the hospital so she could help him frame his son, and she got Bella and Kevin back. Chloe thanked Victor for giving her everything she ever wanted.

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