Monday Y&R Update 3/27/17

The Y&R Update Monday 3/27/17


Written by Christine

At the Penthouse, Chloe showed off her engagement ring to Chelsea, while Nick looked on. A shocked Chelsea asked when it happened. Chloe revealed that Kevin had proposed earlier today. Chloe asked Chelsea to be her maid of honor. Chelsea agreed, and they hugged. Chloe brainstormed about wedding plans until she realized she was rambling and apologized. Chloe asked what they wanted to talk to her about. Nick showed her the device, and Chloe asked what it was. Nick explained that it was a GPS tracker they found in Connor's stuffed dinosaur. Chelsea added that she took the toy with her when she and Connor went to meet Adam. Chloe asked how it got in the toy, and Nick suggested that she explain it. Chloe asked why he thought she'd know. Nick noted that Chloe was living with Chelsea at the time, and she was the only one who knew it was Connor's favorite toy. A defensive Chloe argued that everyone at Connor's preschool, all the neighbors, and even the barista at Crimson Lights knew about Dino. Chelsea gently asked Chloe to be honest with her. Chloe admitted that she installed the tracker.

Chloe took Chelsea's hand and stated that things were good back then, because they'd just reconnected, but then Adam had just attacked the prison guard and escaped. Chloe said that she was scared Chelsea was going to run off with Adam and wreck her life, so she planted the tracker. Chloe claimed that she just wanted to be able to warn Chelsea if the cops were on to her, but everything went wrong. Chelsea asked why Chloe never told her about this. Chloe said she forgot about it after everything that happened. Nick asked if she was still keeping tabs on Chelsea, and Chloe insisted that she wasn't. Chloe asked if the tracker even still worked. Chelsea thought that the battery was dead. Chloe admitted that her reason for using the tracker sounded stupid and pathetic, but she swore that it was true. Chelsea believed her. Chloe tearfully begged Chelsea to forgive her. Chelsea wasn't angry because she understood that Chloe was just worried about her. They hugged. Chloe asked if Chelsea would still be her maid of honor. Chelsea said of course, and she was making Chloe's dress. Relieved, Chloe said she had a wedding to plan.

After Chloe left, Nick asked if Chelsea believed her. Chloe said yes. Nick had his doubts, but he was sure that Chloe couldn't have gone to see Adam, because the police were watching the penthouse on the night he died. Chelsea suddenly realized that there was a way. Later, she and Nick walked downstairs after she showed him the hidden passageway. Chelsea learned that Nick already knew about the secret route. Nick asked if Adam made it, and Chelsea said yes. Nick explained that Dylan found the passageway a couple of hours after she and Connor left. Nick recalled that Chloe heard Dylan tell him about it. Chelsea thought that the police would have been monitoring the passageway, preventing Chloe from using it. Nick thought the police were too busy searching for Chelsea to pay attention to Chloe. Chelsea was sure that Chloe wouldn't kill someone so important to Chelsea. Nick was suspicious, due to the tracking device and because Chloe knew the cabin was by the lake. Chelsea argued that Chloe was her best friend. Nick said that would explain why the cabin didn't explode until after Connor and Chelsea left. Chelsea ordered Nick to stop. She insisted that Chloe had forgiven Adam. Chelsea said there was no way Chloe could have lived with her and taken care of her after Adam's death while holding in a secret like that.

Nick clarified that he didn't know if Chloe was guilty or not, but he thought that they should figure out whether she left the apartment that night. Chelsea asked how. Nick explained that cell phone companies could track locations via cell towers. Chelsea wondered if they should ask Paul to get the phone records. Nick said no, because if Paul reopened the case, Victor might get arrested for planning Adam's escape. Chelsea wondered if Newman owned stock in any phone companies. Nick thought that if Chloe was a customer of a Newman owned company he might be able to pressure the company into giving over the records. Chelsea realized that he planned to use the Newman name to get the records. Nick said they might not like what they find, but they needed answers.

At the Ranch, Nikki smiled as she listened to Tessa and Reed play their guitars. Reed asked what she thought, and Tessa said she'd like to hear what the piano could do. Reed asked Nikki to play. Nikki thought Tessa was asking Reed to play. Tessa asked if rock wasn't in Nikki's repertoire. Nikki moved to the piano and joined in. Victor came home from his trip. He told them not to stop playing, on his account, because he loved this. Nikki hugged Victor and introduced him to Reed's music teacher, Tessa. Victor left for the office. Later, Nikki and Reed watched Tessa wolf down food. Nikki offered her more, and Tessa said she wasn't hungry. Laughing, Reed noted that she finished his sandwich and Nikki's. Tessa admitted that it had been awhile since she had a decent meal. Tessa complimented Nikki's sandwich making skills, but Nikki admitted that the chef made it.

Reed asked what Tessa thought of his playing. Tessa thought he had a great ear and he felt the music, which couldn't be taught. She gave him advice on improving – play real music all the time in front of audiences and with other musicians. Tessa told Reed that his tempo and timing needed work, which would come with practice. Reed eagerly said he could do that, if she wanted to keep teaching him. Tessa agreed to tutor him once a week. Nikki said that the lessons could continue at the ranch, where they could use the piano. Tessa complimented Nikki's piano skills and asked if she ever played in concerts, but Nikki said it was just a hobby. Nikki asked how Tessa got started. Tessa said that she'd been playing her whole life, and Genoa City seemed like a nice town, so she came there. Reed wondered why someone so talented was playing outside the coffeehouse. Tessa told him that the place didn't matter. It was about the music.

Michael, Lauren, Scott, and Kevin were gathered at the Baldwin home. Kevin announced his engagement. Michael and Scott were excited for him. Kevin assured Michael that he took Michael's advice and did it right with a proposal at Top of the Tower. Lauren was surprised that Michael hadn't mentioned that Kevin was going to propose. Kevin said he thought Lauren would be happy. Lauren explained that she liked Chloe, but she was concerned that Kevin was trying to recapture the past. Kevin admitted that was his original plan, but with Chloe's help, he'd realized he didn't want his old life – he wanted a new life with Chloe and Bella. Kevin conceded that it might seem like he and Chloe were moving fast, but he swore that they'd worked hard for this. Kevin said he'd never been happier or more sure about anything in his life. Lauren said she was happy for Kevin, but she didn't think Gloria would be. Kevin wasn't ready to tell Gloria, so he asked them not to say anything to her. Scott was glad he'd gotten a chance to get to know Chloe. Kevin insisted that she wasn't usually like that. Lauren asked like what, and Scott explained that Chloe had been very drunk. Kevin asked Michael to be his best man. Scott got a text from Victor, and he left. Michael accepted, and he said he was proud of Kevin for his hard work and the patience he'd shown to Chloe. Kevin asked Lauren for fashion advice, and Lauren recommended Fenmore's virtual dressing room app.

Chloe pulled a box labeled “party shoes” out from under the bed she and Kevin shared. Kevin suddenly burst in, and Chloe hid the box. They had a loving chat about wedding plans. Kevin asked when she wanted to get married, and she said as soon as possible. Kevin went to find a wedding venue. Chloe pulled a tranquilizer gun and a wrench out of the shoe box and stuffed them into a tote bag. From another room, Kevin called out that most of the venues were booked until next year, but he promised to find one.

Ashley intercepted Jack on the way to his office and demanded to about the hockey deal. Jack revealed that he'd withdrawn his offer to the league. Ashley followed Jack into his office and asked why he changed his mind. Jack lied and said he reexamined the deal and realized Ashley was probably right when she said they were overextending themselves. Ashley recalled how thrilled Jack had been to stick it to Billy. She suspected that he wasn't being upfront with her about the reason he pulled out of the deal. Jack admitted that he probably wouldn't have pulled out without a little incentive. He said he kept hearing Ashley's voice in his head warning him that he was letting his anger at Billy dictate his actions. Jack said he realized that he pursued the deal to keep Billy from winning. Ashley thanked Jack for his honesty and admitted it was difficult to watch her brother become ruthless and channel his inner Victor. “God forbid,” Jack replied. Ashley hoped that Jack would also be honest about the reason he hired Gloria. Jack maintained that Gloria was an asset to Jabot, but Ashley argued that she was a liability and a menace. Jack asked if Ashley saw Gloria's analysis on the men's line. Ashley didn't believe that Jack hired Gloria because of her analytical acumen. They bickered about Gloria, and Ashley asked how Jack could hold a grudge against Billy, but open his arms to the woman who tried to destroy their family.

Ashley asked Jack why he was protecting Gloria. Jack insisted that he was treating Gloria like any other employee, unlike the way Ashley treated Ravi. Ashley found it absurd that Jack was comparing Gloria to Ravi. Jack conceded that she was right, because he'd never invite Gloria to be his plus one at the opera. Ashley called Jack a jerk, then she reminded him that she had an extra ticket because Jack couldn't go. Jack still didn't approve of her inviting her protégé as a date. Ashley was adamant that Ravi wasn't her date. Jack revealed that he heard that Ravi shook off his persona as a computer geek and wore a tailored tuxedo. Jack said he thought Ashley had made it clear to Ravi that they could only have a professional relationship. Ashley snapped that she did. Jack countered that it must not have sunk in for her or for Ravi. He noted that Ravi was not only an employee, he was much younger than Ashley. Jack ordered Ashley to fix this before it became a problem.

Ashley accused Jack of having a sexist double-standard. She asked how many models and secretaries he'd hooked up with over the years. Jack assumed Ashley was confessing to hooking up with Ravi. Ashley said that they were friends and Ravi was fine with that. Jack wondered if Ashley wanted more. Ashley said her friendship was none of his business, but Jack told her it was, as long as they were working for him. Ashley spat that they might not be working for him much longer. Jack told Ashley that if she was going to keep threatening to take over, she should read up on the company policy about inter-office romance. Ashley made a snide comment about Jack and Gloria. Lauren arrived, and Ashley greeted her and left. Lauren was surprised Ashley wouldn't be at the meeting.

Jack asked how Lauren felt about the merger. She said that it was going better than she anticipated, and she assured Jack that he'd made Fenmore's feel welcome. Jack said there was no arguing with the numbers – the virtual dressing room app had exceeded expectations. He told her that she should be proud. Lauren said it was thanks to Phyllis and Ravi. Frowning, Jack said he'd let her thank them. Lauren said she thought Phyllis and Jack were doing fine working together. Jack said they were staying out of each other's way. Lauren thanked Jack for picking up the slack while she waited for word on Scott. Jack said that they were partners, so he'd always be there for her. Jack was glad that Scott was safe, and he asked how Lauren got her son back.

Jack was irritated that Lauren approached Victor for the ransom instead of Jack. Lauren said that she didn't want to complicate her working relationship with Jack. She explained that, if, God forbid, something went wrong, it would strain things, and if it all went well, she'd owe Jack. Jack asked what she thought she'd get with Victor. According to Jack, Victor's reason for being was to create complications.

Abby wondered what Victoria was doing at Newman Enterprises. Victoria said she was visiting her family and, she asked how Abby was. Abby admitted she was wondering how Victoria had time to drop by Newman and run Brash and Sassy. Victoria said that as CEO, she'd learned to delegate. Victoria was hoping to see Victor, and she asked if he was back from his trip. Abby said he'd be there soon. Abby tried to give Victoria the brush off by saying that she and Victor had an important meeting planned. Victoria didn't take the hint, and she decided to wait. Victor arrived and hugged his daughters. Victoria knew that Victor was busy, but he assured her that he always had time for her. Abby forced a smile as Victor invited both her and Victoria into his office.

Victor asked Victoria about Brash and Sassy. Before Victoria could reply, Abby reminded Victor that he had a busy schedule. Victor asked Victoria to stick around while he and Abby talked. Abby argued that Victoria should leave since she wasn't a Newman employee. Victoria noted that she was still on the board, and Abby suggested that this should change. Victor decided that Victoria could stay. While Abby prepared her presentation, Victoria told Victor about the way she shut down Jack's attempt to steal one of her deals. Abby seethed, as a proud Victor declared that he taught Victoria well. Victoria added that she'd learned something about Jack that she thought Newman could capitalize on. Abby told Victor about her proposal to offer office space in Newman Tower to new startup tech companies. Abby explained that Newman would earn a percentage on each deal. Victor was intrigued and called her suggestion cutting-edge. Victoria didn't like the idea since most startups didn't make a profit. Abby tensed, and Victoria clarified that she knew Abby wasn't going to take her advice. Noting that Victoria had run the company in the past, Victor assured Victoria that Abby would welcome her input. Victor told them not to forget that they were family.

In the halls of Newman, Victor reintroduced Victoria and Abby to Scott. Victoria recalled seeing Scott at Lauren and Michael's wedding. Abby said she loved his articles. Victoria said it was good to have him back in town, and Scott gave Victor the credit for that. Victor and Scott stepped into the office. Abby confronted Victoria about criticizing her proposal. Victoria reminded Abby that Victor had asked for Victoria's input. Abby accused Victoria of making her look bad. Victoria recalled that Victor rejected most of Victoria's ideas when she worked there. Abby demanded to know why Victoria was butting in when she didn't work there anymore. Victoria asked why Abby was making this personal. Abby complained that Victoria crashed the meeting just to brag about pulling one over on Jack. Abby thought that Victoria was angry that Abby was next in line to run the company and was trying to sabotage her. Victoria told Abby that her paranoia was unattractive. Abby stormed off.

Scott asked if Victor had information on Ahmed. Victor said yes, but Scott needed to hear it for himself. A short time later, Scott finished a phone call with Ahmed. Scott thanked Victor for finding him. However, Scott was concerned because Ahmed couldn't say where he and his family were. Victor explained that it was a precaution. Victor revealed that he'd also taken care of Ahmed's family's financial needs. Scott wasn't sure how to begin to repay Victor. Victor asked Scott to co-write his memoirs. Scott recalled that there was already a biography out there. Victor explained that it was unauthorized. Victor wanted to set the record straight. Scott said that while no one was all good or all bad, he noticed that more powerful people were less aware of their flaws. Victor said he understood how Scott's opinions got him into trouble. Victor stated that the entire point of the book was to tell the truth. Scott advised Victor to have an independent journalist vet all the book's claims in order to prove that it was more accurate than the unauthorized biography. Victor told Scott to check out the when and the where, but Victor noted that only Victor knew the why. Scott said he'd write the book, but only if Victor allowed him to write about every detail, even the parts Victor would rather skip.

At Crimson Lights, Abby grumbled that her own sister torpedoed her. Ashley didn't think Victoria deliberately tried to undermine her, since she just took charge of Brash and Sassy. Abby contended that Victoria would leave Brash and Sassy in a nanosecond if Victor offered to hire her as CEO of Newman. Ashley asked if Victor was really considering retiring. Abby thought so, since he'd stepped back, although he still retained final say. Ashley was surprised since that never happened before. Abby suspected that Ashley wanted Victoria to leave Brash and Sassy, since that would mean less competition for Jabot. Ashley said she wouldn't want that if it hurt Abby. Abby felt like she was still Victor's back up plan, even though she was working hard at Newman and Victoria and Nick had left. Abby wondered if it was because she was an Abbott. Ashley assured Abby that Victor loved her just as much as his other kids. Abby asked how to convince Victor to promote her. Ashley said that if Abby liked her idea, she should act on it, just like Victor would if he were in her shoes. Ashley predicted that Victor would respect her for not kowtowing to him.

At the Ranch, Reed told Victoria that Nikki gave Tessa a ride into town. Victoria asked how the lesson went, and Reed said it went great. He marveled that Tessa could seemingly play every style of music. Victoria was apologetic about the first instructor she hired. Reed didn't blame her. He noted that she overcame her control-freak tendencies and let him work with Tessa. Victoria asked where Tessa studied, and Reed said Tessa was self-taught. Reed assured Victoria that even Nikki was impressed with Tessa. Victoria was glad Reed had fun. Reed told her he'd be having music lessons once a week. Reed grinned when Victoria said she was proud of him for going after what he wanted. Victoria asked if she scored some cool-mom points, and Reed said yes. They shared an awkward fist-bump.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa spoke with someone by phone. She told them that Genoa City was going well so far. She explained that she met this rich kid, and while she wasn't sure how much talent he had, his family was well-connected.

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