Friday Y&R Update 3/24/17

The Y&R Update Friday 3/24/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Chloe arrived at Top of the Tower, Kevin was already waiting for her. He called her gorgeous, and she asked why he asked her to dress up. Kevin reminded her of their conversation about being different people. Chloe joked that they weren't semi-criminals anymore. Kevin said he'd realized life was short. He told Chloe that he wanted to formally adopt Bella and for the three of them to be a family. Kevin proposed. A hesitant Chloe said that they already lived together and didn't have to make it official, but Kevin told her that this is what people in love did. Chloe felt that he shouldn't love her after all she'd done. She asked if he wasn't worried that she'd mess up. Kevin said he wasn't worried, because things were different now. He noted that he couldn't fix her after she lost Delia, but she'd healed. Chloe excitedly accepted. They kissed, and the other patrons applauded.

Chloe admired her ring, and Kevin assured her that they were going to get it right this time. Kevin and Chloe daydreamed about their wedding, with Chelsea as maid of honor, Michael as best man and Bella as a flower girl. Chloe joked that Gloria was sure to show up in a white dress. Kevin was impressed that Chloe was willing to invite his mom. Chloe said that Gloria was part of the package. Kevin got called into work. Chloe assured him that she'd keep busy making wedding plans, so he reluctantly left.

At the penthouse, Nick puzzled over the object he'd found in Connor's favorite toy. Chelsea thought it was a tracking device. She recognized them from her grifting days. Chloe was upset about the tracker. It reminded her of the time that Adam put cameras in the penthouse so he could watch over his family while he was masquerading as Gabriel. She knew Adam wasn't responsible for this tracker because they bought the stuffed dinosaur after Adam moved back in. Chelsea recalled that Connor dropped the toy on the tarmac and Dylan returned it to her after the explosion.

They studied the tracker and determined that it wasn't a high tech device. Chelsea theorized that someone put the tracker in the toy hoping that Chelsea and Connor would lead them to the place where Adam was hiding. Nick wondered how the person knew which toy was Connor's favorite – which one Chelsea would pack to go on the run. Chelsea thought about the people who'd been in her house at that time, such as Monique, the nanny. Chelsea ruled Monique out because Adam had done a thorough background check on her. Chelsea added that her mother and Chloe had also been in the penthouse during that time. Nick zeroed in on Chloe. He noted that Chloe always hated Adam. Chelsea said that Chloe had forgiven Adam by the time she moved into the penthouse. Nick revealed that Chloe said she hoped Chelsea forgot about Adam. Chelsea was sure Chloe misspoke and that she only wanted Chelsea to move on.

Doubt crept in, and Chelsea remembered that Chloe somehow knew Adam and Chelsea met up at a cabin on a lake. Although Chloe had said Chelsea told her about the cabin's surroundings, Chelsea didn't recall that conversation. Chelsea also thought it was odd that Chloe had been upset about Chelsea accepting Sage's inheritance money. Nick said he always thought Chloe was borderline obsessed with Chelsea and Adam. His gut told him that Chloe planted that device. Chelsea invited Chloe over. Chloe arrived, and she was bubbling over with excitement. Chloe was about to tell Chelsea about the engagement when Chelsea accused Chloe of being dishonest with her.

Reed thanked Nikki for letting him have his music lesson at the ranch. Nikki understood that Victoria hired a university student to tutor Reed. Reed was nervous because he never had a music lesson before, but Nikki assured him that he had nothing to prove. She told him she was excited to see where his talent and passion lead him. Later, Reed clashed with Flint, his music teacher. Flint seemed contemptuous of Reed's lack of formal training. Reed protested that Paul McCartney and Billy Joel didn't know how to read music when they first started, but Flint implied that Reed wasn't as talented as they were.

At Brash and Sassy's conference room, Victoria told Cane that she just interviewed someone to head up the Tokyo division. Cane put in a good word for Juliet. Victoria agreed to put her in the running. Victoria made it clear that while Cane's support was a mark in Juliet's favor, it wasn't a guarantee. Cane understood. He called Juliet and left her voicemail. Victoria got a text and rushed out.

In Brash and Sassy's lab, Jordan and Lily looked at photo proofs. Jordan yawned. Lily surmised that Jordan was out late with Hilary, and she seized the opportunity to warn him off of Hilary. Jordan felt that Hilary was sharp, funny and beautiful. Lily added that Hilary was married, but Jordan said the divorce papers had been signed. Lily countered that feelings could linger, and she asked Jordan if he wanted to be a rebound. Jordan thought it best to change the subject, but Lily persevered, telling Jordan that she knew Hilary because she'd married her father and brother. Jordan noted that the marriages were over. Lily reminded Jordan that he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. Jordan noted that Lily had said she was going to stay out of his personal life. Lily thought that, as a friend, she should protect him. Jordan assured Lily that he wasn't in love, and he told her to let it go. Jordan said he liked being in Genoa City. Lily wondered what happened while he was living in NY. Jordan said that the economy tanked and he'd been forced to take a lot of demeaning jobs to stay afloat. Jordan was excited about his new job and getting to work with Lily.

Lily went into the conference room and spotted Cane's phone on the table. She noticed an enthusiastic text message from Juliet. Cane returned, and Lily asked him about it. Cane reminded her that Juliet was the division manager and explained that she was texting about a job offer. Cane teasingly accused Lily of being jealous. She swore she wasn't. Cane told her not to worry, because he only had eyes for her. They kissed. After Lily left, Cane texted Juliet and told her to catch a flight to talk to Victoria about the job.

Back in the lab, Jordan was about throw something in the trash. He noticed Juliet's camisole and fished it out of the garbage. Lily walked out, and he asked if it was hers. Lily said no, and she theorized that it fell off the rack.

At the ranch, Victoria told Flint that he wasn't a good fit and thanked him for his time. After Flint left, Reed called him a tool. Victoria chided Reed for picking a fight with the teacher. Reed explained that Flint had insulted him for not knowing how to read music. Victoria said she hired Flint to teach him. Reed wasn't sure he wanted to learn to read music, since some of the greats played by ear. Victoria countered that those people had discipline and talent. Reed asked if she was saying he didn't, and Victoria explained that he misunderstood her point. Reed snapped that he knew she'd find a way to make music a punishment. He stormed off. Victoria called Nikki, who was at Crimson Lights. Victoria moaned that she couldn't seem to do anything right when it came to Reed.

Nikki overheard music just outside the coffeehouse. She headed outside, where a young woman was playing the guitar and singing. Nikki struck up a conversation with her and asked if she knew how to play the piano. The woman said could play the piano and drums, but she felt connected to the guitar. Nikki asked if she'd like to teach Reed. Nikki explained that he was fifteen and raw, but talented and with his own ideas about how he wanted to learn. The lady thought that sounded familiar, but she didn't see herself teaching. Nikki told her that the job paid. The woman asked how much, and Nikki stated that it would pay more than she had in her tip jar. The woman introduced herself as Tessa.

Back at the ranch, Victoria was genuinely confused about what Reed had expected from the lessons. Reed said he wanted to learn, but the guy was a poser. Victoria wondered if Reed was afraid of failure. Reed looked sullen, and Victoria assured him that he was good, but he just needed training. A dejected Reed said maybe he shouldn't even bother. Just then, Nikki arrived, with Tessa in tow. While Reed showed Tessa his guitar, Victoria quietly conferred with her mother. Victoria was glad that Reed wasn't sulking anymore, but she had reservations about the stranger. Nikki thought Tessa seemed sweet, and she assured Victoria that they could send her away if it didn't work out. Reed walked over and said he liked Tessa. Victoria told Reed to be polite, then she went back to work. Reed told Tessa that she was hired. In a good-natured tone, Tessa told him she wanted to hear him play before she accepted the job.

At Crimson Lights, Devon brought Neil a cup of coffee. Neil said he was always happy for a one on one conversation with Devon, but he sensed that this wouldn't be a casual chat. Devon revealed that he was ready to move on to the post-Hilary phase of his life. Neil asked if he was ready to start dating. Devon said he was already dating Mariah. Devon asked if Neil was surprised. Neil admitted he was surprised Devon was dating, but he thought Devon and Mariah always had a good connection, so it didn't shock him that they were seeing each other. Devon confided that they'd shared an enjoyable kiss.

Neil questioned whether Devon was ready. Devon wanted something to look forward to, and he thought it would be nice to be with someone who didn't have an agenda. Neil was concerned about how this would affect Mariah and Hilary's working relationship. Devon was considering giving GC Buzz to Hilary, and he was going to stipulate that she couldn't fire Mariah. Neil wondered why Devon hadn't done it yet. Devon wanted to think things over. Neil felt that the family had been in chaos ever since Hilary arrived. Neil advised Devon to ask himself whether he was proud of the man he was when he was with Hilary. Neil admitted that he wasn't proud of who Neil had been with her. Devon said that they couldn't blame all their mistakes on Hilary. Neil thought it was best for the three of them to move on.

Devon was curious about what was going on in Neil's life. Neil said that Ashley offered him a job, with room for growth. Devon noted that Neil had ran Chancellor, Newman and Jabot. Devon thought that Neil had already proven that he should be given the top position, not a job with room for growth. Devon stated that you could only advance so high when you were staff and not family. Devon decided to open his own business, with Neil by his side. Neil warned Devon that start ups were expensive and prone to failure, but Devon was still determined to go into business with Neil. Devon said that after all they'd been through, he still trusted Neil more than anyone. They shook hands.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah looked through the dressing rack for something to wear. Hilary asked if Mariah had fun last night. Mariah confirmed that she and Devon enjoyed themselves, then she noted that Hilary had been pawing at Jordan. Hilary shot back that Mariah's lips had been on her husband's face. Mariah countered that he was soon to be Hilary's ex. “What a surprise. Looks like we want the same thing,” Mariah stated, as she and Hilary selected the same outfit. Mariah told Hilary to keep it as a consolation prize since she lost the man. Hilary didn't believe Mariah and Devon were interested in each other. Hilary said that Devon wanted a woman to challenge and motivate him, and only one woman in the room was up to that task. Mariah argued that Devon was finished with Hilary and now it was Mariah's turn. Hilary thought it was clear that Mariah wanted to convince her that Mariah and Devon were the new it-couple. In a bored tone, Hilary said she was seething with jealousy over Mariah and Devon. Hilary changed the subject to work, but Mariah changed it back and implied that she and Devon had been having an affair for weeks. A skeptical Hilary asked if she was supposed to believe that Devon and Mariah had an insatiable lust for each other. Devon walked up and said he'd like to hear the answer too.

Hilary went to prepare for the show. Devon asked what that was all about, and Mariah admitted that she exaggerated about having a torrid love affair with Devon. Mariah explained that she did that in order to stand up for Devon. Devon appreciated that, but he told her that he had nothing to prove to Hilary. Mariah was annoyed that Hilary was acting like Mariah only kissed Devon to get under Hilary's skin. Devon thought that was the reason for the kiss. Mariah conceded that it was why it started, but she enjoyed the kiss. Devon told Mariah to hold that thought.

Devon went over to Hilary and told her that he was signing the show over to her. Hilary asked what changed. Devon said that they tended to bring out the worst in each other, so he thought it was best if they weren't bound by the show anymore. Devon said that there would be a condition in the paperwork that she couldn't fire anyone for the first twelve months. Devon told Hilary that he was trusting her not to take the show into the gutter, and he added that she'd have to sign something saying she wouldn't go after him for more money. Hilary agreed to the conditions. Devon said he'd have Michael draw up the paperwork, and he mentioned that he would be having Michael draft another document too. Hilary asked what about, and Devon said he'd make a public announcement later. Devon called Mariah over. He told Hilary that he and Mariah were going to keep seeing each other, and he hoped that wouldn't cause friction at the show. Hilary said they were adults and things would be fine.

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