Thursday Y&R Update 3/23/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 3/23/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Crimson Lights, Sharon noticed that Scott had writer's block. She told him that when she was working on something and ran into a wall, she always took a walk to clear her head. Scott decided to take her advice, and he accepted her offer to watch his laptop. Scott ran into Chelsea on his way out, and they greeted each other. Sharon assumed Chelsea was there to order some pastries to surprise Nick. Chelsea admitted she needed to apologize. Sharon was curious what happened. Chelsea said everything was fine, but she had to end a date early. Chelsea asked how things were going with Sharon. Sharon revealed that she was taking some college classes. Sharon explained that she'd dropped out after Noah was born and Cassie came into her life. Sharon said that while Nick always took care of their family, she regretted not going back to school. Chelsea told Sharon about her night with Nick; Nick giving Sage's inheritance to her for Connor, which brought up old memories about Sage and Adam, leading to the romantic evening fizzling. Sharon assured Chelsea that Nick understood. Chelsea felt awkward talking to Nick's ex about this, but Sharon said she was glad Nick and Chelsea were together. Chelsea knew some people thought it was odd that she was dating her husband's brother, but Sharon said she didn't. They laughed, then Sharon said that Nick didn't need an apology, because he knew Adam would always be a part of Chelsea and Connor.

Scott returned, after Chelsea left, and told Sharon that her advice was excellent. He got to work but cut it short when he noticed that Sharon was struggling with her own writing. Scott offered to help, but Sharon was hesitant, embarrassed to let a professional writer read her work. Scott insisted, so she accepted. Sharon noted that the work was for a psych class and joked that she should be a natural at this. Scott asked why, and Sharon said she was well-versed in the subject. Scott gave Sharon advice on how to structure her essay, and he assured her that, overall, it was a great first effort. Sharon was surprised because she thought she was a terrible writer. Scott encouraged her to overcome her insecurities. He told her he'd taught writing and he knew a great essay when he saw one. Sharon admitted that she doubted her abilities because people put her down her whole life. Scott suggested that she start hanging out with different people.

At the ranch, Nick told Nikki that his night with Chelsea had ended after someone brought up Adam's name. Nick said that Chelsea left, alone, and he wasn't sure where they left things. Nikki thought it was sad that the accident took away Adam and Chelsea's opportunity to start over. Nick wondered if the explosion wasn't an accident. He suggested that they believed the police report because it was easier to accept an accident than a murder. Nikki stated that Paul and Dylan were very thorough, and the evidence said it was an accident. Nick recalled that Nikki gave Chelsea a burner phone. Nikki confirmed that she helped arrange for Chelsea and Connor to meet with Adam so that they could run away together. She blanched, noting that she would have been partially responsible if Chelsea and Connor had been in the cabin when it blew up. Nick assured Nikki that he wasn't trying to blame her. Nikki wondered if Nick could be right, and if so, who would have wanted to kill Adam. Nikki asked why Nick was thinking about this. Nick had a flashback to Scott saying Chloe talked about having a life-changing event six months ago. In the present, Nick told Nikki that Chelsea just invited him over. Nikki warned Nick not to tell Chelsea about his suspicions.

At the Club, Chloe told Kevin to pour her more coffee. He suggested water and an aspirin instead. Chloe admitted that she had a bit too much to drink last night, and Kevin noted that it was almost like she was celebrating. Kevin brought up the nightmare she had last night and asked what it was about. Chloe implied that it was about losing Kevin. Kevin was concerned that he'd done something to make her feel insecure, but Chloe assured him she was just being paranoid because things were going so well. Kevin urged her to stay positive. They kissed, then Chloe left for work.

Michael arrived, just in time to see Chloe blow Kevin a kiss. Michael noted that Kevin seemed smitten. Kevin revealed that he was going to propose to Chloe. Michael disapproved, citing their two previous failed marriages. Kevin insisted that he and Chloe were different people now, but Michael contended that Chloe was too unstable to get married. Kevin insisted that she had put her life back together and come to terms with everything that happened. Michael asked if Kevin meant Delia, then Michael said he was sure Adam's death helped. Kevin conceded that Chloe had issues and that she was better now that Adam wasn't around anymore, but he didn't think that Adam's death was the only reason for her improvement. Kevin said marrying Chloe would give him what he missed most – family and stability. Kevin felt that he and Chloe were cheated out of that life before. Kevin wanted his family's support.

Michael warned Kevin that there were red flags. Kevin argued that he and Michael had turned their lives around, so why couldn't Chloe have done the same. Michael felt that it took time to build a solid foundation, but Kevin maintained that the stability of a committed relationship would be good for Chloe. Michael came around, and he told Kevin that he had to do it right to top the time that Chloe proposed to him. Michael advised Kevin to make Chloe feel wanted, needed and loved. Kevin asked if Michael was in his corner, and Michael said he'd never been anywhere else. They hugged.

Chloe arrived at the penthouse with papers for Chelsea to sign for work. She sensed that something was going on with Chelsea. Chelsea explained that she'd been thinking about the explosion last night. Chloe tensed. Chelsea revealed that Nick gave her the money that Sage inherited from Constance. “Give it back,” Chloe snapped. Confused, Chelsea said that Nick wanted her to have it. Chloe said that Chelsea couldn't keep the money because it was linked to Adam. Chelsea said she'd see Chloe at the office, but Chloe refused to leave. Chloe recalled that Adam and Sage ran a scam on Constance. Chelsea said that wasn't what happened. Chelsea clarified that the majority of Constance's money went to charity, and Constance left this money to Sage because she considered Sage to be like a daughter to her. Chelsea added that she didn't owe Chloe an explanation. Chloe said she just didn't want Chelsea to lose the progress she made. Chelsea asked if Chloe would be lecturing her if this were about anyone besides Adam. Chloe admitted she probably wouldn't, but she felt obligated to tell Chelsea hard truths, even if Chelsea didn't want to hear them.

Chloe asked if Chelsea thought it was healthy to be daydreaming about Adam. Chelsea admitted she didn't know what was healthy. She thought things might be different if she'd had the chance to say goodbye to Adam. Chloe countered that Chelsea had said goodbye when she spent time with Adam at the cabin on the lake. Startled, Chelsea asked how Chloe knew the cabin was on a lake. Chloe said that Chelsea had described the place to her. Chelsea didn't remember that, but she assumed Chloe was telling the truth. Nick arrived and hugged Chelsea while eyeing Chloe with suspicion.

Chelsea went to take care of something, while Nick chatted with Chloe about how she'd recovered after last night. Chloe said that Kevin took care of her. Chloe shifted gears and said she hoped Chelsea appreciated what she had with Nick and would let the past with Adam go. While Chloe talked, she picked up Connor's stuffed dinosaur. Nick wondered why Chelsea should have to forget about the man she'd loved. Chloe said she was just trying to help Nick out. Chloe left. Nick had a flashback to Connor saying the dinosaur was his favorite. In the present, Nick picked up the toy.

Later, Chelsea apologized to Nick for last night, but he assured her there was no need to be sorry. Chelsea noticed that Nick had Connor's toy, and he said he saw Chloe holding it. Nick remembered that Connor had it the night Adam died. Nick spotted a hole in the toy. Chelsea assumed it got damaged when Connor dropped it at the airstrip. Nick examined the dinosaur, trying to figure out how to repair it, and he discovered a small black device hidden in the stuffing. Nick and Chelsea were puzzled about what it was.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked Sharon for a hangover cure. As Sharon poured green tea, she asked how things were going with Kevin. Chloe said things were good, and she hoped she didn't blow it up this time. She was afraid that her problems would resurface and she'd disappoint Kevin or be a burden. Sharon said that she'd expected a breakdown after Dylan left, but it didn't happen. Sharon said that when she felt overwhelmed, she threw herself into work, reached out to people who loved her, and made sure she always took her medicine. Sharon offered to recommend a therapist to Chloe, but Chloe said she'd found someone already. Chloe said she was working to be 100% in control, for everyone's sake, especially Bella's.

Victoria arrived at work and found Billy was already there. He was finishing up his presentation for the Board of Governors before his flight. Victoria thought they had a shot at landing the hockey deal now that Jack pulled out and admitted he exaggerated Billy's problems. She imagined Brash and Sassy as the official men's grooming line as the professional hockey league, and she told Billy that it was a brilliant tie-in that she never would have thought of. Billy told Victoria that she saved the day by schooling Jack. Victoria headed into the conference room. Billy followed her and admitted he was caught off guard by the way she defended him to Jack. Victoria wondered why Billy was surprised. Billy started to explain that he'd only expected her to go after Jack for sabotaging the deal. Victoria's phone rang, interrupting the conversation. Billy left.

At Jabot, an irritated Jack told Gloria that he thought she would have had the good sense to call in sick. Gloria minimized what happened, stating that Billy and Victoria used the GC Buzz interview to make Jack pull out of a deal that he didn't even want. Jack seethed and wondered if Gloria was trying to make him even angrier. Gloria refused to keep her mouth shut and let Jack take his frustrations out on her. She told him that he didn't get to where he was by dwelling on setbacks and carrying grudges. Gloria put a positive spin on things by noting that this fiasco got Jack to focus on revitalizing the men's line. She thought that could lead to great things, and she assured Jack that there would be other opportunities to stick it to Billy.

Gloria entered the Brash and Sassy conference room. Victoria told her to leave. Gloria admitted that she made up the sexual harassment claims against Jack. Victoria wasn't surprised. Gloria disapproved of Victoria's willingness to use the false allegations in the video to make Jack look bad. Victoria countered that Gloria tried to destroy Jack on national television, then Jack sabotaged Billy's deal. Gloria pointed out that Jack told the truth about Billy's gambling addiction. She theorized that the hockey league would have found out eventually and ditched Brash and Sassy anyway. Gloria felt that Jack did Brash and Sassy a favor by getting it out in the open. Victoria said that if Gloria really cared about Jack, she'd convince him to stop trying to get revenge on Billy. Gloria wondered if Victoria thought she could persuade Jack to end the feud. Victoria saw Gloria as resourceful, though misguided. Victoria took Gloria to task for making a false sexual harassment claim. Victoria warned that she wouldn't pull her punches the next time Jack interfered with her company.

“You are not welcome here,” Jack snapped at Billy, as he entered Jack's office. Billy said he wasn't there to humiliate Jack, but Jack said Billy couldn't if he tried. Jack said that deals came and went. Billy admitted that he hurt Jack, and he acknowledged that Jack was entitled to keep lashing out at him. Billy contended that the fight was a waste of energy, and he said he wanted to reconcile and be brothers again. Billy told Jack that holding a grudge made him just like Victor. Jack ordered Billy to leave. Billy admitted that the crack about Victor might have crossed the line. Jack noted that they both had other things to do right now. Billy thanked Jack for calling the hockey league and setting the record straight. Jack admitted that he told his friend Leon about Billy's past because he wanted to ruin Billy's deal. Jack said that he needn't have bothered though, because Billy was his own worst enemy and always screwed everything up. “You're one to talk,” Billy countered, noting that Jack had hired the woman who once tried to destroy Jabot. Billy stated that Billy wouldn't have this deal if it weren't for Gloria. Billy decided to buy Gloria a bottle of wine to thank her.

Billy returned to work, before he went to the airport, and thanked Victoria for trusting him with the idea. Victoria told him he was the right man to lead the way. Billy said they had to talk about the way she defended him. Victoria said they already had, but Billy insisted that they finish the conversation. He noted that the things Victoria said weren't part of the original plan to trip up Jack. Billy thought that Victoria's spontaneous words were from the heart, and he asked if he was wrong. Victoria didn't respond. Billy kissed her, and Victoria pulled him closer to her. Billy said he had to catch his flight, and he left.

Jack arrived at Top of the Tower and ordered a scotch. Nikki said hi, and a defensive Jack told her to spare him the sermon, because he walked to the restaurant. Nikki asked how his trip was, and Jack assumed she was chiding him for skipping the benefit. Nikki tried to engage Jack in some small talk about Ashley and Ravi making a cute couple, but Jack didn't care. He told Nikki to let him enjoy his drink in peace. Nikki noted that Jack usually didn't get this worked up unless it was because of Victor.


Nikki learned that Jack was riled up because of Billy. She asked what Billy did now. Jack said it was business, but Nikki still suspected that it was personal, too. She wondered if he found a rival to replace Victor. Jack asked if Victor missed him. Nikki said that Victor was busy. Skeptical, Jack asked with retirement? Nikki didn't want to label it, but she was happy to spend time with Victor. Jack told Nikki that she didn't have to put herself out to pasture just because Victor did. Jack wondered what happened to the Nikki who wanted to be more than Victor's appendage. Nikki wondered if that was an honest question or if Jack was trying to spread the misery.

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