Wednesday Y&R Update 3/22/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/22/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hilary smiled when Jordan walked into GC Buzz. She'd texted him, but she wasn't sure he'd come after the way she disappeared on him the other night. Jordan thought it was good that she left, because it gave him a chance to talk things out with Lily. Jordan admitted that Lily had criticized Hilary. Hilary asked if he believed Lily. Jordan told her that he was so good at photography because he didn't see things the way others did. Hilary noted that Lily would be out of her life once the divorce was finalized. She assured Jordan that things had changed. Smiling, Jordan stated that change kept things interesting. Jordan asked if tonight was about them or about making Devon jealous. He clarified that they were going out no matter what, but he wanted to know what he was up against. Hilary asked what she was up against, noting that Jordan was around models all the time. “They're not you,” Jordan said, before reminding her to answer his question. Hilary stated that she and Devon had been over for some time. Hilary and Jordan decided to pick up where they left off and go back to The Underground.

At Top of the Tower, Devon showed Mariah to their table. Mariah was concerned that the location would dredge up bad memories for Devon. Devon knew that she was referring to the night of the benefit when Hilary was exposed and he got into a serious car accident. Mariah felt responsible because she exposed Hilary, but Devon didn't blame her, because he was the one who chose to speed. Devon pulled the chair out for Mariah, and she wondered if that was a rich person thing. Devon replied that he had manners before he became rich. Mariah teased that he should save that for someone he was trying to impress. Devon implied that he was trying to impress her, and Mariah asked if this was a date. Devon asked what she thought. Mariah said it wasn't a date, because he was her boss and her co-host's ex. Devon asked if she was afraid of Hilary, and Mariah confessed that she was a little afraid of Hilary. Mariah admitted that this could be a date, then she changed the subject. She pointed out a menu item and scoffed at rich people food. Devon thought that she was prejudiced against the rich. Mariah clarified that she loved money, but she believed some people became obsessed with extravagance. Mariah said that being raised in a cult made her appreciate simpler foods. Devon could relate, since he was raised by his grandmother, then in a series of group homes until Neil took him in. Mariah suggested that they go somewhere that didn't have six wine glasses and four forks on the table. They decided to go to The Underground, and they held hands and ran out of the restaurant.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Billy reeled after they finished the video of Gloria accusing Jack of sexual harassment. Billy didn't believe Jack harassed Gloria, whom Jack couldn't stand. Victoria countered that harassment was more about power than sex. She thought they should keep an open mind. Billy pointed out that Gloria was now working at Jabot, and the video never aired. Victoria asked if Gloria would really trash Jack's reputation for a receptionist job. Billy didn't think Gloria would be working there much longer. Victoria felt that Jack wouldn't be afraid of Gloria if there was no truth to the story. Billy was convinced that Gloria was lying, but he still wanted to use the video to blackmail Jack into pulling out of the hockey deal. Victoria told him that he was thinking too small.

At Jabot, Gloria encouraged Jack to have a drink to celebrate his success – getting the hockey deal away from Brash and Sassy. Jack said there was no time, because he had work to do. He reminded Gloria that she promised to make a report on the Jabot's men line and market trends. Gloria said it was already on his desk. Jack was stunned since he only gave her the assignment a couple of hours ago. He read the report and was impressed. Jack realized that it might not have been necessary to tank Billy's hockey deal, but he still didn't regret doing it. Jack was pleasantly surprised to learn that Gloria had asked the design team to come up with ways to update the looks of Jabot's products. Gloria grinned, noting that she wasn't just a strikingly pretty face. She also revealed that she bought several domain names to help Jabot's online presence. Jack marveled, stating that she'd thought of everything. Gloria leaned over the desk and flirted with Jack, who seemed receptive. Gloria said she'd go talk to the design team while Jack worked on locking down the hockey deal. Jack was confident that he could reach an agreement with the sports league.

Billy breezed past Gloria's desk and entered Jack's office, over her protests. Gloria rushed in behind him and offered to call security, but Jack told her not to. Jack taunted Billy about losing the hockey deal, then told him to leave. Billy admitted that he shouldn't be there, after what Jack had done to him, but he felt that John would want him to warn Jack. Billy stated that Victoria was pissed about the deal and had found a way to get payback. Jack didn't buy it, so Billy referred to Gloria as Clarissa. Jack's smug expression gave way to alarm, and he rushed out of the office.

Billy and Gloria followed Jack to Brash and Sassy, where they found Victoria seemingly offering up the video to news outlets. Jack ordered her to hang up the phone. Victoria asked Billy if he went to Jack even after what Jack did to him and the company. Jack insisted that the video was garbage. Victoria said she was going to give the video away so that everyone could see what a snake Jack was. Jack wondered if she learned this tactic from Victor. Victoria noted that Jack went to the hockey league and smeared her company's good name and tore Billy's life apart. Jack asked what she wanted, and she told him to go pull out of the deal and to tell Leon that he overstated his issues with Brash and Sassy. Jack made the phone call. Victoria told Jack to apologize and admit what he'd done to Billy was an insult to Jabot and to their father's legacy. Jack admitted it was a cheap shot, then Victoria gave him the USB drive containing the video. Jack didn't trust Victoria, but she told him she'd never stoop to his level. She revealed that she only pretended to call a news agency. Jack stormed out, and Gloria followed. Billy was surprised by the way Victoria defended him.

At the penthouse, a glum Chelsea sat on the steps, with Nick, close to a picture of Adam and Connor. Chelsea noted that grief never went away, and Nick stated that it did get easier. They talked about the way grief could sneak up on you, even after you'd met someone else. Nick thought that he, Chelsea, Adam and Sage were connected and able to help each other in ways that outsiders couldn't. Chelsea admitted that she wasn't sure where to start. Nick extended his hand and suggested that they go somewhere more upbeat. Chelsea was torn; she wanted to go out with Nick, instead of wallowing in grief, but she suspected that people would see that she was depressed try to console her about Adam. Chelsea knew that people meant well. “But then you want to snap their arms off. I get it,” Nick assured her. Nick told her that they'd cancel tonight and try again another time. He signed Sage's inheritance check over to Chelsea and told her to use it for Connor's education. Nick headed toward the door, and Chelsea suddenly decided to go out with him. Nick asked if she was sure, and Chelsea said that she couldn't keep sliding back.

At the Underground, Chloe and Scott slow danced, and she told him she took control. Scott prevented the tipsy Chloe from sliding to the floor. Kevin, who was at the bar, offered to tag in, but Scott said it was okay. Kevin smiled and went back to the table. Chloe thought it was adorable that Kevin worried about her. She remarked that she was in a better place now, because she took charge. Scott asked what she did. Chloe told Scott that she knew the look in his eyes. She stated that the past was brutal and ugly, and she urged him to crush it with a sledgehammer so she could be like her. Chloe grinned, then she announced that they needed more drinks and cake and fries. Chloe stumbled off to the ladies' room and Kevin walked over and apologized, explaining that Chloe was a lightweight. Unfazed, Scott called Chloe a spitfire and said that it seemed like what she and Kevin had was real. Kevin stated that it was hard losing Delia, but Chloe made it back. Kevin vowed to always be there for Chloe; he thought it was sexy that she'd fought hard to make herself better. Kevin wasn't sure when or how Chloe healed, and he didn't think she knew either. Scott stated that Chloe seemed to know exactly how and when she healed. Nick and Chelsea walked up, and Nick and Scott noted that they hadn't seen each other since Michael's bachelor party.

Chloe returned and loudly greeted Chelsea. Chelsea tensed as Chloe told Scott that Chelsea was a survivor, just like them. Chloe explained that Chelsea lost her husband, who was Nick's brother. Kevin intervened and told Chloe it was time to go home. Scott walked them out and they ran into Devon and Mariah. Mariah was taken aback by Chloe's enthusiastic greeting. Chloe insisted that they were friends now and that they both loved Kevin. Kevin asked if Mariah and Devon were working through dinner. Mariah avoided the question and asked who his friend was. Kevin introduced her to Scott. Mariah said she'd read his work and it made her cry. Kevin and Chloe left.

Chelsea wasn't sure coming was a good idea. Nick told her that Chloe meant well. Chelsea agreed, and she said it wasn't Chloe's fault that Chelsea couldn't let loose. Nick felt bad about dragging Chelsea out of the house, but Chelsea didn't blame him. She noted that she decided to come. Chelsea thought Scott seemed nice, but Nick pointed out that Scott looked at her with pity. Chelsea explained that she just didn't want to hear anyone else say they were sorry. She decided to leave. Nick wanted to drive her home, but Chelsea wanted to be alone. She kissed Nick and left.

Scott left Mariah and Devon's booth and joined Nick. Scott mentioned Chelsea's departure, and Nick explained that Adam died in a freak accident and Chelsea was struggling to find closure, because she didn't have all the answers. Nick stated that Victor thought he was saving Adam from an unjust prison sentence, but the explosion turned out to be a death sentence. Scott thought Chelsea must be strong to survive that. Scott mentioned that Victor rescued him. Nick warned Scott that when Victor did someone a favor, he usually wanted something in return. Scott said he and Victor knew where they stood with each other. Scott explained that Victor was looking into Scott's driver, Ahmed's disappearance. Nick stated that Victor was a good ally, but he advised Scott to keep his eyes open where Victor was concerned. They segued into a talk about Chloe. Scott explained that Chloe said her life changed for the better after something that happened six months ago. A curious Nick wondered what Chloe was referring to. Scott said that Chloe wouldn't tell him.

Jordan and Hilary approached the bar. Hilary's smile faded when Jordan pointed out Devon and Mariah. Jordan said they could go say hi, or pretend not to see them. Hilary said to let them have their little work talk, because if it was up to her, Devon wouldn't be talking about GC Buzz much longer. Hilary explained that she asked for the show in the divorce. She stated that she made the show fresh, and she wanted to be responsible for it's failure or success. Jordan was impressed by her determination. Devon and Mariah spotted Jordan and Hilary, but they decided to stay at The Underground.

Mariah told Devon that he needed a real hot date and not a work buddy, like her. She told him that any girl would kill to be in her position. Devon thought it was because he was rich, but Mariah told him he was smart, decent and hot. Devon wondered why Mariah didn't want to be there. Mariah insisted that she did. She kissed Devon, and Hilary noticed and glared.

Chloe and Kevin cuddled in the backseat of the car on the way home. A more sober and embarrassed Chloe thought that Scott must think she was crazy. Kevin said that Scott thought Kevin was lucky to have her. Chloe disagreed that Kevin was lucky. She said that Kevin was good to her, in spite of her being loud, pushy and sarcastic. Chloe thought that Kevin should hate her, but instead he opened his home to her and the child that wasn't his. Kevin assured Chloe that he loved Bella anyway. Chloe called him amazing. She noted that he waited for her to come around, instead of pressuring her. Kevin asked if she had come around, and she said yes. Kevin noted that something must have changed. Chloe began to babble about how much she loved the backseat. Later, Chloe and Kevin were asleep. Chloe had a nightmare about the explosion and bolted upright. Kevin comforted her.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and touched a picture of herself with Adam. She spotted Connor's toy dinosaur and had a flashback to packing it on the night that she, Adam and Connor tried to run away together. Chelsea dozed off and also had a nightmare about the explosion.

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