Tuesday Y&R Update 3/21/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 3/21/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jack arrived at Jabot, and Gloria told him that Hilary called to thank him for the advice. Gloria followed Jack into his office and asked what he said to Hilary. Jack said it was none of Gloria's concern. Gloria warned Jack not to trust Hilary. Jack contended that Gloria should be grateful to Hilary. “That woman saved your hide when she stopped that interview, Clarissa,” Jack said. Gloria thought everything worked out in the end. She urged Jack to admit that she'd been an asset to him both in and out of the office. Later, Gloria entered Jack's office with a cup of coffee. Jack was caught off guard when Gloria didn't leave afterward. Gloria revealed that she overheard Ashley and Jack talking about Billy. Jack told Gloria not to listen in at the door. Gloria surmised that Ashley was trying to talk Jack out of crushing Billy's company. Jack said he didn't care about Gloria's opinion on the subject, but she continued and stated that Billy deserved to be punished for sleeping with Jack's wife. Jack explained that Ashley thought he was using his animus toward Billy to make business decisions. Jack admitted that Ashley was right, but he said that didn't mean he made bad decisions. Jack stated that the hockey deal started out as a way to knock Billy down a few pegs, but it turned into a giant opportunity for Jabot.

Gloria thought the deal would be a great way to revitalize the men's line. She offered to do some research to help with the line, since she was interested in toned pro-athletes. Jack said he was open to any suggestion that helped Jabot's bottom line, and it would be a bonus if the ideas also happened to hurt Billy. Gloria promised Jack he wouldn't be sorry. Later, Gloria brought Jack some reports from Fenmore's. She called it a brilliant idea, which Ashley hadn't supported. Gloria assured Jack that he'd prove Ashley wrong about the hockey deal too. Jack appreciated her support. Gloria noted that she'd been married to her own scoundrel. She fantasized about striking it rich and spitting in Jeffrey's face when he came crawling back. Jack looked forward to seeing the look on Billy's face when he realized why he lost the deal. He hoped that Victoria would realize Billy was dead weight and fire him.

Cane sat on his couch and held the camisole he'd found in his briefcase. He had a flashback; he was woozy from the alcohol and wanted to lie down. Juliet put his arm over her shoulder and offered to help him to the elevator. Lily came home, and Cane hid the camisole. She sat on his lap and suggested that he join her in the shower before she had to go to work. Cane said he was tempted, but he had work to do. He promised to pick her up after work and take her to Top of The Tower for dinner and dancing. She agreed, then went into the bathroom.

Once Lily was gone, Cane video phoned Juliet, showed her the camisole and told her it was in his briefcase. Juliet recognized it. Cane asked how it got into his briefcase. Juliet said that once they got to his room, the sake hit her. Cane replied that she didn't seem that drunk to him. Juliet explained that she didn't think she could make it back to her room, so she slept there. Cane was shocked and upset that Juliet spent the night in his bed. She said that she woke up before him and left, and since the room was dark, she didn't realize she left the camisole. Cane supposed that made sense. Juliet said she was too embarrassed to tell him earlier, and she admitted that she'd been unprofessional. Cane told her not to worry about it. He offered to mail the shirt to her, but she said it wasn't worth the postage. Juliet asked if he'd talked to Victoria about the division manager job. Cane hadn't yet, but he assured Juliet that he'd recommend her for the position. Lily finished her shower and Cane concealed the camisole again. Lily returned and asked Cane to come to work with her so they could spend time together. He agreed.

At Brash and Sassy, Jordan told Billy about Lily's stalker. Jordan explained that the man had been charged with trespassing and Lily had filed a restraining order. Billy decided to make sure Lily had security at future events. Billy wondered how Cane reacted to the stalking. Jordan wasn't sure Cane knew, since Lily had a hard time reaching him in Tokyo. Billy thought it was odd that Cane hadn't used every opportunity to brag to Lily about closing the Tokyo deal. Later, they shifted gears and talked about plans for the sizzle reel to win over the hockey league. Billy said he wanted to make the competition look bad. Victoria rushed in and announced that she had something that might give them an edge. Billy alerted her that Jordan was there. Victoria said hi to Jordan and decided to use footage of the shirtless competition in the sizzle reel.

After Jordan left, Victoria had computer problems, so she used Billy's and noticed that he'd booked a flight to Toronto. Billy explained that Leon, from the hockey league, wouldn't take his calls after Jack trashed him. Billy planned to visit Leon's office and convince him to work with Brash and Sassy. Victoria was impressed with his initiative. Billy was adamant that he wouldn't let Jack win and he wouldn't let Victoria down. Victoria told Billy about the Jabot-Clarissa-harassment interview she saw on the GC Buzz server. Billy had never heard of Clarissa, but he offered to ask around. Victoria said there was no need, and she revealed that she'd made a copy of the file. Billy seemed impressed that Victoria had committed “digital espionage.” Victoria said she couldn't resist something so juicy, especially after Mariah said that the interview was cut off mid-air. They had to postpone watching the video because Lily and Cane were on their way.

Cane thanked Jordan for chasing off the stalker and staying the night with Lily. Jordan and Lily left for the photo shoot. Victoria congratulated Cane on closing the deal with Sato, and Billy sarcastically congratulated him on doing his job. Cane explained that he helped Sato overcome his reservations about distributing the men's line. Cane asked to talk to Victoria about the division manager position. Victoria said they'd discuss it later, because the presentation was her priority. Cane offered to help, but Billy said that he (Billy) would be helping. Cane quipped that the presentation must not be important if she had the B team working on it.

In the conference room Jordan marveled at how relaxed and engaged Lily had been, during the shoot, after all she'd been through last night. Lily credited Cane for her good mood, and Jordan said he wanted that kind of thing some day. Lily was surprised that Jordan, a man who'd simultaneously dated two supermodels on different continents, was looking to get married. Jordan clarified that he never mentioned marriage, but he was open to finding the right lady. Lily glanced at Jordan's phone and was dismayed to see that he was meeting Hilary for drinks later. Jordan knew how Lily felt about Hilary, but he wanted to form his own opinion. Jordan asked if this was going to be a problem between him and Lily. Lily said it wouldn't. Cane was on the phone, in the lab. He gave someone an update about the meeting in Tokyo. Cane made sure that Lily and Jordan weren't looking at him, then he threw the camisole in the trash.

At Top of the Tower, Lily toasted to Cane, then to getting their guest room back. Cane was surprised to hear that Colin moved out and even more shocked when Lily revealed that Colin and Jill were vacationing together. Lily thought that Colin and Jill loved each other, in spite of him losing her money. Lily looked panicked when she heard a crash – someone dropping a plate. She explained that she was still jumpy after last night, but she didn't want to let the obsessed fan have power over her or ruin their evening. Cane apologized for not being there when Lily needed him, and she said it was okay. She assured him that she felt safe, and they said they loved each other. Cane got a text – it was Juliet asking if he talked to Victoria. Cane put the phone down and focused on Lily.

Victoria closed the blinds in the conference room, then she and Billy watched the GC Buzz Clarissa interview. They were stunned when they recognized Gloria's voice and heard her say she'd slept with Jack.

Chelsea and Chloe entered the penthouse. Chloe believed that they'd come up with some good ideas for the fall collection. Chelsea was hopeful, but she noted that it was hard to predict what everyone would be wearing. Chelsea thought about some fashion trends that surprised her last fall. Chloe grew serious and said that last fall, she didn't think they'd ever hang out and work together again, after all she'd done. Chelsea said it was ancient history, because Chloe had worked hard and become a better person. Nick called Chelsea, and she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet him 20 minutes ago. Chelsea explained that it had been a long day, so Nick said he'd come by her place. After the call, Chloe admitted that the things Chelsea said to her were nice. Chelsea noted that while a lot of people blamed others for their actions, Chloe got the help she needed. Chelsea called her the best friend a girl could ask for. Chelsea knew it wasn't easy for Chloe to let go of all the pain and anger. Chloe gave Bella, Chelsea and Kevin a lot of credit for her recovery. Chloe said that Kevin had a confident side she'd never seen before, and he was willing to put his life on the line for people he cared about. Chelsea called Kevin Chloe's superhero. Chloe admitted that she could see herself being Mrs. Superhero. Chelsea, gleeful at the possibility of a wedding, pulled Chloe into a hug. Chloe clarified that they were just dating, but Chelsea said that could change in time for a spring wedding.

Chelsea went upstairs to change before her date, and Chloe headed for the door. Nick arrived and told Chloe she didn't have to leave on his account. Chloe explained that Kevin asked her to meet him at the Underground. Chloe and Nick bantered about the bar, then Chloe jokingly wondered if she should warn Nick that she'd hurt him if he hurt Chelsea. Things turned serious and Nick told Chloe she'd been a great friend to Chelsea while she grieved over the past six months. Chloe said Nick had helped too, then she said the sooner Chelsea forgot about Adam, the better. Nick was startled by her blunt statement, and Chloe explained that she meant she was glad Chelsea wasn't letting the memory of Adam keep her from living life. Chloe said she really wanted what was best for Chloe. Nick assured her that he and Chelsea appreciated everything Chloe did. Chloe left. Chelsea came downstairs, and an impressed Nick said he wanted to show her off. He suggested that they go to Paris or Venice. After a kiss, Chelsea said that takeout with him was all she needed.

Chelsea told Nick that she liked Chloe with Kevin, because Kevin gave Chloe a lot of stability. Chelsea admitted that her fears about living and working with Chloe were unfounded, because Chloe had proved to be reliable friend, kind of like Nick. They kissed, and there was a knock on the door. Chelsea reluctantly pulled out of the kiss and greeted Michael. Michael explained that the Bingham estate closed probate. Chelsea was surprised since Constance died a long time ago. Michael handed Nick a check. Nick was confused since Sage said Constance's money was going to charity, and Michael explained that Constance had left a small amount to Sage. Nick thought the amount was quite large.

Michael told Nick that, as Sage's next of kin, he inherited the funds. Michael left, and Nick grew somber. He said that everything that happened to Sage, Adam, Chelsea and Nick started with Constance. Chelsea quietly wondered if the money was cursed. She noted that everyone who was one degree from Constance died, tragically, just before getting the thing they wanted most. Nick stated that Gabriel was about to get his inheritance, Sage was about to get her son back, and Chelsea added that Adam was about to get a new start with her and Connor. Nick didn't think the money was cursed. Nick told Chelsea to take the money for Connor's education. Chelsea said that Victor already gave Connor a college fund, but Nick countered that Victor's money came with strings attached, unlike this offer. Chelsea took the check. Nick thought Adam and Sage would approve. Chelsea thought about fate and she wondered why Sage and Adam had to die.

Kevin was pleased when Scott arrived at the Underground. Scott admitted that he almost canceled because it didn't feel right to be drinking beer while Ahmed was missing. Kevin asked if Scott had talked to Victor, and Scott said that Victor had people looking into it. Kevin said that if anyone could find Ahmed, it was Victor. Kevin added that Victor brought Scott home, but Scott said that technically, Kevin rescued him. Kevin was curious about Scott's job search. Scott had gotten a few offers for desk jobs, but he wasn't interested. He wanted to travel, but so far, no one was willing to insure him, since he'd been a lucrative hostage. Kevin noted that Nick might have some journalism contacts from his time as a magazine owner, but Scott said he wanted a distraction, and he knew the perfect one – Chloe. Scott said he didn't know her yet, and he hoped learning about her would keep his mind off other things.

Scott wished he'd been at Kevin and Chloe's wedding. Kevin chuckled, noting that he'd married Chloe more than once. Kevin explained that money issues and his stupidity ended the first marriage, and they were working things out when Delia was killed. Kevin continued that Chloe was ordered to live with a family member, so they got married again. Kevin said that his attempts to help Chloe failed and she moved to California. Kevin admitted that Chloe had made some questionable choices. Scott asked if Kevin was concerned about what she'd do this time around. Kevin said that while Chloe would never forget Delia, she'd turned her life around over the past six months. Kevin described himself, Chloe and Bella as one big happy family, and he said that he enjoyed being dependable and responsible.

Chloe playfully swiped Kevin's drink from a table covered in empty glasses. She swallowed it then reached for Scott's drink, but he grabbed it first. Chloe and Scott joked around, then she ordered another round. She complimented Scott on how handsome he was. Kevin protested that he was right here, and Chloe said she was kidding. She said that she would have hunted Scott down if anything had happened to Kevin on the mission. Kevin was shocked at Chloe, but Scott thought it was nice that Kevin had someone in his corner. Chloe asked if Scott had a girlfriend, and he said it was hard to date when you were constantly traveling. Chloe bluntly noted that it wouldn't be hard now that he was unemployed. Kevin predicted that Chloe would regret saying these things tomorrow. Scott clarified that he was working on a story; the unedited truth about what it was like to be out in the field.

Chloe announced that she loved the song playing, and she asked Kevin to dance. He turned her down, so she pulled Scott onto the dance floor. She had a ball dancing to the fast-paced song. A slower song started, and Chloe was still up for dancing with Scott. Scott offered to let Kevin cut in, but he declined, so Scott and Chloe slow danced. Chloe was surprised that he was good. She'd assumed he was out of practice since there weren't many opportunities to dance in the places he'd been. Scott glumly said he felt helpless because there was no justice in the world. Chloe agreed that the world was a dark place, but she told him that she'd found peace, and he could too. She told him to take control, because he'd be sorely disappointed if he waited for justice to prevail. Chloe said that the best thing she'd done was take control of her destiny, six months ago. She smiled and leaned against Scott.

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