Monday Y&R Update 3/20/17

The Y&R Update Monday 3/20/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Ashley had a disagreement in his office at Jabot. Ashley argued that Jack's vow to “destroy the competition” proved her point. Jack maintained that the competition went beyond Billy, but Ashley accused Jack of not giving a damn about the company or the family. She said that all he cared about was targeting Billy. Jack noted that he'd found a partner with deep pockets, but Ashley thought this latest deal was an example of his bad decision making. She was convinced that she needed to take more of a leadership role at Jabot. Jack warned his sister to watch herself, reminding her that his name was on the CEO office door. “For now,” Ashley shot back.

Jack demanded to know how far Ashley was willing to push this. Ashley said she'd back off if he stepped away from the pro-hockey idea. Jack asked if Ashley realized the profit potential. Ashley countered that he said the same thing when he bought Fenmore's for more than it was worth without even getting majority control. Jack noted that the Fenmore deal was making money, but Ashley insisted that he got lucky. She added that he also got stuck with Gloria, who blackmailed him into hiring her. Jack denied that he was being blackmailed. Ashley suspected that Jack didn't care if he wasted money, as long as he got back at Billy. Jack revealed that he was getting a deal at a bargain rate, because he told Leon, his connection at the board of governors, about Billy's gambling problems and his affair with Phyllis. Ashley was appalled, but Jack was unapologetic, because airing that information had resulted in the pro-hockey league leaving Brash and Sassy and coming to Jabot.

Ashley was concerned that Jabot would be forced into a hiring frenzy to get enough staff to do R&D for all the new products. Jack was sure that it would be fine, but Ashley feared that they were going to overextend themselves. She refused to stand by and let Jack use their company to work out his personal grievances. Jack asked if she planned to go to the board and have him unseated. Jack accused Ashley of putting her ambition before their father's business, but Ashley insisted that she was trying to save Jack from himself. Jack defended the hockey deal, but Ashley was convinced that Jack was trying to drive Brash and Sassy out of business. She told him to prove her wrong by dropping the pro-hockey deal. Jack refused. Ashley noted that she'd succeeded in taking Jabot from Jack before, and she said she'd do it again if she had to. Jack said that outmaneuvering the competition was good business, and that fact that Billy might go down as a result was just an added benefit. Ashley turned toward the door, and Jack revealed that he met with Traci and several board members, while in NY, to solidify his control.

At Brash and Sassy, a furious Billy vented to Victoria about Jack stealing the multi-million dollar deal from him. Billy wanted to confront Jack. Victoria said that storming up to Jabot would give Jack the upper hand and convince him that the deal meant a lot to Brash and Sassy and to Billy, personally. Billy said that it did mean a lot to him, since he'd came up with the hockey idea. Victoria assured him that it was a good idea. Billy complained about the way Jack always treated him, and Victoria told him to leave his personal feelings out of it. She noted that Jack had already pumped a lot of money into Fenmore's. Billy added that Jack was about to spend a lot of money on the hockey league too. Victoria stated that Jabot didn't have unlimited resources, and she suggested that Brash and Sassy should outbid Jabot. Intrigued, Billy asked what her strategy was. Victoria said that they shouldn't acknowledge Jack's power play until they outmaneuvered him. Billy was impressed and said at times like this, he loved working for a Newman.

Victoria wrapped up a phone call with Leon, from the Board of Governors of the hockey league. She told Billy that Jack told Leon about Billy's transgressions, and Leon didn't want the players to be associated with sex scandals and gambling. Billy quietly apologized for costing Brash and Sassy millions of dollars. Victoria told him that they weren't giving up. She emailed Leon and told him there were two sides to every story, and she urged him to base the merits of the deal on the reputation of the company and not someone's personal actions. Billy was optimistic, and he and Victoria worked on a pitch to win Leon over. They decided to make the pitch fun and include a sizzle reel.

Billy ran into Phyllis at Crimson Lights and he confided in her about Jack trying to tank his deal. Billy said that Jack wanted payback. Phyllis felt bad that Jack was targeting Billy, even though she was equally to blame for the affair. Billy said that he was going to pay for this for the rest of his life, and he didn't even get the girl. Billy asked Phyllis to be careful around Jack. Phyllis sensed that Billy wanted to get back at Jack. Billy refused to let Jack crush him. Phyllis said she barely saw Jack now that he'd hired Gloria as his watchdog. Billy wondered why Jack hired Gloria. Phyllis told him about Jack and Gloria's scheme to force Lauren to sell Jack Fenmore's. She explained that she and Lauren confronted Jack about his connection to Gloria and Jack hinted that they were dating. Billy said that Jack would use anyone to get what he wanted, even someone who hurt Jack and Billy's father and almost ruined the family business. Billy said that Jack was so hell-bent on getting revenge that he didn't care about the damage it would cause to Brash and Sassy or Victoria. Phyllis warned Billy not to give in to reckless impulses and let Jack drag him down after he'd put his life back on track. Phyllis told Billy he was better than that. Billy said Phyllis was the only one who thought so. “Who knows you better than I do?,” she replied.

Ashley met with Neil at Top of the Tower and asked him to come back to work for Jabot. Neil was flattered and surprised, but he wondered why. Ashley cited the great work Neil and Jack had done at the Foundation and his long friendship with Jack. She explained that she disapproved of some of Jack's decisions. Neil thought she wanted him to babysit Jack. Neil was shocked when Ashley said Jack had Gloria for that. Ashley noted that Neil had experience running Jabot's fashion division and experience running the company. She thought that his skills would be useful now that Jabot had merged with Fenmore's. Neil wondered why Ashley was the one who came to him. Ashley said that she'd had to step in and deal with some executive matters. She felt that Neil could be an important part of the company's future. Ashley said that Jack was letting his personal grudges dictate his actions, which wasn't good for business. Ashley was hoping that Neil would be able to get through to Jack. She explained that she was building a team who could make great business decisions, so she could go to the board with a fully executed plan. Neil suspected that Ashley wanted to take over, and she wanted Neil to help her pull it off.

Colin came over to Jill's and launched into a prepared speech. He told her that he didn't want to hurt her. Colin stated that he'd continued to lead a life of crime while they were married, but none of his crimes had been directed at Jill. Colin admitted that he'd unintentionally hurt Jill, and he realized that they'd reached the point of no return. Jill asked what that meant. Colin said that Neil had helped him see that he was more of a hindrance than help to her recovery, so he was setting her free.

Colin revealed that Neil agreed to loan him money for a ticket back to Australia, since it would be presumptuous to ask Jill to pay. Jill scoffed that now Colin cared about what was fair to her. Colin said he was trying to take a bit of pressure off of Jill. He noted that she made it clear that she wanted Phillip's ring more than money or Fenmore's. Jill fiddled with the ring and admitted she hadn't taken it off. Colin thought that it made her happy, but Jill said it was more than that. She explained that she realized that she'd been focusing on the wrong things, and the ring helped her figure out what was important in life. Colin felt that love was important, and Jill agreed. Colin started toward Jill, but he changed his mind and turned to leave. Jill stopped him. She said that she'd been upset about that it took so long to get Jill's letter, but now she realized it couldn't have come at a better time. Jill said she'd been ready to go back to business as usual after her heart attack, but then she got the letter and it reminded her of the way Katherine had spent her last days traveling the world and fulfilling her dreams. Jill had made her own bucket list, which she let Colin read.

Colin was stunned when he read the line that said “forgive Colin.” It was Jill's turn to be shocked when Colin told her that it was dumb. He asserted that it went against everything she said she wanted, such as a fresh start. Colin said that he'd hurt her before and he could again. He added that he didn't want to give her another heart attack. Jill thought that Colin should be proud that he got the ring back to her instead of skipping town with the money. Colin claimed that he gave her the ring because she wanted it, then he admitted that he was lying again. He explained that he bought back the ring because he selfishly hoped it would salvage their relationship. Colin assumed that Jill was offering to take him back, but Jill noted that she never said they could salvage their marriage. She said she'd accepted Colin's shady business dealings, because he excited her, but then he betrayed her. Jill said that the heart attack and letter made her realize that she didn't want to be resentful for the rest of her life. She explained that she wasn't forgiving Colin for his sake, but because it was what was best for her.

Later, Colin handed Jill a glass of water, and she took her pills. Colin thought that Jill was in a good place, and he said he felt good going back to Australia knowing that he'd contributed to it, even if it was by behaving badly. Jill chuckled and asked when he was leaving. Colin thanked Jill for forgiving him, and he said he thought this was the right way to end it. Jill suggested that Colin stay and be her travel companion while she completed her bucket list. She said that they could take things one day at a time and part ways if it didn't work out. Jill said she took his name off her credit cards, bank accounts and changed her passwords so there would be no chance of temptation. Colin said he'd be thrilled and honored to accompany her. Colin said he knew he wasn't the love of her life and that he couldn't replace Phillip, but he could aspire to be the kind of man he was. Jill said that was a high bar for Colin, but it was a good place to start. Jill kissed Colin.

Devon found Hilary at GC Buzz. He reminded her that they'd agreed to be open and honest as they ended their marriage. Hilary thought they'd done that. Devon felt that Hilary had left him hanging when she said that all she wanted in the settlement was GC Buzz. Hilary confirmed that she only wanted the show. Devon found that hard to believe that, after she tore up a check for 250 million dollars, all she wanted was the show. Hilary said she didn't want his money or to be his accessory. Devon was about to point out that the show wasn't worth that much. Hilary stressed that she wanted something of her own. She said she knew that her aggressive drive was threatening. Devon clarified that he wasn't threatened. Hilary agreed, and she noted that Devon could be just as aggressive when he was going after something he wanted. Hilary explained that she was passionate about the show. Devon pointed out that she turned GC Buzz into exactly what they didn't want. Hilary countered that she show was losing viewers before she took control of the content. Devon disapproved of mean-spirited gossip. Mariah walked in, and Devon's phone rang. Hilary said that if he gave her the show, they'd never have to have this debate again. Devon stepped away to take the call.

Hilary asked Mariah to help her convince Devon to give her the show. “And send myself to the unemployment line? Not happening,” Mariah said. Hilary said she'd keep Mariah on as co-host, because the fans loved their chemistry. Mariah didn't believe her. Hilary offered to give Mariah her own segments. Hilary said that her attorneys thought she was nuts, but all she wanted was the show and the opportunity to run it her way and be responsible for its success or failures. Mariah sensed that there was another reason Hilary wanted her to stay on the show. Hilary thought Devon would be more likely to give her the show if he knew Mariah was on board. Hilary noted that she'd helped Mariah when she stopped her from running the “Clarissa” interview. Hilary said that Mariah was about to run the story un-vetted and ruin a good man's reputation. Mariah argued that Hilary only did that because Jack was her friend. Mariah brought up what Hilary did to Sharon and Dylan. Hilary admitted she made mistakes, but she swore that she didn't want to hurt anyone or spread lies.

Later, Devon returned, and Mariah told him that Hilary wasn't there. Mariah revealed that she knew about Hilary's settlement offer. Mariah noted that Devon had offered Hilary enough money to buy GC Buzz ten times over. Devon had reservations about giving Hilary the show. Mariah stated that Devon never wanted to be a TV producer and he'd only done it for Hilary. She urged Devon to give Hilary the show and move on to something that he was really into. Mariah warned Devon that Hilary would make his life hell if he didn't. Devon said he could deal with that if it meant protecting the employees. Mariah told Devon that Hilary promised to keep her on the show, but Devon countered that Hilary wasn't known for keeping promises. Mariah suspected that Devon wanted to keep the show so he'd have an excuse to drop by and see Hilary. Mariah told Devon to stop putting himself through this. She said that if this was love, she didn't want any part of it.

Victoria dropped by GC Buzz and asked for footage of the Brash and Sassy interview. Mariah opened the archived show files on a laptop then she rushed off to take care of something else. Victoria saw a file named Jabot-Clarissa-Harassment. Mariah returned, and Victoria asked Mariah about the Clarissa file. Mariah explained that the segment never aired in its entirety. Victoria said she'd love to see it, but Mariah said it was against company policy. Mariah downloaded the Brash and Sassy files onto a USB drive for Victoria, then she walked away again. Victoria made sure no one was watching, then she secretly downloaded the Jabot-Clarissa file.

Devon told Mariah that she made some good points earlier. He invited her out to dinner. Across the room, Victoria ducked under the counter so no one would realize she was still there.

Hilary went to Jabot and told Jack that she was there for a pep-talk. She announced that she and Devon signed the divorce papers. Jack was sorry, but Hilary said it was better than being in limbo. Hilary talked about how hard it was to lose a marriage she tried so hard to save. She fought back tears as she wondered how something so beautiful became so toxic. Jack said he'd learned that there was no point in asking why. He noted that it took time to get over someone, and he told Hilary to focus on what she could control. He asked if she had any plans for the settlement money. Hilary revealed that she only asked for GC Buzz. Jack asked Hilary if she was sure about that decision. Hilary said she still loved Devon and she couldn't get over him while working for him. Jack reminded Hilary that she was entitled to so much more. Hilary tearfully said she couldn't have Devon's money to fall back on, because it would make it easier to fall back into him. She said that she needed something that was hers. Hilary admitted that she was afraid she would fail. She said that even with a business degree, there was so much she didn't know about owning, running and hosting a TV show. Hilary asked if Jack would give her business advice, and he said he'd be happy to. Hilary noted that Devon hadn't agreed to the deal yet. Jack told Hilary to stand up to Devon and tell him what she needed. “You know all the skeletons in his closet and you are not afraid to use them to get what you need,” Jack said.

Jack warned Hilary that she couldn't trust her heart right now. Hilary knew Jack was right, and she confided that she and Devon had recently slept together. Jack said that Hilary had to look out for herself and be strong. Hilary thanked Jack. He gave her some parting advice – to ban Devon from GC Buzz, because having your ex around only reminded you of the pain.

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