Wednesday Y&R Update 3/15/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/15/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Over breakfast at Top of the Tower, Billy and Ashley talk business. He hears there’s a power struggle at Jabot. She admits she’s much happier when Jack is out of town. He’s made all kinds of questionable moves, including bullying Lauren into selling him shares of Fenmore’s and colluding with Gloria. Still, Billy hears good things about their new app. And she hears similar things about Brash & Sassy’s campaign. Gaining a foothold in the Asian market is no small feat. With just a trace of bitterness, Billy gives all credit to Cane. Ashley picks up on his unhappiness and asks whether Victoria purposely bypassed Billy for the assignment.

Reed marches into his mom’s office. She forgot to sign his driver’s ed form. But he’s not surprised. She walked out on his performance at the Underground. She apologizes profusely.

Ravi goes to Jack’s office looking for Ashley. Gloria plays gatekeeper. She’s not in, and Mr. Abbott, the big boss, is due back any minute. Mr. Abbott arrives. Gloria straightens his desk and says she took a few professional liberties in his absence.

Just in from Tokyo, Cane walks into an almost empty house. Colin is there. He praises his son for his business coup. That should cement his place at the company. He hates to be the bearer of bad news, but a strange man spent the night on the sofa. Colin didn’t get a chance to speak to him because the man and Lily left early this morning. Colin notes that he was quite good looking. Cane waves him off. He knows who the guy is.

At Crimson Lights, Lily tells her dad about the stalker she had arrested at her home last night. Poor baby! Cane isn’t due home until later today, so it’s a good thing Jordan was with her. Neil supports Lily’s idea to get a restraining order and offers to set up an appointment with Leslie.

At Jill’s house: Esther is delighted that Jill polished off her egg white omelet. Now for her green tea. Jill mutters to herself but she’s too pleased to have her ring back to let her new diet spoil her mood. She flashes the bauble at Esther and vows never to take it off. Esther gets a quick look before the doorbell rings. She lets Nikki in. Jill invited her and receives her cordially but wastes no time getting down to business.

Victoria chases Reed out the door of her office. She liked what she heard of his performance. She’s sorry she missed the whole thing, but she had to take a call from Japan. Well, Zoey thought it was awesome. Yeah, Victoria saw her there. She doesn’t like the distraction she presents. The conversation deteriorates into a shouting match.

At Top of the Tower: Billy says he and Victoria are successfully co-parenting. Ashley wonders whether that’s enough for him. It will have to be. Victoria is focused on running her company. Ashley asks again whether it bugs him that she snubbed him for Cane to close the Asian deal. Not a bit. He has something even better up his sleeve: a pitch for the men’s line involving major sports figures. That rings a bell with Ashley. Didn’t they already try that? Billy acknowledges Cane’s half-baked idea a few years ago, but it was nothing like what he has in mind. Jabot had better watch out!

In Jack’s office: Gloria pulls up a computer file and points out Brash & Sassy’s weak points. Jack is impressed, and not a little surprised, but he’s not ready to reward her in the way she’d like.

Again at Jill’s: Esther brings Nikki a cup of tea, and she and Jill and Nikki discuss Jill’s heart attack. The symptoms were so subtle that Jill had no idea what happened until her doctor told her. Nikki had heard that men’s and women’s symptoms were different. The three of them agree that many women neglect heart health, which gives Nikki a brilliant idea. That will be the focus of her charity. After Esther leaves the room, Jill shows Nikki her ring and asks whether she recognizes it. No. Should she?

Ravi literally bumps into Ashley at Top of the Tower. He needs to speak with her immediately. They duck into the bar area. He thanks her for last night. She agrees it was lovely. She never expected to say that about an evening at the opera. Anyway, he wants to clear the air. He understands it was a one-time thing, and they are just friends. Ashley nods, but she can’t get Nikki’s comment out of her head: Ashley and Ravi make a cute couple.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tries again with Reed: She just wants the best for him. By controlling him? She makes things worse by disparaging Zoey’s “type” (a queen bee). When Billy walks in, Reed tries to enlist his help. Victoria would like Billy’s perspective on girls like Zoey. Billy thinks Reed should be allowed to have a little fun and tells them both to chill out.

Lily comes home, with Neil, and covers Cane with kisses. She explains to him, and to Colin, that she had been at the courthouse to request a restraining order against a stalker. Cane is relieved she’s OK. He’ll have to thank Jordan for looking after her. Neil invites Colin to lunch to give Lily and Cane privacy.

At Jill’s: Jill tells Nikki that Katherine kept the ring from Jill for years. It was to be a gift from Phillip, but Katherine killed him in a car wreck. The ring languished in a safe deposit box along with a letter, which she hands to Nikki. Nikki gasps at the sight of her departed friend’s handwriting. Jill figured if anyone had more information about the ring it would be Nikki. She was like a daughter to Katherine. Nikki has nothing and notices that Jill no longer remembers Katherine fondly. By citing passages in the letter, Nikki makes a case for Katherine’s silence. She loved Jill and perhaps thought giving her the ring in person would have alienated her forever. Nikki hopes Jill follows Katherine’s example of forgiveness. Does Nikki mean with Colin?

Cane plans to install a security system at home and see that Lily is never harassed again. Enough of that talk. She wants to hear about his trip. She’s happy for him and is glad he got a chance to celebrate. Yes, Juliet gave him a wonderful tour of the city. He looks forward to touring the Pacific Rim with Lily on company time.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy seems to have averted disaster for the time being. Reed leaves. Victoria and Billy talk business. Ashley sends her congratulations, which is shocking enough, but Billy has something that will really knock Victoria’s socks off. He wants to partner with a hockey league to promote Brash & Sassy men’s products, and he has a connection who could pave the way. Victoria appears doubtful.

Back at Jabot, Ashley instructs Ravi to finish up his project and report directly to Jack, not to Gloria. She enters Jack’s office and they discuss his trip. He met up with a sports attorney who told him what Brash & Sassy is planning. Ashley is bored. She already heard about it from Billy. Consorting with the enemy? Jack asks. Catching up with their brother, she corrects. What’s the matter, is Jack afraid of competition? No, he has a plan. Ashley is incensed. Jack now wants to pull resources to wage war with Billy? He’s letting his emotions rule him. Jack denies it and says crushing the competition is good business.

Colin gets Neil to pick up the check at Top of the Tower. Now that Cane is home, will Colin follow suit? He’s afraid not. He tried all of Neil’s suggestions, but Jill has no interest in taking him back. Neil says perhaps it’s time for Colin to accept the things he can’t change.

At Jill’s: Jill presses Nikki. Does she think Katherine would want Jill to forgive Colin? Nikki doesn’t answer directly but compares her situation with Victor. Katherine was always rooting for the two of them to reconcile. True, but Katherine liked Victor. She detested Colin. Nikki tells Jill to ask herself whether she be better off with Colin or without him.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria questions Billy’s motives. Is he trying to best Cane? Not at all. Billy is trying to move the company forward. Lily is a terrific spokeswoman, but men in their target demographic love sports, particularly hockey. Victoria decides the idea has legs and approves it.

Lily has to run to a photo shoot, but she’ll be home ASAP. Cane will unpack while she’s gone. He opens his bag and removes gifts for the family---and a silky pink camisole.

At Top of the Tower: Neil thinks it might be time for Colin to move on. Why stress Jill even further? Colin had considered returning to Australia, but he’d miss Cane and the children. Neil thinks the space might do everyone good. Colin has all but made up his mind to go, but he has one problem: no money to buy a ticket. Neil gladly makes a loan. Colin promises to repay him, but it might take a while. Finally, Colin dials Jill to tell her his intention.

From Victoria’s office, Billy calls his sports contact to confirm their meeting and gets a nasty surprise. The meeting has been rescheduled to accommodate another company. Guess who? Jabot. Victoria prevents Billy from confronting Jack. They’ll beat him at his own game.

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