Tuesday Y&R Update 3/14/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 3/14/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lily came home and found Mattie and Neil playing checkers, while Charlie played in his room. Lily thanked Neil for watching the kids, and he asked how the wedding fair went. Lily said that it went great, in spite of a creepy fan. Mattie asked if Cane was coming home tonight. Lily said no, but maybe soon. Neil realized Lily didn't know Cane's schedule. She explained that Cane had been busy, and Neil pointed out that it was morning in Tokyo. Lily pulled out her phone.

Cane was asleep in his hotel room, and the phone rang. It took him some time to wake up enough to answer the phone, and when he finally did, Lily had hung up. Cane collapsed back into bed.

Back in Genoa City, Lily decided to try Cane's phone again later. Neil mentioned he had plans with Lois Thompson, the reporter. Lily disapproved, calling Lois a D-List Hilary, who'd ran an unflattering story on the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Neil didn't hold a grudge about Lois doing an expose on Phyllis cheating on Jack. He said that Lois was attractive, smart and willing to pretend she was interested in opera. Lily hoped his evening went well. Neil left, and Don, Lily's obsessed fan from the wedding fair, emerged from his hiding place in the bushes. Back inside, Cane face-timed Lily and explained that he was asleep when she called earlier. Cane confessed that he went overboard with celebrating, and an amused Lily told him she could tell he was hungover. Lily let Mattie say goodnight to Cane, then Cane told Lily that he loved her. The call ended. Later, Lily answered the doorbell and found Jordan holding Don. Jordan explained that he caught Don lurking outside and taking pictures of Lily. Lily was shocked and furious. Don swore he didn't mean any harm, and he promised to go as soon as they gave him his phone. Lily vowed to call the cops. Jordan crushed Don's phone under his boot.

A cop arrived to arrest the man. Lily was upset when the officer said that Don would only be charged with trespassing. Jordan told Don not to come anywhere near Lily or her family. Lily repeated the order, and the officer took the man away. A worried Lily said that they probably wouldn't even keep Don overnight for a trespassing charge. Jordan assured her that the cops would scare Don into leaving her alone. Lily wondered how Jordan could be sure. He said he worked with a lot of models and this was part of the occupational hazard. Jordan added that they could look into a restraining order. Lily asked how Jordan knew to come by. Jordan explained that he knew Cane wasn't home, and he was concerned after their encounter with Don at the Club. Lily was glad the twins slept through this, but she wasn't sure she'd be able to. Jordan asked to crash on the couch, to give her peace of mind. Lily hugged him, as thanks, then she brought him a pillow and blanket.

Back in Tokyo, Cane found an earring under the covers. He had a flashback to Juliet wearing identical earrings. Later, he joined Juliet at the bar. She confessed that she got drunk last night, but she knew they had fun. Cane admitted that his memory was still fuzzy and said that he was usually better at holding his liquor. Juliet hoped Cane remembered his promise to recommend that Victoria hire her as division manager. Cane promised her that he'd talk to Victoria, then he asked Juliet about the earring. Juliet said that Cane had been too drunk to unlock his room door, so she helped him into bed. Cane promised that wouldn't happen again. Juliet assured him that it was fine – they closed the deal and she might have landed a new job. Cane decided to text Lily and let her know he was on his way home. Juliet hugged Cane goodbye. He walked toward the door, then turned back for a second, looking uncertain. After Cane left, Juliet looked at her earring and adopted a sly smile.

Ashley was at the Athletic Club. Jack called and told her he was stranded in NY, due to bad weather. Ashley was jealous that he was going to get to skip opera night. She hung up, and ordered a drink from the bartender. Ashley spotted Ravi and griped about having to endure an opera, especially by herself. Ravi suggested that he go with her. Ashley appreciated the offer, but she warned him that it wouldn't be fun. Ravi wasn't deterred, and he noted that it wouldn't look good for Jabot to have empty seats at the charity event. Ashley agreed that it wouldn't, and she added that they both knew she was concerned with what others thought of her. Ravi assured Ashley that he wasn't trying to restart that conversation, but Ashley said she was just ribbing him. She told him not to apologize since it was okay for friends to share their feelings. She accepted his offer and told him to go home and change into a suit.

At the Baldwin home, Lauren invited Scott to attend the opera with her and Michael. Scott politely declined and left the room. Lauren confided to Michael that she hated leaving Scott alone. Noting that Scott was an adult, Michael cautioned Lauren against helicopter parenting him. Lauren stated that the captors had left Scott alone and scared, and she worried what would happen if he was by himself again. She called Phyllis, who'd just walked into the Club, and said she needed someone sneaky and underhanded. Phyllis smiled. Phyllis arrived a short time later, and Lauren told Scott that Phyllis was there to work on Fenmore business. Scott wondered why Phyllis couldn't work on her own computer. Lauren and Phyllis quickly concocted a cover story about security issues, then Lauren and Michael left. Scott revealed that he knew Lauren asked Phyllis to babysit him. Lauren told him that moms worried, and she asked how he was doing. “I'm alive,” Scott replied, explaining that he needed to keep expressing that. Scott confided that he couldn't stop thinking about his driver and best friend, Ahmed. Scott was convinced that Ahmed was still being held captive. He wanted to rescue his friend, but he'd been told to let Victor handle it. Phyllis had another question. Scott said he wasn't ready to discuss what happened, but Phyllis asked what kind of pizza he missed while he was out of town. They found common ground as fellow anchovy lovers.

Scott munched on pizza while Phyllis tried to troubleshoot his computer. She figured out why it was running slow, and Scott was grateful. Phyllis mentioned that Lauren had shared his articles with her, and Phyllis was a fan. Scott was surprised Lauren had bragged about his work since Lauren wasn't a fan of his career. Phyllis said Lauren liked his writing, but not the danger he put himself in. Scott didn't think people understood what the people he wrote about went through – losing their neighborhood and most of their family. Scott felt bad that he was uselessly eating pizza without knowing if Ahmed was even alive. Phyllis assured Scott that he wasn't helpless. She urged him to write his story, force people to take notice and to organize a rescue campaign. Scott said he would have done that if he hadn't gotten fired. He explained that the newspaper considered him a liability after his kidnapping. It would have cost too much to insure him, so they let him go. Sounding dejected, Scott said that he wasn't worth it. Phyllis was adamant that he was worth it. She urged him to start a blog. Scott didn't know how to go about doing that, and Phyllis said that she did. Later, a pleased Phyllis watched Scott type something up on his computer.

At Top of the Tower, a tuxedo-clad Victor stared off into the distance. Nikki greeted him, and they kissed. Nikki hoped that the night would go well, and she told Victor that she'd need some charity from him. As Victor prepared to write a check, Nikki clarified that she meant tolerance. Victor asked if this meant that he had to tolerate a lot of Abbotts. Nikki was glad to be able to give back. Victor told Nikki that she reminded him of Katherine, who'd also loved charity work. He said that Nikki could take over the role of the doyenne of Genoa City. Nikki loved the compliment, but she didn't think anyone could take Katherine's title. Nikki pointed out that Victor had done a lot of great things lately, like welcoming Faith into their home and leading the charge to rescue Scott.

Michael and Lauren arrived at the opera house and chatted with Victor and Nikki. Lauren thanked Victor for saving her son. Nikki stepped away to mingle, and Lauren told Victor that she wasn't sure how she'd ever repay him. Victor was sure the opportunity would arise, eventually. Lauren assured Victor that she'd do anything. They parted ways. Michael was a bit concerned about the promise Lauren made Victor. Lauren joked that she didn't think he'd ask her to whack anyone, but Michael countered that you never knew with Victor.

Victor told Ashley that she looked beautiful. Neil and his date arrived. He introduced Victor and Ashley to Lois. Ashley icily recalled Lois's story on Jack's marriage. Lois apologized if story came off a bit tawdry, and she placed the blame on the editing. Victor suggested that they blame Phyllis and Billy instead. Lois took her seat. Ashley opined that Neil could do better than Lois. Neil explained that he was trying to get press for the Foundation, noting that it could always use more money. Ashley asked if this meant he was open to some professional challenges this year. The performance started before Neil could answer.

Ravi showed up without his glasses, and Ashley didn't recognize him at first. Ashley said that whoever woke up first should wake the other, before the show ended. Ravi pulled out a pair of opera glasses and said he didn't plan to miss a second of this. Meanwhile, Lois asked Neil who the hunk with Ashley was. Neil didn't know. Later, Victor kissed Nikki's cheek, while Michael dozed off. Ravi glanced at Ashley and saw her tearfully watching the performance.

Everyone from the opera gathered at Top of the Tower for the after party. A couple was critical of some of the performances. Ravi presented some convincing counterpoints, which impressed the pair. Nikki quietly mused to Victor that Ravi was connecting with Lord and Lady Fancy-pants. Victor suggested that she put Ravi on the fund-raising committee, but Ashley explained that he was a brilliant computer engineer. The couple invited Ravi to have champagne with them. After Ravi left to mingle, Nikki joked to Ashley that he was a snob-whisperer. Nikki noted that Ravi was a bit different than Ashley's usual dates. Ravi briefly returned and gave Ashley a glass of champagne.

Nikki stated that Ravi was a bit younger than Ashley. Ashley turned the tables and brought up Deacon Sharpe. Nikki laughed and said it was years ago. Ashley noted that no one seemed to have a problem with men dating younger women. Nikki said Ashley and Ravi were a cute couple.

Victor approached Lauren and Michael with a message for Scott. Victor was going on a business trip to London, and he thought his contacts there might have some information on the whereabouts of Ahmed. Lauren confided that she wished Scott could find a passion to pursue in Genoa City, where he'd be safe. Victor said he might have something for Scott. Later, everyone paired off with their dates. Ravi returned to Ashley and they clinked glasses.

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