Monday Y&R Update 3/13/17

The Y&R Update Monday 3/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

From Tokyo via video chat, Cane and Juliet deliver the good news. He scored the deal for the Asian market. Victoria, in her office, is beyond pleased. Celebrate! It’s on her. Things were dicey for a while, but Juliet was a big help.

At the athletic club, Billy heads upstairs to check on Lily. He finds a man in the corridor just outside Lily’s suite. Billy tells him the fair is in the ballroom---downstairs. The man thanks him and leaves, or pretends to. Billy goes inside the room and gets a glowing report from the spokeswoman herself. The Brash & Sassy booth is extremely popular, and people are snapping up samples of the men’s body spray. Jordan arrives to take some pictures of Lily in action. They head back downstairs, but before they go, Lily checks her phone. She hasn’t heard from Cane.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah meet to prepare for their next show. They do their usual dance, insulting each other. Hilary hands Mariah a press release to read on air. Mariah hesitates. Hilary wants to announce her divorce on television? Why not? And how dare Mariah second guess Hilary. OK, OK. Mariah will read it. She was just trying to do Hilary a favor. Frankly, Hilary is relieved. The relationship was toxic.

Billy enters the office and can’t resist chiming in. He half-jokingly tells Cane to stay in Japan as long as he likes. Victoria again praises Cane and ends the call. She then pats herself on the back for trusting Cane, despite Billy’s doubts.

At an athletic club table, Michael and Devon hammer out the details of the divorce. Devon is sure this is the right thing to do. The relationship is broken beyond repair. Michael is sorry, but at least now Devon will be able to build a life he really wants. Whatever that is . . . , Devon says. Michael plays devil’s advocate. Normally when a person can’t move forward it’s because something in his past holds him back. Devon insists that’s not his problem.

In the Tokyo bar where the deal was made, Cane and Juliet prepare for a night on the town. She’s arranged a car to take them around town so she can point out the sights. Unfortunately, there’s no time for him to call Lily.

Even though things are going well at Brash & Sassy, Victoria seems frazzled. Billy is concerned and suggests she ease up. There’s no time, and she doesn’t appreciate his intrusion. Doesn’t Billy have a meeting to get to? He leaves but not before he overhears a call she receives about Johnny’s late field trip permission slip. Victoria vows to get right on it. She hangs up and grabs her coat.

Lily and Jordan return to the suite for a breather. She loves her job. It’s a far cry from managing the club. Not to say she didn’t enjoy the challenge, but she missed modeling. Jordan says she’s a natural. Victoria arrives and gets the good word. Before she and Jordan go to the booth, Victoria notices Lily staring at her phone. She’s surprised Lily hasn’t heard from Cane. His meeting was over hours ago. Lily is left alone with her thoughts. Clearly her confidence is shaken. She’s startled when the man who had been in the hall earlier invites himself in to take a selfie with her. He’s a big fan of hers, going back to her days with Jabot. Lily chatters nervously. She learns he has a fiancée, who dragged him to the show. Lily encourages him to return to her, but he won’t leave without a photo. He pulls her close and insists on taking multiple shots. Jordan returns and gets rid of the guy. To drive home his point that Lily is off limits, he pretends to be her significant other. Lily couldn’t be more grateful.

Back at the Japanese bar, Cane enjoys sampling the sake. Juliet orders the best in the house, and Cane says why not? The boss is paying. He thanks her for the tour. It was her pleasure. He defers to her when it comes to selecting a restaurant for dinner and heaps praise on her for saving the deal he almost blew. He’ll never forget it. She’s already thought of a way for him to repay her . . .

Mariah, on her way to the bridal fair for story ideas, runs into Devon in the doorway. She heard the news from Hilary. Devon can only imagine Hilary’s mood. Mariah shrugs it off. She can handle Hilary. Devon respects her professionalism but offers back up should she need it. He then tells Mariah the rest of the story: The divorce proceedings have hit a snag.

Michael makes tracks to GC Buzz. Hilary is glad to see him and assumes he has the papers ready for her to sign. Not exactly. Without a settlement, the judge won’t grant the divorce. How many times does Hilary need to say it? She doesn’t want a dime from Devon. The thing is Michael’s job is to protect Devon’s assets. To ensure that Hilary doesn’t come back later to shake him down, he needs a signed agreement. And it’s in Hilary’s best interest too, to make sure she has enough to support herself. She gets an idea and tells him to summon Devon. They can wrap this up before lunchtime.

At the club bar, Devon and Mariah talk about marriage in general. It’s not for Mariah. When you get right down to it, it’s all about money. Cynic! Devon hopes she eventually decides to give love a try, and marriage. Even now Devon holds out hope for his future. Just then he gets Michael’s text.

The sake goes down easier with every round. Cane goes back to Juliet’s favor. How can he help make her life better? Well, she’s been working as a freelancer for a long time and wouldn’t mind something more stable, like division manager of Asia. Cane promises to approach Victoria about it. For now, he wants more drinks---and karaoke. He attempts to stand but collapses back into his seat and has another drink.

Victoria walks into her home and finds Billy there. He heard about the crisis over the permission slip and took the liberty. To his surprise she’s not angry. She hugs him and thanks him. She admits she’s having trouble doing it all. Billy tells her to give herself a break. He’ll do anything to lighten her load. He’ll help with the kids, including Reed. He’ll even be a stay-at-home dad a few days a week. She’s touched. After all these years, he can still surprise her. Then she reverts to form and orders him to get to the meeting he postponed.

Again at the bar: Cane spills a drink and attempts to help the waiter wipe it up. Juliet suggests they get some food, but Cane thumps his chest and says he’s Australian, implying he can hold his liquor. She gives in to one more drink before sushi. He leaves his phone on the table while she helps him walk to the bar.

In the suite, Jordan calms Lily. She regains her composure quickly, acknowledging that sort of thing happens to celebrities. Jordan is still worried, though, and vows to protect her. She thanks him but would like to hear those words from her husband. She tries to call him, but of course he doesn’t answer.

At GC Buzz, Hilary presents her proposal to Devon, in Michael’s presence. She wants only one thing: ownership of the television show. Take it or leave it.

Cane is momentarily revitalized by his umpteenth sake and again talks about karaoke, but not for long. He becomes dizzy and nauseated. Juliet helps him to the elevator and tells him not to worry about looking foolish.

Lily is frustrated by her unsuccessful phone call. Jordan suggests she stay in the suite and finish her tea. No. He offers to take her home. No, thanks, she wants to be alone. She leaves the room and is followed.

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