Friday Y&R Update 3/10/17

The Y&R Update Friday 3/10/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At the apartment, Lauren has laid out quite a spread for Scott’s breakfast, but he’s still sleeping. She becomes emotional. She’s relieved to have him home but worries about him incessantly. Michael is amused when she goes to check on her adult son. Lauren returns in a panic. Scott is gone.

Kevin and Chloe catch up over coffee at Crimson Lights. While he was off on his adventure for the GCPD, Chloe was left to deal with Gloria. It wasn’t for the police department, he corrects. Victor hired him for a super-sensitive mission in the Middle East. Chloe is blown away. At the counter, Sharon takes care of business with Faith. Did Faith know that Sharon and Nick once owned and ran the place together? So much has happened since then . . . including Nick’s dating Chelsea. Faith has been a real trouper about that. Perhaps, Faith says, but she’s still doesn’t like her mom being alone.

Chelsea surprises Nick in his Underground office and she comes bearing gifts: a box of donuts. He’s glad to see her and plants a kiss on her. He has something to show her.

Scott turns up at Victor’s office. Ten million dollars is a lot of money to spend on someone he barely knows. And Scott is aware of Victor’s differences with Michael. So what was Victor’s motive? Scott doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful, but he’d like to know what prompted such generosity. Victor hands him a tablet showing one of Scott’s stories. Victor admires journalists like Scott---truth-tellers. That’s well and good, but there’s someone else who deserves rescuing. Victor is already on it. Ahmed, Scott’s driver, was his lifeline, and Scott would never forgive himself if something happened to him. Victor assures him the search is in progress and shoots down Scott’s idea of going back to join the effort. Lauren may seem tough, but she needs him here. Scott reconsiders and tells Victor to keep him posted.

Again at Crimson Lights: Kevin fills in some details for Chloe. Victor needed someone familiar to Scott to do the rescuing. Kevin marvels at how much the experience changed him. Chloe agrees.

At the apartment: Michael tries to calm Lauren. Scott just came back from a war zone and endured a traumatic experience. Give him some space. She can’t. Scott says he plans to return to that war zone. Where could he have gone?

At the Underground: Nick shows Chelsea a computer listing for a lake house. He has Norman Rockwellian visions of spending time with Faith and Christian there. And Chelsea and Connor too, naturally. Chelsea isn’t bowled over. She dislikes the idea of having Victor more present in her life. He understands and sees the house as a perfect solution---it would be an escape. Nick knows firsthand how intrusive his old man can be and he aims to protect his children. He suspects his mention of Connor, and thus Adam, upset Chelsea and he apologizes. No, it’s not that. It’s just that her relationship with Nick is moving so fast. Not to say she isn’t enjoying it; it’s good for both of them. He agrees and expands on that idea. He can’t envision his future without her. Does that freak her out? Not a bit.

Now on the Crimson Lights patio with Faith, Sharon explains that she’s happy and whole. She doesn’t need someone to complete her. Faith seems to understand and smiles.

Paul rings Lauren’s doorbell and finds her in a state. What’s wrong? Scott plans to return to the Middle East. He consoles her.

Scott meets Kevin at the coffeehouse and thanks him for risking his life, but Scott is determined to go back and find his driver. Kevin is stunned. Scott still doesn’t trust Victor’s altruism, and besides, Genoa City doesn’t feel like home to Scott.

Victor finishes up a call about Ahmed and gets a surprise visit from Nick. Nick asks how Faith is doing, living at the ranch with her grandparents. Fine, fine. Nick is honest: He doesn’t care for the way their personal lives are intertwined and wants to set some boundaries regarding Chelsea. Victor assumes Nick wants him to intervene with Faith about her dad’s budding relationship, but it’s just the opposite. Nick wants no interference from Victor. Should the subject of Nick and Chelsea come up with Faith, Victor is encouraged to put a positive spin on it, but no more. Nick doesn’t want to spook Faith or Chelsea. Victor beams. My boy has a ready-made family. Nick shakes his head. That’s precisely the kind of talk Nick wants him to avoid.

Chelsea daydreams at home about her night with Nick. Chloe catches her and with minimal questioning makes Chelsea blush. Aha! Chloe couldn’t be happier for her best friend and Nick. Chelsea attempts to steer the conversation toward work, and Chloe senses a problem. She guesses that by moving on Chelsea feels she’s betraying Adam. Well, she’s not. This is a good thing. Chelsea should stop dwelling on what could go wrong and just enjoy it.

Back at the Crimson Lights counter, Faith pronounces Sharon a good businesswoman and a good mom. Dylan shouldn’t have left her. Sharon brushes it off. She’s moved on. She’s even taking college classes. Faith wrinkles her nose. Isn’t Sharon kind of old for that? You’re never too old to learn, Sharon says. At a nearby table, Kevin tries to talk Scott out of leaving. He can be an advocate from Genoa City. Sharon interrupts for a word with Kevin. She’s introduced to Scott---or reintroduced. She remembers him from long ago.

Back at the Baldwins’: Michael couldn’t be prouder of his little brother. Paul agrees. Kevin is an asset to the police department. Lauren praises Kevin and Paul and Victor for saving her son’s life. She hopes Scott appreciates it, with all his talk of going back. . . . Michael is sure Scott values his second chance and won’t squander it.

Sharon takes Kevin aside at Crimson Lights. Has he heard from Dylan? No, and he doesn’t expect to. That’s how witness protection works. Any contact whatsoever would be unsafe for Dylan. She seems to understand this. Kevin returns to the table and finds Scott lower than ever. He’s been fired. He’d be a security risk, especially if word got out that a rich American paid his ransom. Journalism is in Scott’s blood, though. What to do? Back at the counter, Nick approaches Faith, the barista on duty, and requests a complicated drink. They have a good laugh. Sharon says Faith has been a tremendous help. Faith puffs up and declares herself complete, just like her mom. Sharon expounds: She’s ready for whatever life throws at her. Nick is glad to hear it.

Scott returns to the Baldwin apartment and is greeted by Paul. Lauren fusses over Scott some more and is thrilled to hear he'll stay awhile, never mind the reason. He tries to look at the bright side. He lost his job but got out alive. He heads to the shower. Michael takes a call out of the room, leaving Lauren with Paul. How is she to adjust? Paul tells her to prepare to accept Scott’s choices. He may decide to leave after all.

In the car, Chloe wants details about Kevin’s heroics. His newfound confidence turns her on.

Victor pays Chelsea a visit at home. He’s nosy about her relationship with Nick (and so soon after Nick told him to butt out). He knows Chelsea is uncomfortable perpetuating a lie, but she must. Imagine the consequences were Nick to discover that Christian is Adam’s son, not Nick’s. This is not a request for Chelsea’s silence. He leaves it at that.

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