Thursday Y&R Update 3/9/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 3/9/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Hilary gave Devon an ultimatum – forgive her or divorce her. Devon told her to get out, but she insisted that he make a decision. Hilary demanded to know why he hadn't signed the papers. Devon asked what difference it made. He noted that the unsigned divorce papers hadn't stopped her from dating, unless Lily was right and Hilary was only doing that to make him jealous. Hilary argued that Devon was the one playing games – kissing her then disappearing, saying he didn't care if she went on a date, then acting jealous. Hilary said that their relationship was like a carousel ride that they couldn't escape. Devon laughed. An infuriated Hilary demanded to know why he was laughing. Devon said that the carousel was like something Stephen King would dream up. Devon thought it was the perfect metaphor for their relationship; all they needed was a scary clown. “That would be Lily,” Hilary replied.

Devon grew quiet. He said no one had ever affected his life the way Hilary had, and he didn't think anyone ever would. Frustrated, Hilary said that it drove her crazy when he said things like that after they'd exchanged insults. Devon asked how she thought it made him feel. Hilary snapped that she didn't know because he never told her. Hilary noted that she'd made her feelings clear, and she ordered him to do the same. Devon confessed that he didn't know what he wanted, because he loved her and he hated her, and he didn't want to be with her or without her. They shared a passionate kiss, then they had sex. Afterward, Devon asked if Hilary was okay. She admitted she wasn't, and she said she doubted he was either. Hilary said this was a mistake, and she wondered why they let it happen.

They cuddled on the couch, as Devon stated that there had always been a push and pull between them. Hilary recalled that it all started at the fashion show when he saw her undressing. They remembered fighting their attraction for awhile, then giving in and their first official date in NY. Hilary and Devon admitted they both still smiled when they thought about their wedding; it was supposed to be a new beginning, but it lead to one heartbreak after another. They both had tears in their eyes as Hilary brought up the lies she told, and how Devon couldn't trust her even though she tried he best to change. Devon said he really wanted to believe her. Hilary said she knew he did, but she understood why he couldn't. Devon said he loved Hilary. She replied that she loved him too, but they knew their marriage couldn't be saved. Devon took Hilary's hand and observed her engagement ring and eternity band. He repeated the word eternity, and Hilary said that some things didn't last forever. Devon signed the divorce papers.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy told Victoria that the numbers were in; Dare was a hit. Billy said that if the numbers in the Asian market were anywhere near this, the company would have one of the best quarters ever. Victoria was nervous because Cane hadn't called with news about the Asian deal. Billy urged Victoria to stop pacing, but she said she couldn't, so he joined her in walking back and forth.

Cane was in a panic because he might have blown the deal. Juliet chided Cane for giving Mr. Sato a hug. Cane explained that he was excited, but Juliet told him that the act was a major insult. Juliet decided to try and smooth things over. Cane wanted to come and apologize, but Juliet said that he'd only make things worse. She promised to try and talk Mr. Sato into coming back. After Juliet left, Cane got a text from Victoria wondering why she hadn't heard from him by now. Cane called Victoria. She put him on speaker phone and she and Billy heard Cane explain that they were still hammering out details. Victoria said she'd given Cane specific instructions. Victoria stressed the importance of the deal. Cane mumbled that he knew what was at stake. Victoria asked if he was confident that he could close the deal. Cane said he hoped to have good news for her soon. The call ended.

Billy was convinced that Cane botched the deal, and he told Victoria that she never should have entrusted it to Cane. Victoria told Billy that his negativity wasn't helping. As a distraction, Billy decided to take Victoria to see Reed perform. Victoria said Reed didn't want her there. Billy didn't think Reed really meant that.

Back in Tokyo, Juliet returned and told Cane that Mr. Sato agreed to speak to him. Juliet warned Cane that the deal was still in jeopardy, so Cane must be apologetic and reverent. Mr. Sato returned. Cane apologized profusely and asked for a chance to make up for his mistake. Cane explained that Juliet tutored him in Japanese customs before the meeting, because they were committed to the deal. Cane begged Mr. Sato not to write him off because he made a silly mistake. Mr. Sato forgave Cane and agreed to work with him. In Japanese, Mr. Sato advised Juliet not to let Cane go anywhere without her. Mr. Sato left, and Cane asked what he said. Juliet replied that Mr. Sato said she deserved a raise.

Mariah joined an embarrassed Reed in the office of the Underground. She encouraged him to go back and finish his song. Reed refused because he'd messed up in front of everyone. Mariah recalled her response when she fell on live television. She explained that she won the audience over by getting up and finishing the show. Reed said he wasn't ready to get back on stage tonight. Mariah urged him to at least go check out the other acts.

Billy and Victoria arrived at the bar, and Noah told them about Reed hiding in the office. Victoria wanted to go to Reed, but Billy convinced her that Reed didn't need Mommy trying to make it better. Victoria tensed when she spotted Zoey. Billy reminded Victoria that Reed was excited to have Zoey's support. Victoria was adamant that Zoey was nothing but trouble. Victoria approached Zoey, in spite of Billy's objections. Victoria asked if Zoey knew why Reed was upset. A fearful Zoey quietly said she didn't know. Reed returned and asked Victoria what she was doing there. Victoria said she knew Reed didn't want her to come, but... Billy admitted that he twisted Victoria's arm and made her come. Reed asked why she was with Zoey. Billy said they just wanted to say hi. Billy pulled Victoria away from the teens. Reed told Zoey that he saw her and her friends laughing at him. Zoey swore she wasn't laughing at him, and she apologized. Zoey begged Reed to sing for her. Reed was scared he'd bomb again, but Zoey assured him that he wouldn't, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Victoria disapproved of Zoey kissing Reed, but Billy thought it was cute. Victoria maintained that Zoey was a distraction for Reed, and she blamed Zoey for Reed's halted performance.

Mariah asked Noah where Marissa was, and Noah explained that they called off their engagement and went their separate ways. Mariah asked if he was okay. Noah admitted it was hard at first, but he was moving on.

Noah apologized for the technical difficulties earlier, then Reed took the stage again. Victoria had to leave in the middle of the song to take a phone call. She headed into Nick's office. Cane told Victoria that he closed the deal. Victoria complimented him, then she heard applause for Reed. Victoria returned, disappointed that she missed Reed's song. Victoria brought Billy up to speed and they toasted to the deal. Zoey told Reed that he was awesome.

Scott and Kevin arrived at the Fenmore-Baldwin home. An overjoyed Lauren pulled her son into a hug, while Michael hugged his brother. Lauren helped Scott over to the couch. She offered to call a doctor, but Kevin said the medics had already checked Scott over. Scott said he was fine, just a little banged up. Lauren asked Scott what happened. He explained that he and his driver, Ahmed, had been blocked into an alley and kidnapped. The kidnappers had separated the men. Scott thanked Lauren for paying the ransom. Lauren admitted that he needed to thank Victor, but she assured him that she would have paid any amount to keep him safe. Scott said he was more fortunate than a lot of people in that situation. He asked if they knew anything about Ahmed, and Michael apologetically said they didn't. Scott grew emotional as he talked about Ahmed, who had protected him every day. Scott asked if they could ask their contacts about Ahmed. Michael agreed. Lauren asked Michael to get Scott some water, then she tried to calm her son down. Scott asked to use the phone. Lauren said yes, but she also urged Scott to rest.

Kevin was about to leave, but Michael wanted to take him out to dinner. Kevin asked for steak and lobster, and Michael said whatever he wanted. Lauren embraced Kevin and thanked her for bringing Scott home. Scott said he appreciated everything Kevin did. They hugged, then Kevin and Michael left. Lauren hovered over Scott, offering him food and trying to cover him with a blanket. Scott told her that he wasn't a little kid who needed to be tucked in. Lauren choked back tears and admitted she wasn't sure she'd ever get to fuss over him again. Scott relented and let Lauren put the blanket over him. Scott couldn't believe he was there after everything that happened. Lauren noted that she didn't know where Scott was half the time he was traveling the world. She told him he'd written some powerful stories. Scott said he'd seen humanity at its best and absolute worst. Lauren thought it was time for Scott to settle down in one place. Scott refused to quit journalism. Lauren didn't expect him to, but she told him that there were plenty of stories to be told in the United States. She suggested that he stay in town, but Scott said no.

Michael wondered why he and Kevin ended up at Crimson Lights after Kevin's request for a fancy meal. Kevin admitted he had a craving for coffeehouse food. Kevin said that what he saw in the Middle East made him realize he shouldn't take things for granted. Michael noted that Kevin was becoming the Liam Neeson of Genoa City doing dangerous missions for Paul and Victor. Kevin liked that people saw him as more than a desk jockey. Michael sensed that Scott was holding something back earlier, and he asked if Scott had said something on the ride home. Kevin said that Scott had slept, restlessly. Kevin didn't think Scott was going to be able to tell his story until he found some peace.

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