Wednesday Y&R Update 3/8/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/8/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Billy ran into Reed at Crimson Lights. They chatted about Reed's upcoming performance at open mic night. Billy noted that Reed wasn't grounded anymore and remarked that Victoria was really excited about the show. Reed said that it was like Victoria was a totally different person now. Reed said that Victoria asked him to play for her, and he thought it was cool that she didn't seem surprised that he was good. Billy agreed that Victoria was cool and said he wouldn't have married her twice if she wasn't. Billy was glad Reed and Victoria worked things out. Reed admitted that he didn't want to be a jerk now that Victoria understood how much music meant to him.

Zoey walked in, so Billy excused himself. Zoey wondered why Reed hadn't responded to her texts. Reed said he was between phones. Zoey told Reed that she had his song on shuffle. Reed was self-depreciating about his performance, but Zoey thought it was great. Reed told her he'd be playing again tonight, and Zoey decided to come and bring her friends. Zoey asked Reed if he'd sing to her when he was on stage. He shyly agreed. Zoey left. Billy returned and recalled that Zoey was the girl Reed was caught kissing, who later made an insulting meme of Victoria. Reed said she apologized, so things were fine. Billy told Reed to have fun tonight.

Cane and Juliet had a video conference from Tokyo with Victoria, who was at Brash and Sassy. Victoria stressed the importance of the meeting. Cane confidently said that he wouldn't leave Tokyo without reaching a distribution agreement with Mr. Sato. Concerned, Victoria asked Juliet if Mr. Sato was as intimidating as his emails made him seem. Juliet said he was very traditional. Cane felt prepared, since he'd worked in Tokyo before, but Victoria suggested that Juliet help Cane brush up first since it had been a long time since he did business in Japan. Lily joined Victoria, then Victoria and Juliet left, so Cane and Lily could talk. They chatted about the twins. According to Lily, the kids were mad at Colin because he ate their cereal and threw out the prize. Cane promised to talk to Colin. They blew each other a kiss.

Later, Lily confided in Victoria that she and Cane were dealing with some issues. Victoria hoped it wouldn't affect the company. Lily assured Victoria that Lily and Cane were fine and that the only real problem was Colin. Victoria had heard that Colin spent the night when Jill threw him out. Lily revealed that he was still there, with no end in sight.

Billy walked into the conference room, and Victoria told him she bought him dinner. He mentioned that he saw Reed and Zoey. Victoria said she got a bad vibe from that girl, and she wondered if Zoey was scheming to get pregnant by a Newman. Billy urged Victoria to relax. He said that Reed would have a lot of girlfriends. Victoria wasn't opposed to that, but she didn't like Zoey. Billy revealed that Zoey was going to Reed's open mic night. Victoria rushed out with Billy on her heels. Victoria vowed to put the little tart in her place. Billy told her that it sounded like something Jill would do. Billy said that Reed felt that he and Victoria were in a better place. Victoria agreed with that, but she told Billy that she was still his mother. Billy assured Victoria that Zoey wouldn't last.

Victoria worried that she made a mistake encouraging Reed to be a musician and that it would lead to bad decisions. Billy told her that Reed would land in a bad place a lot faster if she didn't encourage him. Billy suggested that they go to Reed's show, but she said that Reed had made her promise not to come, since she would make him nervous. Victoria said she had to wait for Cane's call. She hoped that Cane could reach a deal with Mr. Sato. Billy sensed that Victoria was worried she made a mistake sending Cane to Japan. Victoria was sure Cane could handle it. Billy knew that, but he had a feeling that Victoria wished she could take care of it herself. Victoria admitted that she did, but she couldn't make last minute arrangements for work and the kids. Billy offered to watch all three kids and handle things at the office. Victoria appreciated the offer, but she didn't want to show up in Japan and undermine Cane.

Victoria was surprised when Billy returned to the office after he'd already left for the night. He suggested that she take Cane's call at home, but Victoria didn't want to wake the kids. She was nervous, and she said that Cane had better not fail, because Jabot was all over Asia, and she wanted to crush them.

In Tokyo, Juliet helped Cane prepare for the meeting. Cane thought that Juliet could have handled the meeting herself, but Juliet explained that Mr. Sato only dealt with decision-makers. Mr. Sato appeared, and Cane greeted him in Japanese, as Juliet had advised, earlier. Mr. Sato said he'd been in contact with Victoria for some time, and he felt that she was as skilled as her father. Mr. Sato was impressed by the numbers for Brash and Sassy's women's products. Cane thanked him, then Cane revealed that Victoria had become the sole CEO. Juliet clarified that Cane had been a co-CEO until recently.

Mr. Sato asked if Cane was involved with the decision to focus on men's products. Cane said yes, and Mr. Sato admitted that he didn't see a future in men's cosmetics. Juliet and Cane explained that today's men used those products, but Mr. Sato was didn't think they would sell. Cane respectfully persevered and used Lily as an example of a woman who preferred her husband to have healthy skin and a pleasant scent. Cane predicted that women might buy the products for their husband or boyfriend, then men would continue to purchase them after seeing how happy they made their wives and girlfriends. Cane's persistence paid off, and he and Mr. Sato reached a deal. Cane spontaneously hugged Mr. Sato, who quickly left. Cane was mortified when Juliet told him that the casual embrace was insulting to Mr. Sato and had likely just blown the deal.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary exchanged banter as they did a segment on cleaning supplies. Mariah wondered when the last time Hilary cleaned, and Hilary admitted that she had a maid. Shelley, the inventor of the product, spread food on the floor, then Hilary and Mariah competed to be the first to clean the stain. Mariah joked about Hilary losing her maid in the divorce. Hilary won the race, then she dumped more food on Mariah's tile. After the segment, Devon and Jordan complimented Hilary on the segment, and she basked in the attention, while Mariah seethed. Later, while Hilary and Mariah were off getting cleaned up, Jordan told Devon that he loved the edgy chemistry between the hosts. Devon joked that the beginning, Hilary and Mariah were like bleach and ammonia. Hilary returned and told Jordan she was ready for that drink. They headed toward the door. Mariah returned, and Devon told her to keep up the good work. Mariah told Devon that he could go home and pretend he was fine with Hilary and Jordan, or he could join Mariah at the Underground. Devon glanced over at Hilary and Jordan, then he accepted Mariah's offer.

Jordan and Hilary had drinks at the Underground. Jordan thought Hilary was cute in the cleaning segment, and he teased that she clearly didn't know how to mop. Hilary said she had mopped, in a former life, before she married someone so rich she never saw a bill. Jordan was curious why they were breaking up. Hilary said she just wanted to have a fabulous night with Jordan and she didn't want to talk about divorce or Devon. Jordan said he was all for it, but he pointed out that Devon was there. Hilary turned and saw Devon with Mariah and Noah.

Mariah told Devon that she was buying. Noah went to get the drinks, and Devon told Mariah that treating him wasn't the best use of her raise. Mariah said it was a special evening – a night away from his high maintenance concerns. Devon drew her attention to Hilary and Jordan. Mariah suggested that they leave, but Devon said they should stay and have a good time.

Jordan suspected that Devon followed him and Hilary. Hilary was convinced that Devon was spying. She suggested that she and Jordan pretend they didn't see Devon. Jordan agreed. Devon watched the pair enjoying themselves, across the room, then he apologized to Mariah for rudely ignoring her. Mariah said she just didn't want Hilary to ruin his night out. Mariah went back to the bar for more drinks. Noah told his sister that he sensed tension. Mariah explained that she invited Devon out to get his mind off Hilary, who ended up being there.

Lily arrived to hang out with Devon. Mariah went over to say hi to Reed. Lily was outraged when Devon told her that Hilary and Jordan were on a date. Devon noted that Hilary was free to date, since they were estranged. Lily begged Devon to sign the papers so they could all get on with their lives.

Jordan went to get more champagne while Hilary left to freshen up. Lily approached Jordan and asked if he'd lost his mind dating “that.” Jordan said he ran it by Devon first and he didn't mind. Lily snapped that Devon had escaped Hilary's clutches. Lily said she was worried about Jordan. Hilary returned and called Lily an insecure shrew. Devon told Lily to leave Jordan and Hilary alone. Lily accused Hilary of using Jordan as a pawn to make Devon jealous. “What about the game your brother is playing?,” Hilary demanded. Hilary felt that Devon didn't want her, but didn't want anyone else to have her either. Jordan suggested that he and Hilary go, but Devon said he was just leaving. Hilary thanked Jordan for taking her out. She hoped they could resume things some other time, but she felt like she needed to go settle things with Devon for good. Jordan understood, and he gave Hilary a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Hilary followed Devon outside.

Jordan noted that he'd never seen that side of Lily before. Lily apologized and said that Hilary was a sociopath who brought out the worst in Lily. She gave Jordan a rundown of all of Hilary's misdeeds. Jordan admitted his head was spinning. He kissed Lily's cheek and left.

Reed greeted Zoey, and told her he saved her a seat up front. He took the stage. Zoey and her friend weren't paying attention, because they were busy laughing at an old picture of the friend's mom. Reed started to sing, but he was distracted by the giggling. He rushed off the stage.

Hilary let herself into the penthouse, and Devon snapped that she should have called first. Hilary countered that Devon should have taken the keys back if he didn't want her using them. Hilary told Devon she was sick of the mixed signals. She refused to leave until Devon either forgave her or signed the divorce papers.

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