Tuesday Y&R Update 3/7/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 3/7/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jill paced around the Chancellor living room, alternating between looking at the letter from Katherine and glaring at Katherine's portrait. Eventually, she settled on the couch. The doorbell rang, and Jill yelled for Esther. Esther did not appear, so Jill opened the door and brightened when she saw Devon. Devon noticed that Katherine's portrait was missing from above the mantle, and he asked what was going on. Jill said it was a long story. Devon concluded that Jill had found a way to keep her feud with Katherine going. Jill reasoned that Katherine did that. As Devon put the picture back on the wall, Jill explained that the letter reopened old wounds. Devon noted that Katherine couldn't heal those wounds, and Jill contended that Katherine made it worse. Eager to help, Devon asked Jill to confide in him. Noting that Colin had robbed Jill, Devon offered her money, but she politely refused. They segued into a discussion on Colin, whom Devon admitted that he didn't like. Jill understood, since Colin had blackmailed Devon, but she thought he might be happy to know that she and Colin were through. Devon admitted that it would be arrogant and tacky for him to celebrate her breakup. Smiling, Jill noted that Devon had married a barracuda too.

Devon told Jill how jealously had driven him to kiss Hilary in spite of the way she'd humiliated him in the past. Jill could relate to taking back someone who was bad for you, because they made your life more passionate and less lonely. Devon wondered what Katherine would say about his relationship with Hilary. Jill contended that Katherine was once married to a good man, whom she'd treated worse than Hilary treated Devon. Jill added that Katherine could never admit she was wrong. Devon didn't want to be like that. Jill asked what Devon learned after his car accident. He said that he learned to never waste a second. Jill asked if reuniting with Hilary would be a joy or a waste. Devon turned the tables and asked what Jill learned from her heart attack. She said she learned the same thing he did – you can't afford to waste a moment.

At the Ashby house, Cane saw Colin staring at his phone and wondered if he was waiting for a call from Jill. Colin, who admitted that Jill wouldn't call, explained that he was hoping to hear from his appraiser. Colin asked about Cane's luggage. Cane reminded Colin about his business trip. Colin wondered if he'd be welcome in the house while Cane was out of town. Cane assured his father that Lily wouldn't throw him out. Colin's phone rang – it was good news. Colin told Cane that he found a legal way to pay Jill back every cent.

“You better have gotten my ring back,” Jill barked when she found Colin on her doorstep. Colin dropped to one knee and presented her with a ring box. She snatched it from him, and scoffed at his attempt to win her back using the ring Philip intended for her. Colin swore he didn't mean any harm. Jill opened the box, then she looked at Katherine's portrait. She told Colin that he'd done her a huge favor. She suspected that, on some level, Katherine didn't want her to find the ring, and she said she never would have known about it if not for Colin. Colin suggested that she sell the ring and buy Fenmore's. He felt that it could heal Jill and their relationship. Jill considered the ring to be priceless, and she refused to ever sell it. Jill thanked Colin for giving it to her, and he asked if she forgave him. Jill said she'd never forgive Katherine for withholding the ring, and she'd never forgive Colin for lying and stealing from her. Colin told Jill he'd never give up on her, then he left. Jill flashed back to Phillip promising to marry her. In the present, she put the ring on. “Yes, Phillip,” she said.

Neil and Lily met at the Club. They chatted, and Lily confessed that she was afraid Colin was never going to move out. She suggested that Neil take Colin in, but he refused. Lily understood. Neil wasn't thrilled that Colin was around her and the kids, but Lily assured him that Colin was mostly de-fanged. Lily didn't think it would be best for Jill to take Colin back, but she selfishly wished that they'd reunite. Neil admitted that he'd given Colin advice on winning Jill over. Lily said Jill thought Colin should move on with his life. Lily was desperate to get Colin out of her house.

Lily returned home and greeted Cane with a kiss. Cane said they had to talk about Colin. Lily tried to distract Cane with another kiss, but he insisted that they have a discussion. He asked if she was thinking about throwing Colin out. Lily admitted that she didn't want to deal with Colin while Cane was gone. She relented and asked how long Colin was staying. Cane told her what Colin said earlier about paying Jill back. He was optimistic that Colin would move back in with Jill soon. Lily worried that Colin had done something illegal while living in their home. Cane assured her that he'd throw Colin out if he endangered her or the kids. They hugged.

At GC Buzz, Hilary frowned about Mariah's outfit. Mariah insisted that it was mostly clean, but Hilary maintained that Mariah should look better for the photo shoot. Hilary then reminded the confused Mariah that she (Hilary) had asked Jordan to take some publicity photos. Alarmed, Mariah accused Hilary of trying to sabotage her by scheduling a surprise photo shoot. Hilary told Mariah to check her email. Mariah was apologetic when she discovered two emails from Hilary about the shoot. Hilary conceded that Mariah had a right to be suspicious after Hilary tripped her. Jordan arrived, and Mariah scurried off to get changed. Hilary chatted with Jordan about work, and he mentioned how much fun it was to work with Lily. He recalled that Hilary and Lily were related, and Hilary explained that she was separated from Lily's brother. Jordan noted that it must be hard to work with Devon. Hilary admitted she didn't want to talk about it.

Hilary told Jordan that she wanted the promo shoot to be more current. Jordan understood that Hilary meant hotter, and they began to flirt until Mariah returned. Jordan went to get set up, and Mariah asked Hilary what was going on between them. Hilary didn't think it was any of Mariah's business. Mariah revealed that word around the office was that Devon and Hilary shared a steamy kiss. Hilary explained that Devon was trying to prove that, as miserable as they were together, they were more miserable apart. Hilary confided that the kiss was amazing, but she hadn't seen or heard from Devon since it happened. Mariah suggested that Devon was confused about his feelings, but Hilary suspected that he kissed her out of jealousy of Jordan. Hilary was fed up with Devon's games, and she was determined to move on, like adults. Hilary felt that the photo shoot would show the world what Devon was missing.

Devon arrived just as Mariah and Hilary finished their photo shoot. After Hilary and Mariah left, Devon asked Jordan to see the pictures. Jordan remarked that Hilary was hot, and he asked if Devon would mind him asking her out on a date. Devon said he didn't mind. Later, Devon was ostensibly chatting with someone else, but he couldn't take his eyes off Jordan and Hilary. Hilary, Mariah and Jordan admired the pictures, then Jordan asked Hilary to join him for drinks later. Hilary glanced over at Devon, then she accepted.

Devon pulled Mariah aside and asked what she thought of Jordan. Mariah tried to make a quick exit, but Devon told her about his chat with Jordan. Mariah expressed relief that Devon was alright with Jordan and Hilary going out for drinks. Devon was startled that Hilary had agreed to go out with Jordan. Mariah was confused because she thought Devon had given Jordan the okay. Devon stammered that he did, but he'd assumed that Hilary would turn him down. Devon said he didn't think Jordan was Hilary's type.

Jordan told Hilary that he asked Devon if it'd be okay to ask her out. Hilary asked him to stay and watch her show, and he said yes.

Abby dropped by Jabot with breakfast for Ashley to thank her for the advice about working with Victor. Abby remarked that Ashley looked great behind Jack's desk. Ashley noted that it had been her desk several times, then she shared that she planned to take a more active role running Jabot. Abby assumed Ashley meant while Jack was in NY, but Ashley said she meant full time. Ashley felt that she deserved this, since she and Ravi were the ones responsible for Jabot's success. Abby blurted out that Ashley was in danger of breaking Ravi's heart. Ashley believed that Ravi's crush was in the past, but Abby disagreed. Ashley thought that even if Abby was right, Ravi's crush would eventually fade when he found someone his own age. Abby countered that he wouldn't have time to find someone else when he spent every waking moment working to make Ashley look good. Abby thought that Ashley was encouraging Ravi's feelings by giving him compliments, a promotion and taking him out to celebrate several times. Ashley felt that she was being a good boss, but Abby told her to consider Ravi's perspective. Abby advised her mother to let Ravi down now, before things progressed. Ashley promised to take care of it, then she hugged Abby goodbye.

Ravi told the person knocking on his office door to come back later because he was busy fine tuning the virtual dressing app. Phyllis walked in anyway. She was wearing an ill-fitting dress that had looked great on her in the virtual dressing room. Ravi promised to look into it, but Phyllis had already figured out the problem. According to Phyllis, it was an easy fix, but she was adamant that they had to monitor it closely. Phyllis asked how his celebration with Ashley went last night, and Ravi said it went well. Phyllis mentioned that Ashley was trying to take Ravi seriously. Ravi countered that Ashley already took him seriously, but Phyllis felt that Ashley only saw him as a cyber-genius. Ravi seemed embarrassed that Phyllis noticed his feelings for Ashley, and she assured him that she was an expert in unrequited love.

Ravi asked why no one thought that he and Ashley could be together. He felt that they shared a special connection. Phyllis saw a bond between Ashley and Ravi, but she thought it was purely platonic. Ravi admitted that Abby warned him about this too. Phyllis noted that Ravi was Abby's age. Ravi didn't think it mattered that he was younger than Ashley. He thought he possessed the qualities that she was looking for in a man. Phyllis noted that Ashley was attracted to powerful men, but Ravi countered that none of Ashley's relationships with alpha males worked out. He swore he'd never hurt Ashley the way the other men had. Phyllis gently advised Ravi to let it go. Ashley called Ravi, and he made it a point to let Phyllis know who was on the phone.

Ravi met Ashley in Jack's office. She told him how much she valued his contributions, but she hoped she hadn't given him the wrong impression about their friendship. She gently said that they would never be more than friends. Ravi asked why, and he told her not to bring up their ages, because that was just a number. Ashley disagreed; she said that it represented history and life experience. Ravi presented counterarguments. Ashley said that people were starting to notice how he felt about her, and she was afraid it would eventually ruin what they already had. Ravi said he'd respect her wishes, but he thought that she was more concerned with what people would think than what she actually wanted.

Back at the Club, Abby greeted Neil warmly, and he invited her to join him at his table. Neil sensed that something was bothering her. Abby revealed that a huge corporation she'd been courting stood her up for lunch. Neil suspected that she was avoiding the office. Abby admitted that she wasn't looking forward to breaking the news to Victor, because she hated disappointing him. Neil understood because he used to feel the same way when he worked at Newman. Abby thought Neil was going to tell her that she would never meet Victor's expectations. She was startled when Neil said he thought Victor had finally found the right Newman to inherit his throne.

Later, Neil was surprised that Abby knew he ran Newman once. She admitted that she'd been studying the history of the company. Neil marveled at how similar she was to Victor. Abby asked why things didn't work out. Neil said he left when he realized that Victor would never leave a company to a non relative. Abby stated that the company suffered without Neil, and she asked him to come back. He graciously declined, but he offered to give her advice occasionally. She asked what his advice for today was. Neil said that she'd be fine if she listened to Victor and followed her own instincts.

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