Monday Y&R Update 3/6/17

The Y&R Update Monday 3/6/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At the athletic club with Victor and Michael, Lauren is a wreck. She hasn’t eaten or slept. Victor says relax; Scott’s rescue is in progress. Lauren bolts from the table just before Victor gets a call from Kevin. There’s a problem. Scott is not at the rendezvous point. No one is. Kevin will come up with a plan B. Victor hangs up and breaks the news to Lauren and Michael. He never said the operation would be easy, but it’s also not over. Lauren panics. Her son could pay the ultimate price for their slip-up.

Colin comes to Jill’s house, as requested. Esther is protective of Jill, but Jill can handle it. Colin hopes his delivery helped. Is that the reason she wanted to see him?

Sharon goes to the ranch to pick up Faith. She sees Christian in his playpen and her heart melts. Nikki allows her to say hi. Sharon picks him up and cuddles him. Faith enters the living room and wonders why Christian spent the night. Sharon guesses Nick had something to do. Yep, he was on a date. Sharon says good for Nick and Chelsea. While Faith runs upstairs to get ready, Nikki tells Sharon about the fake emergency Faith used to lure Nick away from Chelsea. Sharon is aghast. She thought Faith liked Chelsea. Nikki explains that she did, but that was before Dylan left and both of Faith’s parents became single and available.

Chelsea and Nick wake up in her bed. No regrets and no work today. They linger. Later, over coffee in the living room, they declare themselves no longer “just friends.” People will talk, and Faith will hear. Nick apologizes for her behavior and means to set her straight. He’ll call Chelsea later with a report. They kiss goodbye.

Again at Jill’s: Yes, she got the check from David Sherman. Colin gushes about how much he loves Jill and wants her back, but she’s not ready to forgive. He robbed her a second time when he stole what was in Katherine’s safe deposit box. Colin realizes he’s busted. Murphy revealed all to Jill about the key in the music box. The letter mentioned something else in the box. Whatever it was, it’s worth more than money to Jill. She threatens to shred the check. Colin stops her.

At the ranch: Sharon resents Nikki insinuation. She’s grounded and wouldn’t pull a stunt to get Nick back. Nick arrives to pick up his son and is surprised to see Sharon.

At the athletic club: Lauren sits alone at the table, recalling her conversation with Scott before he left for his assignment in the Middle East. Michael returns with aspirin for her headache. Her hands shake as she lifts her glass of water to her lips. Victor returns with his Smartphone to show them a map of the rescue route. The kidnappers need that $10 million dollars Kevin has, so Victor is sure they’ll cooperate. Lauren scoffs. Of course Victor’s first thought would be about money. She apologizes immediately and thanks him for his help. No harm done. He knows firsthand what she’s going through. He leaves for his office, promising to call with updates. Lauren berates herself for criticizing Victor. Michael says not to worry. Victor has heard worse.

At the Newman ranch: Sharon doesn’t have any special plans for the day, but she’s going to enroll for classes at GCU and thought Faith would enjoy seeing the campus. Nick thinks it’s a great idea, but he’d like a word with Faith before they go. Nikki, present the whole time, asks whether Nick was able to salvage his date with Chelsea last night. He says yes but of course gives no particulars. Nikki leaves the room. Sharon doesn’t condone what Faith did, but it’s natural for her to want her parents together again. Sharon suggests they present a united front and talk to Faith together. Faith enters. She assumes she’s in trouble.

At Jill’s: Jill refrains from tearing up the check. Colin admits to everything, but it earns him no points. He makes things worse by blaming Billy. Billy?! How so? Colin found the music box in a thrift store where he was buying back his clothing, which Billy donated. Colin figured it was meant to be. Jill wonders why he didn’t just bring the key to her when he found it. She demands he recover what was in the safe deposit box. Jill becomes even more distressed when she learns it was a ring. It was from Phillip, the love of her life. He had promised her a spectacular ring, but Katherine’s drunken driving killed him before he could give it to her. Then Katherine kept the ring out of spite. Jill reflects on what might have been . . . she might have had a beautiful life with Phillip, and she never would have met and married Colin.

At the ranch: Nick accepts Faith’s apology for ruining his date. Sharon lectures her about fabricating a medical emergency, and Nick tells her it wasn’t her place to match-make. Faith just didn’t want her parents to be alone. Sharon reminds her that Nick isn’t alone; he has Chelsea. And Sharon has plenty of family around her. She likes her life as is. With that, Sharon and Faith head out.

In Victor’s office, he and Kevin talk via video. Nikki hovers. The connection is bad and eventually they are disconnected. Nikki wonders whether it would have been better to do things Lauren’s way---just send the money. Victor is determined to stay the course. The phone rings.

At the club: Michael force feeds Lauren until she refuses another bite. She recalls losing Scott when he was a baby. Victor is blunt about the prospects of getting him back this time, and with good reason. She feels utterly helpless. She promised to protect him and broke that promise. Nonsense, Michael says. She allowed him to become a man with a passion. Victor calls and summons them to his office.

Nick calls Chelsea from the ranch. He’s in the process of feeding Christian snacks. She asks how the talk with Faith went. Surprisingly well. They hang up when Chelsea’s doorbell rings. She gets a surprise of her own: Faith, with Sharon, to apologize.

Again at Jill’s: Jill becomes very worked up and orders Colin out. He didn’t realize Phillip meant so much to her. Only everything! Reading Katherine’s letter opened an old wound, and now to find out about the ring. . . . Colin keeps trying. He encourages her to look to the future. This is destiny. Not according to Jill. She shoves the check in his face and tells him to get the ring.

Michael and Lauren, now in Victor’s office, watch a video of Kevin, which pans to Scott, a little haggard and bloodied. Lauren thanks God he’s alive and wants him home. He says there’s nowhere he’d rather be.

Chelsea graciously accepts Faith’s apology and offers to make hot chocolate for the three of them. Sharon squirms and tries to decline, but Faith says yes. While Chelsea is out of the room, Sharon praises Faith for doing the right thing. Faith seems to have mixed feelings.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Colin meets the broker who sold Jill’s ring. Getting it back will be tough.

At home: Jill rants at Katherine’s portrait. Esther stands by, wringing her hands. Jill wonders aloud why Katherine didn’t give her the ring earlier. She’ll never forgive Katherine.

From an abandoned building in an undisclosed location, Kevin wraps up the call with Lauren et al. He and Scott need to get to the airstrip. Kevin attempts to help Scott stand, but Scott shrugs him off. Scott seems a bit disoriented. He tells Kevin to go one direction while Scott goes the opposite. Kevin is taken aback but then remembers Scott’s offbeat sense of humor. Ultimately, Scott follows Kevin.

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