Friday Y&R Update 3/3/17

The Y&R Update Friday 3/3/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Nick goes to Chelsea’s to try to pick up where they left off. The trouble at the ranch was a false alarm. Chelsea already sent the sitter home, and she was just about to change clothes. In fact, her dress is unzipped. Would Nick help? He does and they look into each other’s eyes.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy, Esther, and Jill discuss Katherine’s letter. Esther gets on Jill’s nerves and is dismissed. Murphy mentioned a key that was supposed to be with the letter, but there wasn’t one. It was in the music box Katherine left Jill and it was to a safe deposit box. Who could have taken it? Only Murphy and Katherine knew about the letter. Jill curses Kay’s portrait.

In the Jabot lobby, Phyllis and Ravi prepare to deliver news to their boss. Inside Jack’s office, he lectures Ashley on how to conduct business while he’s on a trip. She takes offense. She said she aimed to take on a bigger role in the company and she meant it.

In Victor’s office, Lauren, Michael, and Victor await news about Scott’s rescue.

Again at the Chancellor estate: Katherine sure was mysterious, but brilliant. She wanted to present Jill with one last challenge. She told Murphy that the letter was deeply meaningful and hard for her to write. He’s sorry he can’t tell Jill anything more. Jill has one more question. Katherine mentioned something she bequeathed to Jill, something Phillip wanted Jill to have, but there was nothing with the letter.

Colin meets David Sherman, Jill’s attorney, at the athletic club. David has little patience with Colin and demands he get to his point. Colin has something that might change Jill’s mind about divorcing him.

In Jack’s office: Ashley is not staging a coup, but Jack needs to be watched. He’s made some bad choices lately. Jabot is losing money, thanks to his acquisition of Fenmore’s. At that moment, Phyllis and Ravi burst in. The Fenmore’s virtual dressing room app is a hit. Ravi designed it so that it can handle lots of traffic without crashing. He’s modest and tries to share credit with Phyllis, but Ashley shows no love for her former sister-in-law. Ashley does turn to Jack, though, and admits he was right to buy Fenmore’s.

In Victor’s office: According to Victor’s plan, Scott is to be released to Kevin. Michael and Victor try to keep Lauren calm, but it’s impossible. She knows they’re holding back. Victor admits there’s no guarantee they will recover Scott and then urges her to take a break. Have a bite to eat at Top of the Tower.

At Chelsea’s: Over wine, Nick explains the false alarm. Faith has a problem with her dad dating Chelsea. He intends to talk to her tomorrow and straighten her out. Chelsea is skeptical.

Ashley says the virtual dressing room is a rip-off of her JabotGo idea, and Ravi is her discovery. Phyllis calls her out for continually referring to Ravi as her property. Ashley stops the discussion by inviting Ravi for a night on the town to celebrate his success, deliberately excluding Phyllis. After they leave the office, Jack begrudgingly thanks Phyllis for her hard work. That almost sounded sincere. Does this mean Jack is OK with her working at Jabot? What brought about this change? Could it be a special someone?

Abby bursts into her dad’s office in a snit over a business negotiation. Michael takes Lauren to dinner after Victor promises to call with news. Victor advises Abby to follow his take-no-prisoners lead. Tell Gunderson it’s her way or the highway. Got it? This boosts her confidence. She promises to seal the deal.

At the athletic club: Colin asks David to deliver a cashier’s check for the amount he borrowed (stole) from Jill. David questions Colin’s source. Colin insists it was legal.

At the Chancellor estate: Jill rants about Katherine’s maddening treasure hunts. Murphy rises to look at Katherine’s portrait and reflects on her mood after writing the letter. It was as if a burden had been lifted. The first thing on Katherine’s bucket list wasn’t visiting an exotic locale; it was to make peace with Jill. Jill tears up.

At Chelsea’s: Nick isn’t worried about Faith. She didn’t like his being with Avery either, but she came around. Now she’s older and maybe a little more mature. Chelsea wonders what happened. At one time Faith wanted them to be together. Then she realizes that was before Dylan left Sharon. Nick assures her there is zero possibility of his reuniting with Sharon. Still, Chelsea doesn’t want to complicate things. She isn’t. Everything is very clear to Nick. He doesn’t want to slow down. Does Chelsea? Obviously not because she gives him a big kiss.

Jack divulges nothing. Phyllis teases him. The last woman she saw him with was Gloria. He squirms. OK, OK, Phyllis is leaving. She’s going to uncork a bottle of wine and do a little online shopping with the new app. Before she gets out the door of his office, Jack receives a text and Phyllis can tell by his expression that it’s from someone important. Jack is defensive. She tells him to relax and be happy.

At the athletic club, Ashley raises a glass of champagne to Ravi. Abby approaches the table. Is she interrupting? Clearly she’s upset, so Ashley invites her to sit. With a pouty face, she says pleasing Dad at work is hard. Ashley has a solution: Come work for Mom.

At the Chancellor place: Jill regrets not having a face-to-face talk about Phillip. She values the heartfelt confession in written form, but it’s a stroke of luck that someone finally delivered it. Murphy supposes she wrote a letter to avoid a confrontation, that and she wanted to have the last word. So like Katherine---and Jill too. Jill has some final words for Katherine as well: She loves her and is sorry.

Nick and Chelsea snuggle on the sofa. She can’t believe this is happening. She wanted it, but she was afraid. He strokes her face and stops suddenly when he sees his wedding band on his hand. She still wears hers too. They remove them and carry on.

At the club: Abby thanks her mom, but she’s staying at Newman Enterprises. She’s her dad’s only heir and she wants to do right by him, just as Ashley did with her dad. Ashley issues one final warning about trying to win Victor’s approval. It’s not easy. Colin approaches. He’d like a word with Ashley about Jill’s impending offer for Fenmore’s. So sorry. That deal is off the table.

Murphy can’t stay, even for dinner. The house is too full of memories for him. He bids goodnight to Esther and Jill. Jill apologizes to Esther for snapping at her. She’s glad Esther called Murphy.

Again at the club: Privately, Abby tells Ravi not to get his hopes up about Ashley. She’s not the woman for him. He knows. They’re just coworkers. Steps away, Ashley explains the windfall that Fenmore’s brought Jabot today. So she supposes she should thank Colin for sabotaging Jill’s effort to buy back shares.

David goes to Jill’s and asks if her heart is strong. He presents the check from Colin. He has no idea how Colin raised the cash. It doesn’t take Jill more than a minute to figure it out.

In Victor’s office, Lauren paces. Finally Kevin’s video call comes through. Victor, Lauren, and Michael gather round to listen. The plan is in motion. Kevin will call when he has Scott. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, a hooded captor removes a hooded prisoner from his room and hustles him out the door.

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