Thursday Y&R Update 3/2/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 3/2/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther mused that the arrival of Katherine's letter was a miracle. Jill mocked her and demanded to know it got into the mailbox. Esther didn't see why that mattered, and she urged Jill to open it. Jill said she was going to, but she feared that Katherine was going to send her on another wild goose chase. Jill ordered Esther to stop hovering, but Esther felt that she was being supportive. Esther offered to call Murphy to see if he delivered the letter, but Jill barked at her to leave. Now alone, Jill opened the letter. Katherine addressed it to “My dear Jill.” Katherine explained that she and Murphy would soon be leaving on their trip, and she said that Jill would find the letter after following the path Katherine laid. Katherine stated that, in the end, the journey lead Jill to what was rightfully hers.

Katherine said that she could never say the words she was about to write, because they were the most painful truth of her life. “Phillip loved you, Jill. He loved only you,” Katherine wrote. Jill flashed back to fighting with Katherine about Phillip. Jill had accused Katherine of killing Jill's husband. Katherine pointed out that she (Katherine) had Jill and Phillip's marriage annulled. Jill had argued that Katherine lost Phillip to Jill. Katherine slapped Jill. In the present, Jill continued reading. Katherine admitted that Phillip wanted to marry Jill, and Katherine took the blame for keeping them apart. Katherine confessed that she'd done everything she could to hold onto her husband and deprive Jill of the father of her child. Katherine explained that she adored her husband, Phillip, but her drinking had driven him away, and she couldn't deal with the fact that he fell in love with someone else. There was a flashback to Katherine and Phillip – he told her that she could keep the house. Katherine had tearfully yelled that she didn't want it. Fed up, Katherine had told him that if he wanted out, he could leave, because she was tired of begging. Katherine had angrily agreed to sign the papers.

Jill read on. Katherine said that she hated Jill because Phillip loved her, but the brutal memories faded with time and sobriety, and she and Jill formed their own strange little family. Katherine explained that making peace with Jill brought peace to Katherine's soul, allowing her to find happiness with Murphy. Katherine said she didn't want Jill to spend her last days alone. She urged Jill to “find peace, hold onto love and for now, hold onto this.” Katherine admitted that Phillip wanted Jill to have “it” and that Katherine had been wrong to keep it from her. Jill wondered what Katherine was referring to. Katherine begged Jill to forgive her for keeping Phillip from her. Another flashback; Phillip was in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Katherine. He told her to let him out, but she didn't, and the car crashed, killing Phillip. Back in the present, Jill wept as Katherine stated that Phillip loved Jill until his dying breath. Katherine assured Jill that she was worthy of love. Jill flashed back to Katherine telling her goodnight and walking up the stairs. Later, Esther showed Murphy into the living room and told Jill that she'd called him. Murphy noted that Jill found what Katherine left her. Jill stated that she found the letter. Murphy mentioned that there had been a key, too. Confused, Jill asked what key.

At the Club, Colin admired the diamond and emerald ring he'd found in Katherine's safe deposit box. He said he'd love the ring even more if it was really worth as much as Jasper thought. Colin was concerned that they wouldn't be able to find anyone wealthy enough to purchase such a rare and expensive ring. Billy walked up and insulted Colin. Colin pretended he was giving Jasper directions. Jasper took the hint and left. Billy offered to buy Colin a plane ticket out of town, but Colin said that his family, including his wife lived there. Billy was adamant that Jill and Colin were history, just like her money. Colin vowed to repay the money and win Jill back. Billy said it would never happen. Colin maintained that the kind of history and chemistry he and Jill shared didn't go away. Jasper reappeared after Billy left. Colin was elated when Jasper revealed that he'd found a buyer for the ring. Jasper handed Colin the payment. Colin said that he could kiss Jasper, then Colin added that soon enough, someone was going to be kissing Colin.

At the Ranch, Nikki told Christian that he could brighten up the darkest day. Nick asked what was going on, but Nikki just said it had been a long day. Nick thanked Nikki for watching Christian while he went on a date. Nikki asked with whom. Nick said she knew it was with Chelsea, but Nikki replied that she didn't want to assume. Nick said that she'd agreed to go out with him in spite of him bringing her to the Newman family dinner. Faith came downstairs and stopped short when she overheard Nick say that he was relieved to be taking Chelsea somewhere where the Newman family wasn't involved. Later, Faith eavesdropped as Nikki assured Nick that it would be okay for Christian to stay all night. Nikki asked if he and Chelsea would be out late. Nick said it was just a date. He explained that he and Chelsea both had reservations about this, due to people who were here, and those who weren't. Nikki assured Nick that he and Chelsea deserved a little happiness. She told him to forget about everyone else and do what felt right. Nick told Nikki that Abby had called them a couple, but they were taking it one date at a time. Nick said that there was a chance that he and Chelsea could wake up tomorrow and decide that it was over. Nick admitted that he was certain that he wanted to be with Chelsea, but he wasn't sure what she'd decide. Nikki told Nick that if they became a couple, he'd have to tell Faith. Nick said that Faith had been pushing for him and Chelsea to get together, and now he could give her the thumbs up. Faith looked troubled. Nick decided to talk to Faith tomorrow. He said goodbye and left.

Faith joined Nikki in front of Christian's playpen. Nikki explained that Nick just dropped him off, and Faith said she heard Nick's voice. Nikki was concerned that there was a reason why Faith didn't come say hello to Nick, but Faith said that everything was fine. Faith asked if Victor was home, and Nikki said no. Nikki offered to teach Faith to play gin rummy, but Faith asked if Nikki had any family photos. Nikki mentioned that they'd lost so many in the fire, but Nick and Victoria had made copies to replace some of them. First, Nikki showed Faith the photo of her and Victor at their last wedding. Faith asked how many weddings they had, and Nikki tactfully dodged the question. Faith was delighted when she saw a picture of herself with her parents and Mariah and Noah. Next, Faith lingered on a picture of herself with Sharon and Nick; she stated that it was the whole family. Nikki noticed that Faith liked the pictures with both of her parents. Faith replied that there weren't a lot of them. Nikki offered to make copies of them so that Faith could have her own personal family album. Nikki yawned, and Faith suggested she go to take a nap. Nikki asked if Faith would be okay if Nikki and Christian went upstairs to nap, and Faith assured Nikki that she'd be fine.

At the Penthouse, Chloe relaxed on the couch and noted that it was just like the old days. Chelsea came downstairs and sought Chloe's opinion on her outfit. While Chloe thought Chelsea looked exquisite, she felt that Chelsea should wear sweats on her second date and show Nick the real her. Chelsea said that it was her third date, and she wanted to look nice. Chloe assured Chelsea that she'd already wowed Nick. Chloe noted that Chelsea was moving toward being in an actual relationship. Chelsea fretted over which earrings to choose, and Chloe commented that Chelsea was being giddy and girly after swearing that she and Nick were only just friends. Chelsea replied that they were, until it became more. Chelsea explained that she'd denied her feelings at first, because of Adam, but now she was ready to date. Chelsea admitted that she was obsessing over the earrings because she could control that, unlike what was happening with Nick. Chloe understood that the situation was complicated, due to the kids and Nick's family. Chelsea said that she thought Nikki and Victor were okay with it. Chloe asked Chelsea what was stopping her. Chelsea looked uncomfortable and abruptly went upstairs to change outfits.

Chloe let Nick into the penthouse and congratulated him. Nick said that it was just a date. Chloe grinned and emphasized that it was the third date. Nick didn't understand. Chloe explained that dates one and two were meaningless, but the third date was the magic number. Nick wondered if she was trying to freak him out, and Chloe said that she wanted him to know she was cheering for them. Chloe said she thought Nick was a great guy who helped Chloe pull Chelsea back from the abyss after Adam's death. Nick contended that Chelsea pulled herself out of the abyss. Chloe said she'd known for some time that Nick and Chelsea were good for each other. Nick clarified that he and Chelsea were trying to keep it low key. Smiling, Chloe told him to keep telling himself that, then she left. Chelsea appeared at the top of the stairs.

Chelsea and Nick went to the Club, and he told her she looked amazing. Nick told Chelsea about his conversation with Chloe. Nick and Chelsea agreed that although Chloe thought this date was a milestone, they were going to keep things low key. Chelsea wondered what to order and Nick stammered about salmon before admitting that he should stop talking. Chelsea confessed that she wasn't sure what to say either. Nick wondered when things got so hard. Chelsea jokingly suggested blaming Chloe, but Nick conceded that Chloe was right – the third date mattered. Nick said that they both knew something was going on, and he admitted he was afraid of screwing up. Chelsea felt that they should trust their instincts. Faith called Nick. She frantically told him something was wrong with Nikki and asked him to come. Nick assured Faith that he was on his way. He brought Chelsea up to speed, then he hurried out.

Nick entered the Ranch and yelled for Faith. Nikki came downstairs and asked what was wrong. Nick asked if she was okay, and when she said yes, he told her about Faith's call. Just then, Faith came in and claimed that she called Nick after she'd been unsuccessful at waking Nikki up. Nikki adopted a knowing expression when Faith apologized for messing up Nick's evening. Noting that everything was safe, Nikki suggested that Nick get back to his evening, while she and Faith had some hot chocolate. Nick asked Faith if she knew how much he loved her. Faith said yes, then she said she didn't know why she went so overboard. Nick hugged her, then he thanked Nikki and left. Nikki told Faith that what she'd done couldn't happen again. Nikki pointed out that Faith had worried Nick. Faith insisted that she didn't mean to scare him. Nikki understood that Faith just wanted him away from Chelsea. Faith said that Chelsea was great. Nikki stated that Faith had once wanted Nick and Chelsea to be together, but things changed after Dylan and Sharon broke up. Nikki added that, like all children, Faith wanted her parents to be together. Faith reminded Nikki that Nick and Sharon tried to rekindle their relationship just before Nick met Sage. Nikki thought that Faith just wanted to make sure the people she loved were happy. Faith felt like a terrible person. Nikki comforted her and assured her that she'd just made a mistake, but she told her not to play games like that again.

Chelsea said goodbye to the sitter, then she kicked off her heels and unzipped her dress. Nick showed up, to her surprise. Chelsea asked about Nikki, and Nick said it was a false alarm. Nick told her that date three was important, because there wouldn't be a date four if it didn't go well. He presented her with a bottle of wine. She let him in and said she was almost certain there would be a date four.

Chloe ran into Billy at Crimson Lights. Billy admired Bella, and Chloe invited him to join them. Billy agreed since the person he was meeting was running late. Billy watched Chloe interacting with Bella. Chloe noted that he was staring. She stated that he used to do that to her all the time, in NY, and she asked what he was thinking. Billy said that she was good with Bella. Chloe replied that she had a lot of practice with another great kid. Billy replied that they both did. Chloe admitted she didn't realize how lucky they were to have Delia, but now she knew how lucky she was, so she wasn't going to waste one second with Bella. Chloe was sure Billy felt the same way about his kids. Billy chatted with Chloe about Johnny pushing a girl who kissed him, and Chloe asked how Jill was after her heart attack. Billy said she was doing well, kicking and screaming, just like she had with everything else in her life.

Billy and Chloe reminisced about Delia's crush on a boy in a band. Billy recalled that Delia listened to the CD so many times that he'd considered throwing it out the car window. Chloe told Billy to be honest – he would have hired that band for Delia's birthday if he could have. Billy confided that when the song came on the car radio these days, he sometimes sang it at the top of his lungs to feel closer to Delia. Chloe said she did too. The person Billy was meeting canceled, so he decided to leave. Chloe asked how Colin was doing after Jill's heart attack, and Billy said Colin caused it. Billy stated that Colin thought he could get Jill back, but it wasn't going to happen. Chloe warned Billy that Colin had some weird power over Jill, but Billy was adamant that there was nothing Colin could do to make Jill put up with him ever again.

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