Wednesday Y&R Update 3/1/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/1/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


At Brash and Sassy, Victoria told Cane that Billy was out showing Juliet, the new rep, around. Victoria asked Cane what he thought of Juliet. Cane was impressed with his new coworker, and he was pleased that Juliet liked his ideas. Victoria said she knew Cane and Juliet would make a great team. Cane asked Victoria if she gave him this new assignment to get him out of her hair. Victoria stated that she'd fire him if she wanted him out of her hair. Billy arrived. He hovered in the doorway and overheard Victoria say that she thought Cane would show her a little gratitude. Victoria asked if Cane was committed to Brash and Sassy. He said yes, so she told him to stop questioning her motives and do his job.

Billy walked in and didn't mention what he overheard. He praised Juliet and said he was jealous that Cane got to work with her. Billy asked what was going on. Victoria told him that Cane wasn't as enthusiastic about the role as Billy was. Billy told Victoria to give him the job. He said he could use some time away from Genoa City and could visit his friends in Hong Kong after he finished his work in Tokyo. Victoria asked Billy to talk to his contacts in Hong Kong and charm them into carrying the men's line. Cane told Billy to forward the contacts to him, but Billy claimed that he (Billy) wanted the job. Cane contended that it would be a bad idea for Victoria to send a playboy to Asia. Cane stated that he and Juliet had discussed the sacred traditions of the area. Billy admitted that he and Juliet only discussed taco trucks. Victoria told Billy she was sorry, but she was sticking with Cane.

Later, Victoria gave Cane and Billy a list of stores to contact about selling the men's line. Cane wanted to meet with the members of the Asian marketing team before the roll out. Victoria agreed. Cane was taken aback when she asked him to fly to Tokyo and have the meeting tomorrow. Billy offered to go instead, but Cane quickly said he'd go home and pack. Victoria thanked Cane for being a team player, and he left. Victoria noted that Billy's enthusiasm for Juliet and the Asian market was infectious. She asked if Billy would really have taken Cane's place, and Billy said that he didn't have to. Billy assured Victoria that he sincerely thought Juliet was an excellent addition to the team. He told Victoria that she did a good job, and she said she was glad he approved. They both received and alert from Johnny's school.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Johnny that he wasn't getting hot chocolate. Victoria told him he'd done a really bad thing. Billy asked Johnny why he pushed a little girl and made her cry. Through giggles, Johnny said that he did it because Clara kissed him. Billy grinned, but Victoria remained serious. Victoria told Johnny that he should have used his words, not his hands, and Billy agreed. Billy asked if Johnny felt bad, and he said yes. Billy felt that Johnny had earned hot chocolate for being honest, and Victoria went to get it.

Billy told Johnny that he (Billy) and Clara were a lot alike. Victoria spun around when she heard Billy gearing up to tell Johnny about the first time Billy kissed Victoria, and she returned to the table. Billy explained that Clara kissed Johnny because she liked him. Victoria interjected that you shouldn't do something without considering the other person's feelings. Billy countered that some people deny their feelings because they didn't want to get hurt. Victoria said that was a rational thing to do, but Billy felt that sometimes being rational was overrated. Victoria thought that sounded like something an impulsive child would say. Billy wondered if Victoria wanted to push him down. Victoria said she didn't, because it wouldn't be nice. Billy told Johnny that one day he'd appreciate a strong woman who went after what she wanted.

Clara's mom brought her by, and the kids went off to color. Victoria and Billy apologized, and Clara's mother said that her daughter was fine and never should have kissed Johnny. Billy said that they talked to Johnny and thought he understood. Victoria looked at Billy and said that some boys never learn. Johnny and Clara returned and showed Billy and Victoria some drawings. Billy and Victoria wished their problems could be solved with cookies and crayons.

At the Ranch, Michael comforted a frantic Lauren, while Nikki stated that Victor was off lighting a fire under his contacts. Victor returned; his contacts hadn't found Scott, but they'd located his general area. According to Victor, Scott was being held in a very difficult terrain that was nearly impossible to access. Victor said that special forces would look for Scott as soon as they had reliable intel. Lauren tearfully reminded everyone that they only had 24 hours to rescue Scott. Michael said that Victor's men wouldn't leave Scott behind. Lauren didn't want to take the risk; she decided to pay the ransom. Victor gently said that he wasn't going to throw away $10,000,000, without knowing whether her son was alive. Lauren said she talked to Scott, although she admitted that it was a bad connection. Lauren was adamant that she'd know if he was dead. Michael said that Victor was right – they shouldn't give away that kind of money without verification. Victor felt that they should ask the kidnappers for a photo of Scott. Michael asked what if they refused. Victor said that they wouldn't pay the ransom. Lauren cried that the captors would kill Scott.

Later, Nikki acknowledged that the waiting was the worst part. Lauren admitted she was terrified. She said she'd read Scott's articles and knew how dangerous his job was. Lauren knew that he could take care of himself, but she felt that he needed her right now. Lauren regretted not telling Scott that she loved him when the captors let them talk. The kidnappers called again, and Lauren demanded proof of life. Lauren was alarmed when the captors hung up. She berated herself for letting Victor take control and she vowed to do as the kidnappers said. Just as Lauren decided to ask Eric Forrester for the money, she received a text with a photo of Scott holding today's paper. While Lauren and Michael hugged, the phone rang and Victor answered it. Lauren ordered Victor to give her the phone, but he introduced himself to the kidnapper and said that from now on, they'd be dealing with him.

Victor wanted to have an associate deliver the money instead of wiring it. Lauren was concerned that Victor's plan would backfire and get the associate kidnapped too. Victor explained that his associate would ensure that Scott would be released instead of the kidnappers keeping him and demanding a larger ransom. Lauren worried that it would take too long to gather the money and have someone fly to Syria to deliver it. Victor assured her that the jet would be there before the deadline. Later, Lauren and Nikki were alone in the living room. Lauren apologized for lashing out. Lauren noted that she'd barged in and asked for ten million dollars, and now Victor was in a dangerous situation. Lauren could tell that Nikki hadn't been happy. Nikki explained it brought up a lot of painful memories for her and Victor. Lauren felt bad for not considering their feelings, but Nikki told Lauren not to apologize for focusing on her son. Nikki confided in Lauren about Victoria being kidnapped due to Billy's gambling debt. Nikki explained that Billy turned to her for help, but she didn't have time to get the money together, so she asked Victor. Nikki said that she'd made her peace with Billy by compartmentalizing what happened, but Victor hadn't been able to forgive him. Nikki stated that her daughter came home, and she assured Lauren that her son would, too.

Lauren nervously picked off her nail polish and Nikki offered to fix it so she'd look her best when she saw Scott. Nikki took Lauren's hand and noticed it shaking. Nikki stated that Victor knew what he was doing Lauren looked at the photo of Scott.

In Victor's office, Michael expressed concern that the associate would skip town with the ransom money. Victor said that the person was a trustworthy employee of the police department. Michael assumed it was Paul, and he said Victor was right not to tell Lauren that they'd be putting a friend in danger. Victor said it wasn't Paul, but it was someone who knew Scott personally. Kevin walked in. Michael argued that the mission was too dangerous for Kevin. Kevin noted that he'd been in danger before. Michael insisted on going to the Middle East with his brother, but Kevin said that Michael needed to be there for Lauren. Victor said that the special operatives would accompany Kevin. Michael didn't understand why it had to be Kevin. Victor said that Scott needed to see someone he was familiar with. Michael countered that Kevin hadn't seen Scott in years. Kevin revealed that he'd kept in touch with his old roommate. He said that he wanted to do this for Lauren. Michael hugged Kevin and told him to come home. Kevin said that he would. Kevin left. Michael admitted he wasn't sure whether to be grateful to Victor or furious at him. Victor told Michael to trust him.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Esther read Jill tabloids and offered her something to eat or drink. Jill pretended that she wanted to take a nap, and she asked Esther to go. As soon as Esther reluctantly left the room, Jill made a business call. She assured the person that she was just fine and that she didn't have a heart attack. Lily walked in and caught Jill on the phone. Jill ended the call. Lily delivered home made cards from the kids and explained that they'd wanted to bring them themselves. Jill wished Lily had brought Charlie and Mattie with her. Lily said she told the twins that Jill had to rest, and she pointedly said that her children understood that concept. Jill told Lily to let her have it, but Lily said she wouldn't bother, because she knew Jill wouldn't listen, just like Cane didn't listen to her about work and Devon about Hilary. Jill insisted that it was just a little phone call. Lily said that the twins would be very upset when she told them that Grandma died because she didn't follow the doctor's orders. Jill promised that she wouldn't make any more business calls, and she asked Lily not to tell Esther about it.

Lily told Jill that Victoria put Cane in charge of the Asian roll out. Jill approved, and she was glad Victoria recognized Cane's value. Lily showed Jill pictures of the twins and apologized when a picture of Colin with the kids popped up on her phone. Jill said it was okay. Lily confided that Colin was temporarily living at her home. Lily explained that they tried putting Colin up at the Club, but he'd said that he wanted to be close to family. Jill suspected that Colin wanted access to their wallets. Jill asked if he'd hit them up for money yet. Lily admitted that she gave Colin the money to buy his stuff back from the thrift store. Jill said that while she was furious with Colin, she never meant for that to happen. Lily picked up on the fact that Jill said she “was” furious with him. Lily asked if her feelings had changed. Jill said that she was still angry with Colin didn't think she'd ever forgive him. Lily asked if she still loved Colin. Jill joked that Lily wanted her to say yes so that Colin would move out of Lily's house. Lily said that when two people belonged together, they always found their way back together again. Lily suggested that it would be nice for Jill to have someone besides Esther to look after her. Jill said she was tired. Lily got up to leave, and she asked if Jill wanted her to deliver a message to Colin. Jill said to tell Colin she was fine and to get on with his life. Lily left.

Colin went to the bank and used the key from the music box to open Katherine's safe deposit box. He found an envelope addressed to Jill. Colin also discovered a ring box. He whistled as he opened it and saw a diamond and emerald ring inside. Colin took his findings home, and he called someone named Jasper and asked him to come look at the ring. Colin considered calling Jill. Jasper came over and examined the ring. He revealed that the ring was a rare design by a famous artist named Fauchet. Colin asked Jasper to take the ring and appraise it. Cane came home just as Jasper was leaving. Cane asked who Jasper was, and Colin lied and said he was a Realtor who was helping him find a home. Cane didn't believe that, since Colin was broke. Cane made it clear that he'd throw Colin out if he was conducting shady business in Cane's home. Colin swore it was nothing like that. Cane asked who that was, and Colin said that he was turning his luck around. Later, Lily came home and found Cane packing. He told her about his trip and asked her to come with him. Lily was tempted, but she told him she didn't think they could make arrangements for the kids and reschedule her modeling appearances on short notice. Cane understood. They kissed. Later, Lilly entered the living room in her underwear and flirted with Cane. He pulled her close.

At the Club, Jasper gave Colin a piece of paper with the value of the ring written on it.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Esther brought the mail in. Jill was eager to have something to read, but Esther insisted on sorting through the mail first to make sure there was nothing upsetting in it. Esther suddenly shrieked and began to stammer. Jill ordered her to get a grip. Esther showed her the envelope Colin had found. “It's from Mrs. C!,” Esther said. Jill thought that was absurd. Esther handed Jill another note that Katherine wrote. Jill was stunned because the handwriting matched. She wondered how the new letter ended up in the mailbox. “What are you up to, you old fossil?” Jill demanded, while staring at Katherine's portrait. Esther urged her to open the envelope.

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